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Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Jan 26, 2023

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably noticed the impact of chatbots on the business world. ManyChat claims to be one of the best service providers in the industry. 

Is this really the case? 

Let’s dive into this ManyChat review and find out!

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Best for: Users who are inexperienced with chatbot software

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Visual chat representation
Strengths Free plan
Strengths 1,000+ integrations
Weaknesses Can be expensive for a large number of contacts
Weaknesses No live chat customer support
Weaknesses Limited free plan functionality

What Is ManyChat?

ManyChat lets you create chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and email. Whether for marketing or customer care, these virtual assistants can do wonders for any business with an online presence.

According to the company, you can set up your chatbot in just 2 minutes since the process is simple and doesn’t involve coding. Additionally, it can assist you in fully automating your Messenger marketing, which makes the tool suitable for advanced users as well.

The company focuses on Facebook Messenger, and for a good reason.

Over one billion users worldwide have free access to it, and the app has a 4 to 10 times higher click-through rate (CTR) than email. Experts even believe that marketing on the platform will continue to evolve in the next few years.

These facts make Facebook Messenger valuable for any business. And ManyChat helps you get the full benefit from it.

ManyChat Features

First, let’s check out some of the key ManyChat features:

Facebook Integration

Given that ManyChat focuses on the Messenger app, it offers simple integration with this platform.

In fact, it takes just a few clicks to set up ManyChat on Facebook Messenger. 

First, the app will ask you to authenticate your page. Once you complete a few simple steps, ManyChat will gain access to your Messenger functions. If you have more pages, you can add them as well.

The app then sends a message to give you an idea of how the service works. That’s where you can start setting up your company’s chatbot.

You also get a link to your ManyChat Messenger bot. Then, you can share it with your customers and direct them to your virtual assistant.

An Array of Messaging Options

It may seem like the capabilities of a chatbot are limited, but that’s not always the case. ManyChat is a great example. This autoresponder doesn’t limit you to sending just one type of message to everyone who contacts you.

Instead, the ManyChat app provides a whole array of message types. It even supports standard messages and images, like those you’d send to a friend. You can combine the two, create cards for your gallery, and have your bot send one when a customer reaches out.

Another option is to include files in your messages. This is handy if you have a PDF file you want to share with customers. 

Moreover, if a customer needs help using your product, you can have the chatbot send them a tutorial.

Flow Builder

One feature that makes this tool so good is the flow builder.

It takes an entirely new approach to designing a chatbot.

The ManyChat flow creator ditches the original linear building and introduces a visual editor that gives you a bird’s-eye view of every interaction.

This new panel lets you drag and drop items when you decide to change the flow of conversations.

The idea is to provide additional options without making the setup process more complex.

A Wide Range of Growth Tools

One of the benefits of the Pro plan is access to ManyChat growth tools.

The Facebook comments tool ensures that users, who comment on your posts, receive an instant message from your bot. It’s a fantastic way to get leads from people who don’t contact you directly. 

The Facebook Modal tool is another great option that creates a custom pop-up window for your website. It’s a popular feature you can use to boost conversations or promote a service. 

There’s also the ManyChat QR code tool that generates a QR code, which transfers and subscribes users to your chatbot when they scan it.

And these are just some of the tools you get. 

You also get analytics for each ManyChat growth tool you employ. This gives you access to important metrics such as opt-ins, impressions, and conversion rates.


ManyChat has 19 templates (including the free plan ones) you can use when setting up your chatbot. These are more than sufficient to get the job done if you're just getting started.

However, if you want more freedom, you can create a custom chatbot. Then you can share that template with other users. Some companies create their own ManyChat templates, but these can be quite expensive.


With so many integrations available, it’s easy to use this chatbot builder with the software you already have.

ManyChat offers integrations for more than 1,000 other tools. These include popular solutions like Shopify, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, and Klaviyo.

Live Chat

Although it has advanced quite a lot, artificial intelligence still has its limitations. Therefore, it won’t always manage to provide the correct answers to your clients.

ManyChat has a way of dealing with this issue. It offers a live chat function that lets a team member take over when the bot can no longer help.

ManyChat Customer Support

While ManyChat is quite intuitive, you may still need help from the company’s representatives.

The only way to reach the customer support team is through email.

On the company’s website, you can find an email ticket that’s accessible to all registered users. 

ManyChat support agents are available 24/7, and you can expect a response right away. Furthermore, support is open to free users as well.

While the email ticket is the only way to contact customer support directly, you can get a lot of help just by visiting the ManyChat website.

First, there’s an extensive database of guides and helpful articles to make setting up your chatbot even easier. The carefully-chosen screenshots in this section are also quite useful.

Next, there’s a ManyChat community on Facebook with over 100,000 members. It’s a great place to learn about the ManyChat bot without contacting the support team. With over 15 new topics every day, the community is quite active, and you can expect a prompt response.

Comparison Table

In the table below, we’ll compare some ManyChat competitors with this handy chatbot creator:









Ease of use









Messenger integration

Messaging options

Flow builder

Growth tools


Live Chat

Outbound Messages

Team Inbox

Product Tours

Custom Bots

Resolution Bots

Help Center

Web Forms

Advertising Tools

Helpdesk Tools

Easy Creation


Unlimited Bots


GDPR Compliant


AI Rules

Built-In Stats




Cart Reminders

Entry Points


Chatbot Builder

Conversion Extreme

Agency Licenses

Many Languages


On-Site Chat

Chat Blaster

Drip Campaigns

Min. Price








Customer support

24/7 Email

Live chat

Email, Phone





ManyChat Ease of Use

Where ManyChat truly shines is its ease of use.

Setting up a chatbot for your business can seem like a complex process – especially if it involves coding. However, the ManyChat dashboard has an icon-heavy interface that requires no coding skills.

In other words, the tool accomplishes everything through app actions. All you have to do is select the options you want and let the app do the rest.

ManyChat Basic and Flow Builder functions are also available. They help create a simple conversation flow for your bot to follow when chatting with a customer. 

The Basic Builder provides assistance and keeps things simple, while the Flow Builder offers some additional options.

Using both tools is pretty straightforward. Even if you don't know much about the AI technology behind chatbots, there shouldn’t be anything you can’t handle. 

ManyChat does a great job of describing what each option does and how to use it.

The numerous user-written ManyChat reviews show that the Flow Builder is the feature most business owners choose. It provides a comprehensive view of all user interactions giving you a clear idea of how your chatbot will respond to a customer.

What I liked most about the Flow constructor tool is the map layout. With so many combinations available, the visual representation ensures you know how the conversation will progress in every situation.

ManyChat Pricing

Now, let’s touch on the ManyChat pricing structure.

The company offers a free plan, which is exactly what many small companies need. What’s more, this plan stays free forever, and you don’t need to upgrade it.

This plan includes support for up to 1,000 contracts. And while it lacks some features of the Pro subscription, it’s still more than enough to make a functional chatbot.



Automated conversations Basic growth tools 10 customer tags 24/7 email support


Starts at $15

Everything in the free plan Unlimited Growth Tools, Keywords, and team member seats Unlimited Tags, Custom Fields, and advanced Segments ManyChat Analytics and Insights tools No ManyChat branding Integrations with tools you already use

The paid plan is designed to fit every company’s budget. It starts at $15/month (500 contracts + Pro features) and scales up with the number of ManyChat contacts you need. For example, the subscription for up to 5,000 contacts costs $45, while 50,000 contacts will cost you $235.

Apart from accommodating more contacts, the paid plan brings some additional benefits.

The only downside is there’s no ManyChat trial version for the Pro plan.

However, you can still test the app freely since there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ManyChat Review – Verdict

AI technology continues to improve, and its capabilities today are enormous. ManyChat focuses on bringing you the best of it while stripping away all complexities.

Judging from my own experience and the numerous ManyChat reviews on the internet, the app has everything it takes to create the perfect chatbot for your company.

The best part – it suits companies of all sizes.

Those just getting started can use the free plan, and the pricing structure for the Pro plan scales according to your needs.

Although the price can get a bit steep for a large number of contacts, the Pro functions and integrations are definitely handy for any large business.


What is ManyChat used for?

ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger chatbot creator that’s also useful for other channels like Instagram, SMS, and Email. The tool’s design makes setting up a chatbot easy for beginners. You can learn more about the ManyChat uses above.

How much does ManyChat cost?

ManyChat offers two pricing plans – Free and Pro. The free plan is suitable for small businesses that don’t need all the extra features and don’t require more than 1,000 contacts. The Pro plan, on the other hand, comes with additional features and more contacts. It starts at $15, but the price scales with the number of subscribers.

Is ManyChat safe?

ManyChat is entirely safe to use. Numerous users have confirmed its safety, and I found no issues while researching for this ManyChat review. It’s fully encrypted, and you can read the company’s privacy policy on its website. ManyChat is a renowned company with over 1.8 million customers across 190 countries.


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