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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Cloud computing has reached new heights. With so many storage services available today, there’s an increasing need for efficient software to provide file management across multiple platforms. 

One such software is MultCloud, and in this review, we’ll analyze its features to help you decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Let’s dive in!

Free Plan

30GB data traffic

Ease of Use


Money-Back Guarantee

14 days

Customer Support

24/7 email support

Suitable for

Small and medium-sized businesses, regular users

Security protocols

256-bit AES Encryption for SSL, OAuth

Value for money


Number of cloud account



linux chrome mac-os android firefox windows
Multcloud logo


Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: People looking for an affordable cloud storage management solution.

Strengths Support for multiple cloud drives.
Strengths Easy backup.
Strengths Can synchronize two folders on any drive.
Strengths Functional free plan.
Weaknesses No apps for Android and iOS.
Weaknesses The free plan doesn’t offer any encryption.
Weaknesses Lack of 2FA

What Is MultCloud?

Established in 2012, MultCloud is a software company based in Singapore. 

Its platform allows users to connect their cloud drives and sync or transfer documents between different cloud services – all under the same virtual roof.

After many years of research and development, MultCloud has created a highly-rated and award-winning software.

MultCloud Features

As any provider looking to offer superb services, the MultCloud features are plenty. 

We tested each of them and dug deep into user-written MultCloud reviews to properly “dissect” everything the platform has to offer. 

Cloud-to-Cloud Sync

The user selects a cloud service as the source and destination. It’s a very simple process to set up, and once complete, you can easily share data from your personal computer.


The software offers many sharing options.

You can upload documents on any cloud from a single interface and handle document sharing privately or publicly across clouds. You can also view and share files on different clouds in one list.


MultCloud security works with an SSL encrypting technology and an AES-256 protocol for uploaded files encryption. 

However, this is restricted territory for non-premium users. Two-factor authentication is also unavailable, which comes as a bad surprise.

Offline Download

This handy feature enables users to operate the platform even without Internet access. 

Still, MultCloud doesn’t retain the files for an unlimited time.

Chrome Extension

The MultCloud Chrome extension is a useful and time-saving option. The only thing you need to do is enter the Google Chrome Extension store and download it. From then on, you can operate the app from your browser.

Database backup

With MultCloud, you can back up MySQL databases to ensure power outages and other accidents don’t result in lost files.

Email notification

You don’t have to monitor the progress of your files all the time. The platform automatically sends you an email once a task has been completed.

Account management

Ensure permission levels is crucial for businesses. With MultCloud, you can limit the access of certain users, so they only see the files you choose to share.

Multclou Review - account management - MultCloud ways to measure MEGA accounts

Ease of Use

Creating a MultCloud account is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is type your account username, mail ID, and password. Now, you can log into the software.

Multcould Review - Registration process

While opening the software for the first time, you have to use the cloud explorer and set the cloud storage facilities. 

However, you need to allow each added person to interact with the account and change its saved documents.

Now, the service list will appear in the tab named “cloud explorer”. The list will show you the amount of space and data remaining on all apps. The platform has a drag and drop interface, and you can also easily copy/paste files.

Regarding design, the software's web interface is efficient and simple. Each main process has a separate segment devoted to it.

Supported Cloud Services

The software supports both one and two-way syncing. And there are more than 30 services for cloud storage which is quite impressive. With regards to IaaS, there’s support for Amazon S3. Other available services are MultCloud FTP, WebDAV, etc.

One-Way Sync

One-way syncing is mainly used for document backups (cloud-to-cloud). It’s convenient if you want MultCloud backup for larger files.

There are seven types of one-way syncs available:

  • Mirror  
  • Update 
  • Move
  • Cumulative 
  • Incremental 
  • Full backup 
  • And simple  

Keep in mind that the free plan only offers a simple sync.

Two-Way Sync

Two-way sync involves replicating the source directory’s files (deleted, modified, or added) to the destination directory. That also goes for the replication of destination files to the source directory. The files from both directories will be the same.

Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer

The MultCloud cloud transfer feature is a great addition. 

It lets you easily select the source and destination directories for a document transfer.

You manage various files, including duplicated, skipped-over, and renamed documents.

There’s also a handy filter tool. You can use it to include or exclude files for transfer. It’s a great option if you only want to move specific files to a preferred cloud storage. Moreover, you can set an email alert to notify you when the transfer is complete.


MultCloud safety protocols include SSL technology along with 256-bit AES encryption during data transfers.

File encryption is also possible with a password.

A safety feature everyone would love to see on the platform is two-factor authentication. 

Nowadays, 2FA is a security standard. It’s a highly efficient technology to save personal data from being misused in the case of a security breach. 

Many MultCloud competitors consider two-factor authentication a necessity. 

According to ZDNet, 2FA is much more crucial for security than passwords

That being said, it’s quite unfortunate that the feature is still unavailable on MultCloud.

As for privacy, the software never saves someone’s documents and data. It also doesn’t save account usernames and passwords for cloud drive users. The software’s authorization system is based on OAuth – the same protocol that tech giants like Google and Dropbox use.

Overall, we have a mixed opinion on the MultCloud security features. While we definitely appreciate some of them (like the 256-bit AES encryption and OAuth), we still feel the company could provide more.

Multcloud Review - MultCloud security

MultCloud Support

Customer support is mainly available via email. 

MultCloud doesn’t have options for phone or live chat contact, which is definitely a weakness if you need urgent help. 

Moreover, the support quality won’t be high if you’re using the free plan. On the other hand, if you’re a paying client, you’ll get priority when requesting assistance.

However, there’s a community forum where you can quickly get help from the developers, report bugs, and learn about incoming features. 

There’s also a useful section with instructional documents and tutorials. 

Multcloud Review - MultCloud developer forum

MultCloud Pricing

MultCloud offers a free plan along with three paid options. 

The paid plans are named after the payment intervals. These are the Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly plans. 

Each comes with different data limits.

Let’s discuss them in more detail, and check which is the best option based on your needs.

Free Monthly Plan

The MultCloud free plan has a monthly data limit of 30 GB. It allows access to both simple and two-way syncing. However, premium features like uploading encryption or scheduling are unavailable. 

Anyways, 30 GB is more than sufficient for small data transfers. While the MultCloud limit for non-paying users is much smaller compared to premium plans, it still does the job. 

Having a free plan that is actually useful isn’t as common as you might think.

If we compare MultCloud to its competitors, we can quickly see that some don’t even come close. 

CloudFuze, for example, doesn’t offer a free plan at all, while Odrive only has a trial period.

Each paid plan has a faster transfer speed, better technical support, and more sync modes than the free version.



You get a monthly limit of 150 GB for data transfer. After crossing the limit, you have to pay $0.099 per GB.



It gives you 200 GB of cloud space per month.

Yearly Unlimited


It gives you limitless data traffic. Companies could actually make good use of it, as regular users might find the others more affordable.

However, MultCloud offers a 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can test the software and get a refund if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Multcloud Review - Pricing tiers

MultCloud Review - Verdict 

After analyzing all features, there’s no doubt that the software provides a more-than-decent service for synchronizations and cloud-based transfer. 

It allows users to link all their cloud storage accounts to a single location, and you get full control over all your cloud files.

According to user-written MultCloud reviews, conducting data transfers among multiple cloud storage apps is a straightforward process. The same goes for syncing various cloud services using two or one-way syncing. 

MultCloud is also useful for one-time data migrations, and you can also set non-stop cloud backup.

The free plan provides great functionality with a data limit of 30 GB, and the paid plans have options for huge monthly traffic. These features make MultCloud ideal for both small companies and personal users. Also, there’s no risk in trying out the service as there’s a money-back guarantee of 2 weeks.

However, the software does come with some drawbacks. The lack of a MultCloud app for iOS and Android is almost inexcusable in 2022. It also doesn’t have a 2-factor-authentication.

In conclusion, we found MultCloud to be a very affordable yet efficient cloud platform. And unless you have really high requirements, it’ll be a bang for the buck. 


Is MultCloud trustworthy?

Yes, it is. The SSL encryption and AES-256 protocol technology used by MultCloud during uploaded file encryption are great security features. However, the platform lacks 2FA, which is a minus.

Is MultCloud really free?

The company offers a free plan, but it has limited data traffic (30 GB), syncing modes, and customer support. However, while testing it for our MultCloud review, we found it quite functional, especially compared to some of the software’s competitors.

Does MultCloud work with iCloud?

Currently, MultCloud doesn’t support iCloud. However, developers are promising that the feature is on the horizon.


Deyan Georgiev

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