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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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The OptinMonster lead generation software helps you grow subscribers, convert traffic into sales, and monitor your campaigns for success. OptinMonster reviews praise it, but is it really that good? Let’s see:

Money-Back Guarantee

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Targeting and Segmentation


Split Testing


WordPress Integration




Ease of Use


Customer Support



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MINIMUM PRICE $9/month (billed annually)

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Best for: Web marketers and online businesses

Strengths Lots of opt-in templates
Strengths List segmentation and targeting
Strengths Integrations and Zapier support
Strengths Easy to use
Weaknesses Some features cost more
Weaknesses Pageview limitations
Weaknesses Priority support queues

OptinMonster Features

Here are the standout things you need to know:

Themes and Templates

The key to generating leads is having engaging content that promotes your products and services while capturing subscriber information. The OptinMonster themes and templates make life easy by doing all the coding for you.

Simply choose one of the premade options, such as lead capture forms, special offers, and other opt-ins. Then, drag over other elements like floating bars and countdown clocks to make them eye-catching and unique.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also begin with a blank canvas and add custom CSS and HTML coding.

The platform has endless templates designed for growing your lists. And, while there isn’t an OptinMonster email marketing feature, it does integrate with third parties like Constant Contact to send the mails. 

OptinMonster Content Lock

It has a particularly good content locking system, which allows you to overlay a page or the entire site and render it unusable until the visitor has subscribed. This can be set to display on page load or several paragraphs into a page, so you can entice a user.

Special Effects

If the goal is to get your visitor’s attention, Monster Effects are one way to do it. Testing them for this OptinMonster review was a joy, really.

These professional animations use CSS overlays and can also include sounds to make sure the campaign gets noticed.  

Exit Intent and Sensors

Ever wanted to stop site visitors from clicking away at the last second?

The Exit Intent technology keeps track of customer behavior when navigating your site and can tell when they’re about to leave. At this point, a popup with an opt-in, message, or a special offer is delivered. This prompts them to stay and maybe turn into paying customers.

This compliments the abandoned cart feature which emails registered users that did not complete the checkout process.

Similarly, the inactivity sensor will activate if a visitor has left the page open but stopped engaging. 

Segmentation and Targeting

With OptinMonster email lists can grow in a highly targeted manner. This is accomplished by displaying your opt-in forms when only certain rules are met, improving your conversion rate

For example, targeting returning visitors that have been on a page for longer than X seconds. You could tailor a certain message to men or women, or only pop up an offer about pens to customers who have already purchased your writing pads. 

Those on the Growth plan can also use geolocation targeting to focus on visitors from certain cities, states, and countries. 

OptinMonster Double Opt-In

‘Monster Links’ are a type of double opt-in process that generates a subscribe popup from any link or image on your site. Actively clicking before opting in is believed to increase conversion rates.


The OptinMonster analytics show all sorts of insights into the success of your content, displaying it in a useful manner. 

For example, you can view the highest converting pages – revealing the number of hits, leads, and the percentage of converted sales.  

Split Testing

How do you measure your digital marketing success? 

OptinMonster A/B Testing lets you take your stats and create multiple campaign ideas for the same goal, testing which ones are most successful. Over time you can increase your conversion rate. 


Continue to use all your favorite web tools and services thanks to the integrations.  This includes more than thirty email marketing platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot, and Constant Contact

Moreover, there’s support for popular content management and ecommerce solutions, including Shopify and Bigcommerce integrations. 

Over a thousand other integrations are available via a single connection to a Zapier account. 

Ease of Use and Interface

OptinMonster is cloud-based, so you access all its features from a single web dashboard hosted by OptinMonster itself. 

This also means your campaigns get cloud backups and you won’t experience any extra burden on resources as you would hosting it yourself.

The dashboard is very intuitive and anyone that has used similar services will have no trouble picking it up. While testing the tool for this OptinMonster review, I had no issues navigating it.

It’s simply a case of clicking various self-explanatory parent categories and then filling out fields or dragging-and-dropping elements to create opt-in forms. Short explainers often accompany settings to give you an immediate idea of what to choose. 

Furthermore, you don’t need any coding knowledge whatsoever. In fact, installation begins with a simple embed code for you to enter on your website. The complexity of this depends on how your site is set up. However, if you can add, for example, a Google Analytics code, you will have no issues. 

An OptinMonster WordPress plugin makes installation and managing its features even easier if you use the blogging platform.

There are themes for almost any type of campaign and even if something like an ‘eBook Launch’ doesn’t suit your business, customization can help you morph it into something more suitable. 

The drag-and-drop editor is a big part of the campaign building process and is great for beginners. If you want to add elements to your opt-in forms, simply drag them from the blocks on the left to the main window on the right. You can then edit the details in a WYSIWYG editor.

Customer Support

OptinMonster support covers all the necessary channels to ensure you reach a member of the team or find the information you need yourself. Direct support can be found via an email ticketing system or live web chat. You can also message the team on the major social media platforms.

If you pay for the most expensive Growth plan, you also get priority in the chat support queue. 

You can find auxiliary help via a multitude of documentation on the site and regularly updated blog posts. Furthermore, its YouTube channel has some very useful video tutorials.

An overview of OptinMonster reviews from other users rates its customer support very highly. I was personally able to contact live chat within three minutes and got the help I needed.


OptinMonster pricing varies based on whether you wish to be billed monthly or annually. Paying for a year upfront provides the best value for money. That is to say, as long as you’ve made full use of the 14-day money-back guarantee, there’s no reason to choose a monthly plan. However, it’s there for those that might not have the upfront budget.

Here’s an overview of its pricing plans:


$14/mo or $9/mo billed annually ($108)

You start off with unlimited campaigns and campaign types. However, installation can only be on one site, there’s a maximum of 2,500 pageviews a month, and basic reporting and integrations.


$30/mo or $19/mo billed annually ($228)

Install on two sites, 10,000 pageviews, advanced reporting and integrations, A/B testing, Yes/No forms, sound effects, attention activation, inactivity sensor, OptinMonster content lock, and more.


$47/mo or $29/mo billed annually ($348)

Three sites, 25,000 pageviews, two sub accounts, mobile-specific campaigns, exit-intent tech, Zapier integrations, countdown timers, scheduling, referrer detection, device targeting, cart & form abandonment, smart tagging, no OptinMonster branding, and your own live chat support.


$80/mo or $49/mo billed annually ($588)

Five sites, 100,000 pageviews, unlimited sub-accounts, onsite retargeting, follow-up campaigns, real-time personalization, coupons, detect AdBlock, custom branding, priority support, and much more.



OptinMonster also offers Enterprise solutions for large or complex businesses that need a solution tailored specifically. For that, you must contact the sales team directly where a price will be negotiated.

OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads

One of the main OptinMonster competitors is Thrive Leads, which functions as a WordPress plugin. Therefore, if you do not use this platform, OptinMonster should be your default choice. It’s a hosted solution that can be embedded on any type of site. Thrive cannot be used outside of WordPress. 

If you are a WordPress user, Thrive offers many similar features to the $348 OptinMonster Pro plan at a slightly cheaper annual price of $299. In fact, it stands out with its ability to create multiple choice forms and target newsletter subscribers directly. For example, you can hide lightboxes and opt-in forms from existing newsletter subscribers. Moreover, you can show entirely different offers to subscribers than other site users.

Thrive’s A/B Testing is also more advanced. Not only can you try different overall campaign designs, but you can also use different opt-in types and campaign triggers. You can even set things up, so the winner of a split test is automatically shown while the loser is discontinued. 

Where Thrive misses the mark is its inability to schedule campaigns or use cookies as triggers

Unless you require these specific features, Thrive is the better option if you’re on WordPress. Nonetheless, the OptinMonster WordPress plugin is there for those that do need those features.

OptinMonster vs Bloom

Bloom by Elegant Themes can also only be used on WordPress, so you won’t get the hosted perks and cloud backups associated with OptinMonster.

Both platforms offer similar opt-in types, such as pop-ups, fly-ins, and in lines. However, the edge goes to OptinMonster which has more elements to add and is highly customizable.  Likewise, Bloom’s templates provide only slight variations to its base one. 

OptinMonster’s templates are more distinct, and you can also create your own from scratch.

When it comes to targeting your campaigns, Bloom is limited to page-level targeting. OptinMonster display rules are much more advanced. It can also use cookies to segment visitors. Of course, it too can accomplish basic page-level targeting.

A price comparison really depends on the precise features you require. The basics are completely free with Bloom, whereas OptinMonster doesn’t have a free option. The next Bloom plan is $468 a year and unlocks all features, while OptinMonster has several plans ranging from $108 to $588. Each of these has progressively more features.

Overall, OptinMonster is the more advanced and versatile solution. It’s those who can’t afford to go premium or don’t need every feature that might get more of a benefit from Bloom.


In conclusion, OptinMonster is a very powerful yet easy-to-use lead generation tool, suitable for businesses of all sizes. 

Its distribution of features across different pricing plans can be confusing and frustrating. However, there’s no denying its ability to help you capture subscribers, and boost traffic, conversions, and ultimately profits.

Give it a try! The demo account is waiting for you.


Is OptinMonster free?

OptinMonster doesn’t offer a free option. However, whichever plan you choose comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, you can get a demo account that lets you browse the platform and get a feel for it. However, you cannot publish anything for free.

Some OptinMonster alternatives like Bloom do have free plans.

Is OptinMonster trustworthy?

Yes, OptinMonster is a well-established and trustworthy digital marketing system. It boasts over 1.2 million users and the majority of OptinMonster reviews are positive. For example, it has 4/5 stars on review aggregator G2 and 4.2 out of 5 on GetApp.

I also found everything to be straightforward and above board.

What is OptinMonster used for?

OptinMonster is used to grow your email list and generate leads as part of your broader online marketing strategy. In other words, it’s a tool for driving traffic, and converting those visitors into subscribers or paying customers.


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