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Romj Amon
Romj Amon

Updated · Jan 28, 2023

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For a marketing tool brand with Fortune-500 clients like State Farm Insurance, Nike, and Adobe - its ratings are no longer consistently high. What gives? Read this Outgrow review to understand better what might be causing this rating drop.

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Best for: Interactive content creation

Strengths Intuitive, powerful content builders
Strengths Free version
Strengths Extendable seven-day free trial
Strengths Numerous third-party integration possibilities
Weaknesses Sluggish performance on Chrome and Brave
Weaknesses Nonfunctioning development studio on mobile
Weaknesses No money-back guarantee

What Is Outgrow?

Outgrow is a cloud-based builder of interactive content designed to achieve marketing goals effectively.

Launched in 2015, the Outgrow platform can bring your target audience closer to your brand through increased engagement.

Yielding up to 50% conversion, interactive content can be a solid alternative or complement to advertising campaigns and e-books.

In addition to digital marketers, it has also been a boon to teachers. Many educators use its suite of tools to enhance their students’ e-learning experience.

Outgrow has hundreds of five star reviews across Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. But the service’s overall scores are somewhat inconsistent, with average scores of 3.8, 4.8., and 4.9 stars, respectively.

Should you be concerned about the obvious gap in its ratings?

Keep reading to discover how it compares to other surveying apps and how it complements other marketing solutions.

What Can You Do With Outgrow?

Look no further, here is a detailed understanding of what you can and can’t do. 

Content Types

Using Outgrow’s development studio, you can create eight types of content to engage your audience meaningfully.

  • Forms and surveys. Even without any coding experience, you can build lead generation forms and surveys on Outgrow. What’s more, you can create buyer personas, raise product awareness, or gather feedback for free. So, it’s a neat solution if you’re already paying for a marketing automation subscription with no survey-building capability like ActiveCampaign. Its survey maker is more restrictive than its Qualtrics counterpart. But it’s meant for building short surveys that discourage participants from bouncing. 
  • Quizzes. With Outgrow’s quiz builder, you can learn about your audience a la BuzzFeed. You can use questionnaires with multiple correct answers in your outcome and graded quizzes that include images.
  • Assessments. Like quizzes, graded tests enable your participants to measure their IQ, language proficiency, and other areas. You can choose from 10 question types, inject visuals, captions, and countdowns and show multiple results per examinee score. For analysis, you can natively link Outgrow with HubSpot through integration or in use with Zapier. 
  • Ecommerce recommendations. Do you want to suggest products or services that suit your audience’s unique requirements? This app allows you to develop creative questionnaires and make spot-on recommendations based on results. Your targeted clients are more likely to trust your word since it’s more relevant.  
  • Polls. You can be an instant pollster and put your finger on the market’s pulse, gaining insight into your audience’s current sentiment. All the while generating considerable engagement.
  • Giveaways. Giveaway campaigns are an effective way to gamify your offerings and induce brand loyalty. Using Outgrow, you can start contests where participants earn points - boosting their chances of winning. Or, you can simply give away stuff randomly to anyone who joins.
  • Calculators. Outgrow calculators can help your audience crunch the numbers with ease and self-assess how much they really can afford. This often leads to a feeling of empowerment and elicits honest responses. 
  • Chatbots. Exclusively available to top-tier subscribers, these bots are tireless lead generators. They can interact with your site visitors 24/7 so you have ceaseless data collection. 

Layouts and Templates

Outgrow offers a stack of default, standard, and premium layouts. All have undergone intensive A/B testing, so you can rest assured that they’re professional-looking and engaging.

Each layout comes with an easily editable template. That means you can conveniently tweak the existing text and make it your own.


Except for the free and Freelancer (Limited) plans, all packages provide access to Outgrow’s formula builder.

Basic and advanced math operators can enrich pieces with power functions and if-else statements.

Typically, such complex formulas apply to mortgage payments and discount calculations. But you can leverage them when counting or measuring practically anything. Your imagination is the only limit on how to apply such.

If having any doubts, you may always turn to Outgrow’s customer service to learn more effective means of using them.  

Charts, Tables, and Graphs

With Outgrow’s charts, tablets, and graphs, you can organize and present inputs in a more organized and digestible manner. These content elements are accessible when you subscribe to the Essentials, Business, Startup Special, or Enterprise plan.

Branching Logic

Characteristic of Outgrow’s plans for businesses, logic jump enables you to create different paths for respondents based on their answers.

There’s no limit to the number of branches you can create for each question. That’s why you can avoid wasting your survey takers’ time by routing them to specific questions or results accordingly.

Conditional Messaging

Going hand in hand with logic branches, conditional messages bring more coherence to your pieces.

Outgrow permits the creation of unlimited result conditions. And you can add media to each message. Showing result-specific messages is a surefire way to personalize your Outgrow calculators and quizzes effectively.


Any content made using Outgrow’s development studio can appear on any webpage.

To grab your audience’s attention without fail, you can make your pieces occupy the whole screen. Or, you can insert them within the page or make them float to keep your visitors from diverting.

Also, it’s possible to turn them into pop-ups, greet bars, sidenotes, or chatbots.

Aside from enjoying a wide selection of embed types, you can customize the dimensions of your pieces too.

To boost your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn footprint, you can add Share calls-to-action as well as Like and Follow buttons.


Using its own domain, Outgrow hosts all pieces of content made with its development studio. But with the Business plan, you can host your creations on your custom company domain via CNAME.

Confirmation Emails

Staying true to its love for interactivity, Outgrow enables you to automatically notify your content respondents via email. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Draft personalized dynamic responses on the development studio and send the right messages to your segmented leads.
  2. Introduce double opt-in by creating a workflow through a third party using the Outgrow-HubSpot integration or another similar app.

You can include variables for answers, results, lead form details, and UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters using the development studio.

If you wish, you can send email notifications to yourself when someone uses your Outgrow calculator or any other piece.

Content Creation Limits

Unless you sign up for Outgrow’s Essentials, Business, or Enterprise plan, Outgrow’s content creation cap is something you should carefully consider.

If you subscribe to the Freelancer (Limited) package, you can only develop up to five content pieces. You receive one extra if you opt for either the Freelancer or Startup Special plan.

The good news is that you can build as many as four forms and surveys with the free plan.

Analytics and Tracking

Whatever plan you select, you can enjoy standard access to Outgrow’s analytics functionalities.

In addition to lead details, user responses, and results - you can also collect traffic information. You can segment and export data at will. And Outgrow permits you to add Facebook and Google Analytics tracking codes.

As an Essentials or Business subscriber, you’ll also be able to use custom tracking scripts.

With advanced access to the Outgrow platform, you can view section- and question-level funnel charts and enjoy end-to-end analytics. Such visualization can reveal critical insights like usual drop-off points and interesting patterns that can support conversion rate increases. 


Whether you pay for its services or not, you’re free to add your logo and theme colors to your content.

Take note, unless you subscribe to Outgrow’s Business or Enterprise plan, your piece will bear its watermark.


Outgrow’s Essentials plan and up offer team collaboration with between 3 to 10 users. You can go with its custom plan for enterprises and agencies if you need more seats.

Advanced Business Features

Outgrow has numerous exclusive features for businesses. Some of these are:

  • Custom HTML
  • HTML editor
  • CSS editor
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Welcome, Question, and Result page design
  • Custom templates
  • Single sign-on
  • API Access

The availability of advanced features for businesses depends on your chosen plan. For instance, you can take advantage of Outgrow consulting and team training only when you subscribe to the Enterprise package.

Customer Support

Outgrow provides access to live chat and support documents to all subscribers.

If you upgrade to the Essentials plan, you’ll unlock email and phone support. Plus, you’ll have the privilege of getting your concerns addressed within 48 hours.

And if you buy the Business plan, you’ll get priority support. That means you’ll receive preferential assistance within 24 hours. 

I can attest to the responsiveness of Outgrow’s help desk. Its chatbot offered relevant material for review while I waited for a representative.

I spoke with two chat agents. The first one was enthusiastic but tended to beat around the bush. The second one was straightforward and, therefore, more helpful.

Furthermore, I can confirm that Outgrow’s live chat support is available around the clock. The usual response time is under five minutes. Unfortunately, one of my conversations got lost in the shuffle.

Honestly, I didn’t expect best-in-class customer service from the company’s help desk. More than half of the negative Outgrow reviews I read were about unhelpful representatives.

Although such testimonials are relatively few, terrible support has been a recurring criticism about the company for years. A symptom of Outgrow’s inaction on this matter is its silence on Trustpilot. Its help desk hasn’t addressed negative comments on the platform since 2018.

Having said that, my limited interactions with Outgrow’s reps were pleasant enough not to merit any condemnation.

Ease of Use and Interface

Outgrow’s registration procedure is frictionless. You can sign up with your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. 

Outgrow - 7-day free trial

Once you activate your account, you will find the development studio’s interface clean and intuitive.

Despite the abundance of buttons, it doesn’t look or feel crowded. You can easily navigate the dashboard since Outgrow has done an excellent job arranging the design elements.

Outgrow dashboard

My only issue with Outgrow’s cloud-based content builder was that it was hard on browsers.

Outgrow browser

I had to try three desktop apps to sufficiently load to be considered workable. After failing to run it on Chrome and Brave without freezing my screen, it eventually worked quite smoothly on Firefox.

Outgrow browser Firefox

Meanwhile, I tested the development studio on Android using Firefox. I could log in but couldn’t edit my unpublished Outgrown calculator and other pieces.

Its mobile access is seemingly only useful for checking analytics data and tracking statistics like traffic sources.

Outgrow mobile access      outgrow mobile access analytics

Going forward, I hope the development studio will have improved mobile functionality to enable on-the-go content creation.

Outgrow Integrations

You can integrate it with more than 1,000 third-party sales and marketing tools.

If you buy the Freelancer (Limited), Freelancer, Essentials, or Business plan, all Outgrow’s native integrations will be at your disposal. Marketo and Eloqua are exceptions and reserved only for Enterprise subscribers.

Moreover, it has two integration categories: standard and advanced. The difference between the two is the number of data points you can move.

Although you can access them all, you may use only one integration. So if you use Facebook Messenger and Ontraport to run your business, for example, you can integrate just one of them.

If you need Outgrow to communicate with more than one CRM tool, you must have a custom plan. The same applies when you want it to feed data into multiple accounts with a single CRM vendor.

Every additional integration is an add-on. You won’t find any advertised bundle rates. Outgrow does provide quotes based on your CRM and the required number of integration accounts.

Outgrow Pricing

So, which of Outgrow’s seven packages is for you?

Have a look at the highlights of what each premium plan offers.

Freelancer (Limited)


Three content types 1,000 leads/month Limited access to features



Seven content types 1,000 leads/month Limited access to features



Eight content types 7,500 leads/month Standard access to feature



All content types 50,000 leads/month Full access to features

And here are the notable qualities of the so-called custom plans:

Free Forms/Surveys


One content type 100 leads/month Limited access to features

Startup Special


Only for startups and small businesses Eight content types 1,000 leads/month Standard access to features



For large organizations and agencies Fully customizable features

To test-drive Outgrow, sign up for its free trial with no payment information required. It provides you with seven days of access to the Business plan, minus the ability to remove the Outgrow branding.

If you need more time, you can push back its expiration by three days or ask Outgrow for an even longer extension.

When you’re ready to purchase a plan, you can use a credit card. Although the company offers no money-back guarantee, it considers refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

For example, when you need additional Outgrow integrations, you can purchase extra leads as add-ons. If you don’t want to upgrade when you max out your plan’s lead cap, you may negotiate to buy more.

If you can’t or don’t want to create your own interactive content, you can outsource this task to Outgrow. The price of its professional content creation starts at $250 per piece.

Outgrow Review - Verdict

Outgrow does what it says on the tin.

Its development studio’s intuitiveness and capabilities deserve praise. Though, it is disappointing that the lower-tiered plans have feature limitations. 

Nevertheless, Outgrow is flexible and willing to negotiate over add-ons that can help address specific inadequacies of its packages.

Unfortunately, some of Outgrow’s limitations (particularly on mobile browsers) continue with no solution in sight. And its performance issues on Chrome and Brave can be annoying too.

At least, though, you can take it for a spin for seven days or more. And its free plan can make up for its lack of commitment to approving refund requests.

I suggest that you first give Outgrow a try, prior to casting any judgment.


Why use Outgrow?

Outgrow can help you build eight types of interactive content.

Compared to static content like landing pages, interactive ones, by definition, encourage participation. Therefore, it’s better at gathering feedback, generating quality leads, and converting site visitors into paying customers.

How much does Outgrow cost?

Outgrow has a free plan that enables you to build up to four surveys and lead gen forms. Plus, it gives you access to some standard features.

Outgrow’s fixed-price premium subscriptions range from $14 to $720 a month. It sells additional integrations and leads as add-ons too. 

If you’re running an enterprise or an agency, you can tailor a plan to your business needs.

Is Outgrow good?

Yes, it is a capable interactive content builder with more than 1,000 third-party integration possibilities.

Using its development studio isn’t without challenges, though. Read my full Outgrow review to learn about its limitations and how to get around them.


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