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Pure Usenet Review

Looking for the best Usenet provider? Pure Usenet is certainly one of them. It offers unlimited download data across all plans and the fastest speeds if you’re willing to pay for them. Our Pure Usenet review takes a closer look at its retention, pricing plans, and overall performance.

Pure Usenet Review

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  • Speed: 100MBps+
  • Free Trial: Yes, 7-day unlimited
  • Retention: Over 11 years
  • Data Limits: No
  • Newsgroups: 110,000+
  • News Servers: US and EU
  • Search Function: No
  • Newsreader Included: No

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Best For

Experienced users


  • Good free trial
  • Fast and stable
  • Unlimited download data
  • Bitcoin payments accepted


  • No VPN bundled
  • No bundled newsreader
  • Speed capped cheaper plans


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Pure M - Year plan


Pure XL - Month


Pure XL - Year plan


Pure XXL - Month


Pure XXL - Year plan


What Is Pure Usenet?

The Pure Usenet provider is a no-frills option for those that have Usenet server experience. It doesn’t come with its own newsreader or software, so you will have to be able to configure your own Usenet clients for Windows or the devices you desire.

Furthermore, there is no Pure Usenet VPN, so again, you will need a bit of extra knowledge to set things up yourself via a third party

Nonetheless, the Pure Usenet backbone is strong and stable, providing unlimited download data on every plan. Others like Easynews charge you for that privilege. The company has server farms in Europe and the United States, so there’s a level of stability that you might not get elsewhere.

Pure Usenet has a free trial. You have 7-days to test out unlimited speeds and data. 

We found a good range of affordable plans with both yearly and monthly options. Plus, there are free SSL encrypted connections to keep your data secure, even though Usenet does not offer VPN services. 

One plus is that the company allows you to pay your bill with Bitcoin, which furthers your privacy. Only a handful of Usenet service providers are currently accepting this method, so users often rave about it in Pure Usenet reviews.

Pure Usenet Retention

There’s no problem with Pure Usenet storing binaries and text data. The Usenet binaries alone go back over 11 years – 4,100 days to be precise. While you can find the odd Usenet service provider that retains data for over 12 years, it’s not a great difference realistically and should not be a deal-breaker.

To gain access to browser newsgroups and binary newsgroups you will need to connect to the Pure Usenet server using one of the many popular ‘news client’ programs. Then, use the Usenet indexers. There will be a bit of a learning curve for newbies, but it won’t take long before they are downloading videos, music, images, gaming, and film content. Of course, you can also use the Usenet internet service to find text posts, scientific research, actual news, and politics. Then there are old podcasting and vlogging files that may not be around on the regular internet anymore.

There are literally terabytes and even petabytes of data to be found across over 110,000 plus different Usenet forums. In terms of fully functional and active newsgroups, 110,000 is about where things are at.

Usenet sites aren’t much different in function than traditional internet forums and any bulletin board system from the regular web. Good Usenet browsers can replicate the experience while other software provides more of a search and download function. Think of it more as Usenet file-sharing or Usenet torrents. In fact, you can find torrent files on Usenet servers, but you then still have to go through the regular peer-to-peer process outside the newsgroup servers

Pure Usenet Speed

While writing this Pure Usenet review, we found the provider has great speed capabilities, pushing 100Mbps on the top plan. The company promises unlimited speeds. Either way, this is more than enough for most ISPs. 

Unfortunately, the cheaper plans are capped lower, and this is part of the pricing model. For example, the most inexpensive plan limits you to just 20Mbps.

The difference is regardless of the plan, you get unlimited download data. So, if you have a slow internet connection anyway, this is actually a great service. Plus, despite some speed caps, the service still isn’t so slow to ignore the benefits of unlimited data if you’re a high-volume user. 

Speed is one thing, but you also need a stable and secure connection. Pure Usenet provides free SSL encryption on every plan, and they have their main server farm in the Netherlands. This keeps things smooth throughout Europe. Judging from Pure Usenet user reviews, the service is great in the United Kingdom and in the United States where it holds other servers.

Furthermore, they let you use multiple simultaneous connections, which ensures even more stability.

To connect by SSL, you’ll need port 563. Its Usenet news server is found at

Customer Support

The customer support is good

But first, visit the support section of the website. You’ll find how to get started, connect and optimize your speed and client, and other common queries. You can also find billing information and policies here.

If you’re really struggling or something legitimate has gone wrong with your account, you can contact support staff directly by email ticket from within your account dashboard. While conducting our Pure Usenet review, we found the response time and helpfulness to be perfectly acceptable. We cannot foresee any major issues should you choose this Usenet internet service.

Pure Usenet Pricing

As noted, all Pure Usenet plans come with unlimited download data and free simultaneous SSL connections. You can start your 7-day free trial on any plan and cancel before the first billing. 

Here’s how each plan further breaks down:

Free Trial: 7-Days, no speed or data caps

Yearly Plans (paid yearly upfront)

  • Pure M: €3.09/mo, for 20Mbps speed and 8 connections.
  • Pure XL: €4.53/mo for 60Mbps speed and 12 connections. 
  • Pure XXL: €5.97/mo for unlimited speed and 20 connections.

Monthly Plans

The same features apply to monthly plans, just the price is 20% higher:

  • Pure M: €3.87/mo 
  • Pure XL: €5.67/mo 
  • Pure XXL: €7.47/mo 

While there is no money-back guarantee, the free trial should give you an accurate experience of the service.

Pure Usenet Review – Verdict

If you’re looking for unlimited data with no extra frills, Pure Usenet is a great Usenet internet service provider for experienced users. The top plan is affordable, has unlimited speed, and 20 secure simultaneous connections. This makes it perfect for binary Usenet downloads. 

There are also stable news servers, good customer support, encryption, and a more than acceptable retention length. None of this is ground-breaking, however, and the service is definitely not the Usenet provider for beginners.

There’s no bundled VPN service, Usenet app, or even Usenet search engine as part of the package. If you want to access binary newsgroups or use a fully functional Usenet browser for Mac, Linux, or Microsoft Windows, you’ll have to set up your own news client.

Offering Bitcoin as a payment method is a great choice, since Usenet users tend to prefer their privacy. However, concluding our Pure Usenet review, crypto is not enough to bring it out of 3/3.5-star territory – unless you are a veteran in the field and can make the most of it.


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