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Updated · Jan 28, 2023

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RUSVPN is a highly rated virtual private network (VPN) service. Does this mean it deserves your trust? Our RUSVPN review can answer this.







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Best for: Free VPN service

Strengths Offers a free version
Strengths Has a risk-free pricing policy
Strengths Is based in an ideal location
Strengths Expands server network rapidly
Weaknesses Has a buggy desktop app
Weaknesses Offers limited support options
Weaknesses Forgets to send password after signup
Weaknesses Leaks Domain Name System (DNS) queries on some servers


RUSVPN launched in 2017. The company claims to be “Reliable. Unlimited. Secure.” - get it?

The company behind it, Iron Media Group Ltd., is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Unlike most VPN companies, RUSVPN is candid about its history and values on its About Us page. But that doesn’t mean it managed to avoid controversy.

RUSVPN brags about glowing user reviews. But on May 5, 2020, Trustpilot announced that it had discovered and removed a slew of fabricated testimonials.

There’s no way to tell whether said RUSVPN reviews were negative, positive, or a mix of both. But the service is presently boasting an impressive average of 4.3 stars based on 113 ratings on the platform. Actually, 63% of Trustpilot commenters described their experience as “excellent.”


What does RUSVPN have to offer?

RUSVPN Features

Here are the basics:

Multiple Platform Support

The software works with the most used operating systems for personal computers and mobile devices. You can also get a RUSVPN Google Chrome extension and one for Mozilla Firefox.

However, you won’t be able to download RUSVPN Microsoft Edge and RUSVPN Safari extensions. Also, you can use the Chrome extension on Yandex.

Unlimited Bandwidth

RUSVPN has an unlimited bandwidth policy. This means you can constantly keep it on even if you just connect to an unsecured public network occasionally.

Most cybersecurity experts will objectively say that you could get by with a VPN that offers limited bandwidth only. But having no restriction to the amount of data you could cloak through a VPN tunnel can help you evade bandwidth throttling.

Some internet service providers (ISPs) are guilty of slowing down the internet speeds of their users on purpose to manage network traffic better.

But when you activate RUSVPN at home, you can prevent your ISP from doing it. As a result, you can enjoy consistently decent speeds.

Simultaneous Connections

You can connect up to five separate devices all at once. This limit applies per account, so you can enjoy this even if you just sign up for the RUSVPN free trial.

Once you maxed out your usage, you need to open a new account and buy another subscription if you want to connect more hardware. The company doesn’t sell extra slots yet.

If you want to open a new account and buy another subscription, you can install RUSVPN directly on your router. You’ll learn more about this shortly.

Kill Switch

When activated, this feature forces your device to go offline when your VPN connection drops. That way your data remains secure.

We tested the VPN’s Android and Windows apps for this RUSVPN review. And the Kill Switch worked like a charm. A pop-up box would appear to tell us that when something went wrong.

Kill Switch also gave us some useful tips, like changing servers for security purposes. You may have to try multiple VPN servers until you find one with a stable connection, but it’s a small sacrifice to safeguard your anonymity.

Connect on Startup

When enabled, the VPN runs automatically on startup.

We tested the RUSVPN Chrome extension, Windows client, and Android app, and had no issues on this front.

Automatic Connection

You can set RUSVPN to automatically connect to the last server you used or one the company recommends. Huge time-saver!

Server Recommendation

The VPN’s mechanism for making a recommendation is unclear. Sometimes, the recommended location doesn’t have the fastest or the closest server.

In the desktop app, each server is numbered and color-coded. Low digits are in green, signifying a speedy connection. Higher numbers are in red. In the RUSVPN Android app, the fastest servers come with a battery icon that says fast.

We’d love to see this integrated into the RUSVPN extension for Firefox and for Chrome too.


On the mobile app, you can bookmark the VPN servers you like. By starring the fastest and most stable servers you frequently use, you can easily access them via the Favorites tab.

Change Server

You can switch between servers located in your chosen country.

RUSVPN Advanced Features

You don’t necessarily need to download RUSVPN on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. You can use it in other ways, too. 

OpenVPN Connect Configuration Support

The company provides downloadable configuration files for OpenVPN Connect.

Once you register on RUSVPN, you can link with the OpenVPN Connect client on Windows through the Configurations tab.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a country that’s part of RUSVPN’s network of servers.
  2. Download the configuration file with .ovpn extension.
  3. Import the profile into the OpenVPN Connect client through the “From a local file” menu option.
  4. On the system tray, hit the extension icon.
  5. Select the profile you need.
  6. Hit “Connect.”
  7. To cut the connection, hit “Disconnect” after hitting the icon of the OpenVPN Connect client on the system tray.

You can export as many configuration profiles from RUSVPN as you want.

Router Configuration Support

You can install RUSVPN on the source of your internet connection at home to secure all of the devices in your Wi-Fi network.

This way, you can protect your data on gadgets and smart appliances that can’t connect to the VPN.

It’s a very easy process, and we encountered no difficulties during the test for this RUSVPN review.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get your router's login details.
  2. Pick a country in RUSVPN’s network of servers.
  3. Download the configuration files.
  4. Get the hostname and Internet Protocol (IP) of your chosen server to manually configure your router.

Using the server settings for PPTP or L2TP with a shared IPSec key VPN, you can manually configure most devices.

Set-and-forget installation is the crown jewel of RUSVPN for routers. You don’t have to remember turning your VPN on since your internet connection itself will be secured.

WebRTC Leak Tester

This cloud-based tool can detect whether your real IP address is out in the open due to Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC). It’s an HTML5 specification that enables voices and video communications to work inside web pages.

Without using a VPN service, the WebRTC can expose your information when using a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

You can use this tool on the website as a guest visitor, which we found out thanks to RUSVPN user reviews. It’s great if you want to see if your current VPN actually keeps your real IP address private. Just follow those simple steps:

  1. Run the test while your VPN is off.
  2. Jot down the data for comparison later on.
  3. Turn on your VPN.
  4. Run the test again.
  5. Review the IP addresses displayed during the first and second tests.

If the result of the second test shows an IP address different from your actual one, then your VPN is doing its job.

This tool may not display a VPN-provided IP address, though. Instead, it may just say that it detects no IP address leakage.

DNS Leak Tester

Like the WebRTC leak tool, this is also designed to detect IP address leakage. The only difference is it checks whether your DNS queries are visible to outsiders.

A DNS query is a demand for information from your device to a DNS server. Without a VPN, the request goes to one or more DNS servers owned by your ISP. If your ISP can see your queries, others - like hackers - can, too.

If you use the RUSVPN app, the request goes to RUSVPN’s DNS servers, not to your ISP’s.

Virus Scanner

With this cloud-based tool on, you can scan files and URLs. This way, you can catch and neutralize malicious codes, worms, Trojanс, and other threats.

Password Generator

Although it’s not a password manager, RUSVPN has an on-site password generator.

This cloud-based tool can generate passwords that are 6–20 characters long. You can choose to use uppercase or lowercase letters only or a combination of them.

Likewise, you can add numbers and symbols into the mix. You can set thе password generator to include up to 10 numbers and 10 symbols per password, eliminating letters completely.

Thе tool comes with a password strength meter as well as refresh and copy functions.

RUSVPN Locations and Servers

RUSVPN has 390 servers across 52 nations. These figures are below the fleet size (634 servers) and (59 countries and territories) global footprint averages of the VPNs we recently reviewed.

In all fairness, the company’s server fleet outsizes Ultra’s, GOOSE VPN’s, and VirtualShield’s. If it keeps building its infrastructure, RUSVPN may outnumber the 500+ servers KeepSolid VPN Unlimited owns soon.

Moreover, RUSVPN is available on six continents. The United States owns the biggest slice of the pie by country with 44, but Europe is not far behind.

As usual, Africa has minimal representation. Out of all 54 African countries, the company is present in Egypt and South Africa only.

But the place with the least RUSVPN locations is Oceania. It houses only 8 servers, most of them in Australia.

You can get RUSVPN extension for Chrome or Firefox as well as Windows, iOS, Android apps in half of all countries that notoriously ban or suppress VPN usage. The company has 39 servers in Belarus (2), China (6), Russia (14), Turkey (14), and the United Arab Emirates (3). Quite fascinating!


So, how fast is RUSVPN? We tested servers from the US, Europe, and Australia using Ookla’s mobile Speedtest app to see the VPN’s performance.

Our base download and upload speeds were 15.1 Mbps and 0.78 Mbps.

RUSVPN base speed

By connecting to a US server of the RUSVPN app, our download speed dipped by about 14%. But our upload speed went up over 7%.


When we tried a VPN server in Europe, we found it difficult to test the RUSVPN for Android in popular locations like the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Our struggle ended when we tried one in Slovakia. Our download speed dropped by almost 8% while our upload speed jumped by nearly 13%.

RUSVPN Slovakia speed

Finally, diverting our online traffic from Australia drove our download speed by over 80%. But the RUSVPN app managed to keep our upload speed stable, decreasing by only 1.28%.

RUSVPN Australia speed

It’s all due to the combination of the internet speed, distance, routing algorithm, VPN server crowding, the VPN protocol in use, etc.

RUSVPN has a list of server numbers per country on its site. Check it out to make an informed decision instead of selecting a server randomly.

RUSVPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

Iron Media Group Ltd., the company behind the RUSVPN app, is headquartered outside of the Fourteen Eyes alliance. This means the government that regulates it has no intelligence-sharing agreements with major Western powers.

Unlike Israel, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, Dominica hasn’t been caught leaking the online activity of its citizens with any members of the Fourteen Eyes alliance.

However, Dominica’s membership in the Commonwealth of Nations associates it with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. These democracies are infamous for internet surveillance.

The good news is that the Commonwealth of Nations focuses on commonalities. Independence and equality among members are also enshrined in the 1949 London Declaration and the 1971 Singapore Declaration.

As far as privacy is concerned, RUSVPN’s location makes it safer than many VPNs.

RUSVPN Security and Protocols

Speaking of privacy, RUSVPN has a no-logs policy. The company uses Google Analytics to track and understand site traffic. But it collects no personally identifiable information.

When you create an account, you only need to provide an email address. The company doesn’t ask or store the following:

  • User name
  • IP address
  • Real address
  • Phone number
  • Other sensitive information

The company doesn’t even receive your payment credentials. It directs your financial data to Decta Limited using an encrypted SSL protocol.

Any information RUSVPN may collect while you’re using its service isn’t tied to your real IP address.

Further, it uses OpenVPN 256-bit encryption 2048 RSA technology. RUSVPN supports several tunneling protocols. The Windows version, however, lets you choose between IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, and OpenVPN TCP only.

The company allows the use of PPTP or L2TP/IPSec when installing its software on routers.

RUSVPN Leak Test Results

To find out whether RUSVPN could really hide our traffic data, we used the company's native tools,,, and

We tested the Windows app and the RUSVPN Google Chrome extension for WebRTC IP address leakage. We took snapshots of the results before and after RUSVPN was on.

Before the WebRTC leak test:

RUSVPN Original IP address

RUSVPN WebRTC leak test

After the WebRTC leak test:

RUSVPN Bulgaria IP connection leak test

RUSVPN WebRTC leak test status with VPN

RUSVPN performed brilliantly. 

When it comes to DNS query leakage, we tested RUSVPN for Windows. Check out our screenshots below.

Before the DNS leak test:

RUSVPN before VPN DNS leak test

RUSVPN Leak test before VPN

After the DNS leak test:

RUSVPN after VPN IP leak test

RUSVPN after VPN DNS leak test

As you can see, it didn’t measure up. The Windows app’s on-site leak checker erroneously declared that our DNS queries were secure.

We ran a second test with the Chrome extension to verify whether the issue with the RUSVPN Windows was isolated.

RUSVPN IP leak test 2

Unfortunately, our original DNS address still appeared.

RUSVPN and Streaming Services

There are no dedicated RUSVPN Netflix servers. But we’re able to stream the platform’s different international libraries successfully.

The service also worked on other streaming platforms like Hulu. They did take longer to load, though.

How Good Is RUSVPN for Torrenting?

RUSVPN isn’t the best for torrenting since it lacks optimized VPN servers for peer-to-peer sharing.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t restrict you from downloading torrents. Just make sure to enable the Kill Switch for added data protection.

Can RUSVPN Bypass Geoblocks?

RUSVPN helped us get around geo-restricted gaming sites and video content on YouTube. We were able to download otherwise inaccessible MP3 files.

Based on its performance, you should be able to use this VPN to get discounted rates on Steam games, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals.

Ease of Use

RUSVPN is available in 22 languages, including English (US and UK), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil). Out of the apps and the browser extension we tested, only RUSVPN for Windows supports four languages (other than English).

Signup is easy. The company will only ask for your email address and generate the password on your behalf. You can start using the service immediately.

If you decide to buy a paid subscription, you can only do it either via the mobile app or your cloud-based account dashboard.

RUSVPN offers four payment options:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • WebMoney
  • CoinPayments

In terms of design, RUSVPN’s interface has the typical VPN look. But the aesthetics aren’t consistent across the board.

RUSVPN is also highly responsive. You can connect to your chosen server in just two seconds at most.

If you use the RUSVPN Windows or Android app, you can see which servers are likely to deliver a good speed.

The server selection on the Chrome extension showed us the locations only. But at least it featured the same number of servers as its desktop and mobile app counterparts. 

The downside - there are no city-level options. You can just hope that the company will connect you to the fastest server in your chosen country.

Also, the Windows app was a bit buggy. We used the latest version that rolled out just a few days before we started this RUSVPN review and it crashed a few times.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with RUSVPN’s support team in two ways: support ticket or email. Although available 24/7, neither option is fast. It’s a complaint we often saw in RUSVPN user reviews.

At least has a blog. This self-help option offers interesting reads to help you understand the product better and get some tips for VPN usage.


This VPN has a free version, which you can only access when you download a RUSVPN extension for Firefox or Chrome. You only need to enter your email address to create an account.

As of our experience with the RUSVPN extension for Chrome, you can use the servers in four locations:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • London, United Kingdom

If you want to experience the full functionality of RUSVPN, you’d be glad to know that all premium features are rolled into just one package. It comes in three billing options, which are:

  • Monthly: $8.99
  • Annual: $53.88 (or $2.25/month)
  • Triennial: $85.99 (or $1.79/month)

Students can get an extra 20% discount on the 3-year subscription. You can get your promo code through Student Beans, Youth Discount, or Descuento Estudiante. Just register on any of said platforms and verify your student status.

Once you have your promo code, you can redeem it during checkout.

You don’t have to fork over your payment right away. You can take advantage of a 7-day RUSVPN free trial. You’ll automatically get it when you create an account via the VPN’s mobile app.

All subscriptions have a 30-day money-back guarantee


You shouldn’t consume more than 500 MB worth of data by the time you request a refund.

RUSVPN Review - Verdict

RUSVPN has some definite pluses - free browser extensions, the 7-day trial, and the money-back guarantee.

It also provides all imaginable means to test out the service with no risk. The location of its headquarters is also reassuring.

But, honestly, judging by our tests and numerous RUSVPN user reviews, this is just not the top option.

We could forgive its unstable desktop app, inefficient password delivery, and four-hour email response time. But we couldn’t let the consistent leakage of our DNS queries slide. It’s a major minefield.

Nevertheless, RUSVPN has been making a ton of infrastructural progress during the pandemic. Seeing significant improvement in its performance in the near future inspires hope.

We wouldn’t discourage you from downloading the RUSVPN extension for Firefox or Chrome. It’s free anyway. But we wouldn’t vouch for it at this point in time. You can certainly find better options on the market.


What is RUSVPN?

RUSVPN is a VPN service with more than 390 servers across over 50 countries and a user base of at least 200,000. It is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Is RUSVPN safe?

Yes, this VPN has a reliable no-logs policy and uses 256-bit encryption. RUSVPN doesn’t store any payment credentials and collects only email addresses.

How do you use RUSVPN?

Once you have an account, you just have to download its app or browser extension to start hiding your IP address and DNS queries when using the internet. You can change servers in one or two clicks, so it’s painless to mask your traffic data.

But it’s hardly perfect. To learn more about it, read our in-depth RUSVPN review above.


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