SEOClerks Review

Whether you want to outsource your SEO work or seek freelance projects, SEOClerks is the place to be. This platform will help you connect with other people looking to buy, sell, or trade services. Read our SEOClerks review to learn more about it.

  • Users: 700,000+
  • Price range: $1-$999
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Deployment: Web-based
  • Mobile version: Android
  • User level system: Yes
  • Customer support: Yes
  • Third-party custody concept: Yes

works on:

Android Android
Windows Windows
Mac OS Mac OS
Linux Linux

Best For

Freelancers and companies looking for cheap services


  • Is free to join
  • You can see user levels
  • Services are available starting at $1
  • Money is held by the platform until the order is fulfilled


  • Might be slow
  • It’s hard to get consistent quality
  • Some services are not recommended
  • High-quality services may be expensive


Seller’s fee


What is SEOClerks?

SEOClerks is an online marketplace for search engine optimization and other digital marketing services. It has been around for an entire decade.

When Jordan DeLozier first registered the domain back in 2011, no similar electronic marketplaces existed. So, he decided to build one himself.

In 2012, DeLozier transferred the ownership to his Ionicware Inc. and joined the site with Word Clerks, Pixel Clerks, Code Clerks, and Listing Dock.

Fast-forward to 2018, and SEOClerks has passed the 4 million order mark and has over 700,000 registered users from across the world. Experts at Ionicware continued to add cool features and expanded beyond SEO by adding “Want to Buy” and “Want to Trade” sections.

The platform offers a safe and secure service place for work. The site keeps the money in third-party custody until the buyer receives the order.

In this SEOClerks review, we’ll look at everything this platform offers and can be used for.

SEOClerks Services and Features

You can find numerous SEO services on the platform. Here’s a list of those that made an impression:

Link Building

Everyone wants to rank well on search engines these days. That’s why the site has an entire section for link-building services.

Services available on the platform involve backlink building through blog comments, guest posts, press releases, etc.

Content Creation

Outsourcing content creation makes a lot of sense for companies looking to rank better.

We found plenty of SEOClerks ebook, article, and newsletter writing ads.

Unfortunately, many user-written SEOClerks reviews point to the same issue – most freelancers are just not that good at writing in English.


You can manage almost everything that has to do with programming remotely. SEOClerks is a great place to find quick work and affordable programming listings. Subcategories available on the platform include WordPress, HTML/CSS, PHP, and Ruby.

Judging from SEOClerks user reviews, buyers are generally happy with the programming services they’ve received. Just don’t expect too much from listings that start at $1.

Graphic Design

The platform is a great place to find all kinds of graphic design jobs or listings. We’ve seen everything from standard logos to minimalist tattoo requests.

Forum Site Posting

During our research SEOClerks, we saw numerous people looking for forum posting and users offering 100% manual service. Most sellers have domain authority in the range between 30 and 100.

Virtual assistance

Many SEOClerks customer reviews praise the platform for the virtual assistance section.

You can hire assistants for data entry and sales boosting, allowing you to focus on core operations.

Social media

Freelancers can also perform an entire range of social media services, including, but not limited to:

  • social media marketing 
  • sending traffic 
  • Facebook page management

Ease of Use and Interface

Many SEOClerks user reviews point out the smooth interface as a huge advantage.

The home page includes a list of available services that you can sort in any way you want. Each comes with a graphic that helps you determine what the listing is all about.

If you’re a freelancer, all you have to do is click on the jobs section on the home page and choose a category. There are numerous filters, so you can find what you’re looking for easily.

Buyers add services they plan to use later to their favorites list.

The platform is available for Android users as well. You can download the SEOClerks APK file from the Google Play Store and set it up on your device easily.

Reviews on the Play Store are somewhat mixed. While some love the app and find it easy to use, others are extremely disappointed by the number of ads that pop up. The platform already takes a percentage from every order, so including ads on top of it is a bit too much.

Some comments we came across claimed that the app loads slowly, but we had no such issues when running our test.

Besides the ads problem, the SEOClerks app works well. Going through the jobs and services posted is as simple as it gets.

How to Use SEOClerks

Using SEOClerks is relatively straightforward. New users won’t have trouble posting or finding jobs.

The first thing to do when signing up is to let the platform know whether you’re a buyer or a seller. The registration process takes less than a minute.

As mentioned above, you can find all services on the home page. You also have the option to switch between different categories.

Filters make it easier to connect with the right person for the job. Besides the price range and response time, you can filter services by levels.

But what are levels?

Ionicware added levels to make connecting with genuine users even easier. The SEOClerks level system rewards dedicated freelancers who provide high quality.

Levels go from 1 to 5, and the criteria include the number of orders you’ve completed, how often you log in, how long it takes you to respond, etc. Level X includes elite users – the group manually selected by the people at SEOClerks based on their performance.

In case you’re unable to locate the service you need, there’s an option to place a request. Sellers can then take a look at your ad and apply for the job if they believe they’re the right person for it.

Once you choose someone you want to work with, their job is to send you an order confirmation. The money gets transferred to them once they fulfill the order.

Whether you’re looking for paid traffic to your site or business-to-business lead generation, you’ll find listings on the marketplace.

Just remember that on all online marketplaces, you’ll always get what you pay for. If you opt for one of the SEOClerks website traffic or content creation listings for just $1, the services will probably be on the spammy end of the spectrum.

You might want to take a few extra steps before purchasing an order. We recommend double-checking the service description and asking for a sample before you order something.

If you’re a seller, the process is pretty much the same. You can either go through jobs available on the SEOClerks marketplace or set up an entirely new offer.

Let’s say you’re a freelance article writer. The first thing you have to do is a title to the offer and determine your price. Then you can set limitations and state what you will and will not write about. Lastly, you’re asked to add tags that best describe what you do and add graphics for your listing.

The more details you include when describing your service, the better. For example, content writers may include article length and keyword density when setting up their offer.

Keep in mind that SEOClerks doesn’t allow all types of content. Any services that include misleading or inaccurate content, viruses, spyware, black hat methods, etc. may end up being removed. It’s wise to check the listing guidelines page before posting an ad.

Another way to make money on SEOClerks is to join their affiliate marketing program. The program lasts forever – you earn a commission for all purchases users you’ve brought make.

SEOClerks Pricing

The next thing we’ll discuss in this SEOClerks review is pricing. The platform is affordable, and there are no fees involved for setting up an account or posting ads. 

The only thing you have to consider when using this site is the 20% seller fee. It is important when determining your price on SEOClerks. The minimum per project is $1, and the maximum goes up to $999.

As mentioned earlier, the entire idea behind the site was to make their SEOClerks Marketplace as safe and secure as possible. When a buyer orders a service, they make the payment, but the money is held by the platform until the work is accepted. Once they confirm the service has been delivered, SEOClerks transfers the money to the seller and charges a 20% commission.

Ionicware wants all users to be satisfied with the service they got. That’s why they offer refunds to all buyers who don’t receive the service they were promised.

In case this happens to you, the procedure is as follows. You first have to contact the seller and wait for their response. If they fail to do so, you ask for a refund.

Be aware that Ionicware only offers refunds in situations in which the seller fails to deliver the service as promised. 

Payment options available include:

  • PayPal
  • SEOClerks balance
  • debit cards
  • credit cards 
  • Payza
  • Bitcoin

SEOClerks Review – Verdict

SEOClerks has had a main role in the SEO world ever since they started in 2011. It has a lot to offer.

The platform is easy to use, and signing up is completely free. You can list your services starting at $1. This makes SEOClerks a good option for beginner freelancers and companies looking for cheap help. In addition, ratings make it easier to connect with genuine users.

While some services on the platform are white hat SEO, there are also those that aren’t recommended by Google. Ads that have anything to do with black hat SEO may actually hurt your search engine rankings. The platform, however, is trying to reduce the number of listings involving anything shady. They recently shut down all Facebook likes services.

Also, some sellers offer rather poor services. During the research for this SEOClerks review, we saw situations in which buyers canceled the payment after receiving their order.

With all this in mind, we recommend using SEOClerks but being extra cautious about who you work with. When you connect with the right users, it will usually result in a pleasant experience for both parties.


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