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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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If you need a fast and reliable website monitoring service, get StatusCake. It has enough features to ensure you avoid costly downtimes. Find out my experience while testing this platform in this StatusCake review.  

Free plan


Uptime monitoring

30 countries

SSL renewal alerts


Page speed monitoring

43 locations

Domain registration monitor


Third-party integrations


Alert channels

Email, SMS

Customer support

24/7, Chat


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Minimum Price Free

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Best for: Webmasters

Strengths Free lifetime plan
Strengths Easy to use dashboard
Strengths Micro-downtime monitor
Strengths Virus scanner
Weaknesses Mobile version needs improvement
Weaknesses Fewer test regions
Weaknesses Free version has limited features

Nine percent of visitors won't return to your website if they find it offline. This can result in a potential loss of 10% in future revenues. What's more, you may lose rankings in search engines if it occurs frequently. 

The good news: 

The StatusCake uptime monitoring service will track the online status of your website. If it goes down, you'll receive instant alerts to fix any outstanding issues.

The vendor has over 43 server locations globally. It also tracks web page speed, domain expiry status, SSL eligibility, etc. 

In this StatusCake review, I'll analyze the core features. I will also compare it against other alternatives like Pingdom and UptimeRobot. That way, you can choose the best solution to bid downtimes goodbye. 

But first things first.

What Is StatusCake?

StatusCake offers website monitoring tools. It was founded in 2012 by attorney turned tech enthusiast James Barnes. 

The platform offers a wide range of options to keep watch of your site. It also points out areas that need attention to improve website visibility on the web. It's ideal for webmasters, SEO marketers, and individuals.

Over 140,000 users trust using StatusCake domain monitoring platform. It has affordable pricing plans, including a free lifetime tier. You can also test-run the pro features thanks to the 7-day zero-risk trial.  

StatusCake Tools and Features

StatusCake has some neat functions

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring is StatusCake's top-selling feature. You can use it to track the online status of your website. It has servers in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America.  

The feature supports micro-downtime for checking your site every second. You can, however, configure the frequency rate between 30 seconds and 24 hours. 

Apart from that, there's an option to delay alerts when your site goes offline.

StatusCake Review uptime monitoring

Different modes are available to improve the accuracy of monitoring. HTTPS is popular for it checks your website the same way you do from a browser. But you can also experiment with HEAD, TCP, DNS, SMTP, SSHJ, and PING

On the downside, the majority of test regions are in Europe and North America. It has one country in Africa and none in South America. Hopefully, the vendor is working on it.  

Speed Monitoring

A slow-loading website is the quickest way to lose visitors. You can prevent that from happening using the StatusCake page speed index toolkit. It will help you identify and fix issues. 

StatusCake Review speed monitoring

But there are only ten test regions. Again, Europe and North America have the lion's share. Fortunately, you can order a private server from any location globally. Such a privilege, however, will cost you at least $50/month extra. 

You can use advanced options to simulate different conditions for your monitor. For example, mimic devices using 4G, 3G, EDGE, and GPRS networks. There's also a switch to choose between desktop and mobile phones. 

Domain Monitoring 

The StatusCake domain tracking tool helps you avoid losing your custom URL. It keeps watch of the expiry date to inform you before the due date. The feature sends out alerts at intervals of 30, 14, and 7 days. Additionally, you'll receive another reminder a day before expiration. 

StatusCake Review domain monitoring

Your web address can also fall into the hands of hijackers. They can use social engineering, exploits, and hacking to get hold of it. On the bright side, this vendor monitors your domain's records to notify you if anything changes.

The blacklist checker scans your URL against the eight biggest email blacklists on the web. If found, it will alert you to request removal from such databases

Server Monitoring

Your web server’s health is crucial in boosting the uptime of your website. Any traffic spikes, stuck processes, or DDoS attacks can make it fail. But you can track performance using StatusCake server monitoring to take action early. 

StatusCake Review server monitoring

The feature tracks RAM, CPU, and disk usage processes. If they exceed a certain level, you'll receive timely alerts. All you have to do is set the thresholds straight from your dashboard. 

You also need to have root access to your webserver. This is necessary to run a simple line of code that triggers the monitoring. At present, it only works on Linux-based systems

SSL Monitoring

Web browsers nowadays block visitors from accessing websites with expired SSLs. Such sites also drop in ranking. You can, however, use StatusCake SSL monitoring to stay ahead of the game.

StatusCake Review SSL monitoring

It constantly watches over your URL to send you renewal alerts. The feature offers the same options as domain tracking. For instance, you can schedule the dates to receive notifications. 

There's a scorecard that shows you the trust level of your certificate. Anything less than 90% indicates the presence of loopholes that hackers can exploit. As such, you should engage with your developer or host to optimize it. 

Virus Scanner

The virus scanner is a feature that frequently appears in StatusCake customer reviews. It scans your website for known online threats. Some of the common ones include malware, worms, spyware, trojans, etc.  

You can configure intervals to optimize the frequency of scans. The option is, however, limited to 12, 24 hours, and seven days. Furthermore, you can adjust the depth of monitoring based on the number of webpages. Setting a higher number of pages may take longer to generate reports. 


StatusCake has great reporting tools. 

You can start by using emails to share all activities. Here, there's an option to create mailing lists, set the frequency of reports, and schedule delivery dates. 

There are custom templates for delivering your messages in style. These are ideal for agencies that need to establish a reputable brand. Of course, you can use them to position yourself as a professional freelancer too. 

And another thing: 

You can use the StatusCake public reporting option to share results without limits. What's exciting is you can use a custom subdomain for easy access. Moreover, you can make logos, change background colors, add text, and more.

StatusCake Integrations

StatusCake supports numerous integrations. Below is a summary of the most popular platforms around: 

  • Microsoft Teams – Large enterprises can make good use of this one. 
  • SlackStatusCake for Slack is ideal for businesses with up to 300 employees. 
  • Discord – The majority of developers prefer this platform. 
  • Telegram – Individuals can go with Telegram. You'll find it ideal for monitoring small projects. 
  • DataDog – StatusCake DataDog integration is great for companies that monitor large-scale networks

Ease of Use and Interface

StatusCake has a simple dashboard. All tools are arranged neatly on the sidebar menu. 

StatusCake Review Ease of use and interface

Additional features are available under the expandable drop-down submenus. You'll need to click on any to discover the extra options. Likewise, you can repeat the same process to hide them from view. 

The central console is where the party takes place. It displays all the details of the activities that you're tracking. You'll also find various filters to play around with the data.


How does StatusCake Work?

First, select any StatusCake tool from the sidebar menu. Next, click on the drop-down button and choose to add a new website. You can also use other available options to fine-tune the task. Once complete, scroll to the bottom and save it. 

It may take up to five minutes for the monitor to start reporting. Some features, such as the virus scanner, may require a few hours. Other than that, you can still go back and modify the sites on your dashboard.

While at it, remember to add contact groups. This is an essential step if you wish to receive alerts. You can use email, SMS, or both. Not to forget, you can include integrations for broadcasting to your team. 


Some features on the StatusCake dashboard can be challenging to beginners

You can choose between Android and iOS apps for working on the move. Unlike the web version, their interface looks a bit clunky. You will, however, get used to it quite quickly.

Beyond that, StatusCake has a free lifetime plan with limited options. You can have a taste of the premium version by signing up for a 7-day trial. The best part is - it doesn’t require a credit card. 

So, how does this solution compare against the competition? 

StatusCake Alternatives

Here's a comparison of StatusCake and other website monitoring services.

StatusCake vs. Pingdom

Unlike StatusCake, Pingdom is quite popular. It has a free page speed test tool that you can use without registering. In return, the company uses this opportunity to upsell its monitoring services. 

Pingdom has tons of metrics for visualizing the uptime status of your website. Examples include pie charts, graphs, and different color codes for reporting. 

The StatusCake tool, however, offers more than beautiful looks. It can monitor the status of your domain, SSL, and even perform virus checks. The platform also has robust reporting tools for agencies. 

Pingdom takes the crown when it comes to server coverage. You can use it to run tests from over 100 regions across the globe. In comparison, its peer has a network of around 40 locations. 

Overall, StatusCake is slightly more expensive. On the bright side, it has a lifetime free plan with a handful of features. 

StatusCake vs. UptimeRobot

A majority of customers recommend UptimeRobot on StatusCake reviews as a great alternative. The solution monitors uptime, SSL expiration, and ping. It can also check keywords and your server's open ports.

UptimeRobot's web dashboard, however, is an eyesore. You'll break a sweat before configuring the tracking tools. 

One thing I'm sure about is you'll fall in love with its mobile application. It has beautiful animations for showcasing your website's status. And unlike its desktop version, you'll find it easy to set up projects. 

In comparison, the StatusCake smartphone app is pretty challenging to use. But the computer version is superb. You can deploy tasks, monitor, and track performance with ease. 

Both solutions offer a wide range of integrations. The popular ones include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and Telegram. But you can also turn to SMS notifications.  

UptimeRobot's free plan is, however, the tiebreaker. You can configure up to 50 monitors for ping and uptime. On the other hand, its peer only allows a maximum of ten. 

Again, the StatusCake premium plans cost higher than what UptimeRobot offers. On the flip side, you get more features. 

StatusCake Customer Support

StatusCake has a support team that provides help 24/7. You can reach them via email or chat, for a speedy response. They're welcoming, engaging, and will fix any issues that you raise. 

There's a knowledge base where you can seek quick answers. It has many articles that are easy to understand. But quite a number need images and screenshots to boost readability. Hopefully, we’ll see them soon.  

StatusCake Pricing

StatusCake pricing plans are as follows: 

Free plan


You can set up up to 10 monitors. 



The plan can track a maximum of 100 domains. It also comes with one-minute alert intervals. 



StatusCake business supports monitoring for 120 web addresses.


Custom Pricing

You can use this option to build a plan with scalable resources. 

Note that this vendor doesn't have a refund policy. But you can use the free plan and upgrade when necessary.

StatusCake Review – Verdict

There's no doubt that StatusCake is a great monitoring tool. It's ideal for tracking the expiration of your SSL and domain. In doing so, you can avoid service interruptions by renewing them early. 

This solution can also keep track of your server's performance. It checks for resource usage and alerts you in case of overloading. That way, you can take control before the worst happens. 

And as you've read in this StatusCake review, it supports multi-channels for sending notifications. 

You can test the waters by signing up for a free plan. StatusCake also offers a 7-days trial to explore the premium features. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Daniel Wabuge

Daniel Wabuge

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