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Chioma Ugwu
Chioma Ugwu

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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If you’ve been searching for a quick and cost-effective method of producing unique content, look no further than The Best Spinner. We tested the software’s features, interface, pricing, and how to spin an article for this The Best Spinner review.

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Best for: Rewriting existing content to produce new, unique, and plagiarism-free articles.

Strengths Simple user interface
Strengths Produces plagiarism-free content
Strengths Spin entire sentences and paragraphs
Strengths In-built thesaurus and grammar checker
Weaknesses No mobile app
Weaknesses Text may not be readable
Weaknesses Requires separate Copyscape account

What Is The Best Spinner?

Continually coming up with original content can be time-, cost-, and energy-consuming. An alternative is spinning existing content to generate new and distinct texts, and The Best Spinner (TBS) is a great tool to help you.

TBS is an article spinner software that allows you to produce hundreds of uniquely spun articles from a single piece of content. It comes with an impressive set of features, including a built-in grammar checker, automatic translation, and a comparison matrix to ensure you produce plagiarism-free and readable texts.


Some key features of The Best Spinner include:

Built-In English Thesaurus

One of the most appreciated features of this article spinner is the built-in English thesaurus. If you’re looking to produce uniquely spun articles, the thesaurus provides you with creative word substitutions.

This tool is the largest user-built, cloud-based English thesaurus on the internet. It contains millions of user entries and is updated continuously. This feature also automatically works like a spelling and grammar checker.


The spinner software allows you to extend your audience by creating articles in various languages. You can create an automatic translation of your English articles to 14 other languages. The Best Spinner also enables you to convert your articles into audio. 

Unlimited Spinning

The Best Spinner offers two spinning options: automatic nested spinning and manual spinning. Both choices give you unlimited spins.

Nested spinning produces unique articles but can become a complicated and time-consuming process. This content spinner makes the process entirely automatic and creates different variations of sentences and paragraphs.

If you want complete control over the process, you can spin your articles manually. It’s also possible to alternate between automatic and manual spinning to avoid unreadable sentences from forming.

Uniqueness Comparison Matrix

One of the features we wanted to highlight in this The Best Spinner review is the uniqueness comparison matrix. It shows you how unique each spun article variation is compared to the original content and other variations.

In addition to the uniqueness comparison matrix, The Best Spinner also lets you run your articles through Copyscape to determine how unique they are to avoid accidental plagiarism. However, you need a Copyscape account to do so.

Protected Terms

When spinning articles automatically, you may want to keep some words just as they are. These words can be the names of products or keywords that help with search engine optimization.

When using The Best Spinner software, you can add those words to ‘protected terms.’ No matter how many times an article is spun or how many variations are produced, these words will remain the same.

Blog Publishing

The online text spinner can publish spun articles directly to your blog. Even if you have multiple websites, you can select the blog and category with a few clicks. Many users have spoken positively about this feature in their The Best Spinner reviews, and we can see why.

How to Spin an Article With The Best Spinner

As mentioned previously, The Best Spinner offers automatic spinning and manual spinning.

If you want to spin your articles automatically on this platform, all you need to do is copy and paste the original content onto the software’s interface. Once you’ve done this, the program automatically rewrites or ‘spins’ the content for you.

It is important to note that you may not get the best quality rewrites with automatic spinning. As they may not be perfectly readable, you probably have to make some edits. But that’s where manual spinning comes in.

This content spinner allows you to alternate between automatic spinning and manual spinning seamlessly. When manually spinning your articles, you can automatically spin the piece and make changes by highlighting words and phrases you want to rewrite. 

Alternatively, you can rewrite sentences and paragraphs from scratch. While doing so, it’s possible to use the uniqueness comparison matrix to compare your re-written text’s uniqueness with the original content.

Ease of Use and Interface

The TBS platform is very user-friendly, and spinning content using the software is straightforward. Reading through other The Best Spinner reviews shows us that many other users agree.

The program’s interface is divided into two horizontal sections. The upper section is where you paste the original content. The bottom half is where you input new sentences or paragraphs and find synonyms.

When you open an article in The Best Spinner, it automatically finds all the words and phrases with available synonyms and highlights them for you. Clicking on the highlights gives you the option to choose the best alternative.

You can also manually rewrite sentences or paragraphs at the bottom half of the screen. The spinning software randomly selects one version to include in the output copy.

The Best Spinner is a valuable tool for your content marketing strategy and can improve your ranking on Google. Advanced article spinning can get technical when using the program, and there is a learning curve. But luckily, this spin writer comes with some helpful training materials to guide you.

The Best Spinner Pricing

The Best Spinner offers three pricing plans, and all plans come with two bonuses:

  • Over 1,000 high-quality reusable images in high-resolution formats to go with spun articles.
  • A collection of 10 super-spun articles (worth $1,500). These high-quality articles have been spun 25 times, and you can use them to produce thousands of new pieces. The collection includes popular topics such as travel, weight loss, personal finance, internet marketing, and home improvement.

The pricing plans of this article spinner are:



Full access to The Best Spinner 4, 30 monthly credits for audio conversion and translation, MAC/PC/tablet compatible, access to full seed content database, and both bonuses.



Everything in the Basic Plan, but with 60 credits for audio conversion and translation.



Everything in the Basic Plan, but with 300 credits for audio conversion and translation. 

The Best Spinner doesn’t have a free trial, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Best Spinner Review - Verdict

The Best Spinner is easily one of the best article spinner software on the market. This program is effective when it comes to spinning text, and it features a host of intelligent tools that make the process much more manageable.

Its built-in thesaurus and grammar checker allow you to produce unique content that is also grammatically correct. On top of that, the automatic translation feature gives you the freedom to easily publish your content in different languages.

Unlimited spinning means you can rewrite as many articles as you please, and blog publishing allows you to publish your spun content directly to your blog’s web page.

As great as this spin writer is, some areas need improvement. Our The Best Spinner review wouldn’t be complete without pointing out that the automatic spinning feature regularly produces text that is hard to read. To resolve the readability issue of the automatic spinning, you need to correct the mistakes manually.

Another issue with this program is that it is not available as a mobile application

But the tool does a good job at what it’s supposed to do, and for the affordable price, it’s worth trying for yourself.


Chioma Ugwu

Chioma Ugwu

While obtaining her master’s in marketing, Chioma discovered her passion for writing and storytelling. She found a way to combine both and now dedicates her time to telling compelling brand stories. She’s also a tech enthusiast, bravely navigating through new products and exciting releases.

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