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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Nov 27, 2022

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Thrive Suite is a top-notch WordPress productivity tool set. It offers quizzes, plugins, and lead generation solutions. And that theme builder! Read our Thrive Themes review - we’ll discuss the builder and the rest of the goodies in the Thrive suite.

Thrive theme builder


A/B testing support


Opt-in forms


Countdown timer


Easy quiz builder


Custom widgets


Support for testimonials


Powerful comment system



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Minimum Price $19.00/Month

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Best for: Marketers

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths 270+ professional templates
Strengths Supports third-party integrations
Weaknesses Supports WordPress CMS only
Weaknesses Bloats the website’s code
Weaknesses Focus on affiliate websites

Nowadays, building a site simple thanks to WordPress. It’s one of the most popular content management systems (CMSs) in the market. As of today, it powers over 30% of all websites across the internet. 

When using such a popular service, it might be hard to stand out.

Not with Thrive Suite. 

It offers a wide variety of tools to make your site shine. Top of that list is a collection of 270+ professional themes. The people behind it promise excellent designs for a lag-free experience. 

Another thing it offers is tons of plugins for adding extra functionalities. You can use them alongside widgets to boost visitor engagement. 

Thrive Suite user reviews praise the builder. It supports drag-and-drop, which most beginners will appreciate. You can pick any template and customize it to your liking. 

In this Thrive Suite review, I will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


Let’s go. 

What Is Thrive Suite?

Thrive Suite is an all-around developer of WordPress tools. It was founded in 2013 by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy. The duo began by developing a WYSIWYG editor for the platform. They later expanded their product portfolio to include themes, which gained them a massive following.  

At present, the company provides a wide range of marketing solutions. You get templates, plugins, and widgets for converting visitors to leads. All of them are easy to use and feature high-quality designs. 

A good example is the Thrive Quiz builder. It lets you create exciting questions to engage the visitors. 

The Apprentice is also worth mentioning. It helps build a website for selling courses. When it comes to the launch of products, you can use the Ultimatum. It comes with a countdown timer for creating kick-ass campaigns. Of course, you can convert customer comments into testimonials using Ovation.  

You can enjoy all that and more with a Thrive Suite membership plan. The cost starts at an affordable price of $19.00/month

On the downside, there are no lifetime plans from this vendor. It additionally doesn’t have a free version. 

Let’s see if the features are worth paying for.

Thrive Themes Products

The suite offers the following products

Thrive Theme Builder

Thanks to Thrive builder, creating websites now takes minutes. The new WYSIWYG editor supports drag-and-drop functions.

That feature shares striking similarities with Elementor. It has an easy-to-reach menu bar. You can use content blocks for adding elements to pages - images, text, videos, and so on.    

Thrive Themes has 270+ pre-built templates. You can customize all of them. The widgets will help you add extra items to your pages, including trending posts, comments, or even products. 

But that’s not all. 

Building a template from scratch is as easy as it gets. Thrive page builder offers dynamic blocks that make it possible. You can use them to customize headers, footers, posts, categories, etc. It also allows you to add a 404 page.

All the web pages that you create will be mobile responsive. You can confirm this by using the preview button. The switch lets you toggle between PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It gives room to optimize the look and feel across different devices. 

Thrive Architect

Thrive Themes Architect is a powerful visual editor for WordPress. Unlike the builder, it comes with intuitive features for marketers. The majority are widgets meant to convert visitors to leads. Think opt-in forms, pop-ups, and testimonials. 

The plugin comes with various blocks for adding elements to your pages. All you have to do is drag any into the canvas to create content.

You can get 40+ Thrive Architect templates for free. You can use them as a starting point to create converting landing pages. These are useful in collecting leads for aggressive marketing. 

Another thing that you’ll love is the design freedom it provides. It offers multiple tools for creating outstanding layouts. You’ll find it easy to customize fonts, background styles, and theme colors. 

The revision manager is the cherry on top. It tracks every edit that you make. Should you make a mistake, you can undo the action. 

The Thrive Architect plugin is a haven for developers as well. It lets you add custom CSS and HTML scripts to web pages. While that sounds great, the configuration process is complex. It requires you to dig into hidden menus to do it correctly. 

Other than that, you can integrate Thrive’s other modules easily. A good example is Optimize for A/B split testing. The tool helps run different variations of the same campaign. From here, you can retain the one that’s generating the most conversions. 

Thrive Leads

Mailing lists are a great way to build a list of potential clients. You can use it to promote engagement with your audience effortlessly. Finding followers, however, is challenging. 

Thrive has got your back, though.

With the Thrive Leads plugin, all it takes is a few clicks. It helps create high-quality opt-in forms. These come in a wide variety of types to skyrocket your marketing. Furthermore, you can break them into multiple pages for easy navigation. 

You can include triggers to control the display of a form. For example, you can configure it to show up seconds after the page loads. Another good alternative is using a call to action (CTA). Think elements that pop up when clicked - buttons, links, and mouseovers.  

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Suite quiz builder is an excellent alternative for generating high-quality leads. You can use it to publish questionnaires, surveys, and quizzes. You’ll also find it handy for viral marketing. All you need to do is create shareable content for social media. 

There are no limits to the number of questions that you can add. But it’s always a good practice to break long forms into multiple pages. Your visitors will find it easy to navigate. 

The feature is ideal for filtering your clients into different categories. To do this, you’ll need to use survey-type questions. It will help you understand your audience better. You can move on from here to optimize your campaigns accordingly. 

And there’s more! 

Thrive quiz builder comes with powerful analytics for tracking performance. You can view all the conversions in real-time. These include the number of completed questions and abandoned ones. With such insights, you’ll get clues which areas require improvement. 

Social shares tracking helps you keep count of the number of times visitors share your quizzes. Best of all – it categories traffic sources to match the origin. You can view users coming from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

Thrive Ultimatum

Flash sales are common when holidays are around the corner. Marketers use such strategies to hype products. It creates scarcity that draws demand from the customers. 

You can easily create one by using Thrive Ultimatum.   

Here’s how: 

The toolkit offers beautiful templates for use. Each comes with a countdown timer. You can schedule a product launch based on availability. Likewise, you can set an expiry date for a campaign. 

It would be great for the developers to add quantity options as well. On the upside, it’s built-in with powerful analytics for monitoring conversions. 

Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize is great for optimizing marketing activities.

The plugin supports A/B split testing. It comes in handy for experimenting with different layouts. One page can have pop-ups while the other opt-in forms. The same equally applies to media. For example, you can experiment with images, sliders, and videos. 

Thrive Suit user reviews also praise its quality of reporting. It displays the performance metrics of all the tests. The outcome of the results can help you tweak the campaigns further. Another alternative is by opting for the one with higher conversions. 

On the negative side, it requires the Architect plugin to work. That said, there’s no cause for alarm. You can streamline your code by using cache plugins. 

Thrive Comments

The Thrive Themes WordPress comment system is one of the best on the market. It's incredibly intuitive.

The plugin comes with lots of features for boosting user engagement, like the voting widget. Visitors can use it to upvote exciting opinions or give negative feedback. 

Thrive Comments also has a great admin dashboard. It makes approving, editing, and deleting inappropriate comments super simple. The best part – you can fire up any moderation tool using keyboard shortcuts. It supports a handful of essential functions only, though. 

The search is another function that I did test for this Thrive Suite review. You can use it to filter feedback via post titles. Likewise, it supports AJAX that shows post previews when searching for content.  

Sadly, it offers fewer customization options. You can, however, use the WordPress CSS editor to tweak the layout. But that’s not for beginners.

Thrive Apprentice

You can use Thrive Apprentice to sell courses online. It lets you create platforms such as Udemy, Kajabi, and Coursera. And you don’t have to worry about coding. Just use its visual editor to customize classrooms. 

The plugin comes with a robust learning management system (LMS). You’ll find it helpful in customizing content for students. For example, you can arrange classes into lessons, chapters, and modules. There’s also a slot for adding class descriptions.

The Thrive Themes Apprentice plugin offers lesson tracking as well. It helps monitor the progress of every learner. Likewise, the students can also use it to track their studies. It will guide them throughout the course. Easy-peasy. 

On the downside, thе toolkit doesn’t have a payment processor. You’ll need additional plugins to receive payments. 

We have a solution:

ThriveCart is ready at your disposal. It supports PayPal and Stripe for easy checkout. 

While that sounds good, the solution costs extra. The prices start from $495 for a lifetime license. That’s because a different company owns it. They only happen to share a common name.      

You can choose an affordable alternative, like WooCommerce that comes for free. Though its features are essential, it does a good job. Another option is by using SendOwl. It’s low-cost and matches ThriveCart’s quality. The pricing ranges from $9/month to $79/month

So far, so good. 

Thrive Ovation

Ovation lets you publish customer reviews on your website. Such a feature serves a significant role in boosting your site’s trust. That way potential customers can convert to loyal clients. 

The tool works on autopilot. It scans your site for any visitor comments. From here, it will transform the ones that it finds into testimonials. Furthermore, it can import mentions of your brand from Twitter. 

You can have great control by using the Thrive Themes form builder. It gives you the freedom of customizing feedback forms to your liking. You can include questions for generating the desired reviews.

What about privacy?  

Ovation by Thrive Themes is GDPR compliant. That means your visitors have an upper edge over their data. You’ll have to seek consent before using their comments. You can do this by sending out emails to request permission. 


Thrive Suite has many products that will wow you:

  • Thrive Headline Optimizer: You can use this plugin to create attention-grabbing headlines. It auto-generates different variations of your titles. The best part – it displays all of them to your visitors. This way, you can retain the one with the highest conversions. 
  • Thrive Clever Widgets: This toolkit helps you display valuable links on your blog. Some examples include trending posts, categories, tags, and so forth.  
  • Table of Contents: You can add quick navigation links on pages using this option. The tool is available for free in the Thrive Architect plugin
  • Autoresponders: Autoresponders provide a great way to thank your visitors. You can configure them on any forms on your site. It sends follow-up emails to users that opt-in for offers. 

Thrive Suite Customer Support

Thrive Suite provides support via tickets and email. You can create a ticket straight from your customer dashboard. Just know that you’ll need to wait for a response. The turnaround time ranges anywhere from 12 to 48 hours.  

The staff is good but not anywhere near perfect. You’ll find agents a bit sluggish. For the most part, they’ll refer you to the company’s knowledge base. You better start from there to save time. You’ll find hundreds of valuable articles for resolving common issues. 

Thrive Suite Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of Thrive Suite: 

Easy to use – Pro

Thrive Suite’s tools are very easy to use. Most of them come with pre-built templates. You will be able to power your projects fast. 

The drag-and-drop editor is available on the Thrive Themes content builder and Architect plugins. Both are built to impress. They provide blocks that help design custom web pages. As earlier mentioned, you can use them to add images, videos, text, and more. 

But that’s not all! 

Advanced users can make good use of the styling options. They can customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and a lot more. That’s on top of adding buttons, animations, and mouseover effects. 

Not to forget, you can use custom scripts. Thrive Theme for WordPress currently supports third-party CSS and HTML codes. It will be great to see the developers add support for JavaScript. 

Wide product portfolio – Pro

Thrive Suite is a one-stop shop for WordPress tools. It has a broad product portfolio that covers almost everything on that platform. For a start, it offers templates for building websites fast. You can customize each one of them using the WYSIWYG editor. 

Aside from that, Thrive Architect adds more pomp and color to your site. These include modifying headers, footers, and content pages.

There are tons of productivity plugins as well. For example, you can use the Thrive Leads plugin for marketing purposes. It helps create opt-in forms for building email lists. These work great, especially when it comes to running campaigns. All you have to do is send emails to your loyal followers. 

The Ultimatum is another user-favorite, judging by Thrive Suite reviews. You can use it to create scarcity of your products. In return, it will draw more customers before an offer runs out. Another item that goes well with it is Ovation. It helps convert customer comments into reviews on autopilot. 

Mobile responsive products – Pro

Over half of all internet traffic comes from mobile phones. So, user experience (UX) matters the most. 

Here’s why. 

A bad UX is terrible causes at least 88% of customers to abandon websites. And if no sales are coming in, you’re bound to close shop. It’s that simple!

But worry not. 

All of Thrive Suite products are mobile responsive. You can additionally hide select widgets from view in specific devices. That’s a plus for creating lightweight web pages. 

Supports third-party integrations – Pro 

Thrive Products integrate flawlessly with other plugins. That’s unlike other solutions that cause endless conflicts to arise. Read the company’s list of recommendations carefully. 

SEO optimization solutions feature the most in that list. Popular ones include Yoast, SEO Press, Rank Math. You can use any of these tools to boost your ranking on Google. Some can even assist you in auditing your website. They can check for broken links, page loading speed, SSL issues, etc. 

As mentioned before, you’ll also need third-party integrations for ecommerce. You can use WooCommerce to power your Thrive Suite shopping cart. It offers essential functions for small online shops only, however. You’ll need robust alternatives such as ThriveCart and SendOwl for busy sites.  

You’ll also find cache plugins to speed up your site. These include W3 Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache. The apps do a solid job of compressing your website’s elements. As a result, your visitors are going to enjoy a smooth browsing experience.    

Supports WordPress only – Con

Thrive has a broad ecosystem of tools to make you succeed online. While that sounds great, you can use them on WordPress-hosted sites only. 

On the bright side, it provides easy migration tools to WordPress. You can use any of Thrive Architect themes to clone your site. The plugin can modify any element of your website. These include customizations for headers, footers, and post content. 

Sounds good, right? 

Bloats website code – Con

There’s no doubt that Thrive Suite’s products are top-class. The only problem is most of them rely on others to function. For example, the Thrive content builder plugin is the only standalone one. You’ll need the Architect toolkit to use with the rest. 

Such a limitation increases the risk of bloating your website with unwanted scripts. All that goes towards increasing your site’s overall weight. The outcome of it is a terrible experience for your audience. 

You can avoid all that by using cache plugins. These can help to streamline your website’s code. Content delivery networks (CDNs) are also a great alternative. They accelerate page loading by caching content closer to your visitors. 

Focus on affiliate websites – Con

The Thrive website productivity tools focus widely on marketing. Most, if not all, are designed to upsell products. That’s good for doing business – no complaints. You’ll, however, feel the heat when it comes to blogging. 

Here’s why: 

It requires a lot of work to design content posts. You’ll have to customize pages to make them suitable for articles. A multisite setup can help you avoid thе hassle. You can use this technique to create multiple installations on the same domain.

One can be for marketing purposes using the Thrive plugins suite. Likewise, you can use the second site to publish articles. Of course, you can run different templates on both sites. The best thing is WordPress offers 8,000+ themes for free. And you won’t balloon your budget by going this direction. 

Steep learning curve – Con 

You will get access to a lot of Thrive Suite tools for websites. They are quite a number, as you can see above. Learning the ropes might take a while.

Thankfully, the company has a detailed knowledge base. It contains hundreds of articles that cover every aspect of its products. Each of them has images for proper guidance. You can additionally check out the company's YouTube channel with tons of videos. 

Thrive Suite vs Leadpages

Leadpages is a good alternative to Thrive Suite. It offers a wide variety of marketing tools and definitely shines when it comes to generating leads. It provides well-designed themes for that purpose. 

As for variety, Leadpages lags behind its competitor. It has around ten customizable themes for use. That’s unlike Thrive Suite and its 270+ landing page templates. But Leadpages’ WYSIWYG editor is more robust.

Leadpages is also easier to use. Its builder provides every tool that you need in one place. Some examples include content blocks, forms, widgets, etc. 


Thrive Suite has products that Leadpages lacks. It offers quizzes, scarcity marketing, and an in-built autoresponder. Likewise, it has a tool for converting comments to testimonials. 

And then there’s the price. Thrive Suite’s membership plans start from $19/month to access all tools. In comparison, Leadpages will set you back at least $27/month. And that’s just for a handful of features. It, however, comes with unlimited hosting for free. 

Thrive Suite vs Elementor

Elementor is Thrive Suite’s best alternative. 

Their web builders are the most noticeable similarity. Other than the branding, it’s almost impossible to differentiate between the two. 

The Thrive Themes Architect plugin has the same layout as Elementor. It also has a similar-style design. The content blocks, widgets, and canvas editor look alike as well. In other words, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.


Elementor stands out in terms of ease of use. It comes with all the tools you need to design webpages. You also get third-party add-ons from independent developers, the majority of which are free.

On the other hand, Thrive builder has powerful analytics tools for tracking the performance of campaigns. Another signature feature is the A/B split testing functions. It helps with optimizing your marketing activities. 

As for cost, you can get started with Elementor for free. The company also offers a premium version that starts from $49/year. The only way to use Thrive, however, is by subscribing. You’ll have to pay at least $19/month to enjoy its products. 

Thrive Suite Pricing

Thrive Suite has two pricing options: 

Thrive Suite Yearly


It provides access to all the membership tools. These include themes, plugins, and the drag-and-drop builder. You can also use these toolkits on up to 25 websites. 

Thrive Suite Quarterly


You get all features that are available in the yearly plans. 

Thrive Suite doesn’t have a free trial. Despite that, it has a 30 days money-back guarantee. You can take advantage of it to test the products with confidence. If it fails to impress, do feel free to request a refund. 

Thrive Suite Review - Verdict

Thrive Suite is an incredible productivity suite for WordPress. It offers tons of toolkits for creating high-converting landing pages. You also get an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, which you can read about in the Thrive Themes Builder review above.

But that’s hardly all.

Thrive suite also has a quiz builder - great for collecting leads!

The Thrive comments system provides incredible features that encourage the visitors to engage. You additionally get a powerful dashboard for moderating feedback. 

Of course, some areas need improvement. The company should consider combining all its plugins into a single product. It would definitely make the tool easier to use.

Give Thrive Suite a spin now! It has a 30-day money-back guarantee - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Is Thrive Themes good?

Definitely. You get themes, plugins, and custom widgets. The company also offers a great drag-and-drop builder. You can use it to create striking website designs. 

Additionally, the tool comes with powerful tools for collecting leads. Some of them include opt-in forms, quiz builders, and landing pages.

How much is Thrive Themes?

The Thrive pricing plans are as follows: 

  • Thrive Suite Yearly – $19/Month. It provides access to all the membership tools. These include themes, plugins, and the drag-and-drop builder. You can also use these toolkits on up to 25 websites. 
  • Thrive Suite Quarterly – $30/Month. You get all features that are available in the yearly plans.

Does Thrive Themes integrate with Stripe?

Yes, it does. You can integrate Stripe with the Thrive Suite using third-party plugins. The first one is WooCommerce that’s available for free on WordPress. It offers an excellent start for users that need a low-cost solution. Other premium alternatives include SendOwl and ThriveCart. These provide great features at an extra cost.

Does Thrive Themes have a shopping cart?

No, it doesn’t. You need a third-party plugin to integrate a shopping cart to your Thrive Suite’ website. The recommended ones include WooCommerce, ThriveCart, and SendOwl. 

Is Thrive Cart part of Thrive Themes?

No, it’s not. Despite sharing a common name, both belong to different companies. ThriveCart is a plugin for processing payments on WordPress. Thrive Themes is a part of a productivity suite. We talk about Thrive Themes in the review above.


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