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We found out about TruthFinder from reviews and it immediately caught our attention. We read about the good and the bad and we decided to test it for ourselves. We tested everything, contacted the support team, and paid special attention to the pricing, to give you the best TruthFinder review! 

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Best for: Advanced background checks for personal use

Strengths Informative results
Strengths Affordable unlimited background checks
Strengths Accurate public records
Strengths Downloadable reports
Weaknesses Non-negotiable monthly subscriptions
Weaknesses No free or paid membership trials
Weaknesses Limited customer support options

TruthFinder LLC may be a sister brand of Intelius, US Search, and Instant Checkmate, but we found the TruthFinder website and app to be unmistakably unique. There were a lot of things we liked and there were some that were questionable. Here’s our TruthFinder review:

Legal Disclaimer – TruthFinder is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.

TruthFinder Features

A service is as good as its features are. Let’s see what TruthFinder has to offer:

Transparent Content

If there’s one trait we extremely admire about TruthFinder, it’s honesty.

Many online background check providers are notorious for ambiguous content and sneaky pricing structures. Not this one.

The TruthFinder website and app don’t only discuss the nuts and bolts of the platform. They also help guest users and members see the lines they shouldn’t cross by explaining the common misuses of its service like employee and tenant screening or credit verification.

Reverse Address Lookup

This tool allows you to pull a detailed report about a person whose name you don’t know. You may even learn about the people who have lived in a physical address.

Reverse Phone Lookup

With the reverse phone lookup service, you can identify the people behind unknown numbers. The platform’s people directories can also help you name deleted contacts, minus the awkwardness of asking who they are.

Reverse Email Lookup

Have messages from unknown emails in your inbox? TruthFinder will let you know who sent them.

Substantial Report Content

TruthFinder might not have access to a rich pool of public records as other personal background check companies, but its reports don’t disappoint.

When testing for this TruthFinder review, we were amazed by their depth and extensiveness

However,  users mention in their TruthFinder reviews that they find the excessiveness of data annoying. To compensate for the lack of targeted TruthFinder background check, the platform floods reports with personal information. We’d love to see the site offer selective background checks and abridged downloadable reports.

Family Tree Builder

TruthFinder might be the only one in our list of top background check companies with its own family tree software. Producing a share-worthy genealogical diagram, this tool creates a visual representation of your family’s lineage.

Unlike other family tree markers, does the heavy lifting for you. Once you choose your report, it will automatically create a selection of possible relatives based on the public records in its databases. As a result, adding each suggestion to your family tree is a breeze.

TruthFinder won’t ask you to sign up for a membership, share an email, or enter your credit card information at any point in the process. So, you could get started as a guest.

The sole requirement is that you’ll have to pull your own report first. The platform may return more than one result, so you’ll have to select the one that matches best your personal details.

Dark Web Monitoring

If you sign up for a membership, TruthFinder will keep tabs on your information on the dark web at no extra cost. The company has partnered with Experian, which puts it on top of other background check companies.

Dubbed as personalized cyber risk intelligence, this service enables you to receive a notification whenever TruthFinder detects the presence of your personal information on the dark web.

TruthFinder LLC will alert you in case of a leak of your Social Security number, contact details, email addresses, social network accounts, your driver’s license, as well as other public records.

How good is TruthFinder at this? The company regularly does a sweep of the dark web, analyzing thousands of data points. This way, it is able to spot alarming traces of your identity on web servers, forums, chatrooms, bulletin boards, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, and social media feeds as well as other dark places and activities on the internet. According to us and most TruthFinder reviews, it does a good job.


Infomania is an ever-growing library of interesting content created to throw light on topics related to public information and background checking. It has also been featured in numerous high-profile publications, including Business Insider, The New York Post, Daily Mail, Vulture, CNet, and, The Huffington Post.

Infomania will help you get the most out of TruthFinder. It has tips on how to get a legitimate background check and find people’s background information, which can guide you when using the platform.

California Consumer Privacy Act Opt-Out Option

TruthFinder respects the right of all Californians to prevent any business from selling their personal data. That’s why the company lets any Golden State residents remove their reports from the site’s databases.

Opting out prevents others from finding you on only. It can’t stop people from searching your details on other platforms, nor can the company erase your personal information from arrest records and other publicly available documents.

Member Care

TruthFinder’s member care department handles all user concerns through its toll-free hotline, (800) 699-8081 from 7 AM to 7 PM PST, Monday through Friday. If you need to get in touch with TruthFinder after office hours (which may vary during holidays), you can email them at [email protected].

The lack of 24/7 support is something frequently discussed in TruthFinder reviews. It’s definitely not one of the platform’s winning points.

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Despite being accredited in mid-2018 only, TruthFinder has managed to earn the respect of the BBB. Although its customers give the company no more than two stars on average, its A+ rating is what matters. It’s the reflection of the BBB’s view of how TruthFinder does business in general.

A single TruthFinder review couldn’t capture the platform’s trustworthiness. But the BBB rating is a time-honored measure of integrity - it takes marketing transparency, legal compliance, and dispute resolution into account.

How Does TruthFinder Work?

When you perform a TruthFinder search, you’ll be able to see results containing the basic information about your subject quickly. You’ll have to subscribe to a membership plan only if you wish to see a person’s report. Also, a paywall isn’t a roadblock to viewing the results of its basic searches.

TruthFinder is great for:

  • Locating family members: Are you trying to track down a long lost relative? Do you wish to contact your unreachable siblings? will help. You can search by name, place of residence, phone number, or email address. With this many lookup options, you’ll be able to find practically anyone.
  • Finding long-lost friends: The platform can help you rebuild bridges between you and friends you’ve lost contact with. It’s also helpful when organizing class reunions.
  • Getting info about potential dates: Let’s be honest, we all like to have some background information about a romantic prospect. You don’t want to discover a horrendous history of criminality too late, so put the platform to work.
  • Running a background check on a new roommate: It’s only sensible to dig up everything you could about a stranger if you’re going to live with them. Using TruthFinder gives you access to public arrest records, sex offender registries, weapons permits, and more.
  • Running a background check on yourself: TruthFinder can help paint you a picture of your digital footprint on the internet, giving you a clue about what others might see when they pull your report through the platform. Aside from publicly available records, TruthFinder is powerful enough to find forgotten personal blogs and old social media and dating accounts.
  • Vetting online sellers and buyers: TruthFinder is an excellent engine of ID verification. Whether you’re selling merchandise on an ecommerce site or buying something privately, the platform can help you protect yourself from scams and other crimes.

Ease of Use

Performing an online background check is extremely easy. Just fill in the information you have in the designated fields.

The TruthFinder search bar will practically follow you wherever you go on the site, so you could conduct a lookup on the spot.

The TruthFinder website is mobile-responsive. This means user experience won’t suffer if you decide to perform a search while away from your computer.

If your search subject proves to be elusive due to the platform’s limitations, you could conveniently consult Infomania to learn a good strategy to ultimately find the right report.

We didn’t have any difficulties with the site when we did the testing for this TruthFinder review. 

TruthFinder Pricing

TruthFinder has a freemium pricing model. If you want access to premium data, here are the company’s plans:

  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup Membership - $4.99/month (includes unlimited searches but not unlimited background checks)
  • 1-Month Membership - $27.78/month (includes unlimited background checks)
  • 2-Month Membership - $23.02/month (includes unlimited background checks)

If you wish to have your own copy of the report in PDF, you’ll have to pay an extra $2. Considering TruthFinder’s accuracy, it is worth every penny.

TruthFinder Review - Verdict

So, is TruthFinder worth it?

Almost instant detailed reports at affordable prices make it the best option for doing background checks and features like the family tree option puts it in the number one spot in our comparison of people search sites.

If you’re looking for detailed reports and accurate personal information, and don’t mind not getting 24/7 live customer support, TruthFinder is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is legit?

Yes, it is, and all TruthFinder reviews implying that it’s a scam are either exaggerating or not being completely objective. The company is fallible; it could fail to include a criminal record in the report every now and then. But it makes every effort to keep its members informed for better decision-making.

Is it legal to use TruthFinder?

Yes, using Truthfinder is legal if you want to dig up other people’s public records. However, the information from the site can’t be used for employment, credit, tenant screening, or related purposes.

Is TruthFinder free?

The company offers basic people searches at no cost and without any catch. You can get names, ages, locations, and possible associates. 

TruthFinder LLC won’t tease you. It won’t let you look somebody up only to hit a paywall before you could view the results. The company’s freebies are not a bait.

How far does TruthFinder go back?

We couldn’t verify the oldest public records the company could access. But we have a clue about the depth of its databases.

TruthFinder could source hundreds of millions of available county, state, federal, and court records. It also scans the darkest corners of the internet.

Is TruthFinder accurate?

TruthFinder may have less than a billion publicly available records within its reach, but it makes up in quality for what it lacks in quantity.

So, how accurate is TruthFinder? There was no incidence of inconsistency or incorrectness in our tests. Other TruthFinder reviews also show that users are satisfied with the service.

Can someone tell if you looked them up on TruthFinder?

No, the company won’t notify your search subjects about your lookups. You could use the platform with absolute anonymity. However, this also means that you wouldn’t know when a person runs a TruthFinder background check on you.


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