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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Jan 30, 2023

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If you’re looking to boost your site’s search engine ranking, why not try URL Profiler. It’s a powerful solution for performing SEO audits to help your website rank higher. Check out our opinions about the tool in this URL Profiler review.

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Weaknesses Lacks dedicated mobile apps
Weaknesses Tiresome to use spreadsheets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) accounts for over 70% of website visitors who come through search engines. SEO can save tons of money that would otherwise go towards digital advertising, but it requires a lot of work. It’s not only tiresome but also time-consuming jumping from one tool to another to collect data.

What if I tell you it’s possible to do it all using URL Profiler? It provides a one-stop-shop for everything that you need to rank higher. You can audit your content, evaluate backlinks, monitor the competition, and more.

So without further ado, let’s look at what the tool has to offer in this URL Profiler review.

What Is URL Profiler? 

URL Profiler is a robust software for gathering SEO data in bulk. It enables you to collect everything you need to perform audits perfectly by providing the app with URLs to mine information. It can process hundreds of domains and include a URL importer tool to make it almost effortless. You can import from TXT and XML files or paste from the clipboard as well.

Once it has finished crawling, URL Profiler gathers the info into a single spreadsheet. You can save this file locally on your computer for future analysis. The support for third-party SEO tools is another great advantage. Popular ones include the likes of Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, and more.

Let’s now look at what’s under the hood.

URL Profiler Features

The URL Profiler software is packed with fantastic tools that make SEO auditing a breeze, including:

Easy to Use

Getting started with URL Profiler is super simple and straightforward. It has a plain, neat, and easy-to-use dashboard. There are a few options to configure in plain sight, including domain-level, URL-level, and Google data.

For advanced users, you can access the settings menu for extra features. It’s possible, for example, to optimize the number of simultaneous connections. You’ll find this helpful in crawling hundreds of URLs at once. When active, it limits CPU and RAM usage by the software to create a smooth experience.

The Chrome URL Profiler configuration is also worth mentioning. By default, URL Profiler renders web pages in basic HTML before scraping content. While it’s fast, you can miss golden nuggets in websites that use JavaScript. With Chrome’s rendering capabilities, you stand to scrape data from such sites efficiently.

Despite being resourceful, you can only use URL Profiler on Windows and Mac PCs. With the rise of smart devices, the vendor should consider creating a mobile app. Likewise, the user interface seriously needs a facelift. While it does a perfect job of assisting you with SEO work, it feels like using a computer program from the early 90s. 

Domain Research

URL Profiler can help you discover information about your competitors. You can use its domain research tool to find websites in your niche. The application works well alongside other integrations such as Ahrefs, Mozscape, and MajesticSEO. Together, these apps will assist you in finding a website’s online footprint fast. Some of the data it generates includes website authority, backlink profile, and popularity.

URL Profiler software also works hand-in-hand with uClassify to identify domain topicality. You’ll have to use keywords to find web pages that rank high. Apart from that, it can use your URL to pinpoint rivals. It’s able to do this accurately by analyzing data from Alexa and SЕМrush.

URL Profiler also helps you look for expired domains. These usually have a rich Search Engine Results Page (SERP) history, including organic traffic, featured snippets, knowledge cards, and more. URL Profiler for Mac and Windows also does a fantastic job at checking for malware. That can help you to avoid buying URLs that have a dark past.

But there’s a catch.

All the tools mentioned above cost extra. For illustration, Mozscape’s $49/month pricing is the cheapest. As for the rest, it will set you back at least $100/month. That can be a heavy burden for users working on a tight budget.

Backlinks play a huge role in helping your website rank higher. When websites are linking to your site, it shows that your content matters. A good number of quality backlinks translates to a higher ranking. However, getting even a single backlink isn’t a walk in the park.

The good news is that URL Profiler finds quality web pages for building links. The software uses link prospecting to identify sites within your niche. For better results, you should enable the scrapping of email addresses. Once you do this, the software will get you the emails of key contact persons.

And here’s the exciting part.

You can use it alongside the free URL Profiler scraper tool. The app is perfect for snooping on the referring URLs of your competitors. Once you do this, you’ll end up with a long list of potential suitors. Next, you can prepare your outreach program to seek backlinks. Easy-peasy.

Audit Google Penalties

Quality backlinks are an essential part of SEO. Not every link is the same, and there are high chances of landing on bad ones. The challenge is identifying such links is almost impossible. If you gain too many poor backlinks, Google can penalize your site by removing it from SERPs.

The good news is that URL Profiler can help you review your backlink profile. With just a few clicks, you can see all links pointing to your site. But that’s not all.

Once URL Profiler software gathers all links, it classifies them into two sections. The first batch is for natural URLs with a clean history. The other part contains a list of unnatural links from spammy websites.

From here, you can contact the owners of the sites to request removal. Another alternative is by disavowing them from Google Search Console. Doing so tells Google to ignore specific web addresses when ranking your site.

Content Auditing

Good content is essential for boosting your SEO. It’s best to have simple and easy-to-read articles for your audience. Without it, you risk having a high number of visitors leaving your site. That results in a high bounce rate, which isn’t good for your ranking.

However, URL Profiler reviews mention that it helps cross-check for quality issues. For starters, it can analyze your content’s readability status. The tests it performs include Flesch Kincard, Smog Index, Dale Chall, and more. These check for how easy it is to read and understand your writing.

Next is auditing for similarities on your web pages. Having identical work on your site can hurt your ranking. That happens because search engines won’t know the pages to rank higher. As a result, they will favor your rivals.

Thankfully, the URL Profiler duplicate content checker is here to help. Using this option helps highlight URLs that have similar text. Should it find any, you can take quick action to make changes. It should take a few weeks to notice any difference in your rankings.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is another thing that Google and other search engines dislike. With over a billion websites online, demand for content is on the rise. Sadly, some websites prefer to take shortcuts and spin articles. Plagiarism sometimes also happens by accident.

Yes, you’ve read that right.

Sometimes, you can write articles with wording that closely match other posts online. On the bright side, highlighting such texts is super easy using URL Profiler. It works directly with Copyscape to check for duplicate entries across the internet. If it highlights any matching text, you should edit it to avoid issues.

But that’s not all.

URL Profiler reviews praise it for pinpointing blogs that steal your work. For the most part, the blog owners are usually unaware of the issue. The majority hire copywriters and publish their posts without double-checking. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to reach out and request a takedown.

Social and Contact Data

Another feature that we tested for this URL Profiler review is social auditing. It provides a clever way of preparing custom audience lists and scraping the internet to find users who share common interests.

Here’s how it works.

You start by mining data from Google and others alike. You can set it to target platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Next, use a browser extension such as Linkclump to export the results. You can copy them to a spreadsheet application of choice.

From the SERP queries, you can import them to the software for processing. Once you do this, select the custom scrapper option. The feature will assist you in filtering thousands of usernames. Moving on, you can target these users when running social media advertisements.

And it gets more interesting.

The tool also makes link building with URL Profiler a breeze. It does a great job of scrapping accounts of key contacts from websites. Armed with the profiles, you can engage with people to boost your organic linking.

Multiuser Support

URL Profiler makes working with teams feel like a walk in the park. It comes with Pro and Agency plans that support up to twenty users. Of course, all members can use the software simultaneously across different devices.

The feature is a great addition when working with a lot of data. You can use it to import up to a million links at once. However, a task management option would be a great addition. Such an opportunity will make assigning tasks and logging user activity much more accessible.

Still, URL Profiler reviews mention it is a good tool for businesses. It’s most suitable for offering search engine optimization services to customers. Since companies spend over $2,500/month on SEO, you can take advantage of this growing need.

URL Profiler Pricing

While there is no URL profiler free version, you can select one of three plans:


From $19.95/Month (annual subscription)

This plan is also available at $29.95 on a month-to-month basis. The subscription comes with a single device license and supports the processing of up to 5,000 links at once. Additionally, there’s no limit on the URLs that you can scrap and export.


From $25.95/Month (annual subscription)

This plan is also available at $39.95 on a month-to-month basis. This subscription supports two user devices. It offers content auditing, backlinks, and Google penalties. Likewise, you can import and process over a million links instantly.


From $64.95/Month (annual subscription)

This plan is also available at $99.95 on a month-to-month basis. This subscription is great for teams. You can use it on up to 20 devices simultaneously. Above all, it offers domain analysis, link prospecting, plagiarism checker, and more.

The vendor doesn’t offer any refunds. But just like we did for this URL Profiler review, you can sign-up for a 14-day trial. It will give you access to all the features for free. Best of all – no credit card is required.

URL Profiler Review – Verdict 

URL Profiler is a robust tool for gathering data from different sources online. Aside from that, you can integrate it with top-class search engine optimization tools, including Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, and others.

However, the auditing features stood out to use when testing the tool. It enables you to check the worth of your content in many ways. For example, you can analyze the quality of backlinks to avoid Google penalties.

The case is equally the same when inspecting for duplicate text. It does a great job of highlighting any similarities. What’s more, this URL Profiler software is helpful for scanning and removing plagiarism.

On the downside, the user interface is pretty old school. The software can surely get boring to use over time. Surprisingly, there’s no mobile version. In this era of smart devices, it would be ideal to have one.

Another area that needs improvement is pricing. The vendor only offers monthly and yearly subscriptions. Hopefully, it introduces lifetime plans in the future for users that prefer to make one-time purchases.

Overall, we hope this URL Profiler review helps you to skyrocket your SEO. If you’re still in doubt, you can sign-up for a 14-day trial. It will give you access to all the features at zero cost. And you don’t have to link a credit card at all. Sounds good, right?


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