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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Jan 27, 2023

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When looking for the best Usenet internet service provider, UsenetBucket is worth considering. It has excellent pricing, straightforward plans, and a modern, user-friendly control panel. Read our UsenetBucket review to find out if it fits your needs.


Up to 400Mbps

Free Trial

Yes, 7 days


4+ years


Supports all



News servers


Search function


Newsreader included



linux mac-os windows
UsenetBucket logo

Minimum Price €2.95/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Affordability and no data limit

Strengths Affordable
Strengths User-friendly
Strengths Straightforward plans
Strengths Supports all newsreaders
Weaknesses Speed caps
Weaknesses Low retention
Weaknesses No VPN or newsreader included

What Is UsenetBucket?

UsenetBucket is one of the newer Usenet internet services. The Dutch company launched in 2010, rather than in the 90s like many competitors. Nonetheless, there are many positive UsenetBucket reviews online.

Unfortunately, UsenetBucket retention and newsgroups access are some of the lowest on the market. But the affordable plans and the seven-day free trial make it worth considering.

UsenetBucket is fast, stable, and secure, with servers based in Europe. Most people can get connected at reasonable speeds in Europe, but US users might not have the same experience. Although it no longer comes with an Usenet VPN, UsenetBucket supports third-party VPN services.

That being said, beginners may struggle with the fact that there is no native newsreader. There are plenty of powerful third-party options, but you have to set it up manually. Fortunately, UsenetBucket provides Usenet server details for news client software and VPNs.

UsenetBucket shines at its stance on privacy. Everything is accessed via secure SSL connections, and the privacy policy states that they don’t pass on or sell any personal details to third parties. Furthermore, UsenetBucket doesn’t monitor any kind of text or binary Usenet browsing. To get further privacy, you can pay with cryptocurrency.

The “use policy” stops users from account sharing and hogging resources, preventing you from using their services for spam. The company also avoids copyrighted Usenet file sharing. If a copyright holder makes a complaint, the service may remove the files, and your account could be in jeopardy.

UsenetBucket Retention

One of the main let-downs of UsenetBucket is its low retention rate compared to most other Usenet service providers. It can only muster 1,600 days for Usenet binaries and browser newsgroups. That’s just over four years, while some poorly rated Usenet internet service providers offer over 12 years. That’s quite a big difference.

Many users look for old texts and binaries on Usenet. If you’re one of them, then UsenetBucket probably isn’t the right option for you. Whatever is on the news servers is replaced with newer content or simply lost after four short years.

It also means you could stumble into incomplete data archives, where you can only find half of what you need. That’s without mentioning the fact that they only allow access to 85,000 newsgroups.

The argument has been made that lower retention gives users a faster and more stable experience. But that’s questionable, since many other providers offer much longer retention at faster speeds. The overall service is still good, but it’s not suitable for those who want to dive way back into the archives.

UsenetBucket Speed

Overall, the performance is good. But speed is purposefully districted depending on your subscription plan, a common complaint in UsenetBucket reviews. Regardless, connections are stable and backed up with servers in Europe.

You’ll always get consistent access to an Usenet news server, but the speed will depend on your own capacity. Fortunately, only users with high-speed internet connections will be affected by the speed caps.

Another factor is the number of permitted connections you can make simultaneously through an UsenetBucket server. The Usenet servers from UsenetBucket allow between 10 and 25. While this is acceptable, others offer more.

During the tests we performed for our UsenetBucket review, we got stable speeds while downloading several videos over 1GB at 60Mbps. We were quite happy to see that it’s comparable to many competitors on our list.

Customer Support

This Usenet provider offers a good range of support. On the website, you can find a blog with updated information and deals. There also is an ‘information page’ with a full breakdown of what Usenet is, how it works, and how you can set up your favorite Usenet software. If you have any more questions, you can check out the FAQ page.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can reach out to the knowledgeable staff via a contact form. Most requests will be dealt with promptly, with an average response time of less than half an hour.

Once you have been a user for a while, you might also be invited to join their ‘Customer Advisory Panel’ to give feedback and help improve their Usenet services. That being said, we’re not sure how effective this panel is, as the service hasn’t changed much over the last few years.

UsenetBucket Pricing

All UsenetBucket plans come with SSL encrypted connections and unlimited data usage. However, the fair use policy may penalize you if you max out your allocated connections consistently while downloading large binaries.

Basic bucket


15Mbit limit and 10 connections

Comfort bucket


60Mbit and 10 connections

Ultimate bucket


100Mbit and 25 connections

There is no money-back guarantee. But before committing to a UsenetBucket plan, you can get a seven-day free trial. It gives you 20GB of traffic, and you don’t have to fill out any payment information.

Prices are only available in Euros, but you can pay by credit and debit cards, Paysafecard, and cryptocurrencies for added privacy.

UsenetBucket Review - Verdict

After testing the service for our UsenetBucket review, we found some downsides. It has one of the lowest retention rates we’ve seen and will cap your speeds, even if your ISP supports higher download rates. Furthermore, there is no native newsreader or Usenet app.

If you want to use a VPN, you’ll have to buy one from a third party. The lack of handholding is fine for experienced users, but might be off-putting for beginners. The fact that they open the UsenetBucket port and server details up for you to configure your software is a plus.

On the bright side, the affordable plans offer unlimited download data and a user-friendly online dashboard. They run a good privacy policy, secure UsenetBucket SSL connections, and will accept crypto as payment.


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