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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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There’s no point in having a website people won’t or can’t visit. Certain elements contribute to keeping the visitors who click on your link. 

Falling afoul of the guidelines can lead to your website being inaccessible to a percentage of its 


This UserWay review will provide insight into how the software functions as a web accessibility solution. I’ll also touch on its main features, pricing, and comparisons with similar web tools.

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Best for: Users looking for an easy-to-use website accessibility solution.

Strengths ADA & WCAG compliance
Strengths YouTube how-to guides
Strengths Cloud-updated
Strengths 24-hour reporting
Weaknesses Plans are slightly expensive
Weaknesses Poor automation
Weaknesses No email support

What Is UserWay?

Statistics show that 1 in 5 people visiting your website cannot comprehend the content. 

With the UserWay ADA compliance widget, you ensure that you retain a good percentage of your website visitors. The audit tool performs a thorough scan for faulty breaks, color inconsistencies, HTML disparities, font size, widget clusters, and more.

Nowadays, many small and large-scale businesses employ UserWay to boost their web accessibility and grow their brand. 

Having grown into one of the top web accessibility solution providers, the software has helped companies like Disney, Coca-Cola, FedEx, and many others.

With the UserWay plugin, you boost compliance with the various W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and ISO web standards. Also, the inherent web code isn’t altered subsequently. To this effect, UserWay uses a special Remediation as a Service (RaaS) technology to align your web practices with: 

  • EN 301-549 
  • WCAG 2.1
  • ATAG 2.0
  • Section 508 conventions
  • ADA

The UserWay config. is such that it’s operable with technical support. 

Let’s see what it’s all about.

Web Accessibility Compliance

This implies that people with cognitive disabilities and other forms of illness can access your website without exclusion.

Web Accessibility Compliance comprises set guidelines to help developers create functional, interoperable sites. 

A lot of what’s required for good web accessibility is the semantic use of HTML and CSS. The markup must be clean, simple, and use only relevant code. 

Web content with small or partially unreadable font will put off shortsighted people. At the same time, an overenthusiastic splurge of color will pose a chore for people with color blindness.

Let’s take a step further in my UserWay review and talk about its main features:


The UserWay app can swiftly process a large number of web pages.

Here are some of its features:

Accessibility Audit

The tool can process each web page using assistive technologies. Then, performance levels are duly reported in the comprehensive audit report.

The latter comprises actionable and precise checklists, code alterations, and prioritized recommendations. After that, your IT unit can move in to apply the solution. 

After compliance, you can rest easy knowing that every sort of person can access your website using accompanying solutions like:

  • Braille displays
  • Text-to-speech
  • Talking thermostats
  • Optical character recognition
  • Large-sized print materials

Accessibility Scanner

The UserWay software provides real-time monitoring, promptly notifying you of subsequent violations. The software works in unison with legal guidelines on web accessibility. Thus, it keeps you on the right side of the law and protects you against possible lawsuits. 

The scanner’s comprehensive infrastructure lets users quickly carry out several scans. Statistics show that the UserWay accessibility tool can handle almost 30,000 scans per hour (on a 15,000-page site). 

After detecting the issues, it flags the individual violations and recommends the solution. Finally, it highlights the technical steps to follow code implementation. 

Content Moderator

The use of racist, xenophobic, and sexist comments or hate speech strongly affect your accessibility, to the point that your web rankings drop.

Using the content moderator feature on UserWay, you can easily weed out controversial text. Thus, your users trust your service/content more, and you avoid costly lawsuits. 

However, you should note that UserWay Inc. hasn’t included an automatic censorship tool in the software. The content moderator only makes suggestions. Users can then decide to reject or accept them. 

Third-party Integrations

One of the UserWay features that stand out the most is its integration with several content management systems. 

UserWay has plugins/syncs with platforms such as:

And more.

The solution recommends code alterations that are fully customizable for Ajax, Javascript, and other programming languages. 

Web Accessibility Widget 

The UserWay accessibility widget is admittedly one of the most convincing features in its arsenal. It works well on websites written with primary programming languages like Javascript, CSS, and HTML. 

Here are the top seven UserWay compliance widgets:

  • Screen reader – an excellent substitute for third-party text-to-speech software. You can adjust the reading speed on the screen reader interface. 
  • Contrast adjust – excellent for users who suffer from low vision issues. This way, such people can make text bold to prevent overstraining their eyes.
  • Text magnifier – allows users to increase the font size, thus enhancing content readability. 
  • Color handling – lets visitors select profiles like monochrome, inverted, dark, or light. This way, readers with visual impairments can still follow your content. 
  • Animations – a valuable feature for folk with epilepsy, whose bouts may be triggered by flashing lights. They can turn off all animations like CCS transitions, videos, and GIFs with just a click of the mouse
  • Audio muting – this UserWay accessibility widget disables all audio. It’s quite helpful to some of your readers who have hearing problems.
  • Highlight links – on-site link clicks improve your web rankings. But they can’t do it if your links aren’t visible. This feature highlights them, further boosting content visibility and comprehension.

The UserWay WordPress plugin also comes packed with all of these features. 

How It Works

The UserWay API is customizable and easy to use.

After registration, you get to customize some icons that represent the widget on your site. 

After that, you can select from a list of languages that correspond with it. The choices available include Swedish, Spanish, Persian, English, French, and more.Note that you can manually select your site language or let the system automatically detect it. 

Subsequently, you get a personalized integration code to copy and paste into your site’s HTML body tag. The code is available for white-label, advanced, and basic scripts. 

You will then be able to verify and activate the accessibility widget. 

UserWay’s AI-powered system uses image recognition, OCR, and contextual understanding to recommend keyboard navigation and screen reader solutions. 

The plugin integrates pretty well with your website, even if you have zero technical know-how. However, to apply many of the solutions it recommends, you’ll need the intervention of your IT team. For some people, this isn’t very beginner-friendly.

Users can access the intelligent widget using just the keyboard, which aligns with the best practices. Nevertheless, page processing only identifies some accessibility issues. In addition, analyzing each site issue may be time-consuming, especially for large websites.

UserWay Customer Service

On the main website is a link redirecting you to the support page. There’s a simple form where you can fill in your details, including your website URL. 

Most UserWay reviews online praise the support team’s responsiveness and willingness to help.

Additionally, if you prefer finding a resolution to an issue yourself, there’s an extensive library of YouTube how-to guides.

UserWay Pricing 

UserWay offers a free widget. That’s a good way to get a feel for the software, but you should note that its accessibility features are quite limited. Most of them are also user-triggered instead of being automated. 

Now, the paid plans may seem a bit steep but are worth it if you’re looking to capture a broad audience. 

You can also schedule a live demo of the interface and functions/features. 

Here’s how the pricing works:

Small Business Website


You get access to all web accessibility functions. It’s for websites with a maximum of 100k monthly views.

Medium Business Website


In addition to all the Small plan features, it comes with a dedicated account manager and allows up to 1 million visitors.

Large Business Website


It has all the previously mentioned features and is excellent if you have a large website with up to 10 million page views.

All paid plans come with a 10-day free trial.

Now, let’s check out how UserWay compares to some of its competitors.

UserWay vs AudioEye

AudioEye is a popular alternative to UserWay.

It has great detection ability, which is its most valuable feature. You can update pages while they load and access a helpdesk toolbar. It blends cutting-edge technology with legal compliance to deliver web accessibility to your dynamic content

The solutions are practical and make your site easier to use. In addition, the AudioEye service has cyberlaw professionals and intellectual property professionals to provide legal advice. 

This way, customers get professional advice about whether they’re violating ADA laws or not. In so doing, you also meet WCAG requirements

AudioEye goes one better than UserWay by providing services for mobile apps and PDFs.

On the other hand, its AI isn’t as powerful as the UserWay plugin, and the software seems underfunded.

The JavaScript toolbar features aren’t as unique as they seem either. After all, most screen readers already have them. 

UserWay vs accessiBE

First, let’s examine some of their mutual features.

The UserWay widget is easy to use and integrate. Perhaps its most distinguishing feature is that it supports a wide range of content management systems (CMS).

accessiBE is also easy to use. The experience is seamless, and you can quickly access audit results. In addition, the interface is highly customizable. 

Just as well, the code integration procedure is similar for both services. For instance, you can use the UserWay WordPress plugin by installing or by copy/paste-ing the JavaScript into your website

In addition, both platforms offer a 20% discount on advance payments, with both giving free trials. 

The fundamental difference between them is the automation process.

accessibBE is fully automated. The advanced AI makes your site more accessible from the minute you install the widget. Scans are completed within forty-eight hours, and you get a compliance certificate. 

On the other hand, the UserWay app has somewhat limited automation. Its features are geared mainly toward accurate reporting, diagnosis, legal infractions, and compliance with ADA, WCAG, and Section 508.


The UserWay accessibility tool gets the job done and is relatively easy to use. It also offers a great deal of flexibility, and even the free version conducts audits with unerring accuracy. The software has all the necessary features to significantly boost the experience of your website visitors.

However, many UserWay reviews are written from the POV of usability and regulatory compliance. Its automation features are a bit lacking, and it doesn’t provide solutions for mobile apps. If those areas are your main focus, some UserWay alternatives may prove more useful.

In the end, UserWay is a capable and comprehensive solution to any website’s accessibility issues. No wonder giants like Coca-Cola, Unicef, and Disney have put their trust in it.


Is UserWay free?

UserWay does offer a free widget. However, its functionality is limited. The paid version of the software has a 10-day free trial, after which you have to purchase one of the subscription plans.

How much does UserWay cost?

It costs $49, $129, and $329 per month for the Small, Medium, and Large business plans, respectively.

Is UserWay ADA compliant?

Yes, it is. It’s also compliant with Section 508, ATAG, and WCAG guidelines.

For an in-depth look into the software’s capabilities, check out our complete UserWay review.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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