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Chioma Ugwu
Chioma Ugwu

Updated · Sep 23, 2022

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In the world of help desk software services, Vivantio has managed to attract a lot of positive feedback from its users. So we’ve decided to look into it. In this Vivantio Pro review, we’ll explore the software’s features, pricing, and user interface.

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Best for: Small to large IT service organisations

Strengths API integrations
Strengths Efficient ticket management
Strengths Available on-premise installation option
Strengths Features asset and knowledge management
Weaknesses Not suitable for beginners
Weaknesses Software experiences occasional glitches
Weaknesses Somewhat expensive for small businesses

What Is Vivantio Pro?

The Vivantio Pro software is an IT service management tool that allows businesses to provide superior customer service. This enterprise-level software acts as a centralised platform that IT companies can use to meet their customers’ needs.

Vivantio Pro combines customer relationship management with asset management and problem-solving tools to achieve the best possible result. 

Vivantio Pro Features

Some of the Vivantio features include: 


As an IT service provider, one of your business responsibilities involves handling your customers’ related complaints and queries. You can efficiently manage incoming support requests via the ticket management system

This system allows you to create tickets from requests that come through email, web portal, phone, SMS and live chat. You can also use the Vivantio API to create a social media portal that generates tickets from Twitter and Facebook. 

One of the things that impressed us during the tests for this Vivantio review was the FLEX Insights. It provides your response teams with real-time information from your knowledge base during ticket creation. This can help them solve customer issues faster. 

Vivantio also allows you to perform a number of additional functions, including: 

  • add tickets from queues to your personal watch list
  • highlight and flag tickets from important customers using custom conditions and icons
  • determine the workload of your team and assign tickets to members based on availability and SLA expertise
  • schedule automatic daily backup checks on important tickets 
  • send reports on service level milestones to your customers on a monthly basis 

Asset Management

Using Vivantio Pro, you can move beyond just tracking your IT inventories. Thanks to its asset management capabilities, you can manage your assets and track their full life-cycle. 

With the Vivantio asset management tool, you can easily categorize your assets. You can also make use of unlimited custom fields to record information relevant to each asset type. Once you’ve created your categories and filled in the data, you can then store your contracts and licenses within the relevant categories. 

One thing about Vivantio’s asset management feature is that it is very thorough. For example, if you’ve made any changes to your assets over its lifetime, this system enables you to maintain a complete audit trail of them. You can assess the risks for your business when certain products or services are unavailable for a time period. It will also help you understand the impact of asset changes

The Vivantio help desk even allows you to create: 

  • hardware maintenance schedules with your supplier
  • testing schedules for your physical assets to ensure they comply with health and safety standards
  • recurring tasks such as software patching for your configuration items 

Integrated Knowledge Base

Constant learning and service improvement are encouraged by the Vivantio Pro issue tracking system. This software puts knowledge at your service team’s fingertips, enabling them to work more efficiently and free up time and resources required to deal with tougher issues. 

The Vivantio service desk does this by letting you create a searchable internal knowledge base that you can designate as private, so it can only be accessed by your chosen team. You can enrich your knowledge base with articles, scripts, manuals, videos, and more. This way, your first responders are able to tackle common customer issues quickly. It also reduces the learning curve for new support staff, as it provides them with immediate access to important information

You can also create a public external knowledge base for customers as well. They can give you feedback on the effectiveness of your resources by leaving comments and ratings. 

You can create templates for known document types to be applied automatically for a uniform look. It takes just a few minutes, as we found out while writing this Vivantio review.

This service desk platform also allows you to organize your articles and knowledge under a defined set of categories so that they are easy to find. 

Role-Based Security

All users of Vivantio Pro get a single sign-on (SSO) protection. It offers next-level data permissions as well for its higher subscription plans. 

For all the subscription plans, you also get a basic login with a password, protected by an SSL connection or Azure SSO. You can implement a two-factor authentication too, if you want. 

Vivantio reviews show that customers mainly use the service as a cloud-based solution. However, this platform offers an on-premise installation upon request. This localized version will still be managed as a service, even though it will be located on your hardware. 

Customer Relationship Management

Another thing that stood out during our research for this Vivantio Pro review is the customer relationship management tool. Vivantio’s CRM tool allows you to keep track of all your customers’ relevant information in an efficient and organized manner.

Using this customer service program, you can maintain an audit of all the tickets and requests made. You can also create monthly case reports detailing achievements and user satisfaction to share with your customers. In addition, this CRM tool allows you to keep contract records for each user so that you can manage service levels from within the records. 

If you want to keep track of the provisions you offer, you can use the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

You can even offer a more personalized level of support by creating white-labelled or co-branded self-service portals for users.

Here’s what you need to know about them:


One thing users often mention in their Vivantio Pro reviews is the self-service options.

You can create self-service portals for people to access knowledge base tutorials, articles, videos, etc. When customers are able to find information themselves, they are less likely to create tickets, which can significantly reduce your team’s workload. 

This also allows customers to log and track the progress of their tickets, add relevant documents, screenshots, and notes, or simply cancel requests. These portals can even be used by customers and employees to request things such as new equipment or access to licenses. 

If you want to customize your portals to match your brand identity, the Vivantio portal designer enables you to do so. Just use the drag-and-drop еditor. You can also create multiple pages with the widget builder. 


Vivantio Pro supports a number of integrations including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Azure, Jira, and Gmail. This help desk software even allows you to integrate any custom tools, ensuring that you’re able to manage them. 

Connecting the Vivantio ticketing system to your core applications is a very simple and straightforward process. In two or three clicks, you can sync your CRM data, track your assets and assign work to your developer and engineering teams. This platform allows you to build codeless integrations that are configured in a few minutes using the fully customizable Vivantio web hooks and web methods. 

That said, if you need custom micro-applications or make complex, multi-staged integrations, you can. The software has no limitations on API functionality and no paid-for API transactions. 

Use the software’s integration service component, in case you need to work with a program that's not cloud-based.

Ease of Use and Interface

Vivantio Pro user reviews are, as of recently, flooded with praises of the FLEX user interface. It looks modern and fresh, which is a significant improvement from the previous layout. On the left side of the page, you’ll find links for each function. The page also has search boxes and quick-link buttons. 

There is a button, again on the left side, for quick ticket creation. Once you open one, you’ll have to enter some details, including subject, description, and priority. The Vivantio ticketing system also allows you to add customer’s contact details and location.

Overall, the software is easy to use. Navigating your way around the platform is simple. An experienced help desk service worker would have no issue carrying out necessary tasks using the platform. That said, some training may be required to use this software to its full potential.  

Vivantio Pro Support

You can reach the support team via email, phone number, or the ticketing system. 

The ticketing system, however, is mostly used to make inquiries about how to request a trial or demo subscription. Alternatively, you can choose from two email addresses - one for getting general information, and the other for technical support. 

Finally, the Vivantio application also offers phone support for both the US and the UK. If you want to contact the team, however, you’ll need to do so during regular working hours. Unfortunately, there’s no live chat support option. Judging by Vivantio Pro user reviews, we weren’t the only ones annoyed by this.

Vivantio Pro Pricing

Not too long ago, the Vivantio platform used to offer two software editions to its customers. These editions were Vivantio Pro and Vivantio ITSM

Recently, though, the IT service desk changed its pricing plans to offer four editions. At the time of writing of this Vivantio Pro review, they are:



Offer includes: Intuitive interface Simple SLAs Enhanced services  Branded self-service portals Ticked management Team collaboration Mobile edition Queues and Tabs



Vital - $52.00/user per month paid annually - includes everything in Value plus: Multiple tickets management Support for ITIL processes Multiple SLAs Tracking and monitoring of KPIs Codeless setup List, Kanban and Calendar view types Custom forms and fields Surveys Per customer configuration Home screens and watch lists Highlighting rules Links to knowledge and help Routing rules Reduced customer wait times Custom Dashboards Manage workflows



Velocity - $82.00/user per month paid annually - includes everything in Vital, plus: Create unlimited ticket types Full control over ticket configuration Per customer SLAs Real-Time statistics and data analysis Full business rules engine Advanced interactive searching Roles and Permissions Automate Reporting and KPIs Multiple Branded Portals Create reporting wallboards Insights to detect conflicts End-user and tech to tech chat Create dynamic assignments Empower customers Centralize all KPI monitoring Automate complex workflows



Visionary - $142.00/user per month paid annually - includes everything in Velocity plus: Gain visibility of all service operations Unify your corporate approach to service Continued promotion of core services Data Warehousing Bespoke managed customer service Global service teams

All subscriptions must be paid annually. The Vivantio ticketing system offers a trial period and a demo.


To get the details and duration of these offerings, you should contact the company directly via its ticketing system. 

Vivantio Review - Verdict

There are many things to appreciate about the Vivantio asset management software. Its ticket management system is versatile. It allows service teams to effectively oversee and manage internal and external customer requests. It also has self-service options for users. 

The flexible integrations and API framework deserve all the praises they get in Vivantio Pro user reviews. The platform goes a step further than the competition by providing full API and custom web hooks that deliver more customization options for its users. 

All that said, Vivantio is not perfect. For one, its cheapest pricing plans can still be considered too expensive for small businesses. The platform also doesn’t have live chat support. Finally, the lack of clarity regarding the software’s trial period and demo can be a little annoying for potential.

To sum up, Vivantio is a reliable and effective tool. Its cons are far from fatal and, we hope, will be fixed soon. Keep an eye on our Vivantio review for any updates on that front.


Chioma Ugwu

Chioma Ugwu

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