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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Feb 27, 2023

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Nowadays, creating a website takes just a few clicks. All you need is a web builder. 
In this Webself.net review we will weigh the pros and cons of one of the most popular solutions out there.

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Best for: Best for start-ups

Strengths Free web hosting
Strengths Mobile optimized pages
Strengths Password-protected pages
Strengths Lightweight website builder
Weaknesses Basic image library
Weaknesses Slow customer support
Weaknesses Two emails per domain
Weaknesses Limited resource allocation

Webself.net Overview

As we’ve said, there are hundreds of online website builders. Many of them offer outstanding quality and ease of use. But, let’s be honest, it often comes down to costs. Prices average around $50 a month. So you’ll need deep pockets to enjoy such services. 

Or not?

Webself.net allows you to create professional sites without breaking the bank. It offers a fast and responsive online website maker. What’s more? You get 200+ templates for a start. These are fully customizable through the drag-and-drop editor

Unlike most rivals, Webself provides hosting for free. This comes with limited bandwidth for running low-traffic websites. Best of all – you get a domain of your choice for free. 

That’s just the start, though! There are many other features available with the paid plans. 

This Webself review will look in detail at some of them. But, of course, we won’t spare you from learning the downsides either. So stay with us!

What Is Webself?

Webself.net is a budget-friendly website builder for small businesses. Johanne Devine and Marius Hatot founded this French-based company in 2009. Their mission? To make website creation accessible to everyone. 

While the company’s core values remain the same, much has changed since Webself.net’s launch. It now has over two million customers in 125 countries globally. The majority are in French-speaking countries like Canada, France, and Belgium. It’s also popular among French-speaking Canadians. But that’s not to say that you can’t tap into its offerings if you live elsewhere. There’s an English and a Spanish version of the Webself site. So people from all around the world can use it.

The Webself page builder is the company’s top-selling product. It provides a fast way of creating professional web pages. Apart from that, you get a snappy visual editor. It makes the work of designing websites feel like child’s play.  

Webself works perfectly for blogs, freelance sites, and company profiles. Furthermore, you can configure pages into multiple languages. You can also run an online shop using its eCommerce plan. It supports the listing of unlimited products. You may also enjoy using the E-store manager to process orders swiftly. 

So, what else is under the hood? 

Webself Features 

Let’s look at some of the Webself features and website building tools

Ease of Use

Webself builder is one of the most responsive solutions on the market. It uses fewer CPU and RAM resources. Bandwidth consumption is low as well. All this results in a lag-free experience.

You’ll also fall in love with Webself’s drag-and-drop editor. It has grid lines for locking content blocks perfectly into position. Likewise, you can reposition elements by dragging them across the layout.

Also, the website maker comes with a resource library. While not so extensive, it allows you to add materials from your device. It supports pictures, videos, audio, and documents.  

As mentioned above, you can get started with the Webself.net site builder for free. The plan is ideal for testing the features. Notably, your site will use Webself’s sub-domain during this time. Upgrading is a must to use a domain of choice. The good thing is you’ll get one at no extra cost. That’s for the first year only. From there, it costs $19.45/year to renew it. But we’ll look into pricing later in this Webself.net review.

On the downside, some areas of the Webself editor are a miss. For example, a few sections of the builder’s English version are in French. It also supports some outdated scripts such as Adobe Flash. 

And resource allocation is a deal-breaker. You’ll get anywhere between 2GB and 50GB. That’s inadequate for high-traffic websites, to say the least. So if that’s one of your consideration points, you may be better off going with other hosting providers. 

Pre-made Templates

You have 200+ free Webself page templates at your disposal. Whatsmore, all of them are mobile responsive. Also, you can add most customizations using the builder. This gives you a lot of room for creativity.

But while the collection is vast, most Webself page templates are rather basic. A good number of themes are also identical. On the upside, you can create one from scratch. There are five layouts to kick-start your designs. The online website builder will surely come in handy here.

Protecting your pages using passwords is also possible. You can even set unique access codes to different sections of your website. Such a feature helps share restricted content to select visitors. 

The copy tool is another robust feature. It makes duplicating your templates across different domains an easy task. Likewise, you can transfer sites to other users on Webself.net. But note that in this case, you’ll lose ownership. 

SEO tools

Webself indexes your site on search engines automatically. However, to boost your rankings, you’ll need to use the Webself SEO tool. With it, you can optimize titles, page descriptions, and images. 

Most Webself.net reviews also mention this provider’s ability to rank for keywords. The beauty of it is you can do it on every webpage. And there’s no limit on the number of focus phrases that you can add. 

Sadly, the feature is hidden deep under settings. The company should consider repositioning it as part of the main menu to make it more accessible. 

Image Editor

The Webself image editor is like no other on the market. You can use it to add Instagram-like effects to your photos. These include tint, shades, and even blending colors. 

The tool can also enhance an image by applying quick fixes. For example, if it’s too dark, increase the brightness. Does it have visible noise? No problem – you can reduce it. 

But that’s not all. 

Webself theme builder has a wide variety of drawing tools. You can add shapes, icons, and text to photos. It’s also easy to adjust size, font weight, and colors. 

Multilingual Support

You can serve a global audience by using multilingual support. It enables your site to have pages in different languages. And you can add a language switcher anywhere on your site. 

I couldn’t resist testing this feature for this Webself.net review. Despite looking good on the surface, using it is challenging to configure. You’ll need to translate the pages manually. 

Here’s what that means.

First of all, you need to create copies of your pages. The next step is linking to their respective languages. You can then proceed to do the conversions accordingly. The tool currently supports 40+ languages, which is more than enough. 

The bad side? 

Well, each page that you translate counts towards your limit. So the eCommerce Webself.net hosting plan is your best bet. It supports unlimited pages for your comfort. 

Custom Mailboxes

Let your business stand out using a custom email. With the Webself theme builder, you get two for every domain. Additional mailboxes cost $6.00 a year each. But, to be honest, it’s not worth it. Most hosts offer unlimited accounts at no extra cost. 

Apart from the price, storage is limited to 5GB per account. In other words, it can handle 2.5 million text emails comfortably. Note, however, that this can quickly fill up when you exchange documents with clients. The sad part – purchasing more space is impossible. 

Other than that, the company employs Roundcube. This email software offers top-notch features comparable to the likes of Gmail. However, some users complain in their Webself reviews that the mailbox is in French by default. You’ll have to dig deeper into the settings to change it.

eCommerce Tools

With the Webself eCommerce plan, you can open your e-shop as soon as today. In addition, you can add unlimited products to your storefront and create categories to keep it organized. Likewise, it’s ideal for enhancing navigation on your website. 

Process orders with speed using Webself.net e-shop manager. You can add and set prices for items from here. It also supports multiple currencies. It’s ideal for helping customers save on conversion fees.

Stripe and PayPal are the primary payment options. Aside from that, you can use bank transfers, checks, and cash on delivery. You can also add custom solutions to offer convenience. 

That’s the tip of the iceberg. 

I examined the shipping tool for this Webself.net review. What I’ve found out is that you can optimize product deliveries by playing around with the settings. It supports rules based on country, weight, goods value, and more. 

Whatsmore, sales optimization tools are there to boost store performance. Multifunctional forms are a good option for collecting leads. Customers can also use them to place order reservations. You can create email lists for marketing as well. Speaking of which, why not offer discounts using coupons

Webself.net Analytics

Tracking your traffic is easy using the Webself builder analytics tools. It has an intuitive dashboard where it displays essential information. For example, it shows page views, total visits, and unique users. You can also filter the data based on countries and cities. 

Also, there’s a rank checker for top-performing pages. Next to it is a list of search terms that are bringing in the visitors. The info can help optimize content to draw more conversions.

You can use third-party trackers to improve accuracy. The integrations it supports are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Facebook Pixel, and Bing. There’s also no need to worry if your favorite platform is missing. All you need to do is import the platform’s tracking code into your website. Easy-peasy. 

Support For Maps

The professional website builder currently supports Apple Maps. This isn’t a very popular solution on the market. Even on Apple’s products, Google Maps leads that category. Others such as Waze and WhereTo are better alternatives. 

So, what does this mean? 

It can be a blessing or a curse if you have a physical location. Customers using iOS devices will locate your business quickly. Unfortunately, the ones outside this bracket will have to break a sweat. The only way to navigate is by using DuckDuckGo

The experience is average at best. It requires frequent zooming of the maps to avoid getting lost. Hopefully, Webself.net integrates other options into its website building service.

Webself.net Support

You can reach the Webself support team through email and phone. There’s also a live chat option available on its website. Before you smile, however, know that it’s offline all the time. Funny, huh? On the bright side, you can use it to submit help requests.  

The company has a typical turnaround time of two days. That’s because the agents are available during business hours only. The eCommerce plan has a much better response guarantee of half a day.

Despite the long wait, the agents seemed very helpful when I contacted them. Well, most of the time, it feels like they’re using Google Translate. But, let’s don’t forget the company’s located in Canada. 

On the flip side, many Webself.net reviews by users tell a different story. Most customers complain of long delays in getting responses. There are also mentions of support failing to address critical issues quickly. 

Webself.net Pricing

Now, let’s look at the costs!



It offers 200+ Webself templates, a drag-and-drop builder, and free hosting. You can also create up to five pages per site. 



It comes with all essential apps. You can also use a custom domain name. Furthermore, you can create up to 10 pages. 



This plan has 20GB of bandwidth and 10GB of disk space. You also get a free domain for the first year. 



You can create unlimited pages for your website. It also has dedicated eCommerce tools for your shop. 

Notably, Webself.net offers no refunds whatsoever. 

Webself.net – Verdict

Webself is a budget-friendly website creator. It offers incredible tools for building professional sites fast. On top of that, you get free hosting at no extra cost. This comes with two custom emails per domain. 

This site builder’s image editor is something most users appreciate. Also, a resources library is there to organize your web assets. 

On the downside, Webself.net hosting resources are far from enough. You get up to 50GB a month of bandwidth, depending on your plan. That can quickly run out on high-traffic sites. Another con is that customer support takes hours to respond to issues. Nevertheless, this web page builder is an excellent choice for start-ups. 

As you’ve read in this Webself.net review, there’s a free tier. You can take advantage of it to sample the services and decide whether they fit you and your needs. 


Daniel Wabuge

Daniel Wabuge

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