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Romj Amon

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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This 10-year-old spyware never stops evolution. But its development has moved at a glacial pace. Read this XNSPY review to find out whether it’s now powerful enough to meet your monitoring needs. 

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MINIMUM PRICE $4.99/device/month

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Visit Website

Best for: Non-technical individuals who want to monitor iPhones

Strengths iTunes-based monitoring for iOS
Strengths Optional rooting for Android
Strengths Multiple alert options
Strengths Responsive customer support
Weaknesses Non-negotiable physical access requirement
Weaknesses One-device limit
Weaknesses No site blocking capability
Weaknesses No remote installation support

What Is XNSPY?

Founded in 2012, XNSPY is a mobile device monitoring app designed for children below 18 years old and employees.

Its United States–based developer markets it to businesses with a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. But XNSPY is legal to use for spying on company-owned technologies.

Like most major-league parental control apps, this one supports Android and iOS. It lets you skip rooting or jailbreaking while retaining essentials like call logging, SMS monitoring, and geo-fencing.

Available in three subscriptions, XNSPY’s two packages have competitive flat rates. Its licenses limit connection to one device. And its plans somewhat have insurance against buyer’s remorse.

Judging by the XNSPY reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot, it hasn’t won the hearts of half of its users. Keep reading to know whether it deserves the many neutral and negative testimonials it has received over the years.

XNSPY Features

Here’s what this spyware has to offer:

XNSPY Compatibility

XNSPY can spy on devices running Android 4–11 or any iOS version.

At the moment, it doesn’t lend itself to desktop and laptop monitoring. This can be bad news for employers and school administrators whose organizations heavily rely on Macs and PCs.

But it may not be a big deal if you’re a parent who’s worried about your children’s mobile usage.

Unfortunately, this parental control app isn’t perfect for keeping a close watch over adolescent gamers. Less than 10% of mobile gamers are teenagers. So, chances are that your kids are on the computer when playing.

Phone Monitoring

Let’s have a look at what XNSPY can track on mobile devices:


Monitored contacts list

With this spy app, you can view every single entry on the target device’s contact list.

You would be able to see all the details associated per contact, not just names and numbers. Such information can be useful when you want to run background checks.

Calls and Text Messages

The XNSPY software will show you dialed, received, and missed calls and sent and received SMS.

XNSPY text messages logs

Getting a hold of the names and numbers of callers and senders is a given. And its logs include time and date stamps. You can view the geotags of calls too.

Browsing Histories and Bookmarks

Using this spyware, you can gain insight into the web pages visited and bookmarked on the target device.

internet history logs

It can count the number of visits, particularly on favorite sites, and displays time and date stamps.

On Android, you can view the activity on Chrome and on the internet app in real-time.

On iOS, the linked device’s user must be on Safari. If the history gets deleted before the next iTunes Backup update, it won’t appear on the control panel.

Problem is, the XNSPY mobile spy is totally blind when it comes to private or incognito browsing.

Wi-Fi Networks

With this spying feature, you may get a clue about where the target device’s owner is and has been.

wifi networks

XNSPY’s logs include the name, location, and connection date, and time of every signed-in Wi-Fi network.

Calendar Entries

Getting a copy of the monitored smartphone or tablet’s calendar is key to knowing what its user is up to.

appointment and schedule logs

The best part is that you can view all entries like notes and appointments saved prior to this software’s installation. So, you can get a historical perspective on whatever you’re trying to piece together.

App Monitoring

At the time of writing this XNSPY review, you can only monitor these social media and messaging apps on Android:

  • Kik
  • LINE
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Signal
  • Snapchat
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Tinder
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube

For the most part, you’d need a rooted Android device to put its screen recording capability to work. Only then you can receive the snapshots of activity on the apps every five seconds.

The only exception is that XNSPY can spy on WhatsApp incoming chats with no rooting required.

On iOS, you can only read conversions on iMessage and read chats and check out photos on WhatsApp.

What’s more, XNSPY can act as a keylogger as well. Through keylogging, you can keep an eye on what someone’s typing on instant messaging apps.

To my surprise, some options were grayed out, despite being advertised. 

keylogging apps

The asterisks next to them indicated that they were “coming soon.” Not soon enough, though.

Email Monitoring

Irrespective of the subscription, you’d be able to check out the linked device’s Gmail.

Not only can you read all incoming and outgoing messages, but you can also view every email’s date and time stamps.

Of course, all attachments and email contacts will be available for your consumption too.

This spying capability is particularly helpful when you’re trying to combat bullying among children and to identify misbehaving employees.

Mind you, it’s unavailable in XNSPY for iPhone. And you’d need a rooted Android device to remotely monitor Gmail.

Media Monitoring

On either operating system, this spyware can scan the target device’s photo gallery.

photo gallery

This functionality is effective in busting individuals digitally reproducing sensitive data like private documents and in spotting lewd images.

On Android, you can learn about all the videos stored on the monitored smartphone or tablet.

It’s useful for catching anyone who possesses illegal content like underage pornography. If you’re a parent, it would enable you to take swift action to protect your children. 

Location Tracking

As a location tracker, XNSPY can only reveal the history of where the target device has been. Its log contains every location’s street address, latitude, and longitude.

Real-time monitoring is still in development with no launch date in sight.

That said, you can leverage this spyware to get notified whenever the linked device’s user enters and leaves certain areas. This is convenient when some places are off-limits to the person you’re watching.

Using its geofencing feature, you can define “safe” and “no go” zones.

XNSPY geo-fencing

The XNSPY monitoring app doesn’t put a lid on the number of locations you can flag. So, you can create a long list and update it as you wish.

Remote Control

Other than automatically recording the activity on supported apps, this spyware can empower you to remotely:

  • View all installed apps
  • Block individual apps
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Listen to the surroundings without making a call
  • Take live screenshots
  • Wipe data
  • Lock the target device

As a parent, you’d be able to regulate your children’s mobile usage, especially at night. As a teacher, you’d be able to hear what your students are doing when you’re not around. As an employer, you’d be able to freeze a lost device and prevent sensitive company information from getting leaked.

Plus, the XNSPY mobile spy enables you to set restrictions on uploading data.

Something’s cooking too. In the future, you’ll be able to remotely start, pause, and deactivate apps on the target smartphone or tablet.

I was able to record my target device’s surroundings. But I wasn’t sure how long it would take to show up on the control panel. I got nothing after minutes of waiting.

surround recording

phone surround recordings

If I wanted to sneak up on someone this way, I would want the audio recording available quicker.


This spyware can instantly tip you off when the target device’s user does something that needs your immediate attention. This way, you’d be in the know right away when specified events occur.

As follows are the triggers for email alerts:

  • Calls made to or from specific phone numbers
  • Messages sent to or from specific email addresses
  • Specific words used within text messages, emails, and chats
  • Specific places the monitored device’s user checks in or checks out
  • Instances of SIM card swapping

In XNSPY’s settings, you can fill individual watchlists as you please and toggle particular alerts off.

watchlist words

XNSPY monitoring features

Stealth Mode

Can XNSPY stay hidden in the middle of its job?

Its developer claims that it’s 100% undetectable. But discreet is the better adjective. 

On Android 4–9, it can run in the background through stealth mode. However, discerning users would still notice its presence one way or another.

First and foremost, this spyware appears on the app list as Android Auto, which is not exactly generic. Google no less has its own mobile app of the same name.

If the target device already had the real Android Auto installed, this spy app might easily blow its cover. I could tell because I had first-hand experience during testing.

XNSPY android auto actions

Furthermore, XNSPY may cause detection because it never stops consuming battery power. Sooner or later, the monitored individual might notice the need to charge the target device more frequently.

XNSPY battery usage

To be fair, this isn’t uncommon among spy apps. So, it’s something you have to live with.

Another way it can manifest itself is when you remotely block a particular app.

XNSPY app blocking

Toggling Allowed on would prompt the above message on the target device whenever the user launches a banned program.

app list


As long as you have a valid license, you don’t have to pay extra for software updates. Barring subscription fee hikes, XNSPY is bound to be more powerful without becoming more expensive.

Considering that many feature rollouts are on the horizon, expect more value for your money in the long run. 

XNSPY Ease of Use and Interface

This software’s control panel is web-based. So, you can access it on any internet-connected device using a browser. 

The control panel’s familiar interface makes it easy to navigate. The tabs are on the left side. The spacious right panel would display the data you want to see per monitoring feature.

XNSPY menu

Here’s a glimpse of the XNSPY dashboard:

XNSPY interface

And here’s a preview of the remote control settings:

remote control settings

Obviously, this spyware’s control panel lacks flash. But it does a good job at organizing different types of data, which is what matters more.

In terms of uninstallation, the process is neither straightforward nor cumbersome.

On Android, I was able to remove XNSPY by simply running the Play Protect scanner. Uninstalling the app on the target device doesn’t automatically erase the smartphone or tablet’s data on the web-based control panel.

To start with a clean slate, you’d have to contact the company’s help desk. Its team would have reset your account, deleting all data from its server.

To target a different device, you would have to set a new password. But this spyware vendor may let you use the same activation code.

How To Install XNSPY

Check out the instructions on how to set up this software on Android and iOS.

XNSPY Android Installation Guide

Installing this app on Android involves more steps, but you can finish it in no time.

To avoid hiccups, disable Google Play’s Play Protect scanner first and keep it deactivated. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to proceed.

This was the error message I received when I made this mistake:

There was a problem parsing this package message

One important reminder: you need physical access to the target device. There’s no getting around the manual installation, but XNSPY requires no root. You’d need a rooted Android device to experience this spyware in its full glory, though.

Assuming you’ve purchased a subscription, follow these steps to get started:

1. Download the mobile app through this link: http://appdwnd.com/android.

2. Enter the right numbers when you see a pop-up form to initiate the download. 

3. Open the file once it’s ready.

4. Permit its installation from its source when asked about it.

5. Ignore virus warnings like this to continue the installation:

This app contains a virus warning

6. Stop the device’s battery usage optimization efforts to let the app covertly run without interference.

7. Allow the permissions the XNSPY app for Android would request.

8. Grant it access to the device’s location all the time.

9. Enter the activation code emailed to you with hyphens or else you’d get rejected.

10. Read XNSPY’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before accepting it and tapping “Activate.”

11. Grant every additional permission XNSPY would need.

12. Give it device admin powers upon request.

13. Click “Start Now” after checking “Don’t Show This Again” when asked about capturing what’s displayed on the screen.

14. Hit “Start Monitoring after checking “Hide Application Icon” to finish the setup.

Depending on your Android, you may encounter more or fewer steps. But the above guide gives you the gist of the installation and setup procedure.

XNSPY iPhone Installation Guide

This spyware requires jailbreaking only if your target device’s iOS version is 9.0.3 or earlier. Otherwise, you can install it and remotely monitor iPhone activity through iTunes.

The setup is relatively easy, but it can’t feed you data immediately. It completely relies on iTunes backup updates, which happen once every 24 hours.

On the other hand, installing XNSPY with jailbreak is key to monitoring the target device in real-time.

If your target iOS device is one of the newer models, follow these steps:

  1. Sync the target iPhone with your desktop to a laptop.
    • On Mac:
      1. Connect the mobile device to the computer via a USB cable.
      2. Choose iPhone when you open the Finder App.
      3. Back up the device.
      4. Check “Show this iPhone when on Wi-Fi.”
    • On Windows:
      1. Install iTunes.
      2. Sign in using iCloud credentials.
      3. Enter the verification code if the iPhone user has activated two-factor authentication.
      4. Connect the mobile device via USB cable.
      5. Check “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” in iTunes’ summary tab.
  2. Download the mobile app through this link: http://appdwnd.com/mac/.
  3. Copy-paste the pairing code from your XNSPY account.
  4. Check “Shared.”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Set and verify your backup password.
  7. Allow the app to sync with the target device until 100% to finish the setup and start monitoring.

Uninterrupted synchronization is the bedrock of the XNSPY-iPhone setup. So, your computer and your target must be on the same Wi-Fi network and on the same frequency band.

If you face any setup difficulties, you can seek assistance from the company’s help desk via live chat or email.

Poor customer support is a common theme of many negative XNSPY reviews. But I have a high opinion of the company’s reps. Most of them were super responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

XNSPY Pricing

This software has two editions: Basic and Premium.

You can pay either monthly, quarterly, or annually using a:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard 
  • Discover 
  • JCB credit card

Moreover, both packages are non-recurring. So, they don’t auto-renew at the end of a subscription period.

Have a look at the features of the XNSPY Basic vs Premium plans:



It lets you view call, SMS, location, and browsing histories, bookmarks, WhatsApp photos, calendar activity, and installed app lists. It also allows you to access contacts, Gmail, and stored multimedia, restrict data uploads, and get SIM-card-change alerts.

XNSPY Premium


It unlocks XNSPY’s full functionality.

If you want to target a different smartphone or tablet mid-subscription, you can switch devices once at no cost. But every instance after that would set you back $10.

When it comes to the money-back guarantee, the company may entertain refund requests within 10 days from the date of purchase.

At best, the XNSPY team would issue a partial refund under certain circumstances. Its list of conditions is rather long. But the usual grounds for giving a refund is loss of access to the target device.

XNSPY Alternatives

See how this spyware compares to the leading parental control apps on the market below.

XNSPY vs mSpy

XNSPY and mSpy have nearly equal spying prowess. But other than keeping tabs on everything that the former can, the latter can track notepad entries too.

Either app can send you location-based alerts and notify you when the monitored individual changes SIM cards.

In addition, mSpy can inform you when the target device’s owner Googles something that merits your immediate attention. However, it can’t advise you about suspicious phone numbers and email addresses.

That said, mSpy can keep you posted when the monitored device gets unlinked from your control panel. The XNSPY software can’t do this yet.

Speaking of deficiencies, XNSPY has no ability to remotely deny access to specific sites. And there’s no word if its developer is planning to add this capability to its repertoire.

What’s certain is that both apps can generate reports and export records.

Furthermore, XNSPY and mSpy have Android and iOS editions and support the same OS versions.

As expected, many of their features require rooting or jailbreaking. But only mSpy is willing to lend a helping hand to set everything up.

With mAssistance, you can hire a technical expert to do the heavy lifting for you. This hired hand can help you install the app, root your target Android device, set up advanced functionalities, and more.

Conversely, XNSPY has discontinued its remote installation support service even though its site still continues it. Fortunately, its help desk can point you in the right direction.

Price-wise, XNSPY’s subscriptions are more competitive. But mSpy’s plan can offer more value for your money.

For starters, mSpy lets you link three devices simultaneously and change target devices with no constraints and extra fees. Plus, its money-back guarantee is four days longer.

In contrast, XNSPY allows one device max and penalizes smartphone or tablet switching.


XNSPY and FlexiSPY can do standard monitoring capabilities. And they also share some inadequacies like the inability to block sites and mobile numbers and a one-device limit.

Nevertheless, you can expect app blocking, ambient recording, diverse alert options, and a 10-day money-back guarantee from either.

Primarily, what sets FlexiSPY apart from XNSPY is its support for more platforms. Aside from Android and iOS, the former is installable on PCs and Macs too.

Likewise, FlexiSPY is the superior keylogger and self-help resource. Unlike XNSPY, it can remotely take photos and record videos using the target device.

What’s more, XNSPY has no answer to FlexiSPY Express.

If you buy this product, you’ll get a new Android- or iOS-powered device with pre-installed FlexiSPY. The company can ship it to you anywhere in the world via DHL in plain or custom packaging.

Without a doubt, FlexiSPY Express is a convenient option if you don’t know how to root or jailbreak a mobile device.

Such a technical task can be a pain. This holds true when you choose a vendor like FlexiSPY that requires a jailbroken iPhone. On the contrary, you can install XNSPY on an iPhone without jailbreak for iOS versions later than 9.0.3.

At least FlexiSPY sells premium support if you don’t want to deal with rooting or jailbreaking alone.

XNSPY has stopped extending this level of tech assistance. But its live chat and email reps are available around the clock every day. Their FlexiSPY counterparts are online 24/6 only.

When it comes to pricing, XNSPY is the more affordable option.

FlexiSPY has a dedicated plan for each supported OS. But it won’t stand in your way should you wish to switch licenses mid-subscription for free. XNSPY has a different philosophy and charges $10 for this privilege.

XNSPY vs Cocospy

Whether you go with XNSPY or Cocospy, you would be able to spy on:

  • Calls
  • Text messages
  • Chats
  • Social media accounts
  • Browsing histories
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Calendars

Also, you’d be able to track device locations, installed apps, and SIM card installation.

None of these two can censor sites. But XNSPY can help you control the target device from afar. Its remote commands include ambient sound recording, taking screenshots, and wiping data.

Cocospy is more of a fly on the wall. It can monitor the usage of the target device without any means to tamper with it.

On the upside, you can remotely install Cocospy to non-jailbroken iOS devices. It’s possible to set up XNSPY with no jailbreak, but you wouldn’t be able to pull it off without physical access to the target device.

As far as rooting is concerned, it’s not necessary to install either spy app on Android devices.

If alerts are important to you, you’ll love XNSPY more.

The former can instantly notify you about a wide variety of things. Whereas, the latter can warn you only when geofencing and SIM card installation are involved.

In the area of affordability, Cocospy is the winner even if it doesn’t look like it at first glance.

The XNSPY monitoring app has lower subscription fees, but Cocospy permits up to 25 simultaneous device connections. So, you can save money per device with Cocospy.

XNSPY’s one-device cap per license is not only restrictive. But it can also be expensive if you plan to target multiple smartphones and/or tablets.

For high-volume purchases, you’d like Cocospy’s family and business editions.

Both products come with a money-back guarantee. But Cocospy would return your cash if you’re unsatisfied within the first 60 days of your subscription. Easily, XNSPY’s 10-day partial refund policy pales in comparison.

XNSPY Review - Verdict

In my book, XNSPY scores high on the installability and customer support departments.

Despite not offering premium remote setup assistance anymore, it’s definitely friendly to non-technical users. Optional rooting and jailbreaking define its value proposition, although physical access to the target device is a must.

Functionality-wise, XNSPY doesn’t have the most impressive feature set. Being incapable of banning sites blemishes its reputation as a parental control app. Its one-device limit wouldn’t help raise its stock as enterprise-grade spyware either.

Having said that, its selection of instant alerts is one of the widest in the business. So, it’s definitely worth the try.


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