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Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Nov 27, 2022

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What if you had full control over your voice messages? And what if you could block all those annoying robocalls or scam calls? Check out our YouMail review to find the solution to all your voicemail problems.

Robocalls and scam calls blocker


Visual voicemail


Free plan

Yes, for individual users

Voice-to-text transcription


Second phone number


Auto reply




Ease of use



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Minimum Price Free

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Visit Website

Best for: Extremely busy people.

Strengths Visual voicemail feature
Strengths Robocalls and scam calls blocker
Strengths Free plan for individual users
Weaknesses Professional plans somewhat expensive
Weaknesses Limited free plans
Weaknesses Clunky contact organization

What Is YouMail?

We all own a cell phone.

Still, nobody has the luxury of being available 24/7. We’d all like to have more control over what happens when the caller can’t reach us.

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this YouMail review.

It’s a visual voicemail service with tons of extra features for managing your voice messages.

But this app does more than just take care of your voicemail. It also ensures you don’t have to deal with robocalls and scam calls.

So, what is it exactly that the YouMail app specializes in?

Let’s start with the basics.

Not so long ago, the caller couldn’t do much when your line was busy or they got no answer. Well, that was unless you had an answering machine or your business utilized a message center.

Today, the majority of devices come with a built-in voicemail system. This isn’t necessarily the best option for managing your voice messages, however.

As you’ll see in this YouMail review, the app can do everything traditional voicemail systems can and much more.

It lets you access your messages in any way you see fit. As long as your devicе is connected to the internet, you can just log into your account and play your voicemail.

YouMail voicemail even gives you a chance to reply to those messages via text or email.

But is it the best visual voicemail out there?

Let’s find out.

YouMail Features

Here are the YouMail features that stood out the most:

A No-Hassle Call Blocker

Statistics show that almost 50% of the calls people receive are unwanted. YouMail’s audio fingerprints can flag robocalls and scam calls whenever they leave you a voicemail.

It doesn’t only identify and block these calls. It stops them from leaving you messages in the future as well.

Also, whenever it identifies a bad number calling, the app automatically plays the “out of service” tone. As a result, scammers will remove your number from their databases, assuming it is no longer in use.

The YouMail call blocking feature has even more options. For example, you can prevent all international numbers from reaching out to you.

Truly Accurate Caller ID

One of the worst parts of having a missed call is that sometimes you have no idea who it was. YouMail does an automatic reverse phone lookup to learn the caller’s identity. You can also do the same with any background or people search site

Still, the software can go through caller details for any number in the US and Canada. Whether it’s a landline or mobile phone, an organization or individual, you receive all the information you need. You can even view the photo ID or the website link of the caller if available.

With the YouMail caller ID, you know when not to call back.

Custom Voicemail Greetings

When someone important calls you, your cell phone doesn’t have to play the same recording it does for everyone else.

YouMail lets you generate an automatic smart greeting. The best part of it - you can record greetings for your friends or clients with your own voice. There are numerous pre-recorded messages you can choose from as well.

Many YouMail user reviews mention how handy this feature is when expecting a call from a valuable client.

We also liked the fact custom voicemail greetings are extremely easy to set up. It takes just a few taps to record your greeting!

Cool Visual Voicemail

Now let’s discuss YouMail’s visual voicemail feature.

It lets you choose what you want to listen to and which messages to save or delete. The feature is cloud-based, meaning that you can access data from different devices.

Using speech recognition, the YouMail visual voicemail can also turn messages into text.

The forwarding service ensures you and your team stay on top of every issue that comes up. It sends email alerts and automatically forwards messages to your colleagues or employees if you don’t respond within an hour.

Professional Voicemail Greetings

When running a business, nothing beats memorable and impactful custom voicemail greetings. YouMail lets you record your own or use those in the company’s library. You can use one greeting for everyone or set specific greetings for valuable clients.

YouMail uses its massive caller ID database in combination with your address book. That way, it generates custom voicemail for your valuable clients. If it cannot figure out who the caller is, it simply avoids saying their name.

This feature is only available in the YouMail professional plans.

Second  Phone Number

Another awesome feature YouMail provides is a free phone number. So, you get a second phone line while your existing one continues to work just like before.

You can use the new number to make calls, send messages, and receive them. That way you keep your actual cell phone private.

There’s an option to set your new YouMail phone number to go straight to voicemail if you don’t want to take any calls on it.

Auto Attendant

If you can’t answer an incoming call, YouMail can do it for you. Its auto-attendant app gives the caller several options so that they get the info they’re looking for. For example, they can select 0 to talk to your assistant or 4 to reach you on your personal number.

The YouMail voicemail app lets you assign an action to digits between 0 and 9, making it quick and easy for customers to get help. It's like having a virtual assistant at a fraction of the cost. 

Unified Inbox

This feature can unify all your phones and play your messages on any device.

Of course, it also transcribes your messages from voice to text. They all appear in the same mailbox. Also, it can identify which number called you and you can have separate greetings for each line. 

Basically, the app does everything for you - identifies callers, plays the custom voicemail, takes the message, and puts it in your mailbox.

Auto Replies

This software can auto-reply to missed calls, too. But how does that YouMail feature work?

What we really liked is that setting up this feature is as easy as it gets. For example, you can easily choose to send messages to all numbers in your contracts or only to some.

You get to customize the message and the app will send it automatically.

Free Conference Calls

One more reason to get a YouMail premium plan is the amazing conference call feature. It makes joining the call a real piece of cake.

Everything callers have to do is dial your number and push 8 to join. Anyone entering or exiting the call is announced by name, which makes holding the conference call even easier.

In addition, YouMail automatically records it and stores it for you.

Once the call is finished, you receive a summary with participant info and conversation time.

How Does YouMail Work?

The app has been designed to make managing your voicemail as easy as possible.

It uses the conditional call forwarding feature on your phone to route unanswered calls to the app. It then handles voicemail for you.

The software does so only if you don’t answer the call, if your line is busy, or if it cannot be reached.

Once the call is forwarded, the voicemail is sent to YouMail’s system. There it plays the voicemail greeting you’ve chosen.

The blocker feature is just as easy to grasp, and, judging by YouMail reviews, is a user-favorite.

The voicemail blocker does everything it can to keep robocalls and scam calls at bay. It informs them that the number is disconnected and makes it appear to be ineligible for future calls.

The database of blacklisted callers grows every day and YouMail can recognize most of them. 

The people behind the software claim the default features should protect you from the majority of robocalls and scams.

The YouMail Android and iPhone apps are pretty straightforward and easy to administer across your team. They’re available in the Google Play Store and App Store.

YouMail Pricing

There are several YouMail pricing plans you can choose from, for both individuals and businesses.

The basic personal plan even comes free of charge!

All other plans are billed either monthly or annually, with some extra costs if you choose the former.

Listed below are all YouMail plans available:

Personal plan


Free call blocking and voicemail, 100 messages saved, 20 transcriptions/month, 120 minutes/month.

Plus Personal Plan


Premium call blocking and voicemail, 1,000 messages saved forever, 50 transcriptions/month, 120 minutes/month.

Solo Professional Plan


3 numbers, best for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Growth Professional Plan


6 numbers, best for growing businesses.

Small Business Professional Plan


5 numbers, best for healthy, thriving small businesses.

YouMail Review - Verdict

Judging from everything we mentioned in this YouMail review, we can say it’s a compelling choice if you’re looking for a visual-voicemail service. It combines a great call blocking service with interesting voicemail features. You’ll get to enjoy accurate transcriptions, custom greetings, and more.

Add to this that it’s also an extremely safe option for protecting from spam. Security is an important feature for YouMail. When going through YouMail reviews we found no complaints about it. The company has also recently partnered with Avira for some extra protection.

While it’s not the least expensive service on the market, pricing plans are quite flexible. You can easily get your optimal service without paying for unnecessary features.

Get YouMail for free today and give it a run. If you end up liking it, you can consider switching to another plan.


Does YouMail really work?

YouMail is a great visual voicemail app that takes all the hassle of managing your voicemail. It also helps you repel robocalls and scam calls.

Is YouMail free?

YouMail has a free personal plan. It includes voicemail and call blocking, lets you save 100 messages, and perform 20 transcriptions per month. Most user-written YouMail reviews show it is a great option for individuals.

What does YouMail cost?

If you’re an individual, you can get the free plan. For growing businesses, it’s $24.99 per month. The company offers several different price plans.

Is YouMail secure?

YouMail is one of the safest visual voicemail services available. The company even recently started working with Avira. Check out our YouMail review above to learn more about the service.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

Dejan Cvetnarevic

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Neville Newman
8 months ago
YouMail would be great for voicemail-to-text transcription, which is what I really need, except that their info says that you only get 20-50 transcriptions per month (depending on the plan price level). With even 1-2 calls per day that you can't answer and which get transcribed, those limits get hit quickly.