Zyro Website Builder Review

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Jan 26, 2023

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Zyro makes owning a site easy. Its simple-to-use tools and affordable plans help you launch your online presence without any hassle. Find out more about our experience and what the service offers in this Zyro website builder review.

Ease of use


Free trial


Free domain registration


Free SSL certificate


Drag-and-drop builder


Unmetered storage/bandwidth


Customer support

Yes, 24/7

Suitable for

Blogs and ecommerce


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Zyro Website Builder Review

Minimum Price Free

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Freelancers

Strengths Powerful AI tools
Strengths Ecommerce tools
Strengths Easy-to-use web builder
Strengths Free hosting with every plan
Weaknesses Slow customer support
Weaknesses Inability to change themes
Weaknesses Limited template customizability

Gone are the days when website owners had to learn how to code to create beautiful web pages. Nowadays, anyone can become a website designer with the Zyro builder. The lightweight tool comes with a drag-and-drop builder, 110+ free themes, and artificial intelligence tools to help you create logos, slogans, blog titles, and more.

Zyro can be used for freelancers and individuals, but the ecommerce tools also make it a great platform for online businesses. We’ll show you the ins and outs of this service in our review below.

What Is Zyro?

Zyro is an all-in-one service for building websites with an easy drag-and-drop editor and tons of beautiful templates. Tools such as AI content production, heatmap analyzer, and a logo maker create an effortless experience.

This solution is part of Hostinger’s product portfolio. While it only launched in 2019, new features are constantly added. Some sections are a little buggy, but we didn’t experience any major issues.

Zyro Features

Zyro has seen a few setbacks in the short time they have been active, especially since it’s competing with big, established companies. But every challenge comes with the opportunity to thrive. Zyro site builder has a lot to offer, including:

Zyro Website Builder

You can use Zyro’s easy builder to set up a website in minutes. The elements and styles section is all you need to get started. The Zyro editor serves as a drawing board where you can drag-and-drop, edit, and realign site elements. It’s easy to add content like contact forms, CTA buttons, and social media integrations onto your pages with a few clicks.

The style bar allows you to add colors, adjust fonts, change backgrounds, and include animations. The website preview gives you a look at the PC and mobile versions of your site while editing. Zyro also comes with an autosave to ensure everything will be saved in case your device turns off unexpectedly. It's also perfect for UK websites

Zyro Templates

Zyro gives you access to more than a hundred free customizable templates to get started. They are fully compatible with the drag-and-drop function. We love the cross-device compatibility, as all pages are responsive to fit any screen size. Elements do overlap sometimes, but you can prevent this by using the preview tool while building your site.

Zyro Domains

The Zyro domain service lets you search for and buy available domain names. However, we thought it could use some improvement as it doesn’t generate a wide range of suggestions in case your preferred name is already taken.

On the brighter side, this vendor has almost unbeatable prices, starting at only $0.99/year. If you join the Unleashed or Ecommerce plans, you receive a domain for free. On top of that, Zyro gives free hosting to anybody using their services.

Zyro Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our Zyro website builder review would also like to touch on the ability to upgrade your hosting to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It’s based on Cloudflare, which gives users access to 170+ data centers globally.

CDNs have tremendous benefits as they accelerate your website’s loading speed. The set-up works by caching content to servers nearest to the end-users, which helps to reduce network ping and the volume of data transfer.

Another benefit is that CDN’s enhance security, as it includes a web application firewall (WAF). The feature is configured to block spam, malware, and bots. You can also filter traffic based on IP or country with Cloudflare’s page rules.


Zyro has an AI-powered heatmap feature, giving you an indication of visitor behavior and provides suggestions to optimize content. By repositioning elements, you can maximize conversions and improve user experience.

Zyro Ecommerce

Zyro has two ecommerce plans that have tons of tools to help you set up an online shop. There are 20 templates to help you get started and comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you manage inventory and orders.

The regular Zyro ecommerce plan limits you to 100 products, while the ecommerce+ plan gives you unlimited products. It supports multiple payment gateways, discount coupons, gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, running stores in multiple languages, and accounting processes are automated. Zyro supports dropshipping too.

AI Content Tools

Zyro comes with a handful of AI tools to improve your brand and website. The Zyro logo maker can be used to give identity to your business, but we weren’t impressed by it. We were unable to find anything suitable after scrolling through hundreds of demos.

There is also an AI business name generator. By simply typing in a word, the tool will suggest hundreds of names. The concept is identical to the AI slogan creator, which gives you a memorable catchphrase in line with your preferred keywords.

The AI writer is equally worth mentioning. It perfectly works with the Zyro editor to instantly generate text. It’s not always free from errors though, and you may need to edit some parts. 

While only covering some of the AI tools in this Zyro website builder review, we urge you to try them for yourself. They are free to test without having to register.

Unlimited Resources

Having a host that offers limitless resources helps to keep your site online at all times. All plans, other than the basic tier, support unmetered bandwidth and storage.

This may sound better than its reality, though. The company’s terms of service state that this provision is somehow limited. Resource overuse shall result in suspension without notice, but there are no figures to work with. There are certain guidelines to avoid spam, crypto mining, and any application designed to push servers over the edge.

Third-Party Apps

Zyro supports third-party app marketplaces such as Elfsight. With over 50 widgets, areas such as social media, ecommerce, and productivity tools are covered. Google Maps is an example for businesses with a physical location, and social media integrations can be used to display any of your posts on your site.

Most of the apps are free with limitations based on your traffic, but the paid versions aren’t too pricey. It costs up to $25/month to serve 500,000+ users. The Zyro premium widgets are free to use.

Zyro Mobile App

Zyro web hosting provides dedicated mobile apps for ecommerce users. The applications enable you to easily manage your online store on the go. At present, limited functions are supported on iOS and Android devices.

You can manage inventory, add products, edit and process them using the store manager. We do hope that Zyro adds more features in the future, like the ability to edit templates, update content, and manage hosting plans.

Zyro Pros and Cons

Even though Zyro is relatively new, it has excellent potential. Still, there are a few areas that we hope will get better with time. Let’s take a look at the up and downsides:

Easy-to-Use Web Builder – Pro

The Zyro website builder is very easy to use. Its drag-and-drop functionality helps you to quickly configure sites. You can use the grid editor to perfectly align content on the webpage.

The elements section allows you to work fast. You can add images, videos, text, and tons of other features. All changes are saved automatically. It also offers a compatibility viewer for mobile devices, which you can use to check how your site is displayed on smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence Tools – Pro 

The AI website tools are refreshing to see. The AI logo maker, writer, name generator, slogan generator, blog title generator, and heatmap are handy, and we like that everybody gets to try them for free.

Value for Money – Pro

Zyro premium plans offer great value for money. Plans start at only $2.90/month, which is 80% cheaper than most competitors.

Ecommerce Support – Pro

Zyro comes with numerous features that online shop owners will love. The inventory manager makes it easy to add products, and the automated processes lift a lot of work off your shoulders.

With more than 110 templates, you can make your storefront look even more attractive. You also have the option to use PayPal and Stripe as payment options.

Sketchy Terms of Service – Con

While working on this Zyro review, we were surprised by some parts of the company’s terms of service. Zyro claims that it reserves the right to deny you services. This means that Zyro can revoke or transfer domains without notice, including names that are rightfully registered by you. 

Another area of concern is the use of resources. Hosting vendors that offer unmetered bandwidth/storage often have clearly outlined limits. Unlike them, Zyro doesn’t give any figures to work with, yet overuse can result in suspension.

Limited Customizability – Con

While Zyro is a great tool for creating websites, it only covers the basics. Even though that’s all you need to create a good-looking site, it’s still inadequate.

Competitors include animating content, CSS and HTML editors, marketplaces with hundreds of apps, and more. Zyro is a capable tool, but it has a long way to go. We notice that new updates do pop up and we hope it can catch up with the competition over time.

Limited Knowledge Base – Con

Unfortunately, Zyro’s knowledge base is quite shallow with only 150 articles published at the time of writing this Zyro review. Especially for a tool that is aimed at beginners, we expected a more in-depth library.

Zyro Customer Support

Zyro has 24/7 chat support. Problem is, a live chat agent isn't always around, which is a significant drawback. Instead, the company uses a chatbot to book requests. Patience is required once you submit your queries as it took 12 hours for us to receive a response via email. While the staff is friendly and willing to help, this waiting time is too long for any urgent issues. 

Regardless of our encounter, other Zyro reviews tell a different story. 4.7/5 customers left a thumbs up praising promptness and knowledgeability.

Who Is Zyro Best For?

Zyro is an all-round tool for building stunning sites. It applies to a wide range of customers, including:


Thanks to solutions such as Zyro, owning, and designing a website doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. With many pre-built and customizable templates, you can build a site in no-time without needing any coding knowledge.


Zyro premium plans offer robust features to support freelancers, including artists, creative writers, and consultants. The powerful AI tools help you set up a site with great branding within minutes. The drag-and-drop tools for building your site give you an easy way to build a stunning portfolio to attract new customers.

There are many extensions you can use to add extra functionality, including a table for listing products and services. For users with physical stores, use Google Maps to pinpoint your location on the website.


The ecommerce and ecommerce+ plans are feature-packed for online store owners. Apart from the free templates, you’ll find robust tools for increasing sales. The inventory manager lets you add products, monitor stock availability, and track the movement of items.

Order management handles the processing of purchases and makes the issuance of discounts and gift cards an easy task. The feature also supports multiple payment gateways. Zyro doesn’t ask for any commissions and all users get unlimited bandwidth and storage.


Zyro hosting is a great platform for organizations that want to establish an online presence. It caters to industries in hospitality, services, and media. You can pick from 110+ customizable themes, but you can easily edit them with the drag-and-drop editor.

How To Create a Zyro Website

In this section, we will share the basics of building a website using Zyro.


Before building your website, you need to think about its purpose, niche, and target audience. Analyze the content you wish to cover. There are several keyword tools that you can use for this purpose, including Google Search, KWFinder, and Ahrefs. This can help you narrow down the ideas that will give you organic traffic.

Create a Zyro Account

The second step involves signing up for a Zyro account. To join, you’ll be required to enter your email and set a secure password. Alternatively, users can use an existing Gmail or Facebook profile. You can then pick a plan and read more about the features.

Choose a Template

There are 110+ Zyro templates to use on your site. Think about your niche and target audience when choosing it. Keep in mind that you can always customize it later.

Format the Layout

Once you settle for a template, click on ‘Start Building’ to work on your site. This action opens the grid editor, and lets you use the drag-and-drop tools to edit your site to fit your needs.

Configure User Experience

Use Zyro site builder to check for compatibility across different screen sizes to optimize it for your users. Don’t hesitate to adjust elements that are out of place as 55% of internet users are on mobile devices.

Optimize for SEO

Zyro makes SEO optimization very simple. If you make sure the main elements on your site have keywords and added captions to your images and videos, meta-descriptions will be hard-coded by default.

To improve performance, link your website to Google Search Console. There's documentation on how to do this on Zyro’s knowledge base. Doing so will assist you to identify other potential keywords and improve your web pages by Google’s recommendations.


Once your website is up and running, it’s important to monitor it and improve it accordingly. As many Zyro reviews suggest, use the AI heatmap to determine hotspots on web pages where visitors spend the most time. You can additionally add a ‘contact us’ widget so users can leave feedback.

Zyro vs. Shopify

Shopify is another popular ecommerce web builder platform. Similar to Zyro, it offers a good number of tools for creating sites, including free themes, a drag-and-drop editor, and ecommerce plugins. 

The platform also offers 100+ payment gateways for online shops. That’s gigantic compared to Zyro’s limited Stripe and PayPal options.

Shopify is fairly expensive and only comes with 11 free templates. Besides that, premium themes are costly. Compare that with 110+ customizable templates offered by Zyro web hosting for free.

While Zyro’s packages start at $2.90/month, Shopify charges $29/month for their basic plan. Despite being pricey, Shopify offers support for agencies. You can add up to 15 staff accounts to manage online shops. Likewise, the higher price gives users access to eight of Shopify’s warehouses.

Zyro SEO works well for international sites. However, Shopify is the best for targeting specific regions as it allows you to grow your business using country-specific domains. What’s more, you can deploy a POS terminal if you have a physical store.

Overall, both vendors have upsides and downsides. While Shopify stands out in ecommerce, Zyro is a much more cost-effective place to start.

Zyro Pricing

There are four plans available. The Zyro website builder pricing can be found here:



3GB bandwidth, 1GB storage, connect to your domain, free SSL certificate, blogging tools, and templates.



Everything in the basic plan and unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, a free domain for a year, Google analytics, Facebook pixel, and Messenger Live Chat.



Everything in the unleashed plan and the ability to accept online payments, ecommerce features, adding up to 100 products, email notifications, discounts coupons, gift cards, shipping and tax management, and multiple payment options.

Ecommerce Plus


Everything in the ecommerce plan and unlimited products, abandoned card recovery, multi-language store, Facebook shop, Instagram store, add your products to Amazon, and product filters.

There’s a 30-day unconditional refund policy on all plans.

Zyro Website Builder Review - Verdict

Zyro is an all-in-one solution for users looking to establish an online presence. It offers the right tools for building a website at a low cost, including domain registration, hosting, and hundreds of free customizable templates.

The simple-to-use Zyro builder provides a perfect environment for creating web pages fast. The drag-and-drop functionality and live editing make it perfect for beginners. The AI tools are another highlight of this Zyro website builder review. It comes with functions such as a logo generator, a content writer, and a heatmap. 

All plans are cheap, starting at $2.90/month. But since this is still a new service, it’s going to need some time to catch up with its competitors. It has much potential, but we’d like to see extra features in the future.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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Try Zyro ‘positioning’ on the grid it is annoying to place exactly where you want. Also vertical spacing is troublesome. How do you compare Zyro to Carrd for beginners??? Thanks

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Hi Larry, Thank you for your comment. If you are an absolute beginner, we'd recommend Carrd. You can check out our review here - https://techjury.net/reviews/carrd-review/ However, Zyro offers more features for more complex websites. Hope this helps:)