The Best 20+ Infographic Creation Tools in 2020

by Aleksandar S. | March 7, 2019

There is so much information online, it’s only sane to try and sift out what’s important.

One way to do this is by pouring a lot of useful statistics into a visual presentation. This engages users, granting you significant reach.

A well-done infographic tells stories in an exciting way, without boring the user. Additionally, our brains perceive visual stats 60,000 times faster than plain text. The easier it is to process the information, the more we will understand (and the smarter we’ll feel). This also makes it more likely that we’ll share it on social media.

Infographic creation tools, then, are essential for any digital marketer (or business owner). This is why TechJury picked the most efficient ones in 2019. Before we get to that part, however, we need to find a catchy topic and then lay some groundwork.

Only after conducting some solid research can you really produce an amazing infographic. Knowing how to structure all that newly-gathered information is equally important.



info.gram infographic creation tools techjury.netCore Features: Amazing Interface, Huge Graphics Available, A Lot of Free Tools

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $19/$67/$149 a month

Infogram is simply genius.

The free version has enough templates to do a wide variety of infographic types. Each template has eight possible variations, with 17 themes available for use. It is a breeze to change the color and structure in every project before filling the infographic with content.

Infogram’s free infographic maker has 25 icons, 41 unique charts, and 7 general shapes.

Creating a powerful infographic seems extremely easy, assuming you have prepared enough information to make it work.

The Graphics tab operates mainly with Unsplash and presents you with tons of images to use. There are only 2 free maps available, while the paid plans come with over 800 map categories to choose from. You can do project preview without a subscription, but to download any project you’d need to get a paid package.

Public project access is available at all times. Creating an infographic and sharing it privately, though, needs a paid plan.

All added effects are interactive, integrations are enough to serve most people’s needs. Youtube links stream seamlessly and transitions between features didn’t slow me down at all.

Infogram saved all my projects for further editing, neatly displayed on the main profile page.

Most importantly, all menu tabs are shown clearly, so the user can find any tool in a second.


2. Piktochart

piktochart infographic creation techjury reviewCore Features: Simplified Interface, Unlimited Maps with Free Version

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $15/$29/$99 a month

Piktochart is a solid free infographic creator.

I found 12 free templates and most weren’t your boring generic template. Piktochart definitely invested some time to polish the colors, forms, and layouts of their builder. With the product doing so much of the work involved, my part was near non-existent.

Paid plans give access to over 600 more templates, in case you need the variety.

Personally, I prefer trying to create an infographic from scratch, so I checked the blank tab. There were 14 customizable charts at hand, as well as countless forms and icons – agriculture, business, weather, arrows, environment, geography, and many more are free to use.

Piktochart scored big with me when I found all its maps are free of charge. I find it incredibly convenient, as this feature of the infographic map maker is a paid tool in most cases.

I could easily change any metric in any feature, be it a map, a chart, or a picture. There are even picture frames and 40GB of space to upload images of my own.

However, downloading my projects is available only in PNG format, with normal or medium quality. High definition PDFs require a paid subscription.

Loading times are just a bit slower than Infogram’s, but still rather fast. The transitions between tools and the customization options were intuitive and effortless.


3. Canva

canva infographic reviewCore Features: Long List of Free Features, 30-day Free Trial

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $12.95 a month

The Canva infographic maker is extremely user-friendly. And I don’t just mean its interface.

Canva has ensured to put greeting messages and instructional pop-ups for every step of infographic creation. It overwhelmed me at first, but it’s definitely handy. I’d remove the free trial notification, however – it appears way too often.

In technical terms, Canva offers 53 free templates across multiple industries – Business, Education, Charity, as well as Chronological and Processes options.

For blank projects, I could use thousands of images for free. Paying the monthly fee gave me access to 1.5 million more. There is a quick Upload option, and I also didn’t see a storage limit.

The free infographic maker also offers charts, color customization, frames, icons, and illustrations.

You can sync Facebook and Instagram profiles and integrate videos for free. Keep in mind you can only add some features manually from the sidebar.

Paid plans include special animations, fonts, organization tools, resizing capabilities, special images, and transparent backgrounds.

Previews are smooth and I could download projects in PDF. I could also share all of my projects via email.

Navigation was a piece of cake, with every menu and submenu responding swiftly.


4. Venngage

venngage_infographic_creation_tools_techjury.netCore Features: Advanced Options with All Paid Plans

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $19/$49 a month

Venngage doesn’t seem to have as many free infographic tools, but their paid plans are top of the line.

Usually, people opt for the most convenient free software for any casual task.

Venngage isn’t the best fit for them. The company offers a wealth of templates, but the most polished are saved for Premium and Business users.

There are 28 free charts available, countless icon charts and photos, but you can only use two maps as a free member – those of Canada and the United States. Free accounts get to upload a maximum of six images but at least the process is quick.

Creating the best infographic possible here can be challenging.

If you want to browse through the image library, you are required to provide a keyword. While it is undoubtedly useful to only see relevant images, Venngage’s search engine is not perfect. Sometimes, an image may be just right for an infographic, even though it’s listed under a different keyword.

On the other hand, you can easily embed a video or preview a project. However, previewing marks the end of the line for free accounts. Downloading or sharing is only possible with the paid plans.

I was also asked to share my creation with the Venngage community before uploading it to social media channels.

Finally, Venngage makes up for its few shortcomings with user-friendliness. The infographic tools in this package were responsive and easy to use.



easel.ly_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Cheap Monthly Plan, Intuitive Software

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $4 a month has limited free tools. On the plus side, its paid plan is the most affordable I’ve ever reviewed.

This company takes a brilliant approach to users.

If I want to use their service for free, I get 10 free charts, 25 photos, and 10 fonts to place in my infographic. I’d either have to settle with a quite basic setup or I should pay the monthly fee.

Since that fee is measly $4, it’s hard to be mad at them. I imagine most people would be fine with paying that little to get a wealth of premium online infographic tools.

This gives you more than 320 templates, 11 million images and pictures, 112 different fonts, high-quality downloads, and the ability to work in private. Yes, free membership projects are always shared with the whole community once saved.

Assuming the paid version is the way to go, the interface is incredibly user-friendly in terms of building infographics. The drag-and-drop feature places charts and photos in line with the already existing elements on the canvas, which gives the end product a professional look.

The difference between plans is so dramatic, that paying four bucks seems downright necessary if you’re serious about creating eye-catching infographics.


6. Visme

visme_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Innovative Infographic Tools, Quick Interface

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $14/$29 a month

Visme has quite a responsive infographic interface, but its true power lies within the paid versions. Still, like any progressive infographic platform, Visme operates fine without a subscription as well.

If you need a casually done infographic, the site offers many templates and huge infographic sizes. Users can add a lot of blocks to their infographics, and fill them with charts and forms they can import from the free content database.

However, you can’t customize those with a simple double click on the form/chart. You need to click on Settings and then insert any new data. Certain UI hiccups aside, though, it’s still among the best infographic software you can get.

All available elements are extremely quick to interact with any project.

You get 75 MB of space for uploads, and the content was available to add to any infographic. Sound uploads require a Premium account, though.

When done, projects can be downloaded in JPG for free. Public sharing is open as well. If you want to share privately, however, you’d need a paid account.


7. BeFunky

befunky_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: High-end Editing Tools

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $6.99 a month

While BeFunky can be used as an infographic program, it’s primarily a photo editor and collage designer.

The photo editing tools are amazing, but there are only four infographic templates. Three of those are paid, so not much variety here. The interface is smooth, drag-and-drop is enabled, but all the submenus can be hard to grasp at first.

It’s good for highly customized presentations, but it isn’t the most user-friendly, at least at first.


8. Snappa

snappa_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Creative Infographic Features

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $10/$20 a month

If you’re looking for a way to unleash your creativity, Snappa can surely be of great help.

The site has 48 free infographic templates, a set of trendy charts and forms, and a ton of customizable options. They are all responsive and easy to use, with a lot of educational videos to further help the user.

Any edits are possible with a double-click, and I easily uploaded my own images to use.

Downloading a project doesn’t require a paid account, but saving it on the platform does. On the bright side, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter is free of charge.


9. Adioma

adioma_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Intuitive Infographic Designs

Free Version: Free-Trial Only

Paid Version: $39/$69/$300

Adioma is packed with efficient infographic tools, but it lacks a free version.

Still, as paid plans go, this one is great value for the price. Be it a blank infographic tab or a ready template, Adioma aims at user-friendliness and effectiveness.

Tools here are intuitive and can easily be used to shape your content as you place it on the canvas. You can pick charts, forms, icons, and color customization easily.

You can choose between a variety of templates, designed for different industries and content types. This allows you to create professional-looking material with minimum effort.

In summary, Adioma is definitely among the best infographics creation tools and a wise choice.


10. PicMonkey

picmonkey_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Advanced Infographic Builder, Tutorials

Free Version: Free Trial

Paid Version: $7.99/$12.99/$33.99 a month

The main difference between free and paid infographic services lies in how intuitive they are.

While free generators rely mainly on your own creativity, paid services optimize their software to do most of the work.

PicMonkey provides a lot of templates, text, logos, and color options. You can upload your own content, too. Afterward, graphics can be saved for editing, shared publicly, or downloaded to use in any way you need.

There are a lot of tutorials and example videos as well.

Definitely one of the best infographic tools in 2019.



visual.ly_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Infographic Teams

Free Version: No

Paid Version: Custom Quote

Here, we’ve arrived at an entirely different infographic creation approach. With,, users are able to work on any infographic with the help of professional teams. doesn’t have a set subscription plan, but rather gives you a quote, depending on your project and business industry.

All you need to do is send a design brief, explaining the exact needs and guidelines for the project. A dedicated party will then start working on it, while keeping in touch with you for any updates or possible changes.

There isn’t a free version, obviously. Still, it does so much more than a free infographic software ever could.


12. Animaker

animaker_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Quick Video Infographic Creation

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $12/$19/$39 a month

Another tool to produce video content, Animaker delivers a quality product with both its free and paid plans.

Animaker strives to provide professional and quality infographics in an easy-to-use package. Their video preview loads significantly faster than other builders, and this is due to the simplified infographic elements they’re using.

However, the free version has only nine video templates, limited charts and images, and just eight free maps.

It also requires having a Flash Player. It is slightly harder to make an infographic here.

You can share the final product on Facebook or Youtube, but to download, you’d need a paid subscription.

In terms of interface, submenus load a bit slower than other infographic makers, but the difference isn’t overwhelming.

There are also a lot of tutorials and educational videos to help users get the most out of Animaker.


13. Biteable

biteable_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Video Infographic Excellence

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $23 a month

When it comes to quality video storytelling, Biteable is among the best free infographic tools right now.

The company aims solely on video content, and even its free version shines with excellent features. I was able to customize basically everything in the video template – timing, text, colors, background audio, and more.

The interface is friendly and responsive. You can find each tool easily. The system takes around three minutes to generate the final infographic (after you’ve already created it), which is okay-ish.  

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter sharing is possible for free. Downloads and private sharing, however, require a paid account.


14. Mind the Graph

mind the graph infographic creation tools techjuryCore Features: Cheap Plans for Students

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $5/$9 a month

Mind the Graph is an infographic generator, aimed at students and researchers. It features affordable paid plans, a lot of templates to choose from, and many icons across multiple industries.

However, the free version is pretty generic. No free templates are available and the charts are only five. Only one active project at a time, too.

After placing an element, be it a chart or an image, the submenus hide and reset. This can be either convenient and irritating, depending on your creation style. Text needs to be dragged and dropped, while icons and charts can be clicked and expanded.

To sum up, the paid versions look well, while the free one falls behind the competition.


15. Creately

creately infographic tools techjuryCore Features: Easy Infographic Maker

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $5/$25/$45/$75

Creately offers comprehensive infographic building, but it does take a minute to become familiar with its interface.

Using my free public profile, I had some troubles locating every needed tab for my infographic. Essentially, this means there’s a steeper learning curve compared to most of the competition, but it’s still easy once you get the hang of it. Additionally, the site offers a wealth of templates, which makes up for the slow start.

Charts, icons, and forms are placed with single clicks and can be arranged however you wish.

Keep in mind, chart customization doesn’t occur in a table – all statistics are written as a list, with added numbers and additional information.

Creating infographics can be tricky at first but I got used to it pretty quick.

Without a paid account, all projects are visible to the community. Social media sharing and downloads are also available without fees.


16. Blugraphic

bluegraphic infographic creation tools techjuryCore Features: Infographic Sets

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $13/$29 (one-time)

Infographic software is usually reviewed in terms of its speed, responsiveness, and the actual tools it provides. With this said, Blugraphic is a little different in nature than most. It gathers and sells sets of elements that you can use in the creation process.

This infographic design software offers charts, forms, icons, survey stats, maps, timelines, and tooltips that can be used in dozens of industries.

Their aim is to present any capable designer with the means to construct unique visuals from scratch.

Some of the sets are free to download, others require a one-time fee. All basic sets cost $13, with 1000+ elements included in each.

The so called “ultimate” sets with over 5000 icons each go for $29. Once you buy a set, you can use it on their platform freely on an unlimited number of infographics.


17. Cacoo

cacoo_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Advanced Infographic Elements

Free Version: Free Trial

Paid Version: $18-$1200 a month

Cacoo is a diagram creator, but it serves splendidly as an infographic designer, too.

Its free infographic templates aren’t the most optimal for starting an infographic, but the blank canvas is more than equipped to do the job.

While the templates do seem more complex, users can still add sophisticated icons, shapes, and charts to their project.

Customizing all of them is seamless and opens a lot of possibilities. Previews are smooth, content import and export also happen quickly.

You can invite other people to work on a project with you and share updates via Slack, Google Drive, Typetalk, and more.


18. Kartograph

kartograph_infographic_creation_tools_techjuryCore Features: Ultimate Map Infographic Features

Free Version: Free

Paid Version: No

As far as map-based infographic tools go, Kartograph is the ideal tool to create an infographic with its own unique feel.

This map creator tool covers the whole globe, so you can create any type of infographic with a strong geographic component.

The maps there are easy on the eye, engaging, and can be customized in a number of ways.

Users don’t need a connection to Google Maps or other mapping services. The interface is simple, light, and a breeze to use.


19. Adobe Spark

adobe spark creation tools techjuryCore Features: Great Visual Editing

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: No

Adobe Spark knows how to create infographics even when by itself. Still, it performs even better with a teammate.

Spark does lack some elements that you’d usually need. For example, if you need to use a chart (and chances are – you will), you’ll have to build it somewhere else. Nonetheless, Spark gives you access to a lot of pictures and icons, background images, and a vast list of editing options.

You can customize any feature here, with lots of different color palettes and layout options to choose from.

Adobe Spark can be combined with Blugraph’s sets of infographic elements. Users can open the sets in Adobe Illustrator, prepare them, and then import them into Spark to finalize the project.


20. Freepik

freepik infographic creation tools techjuryCore Features: Millions of Infographic Elements Available

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $7.50 a month

Usually, a free infographic maker offers a limited amount of available templates. Freepik begs to differ.

The site is dedicated to providing vector designs, illustrations, and photos for infographic projects.

Even with a free account, users can browse through thousands of infographic visuals. Paid accounts get access to over 3 million more.

You can search based on a keyword or simply browse, download, and use any element on your infographics. This process is effortless, as Freepik works well with most high-end infographic creator tools.


21. Ceros

ceros infographic techjury reviewCore Features: Impactful Interactive Infographics

Free Version: Demo

Paid Version: Yes

Ceros takes infographic creation a big step further.

The company is all about top of the line, interactive infographics. Not that a nicely designed still graphic won’t do, but sometimes we need more impact.

Creating a “moving” infographic shows that you’ve put more time and effort into it. Such projects engage users more, include more detailed statistics, and simply tell a deeper story.

Yes, the process takes longer, but the results tend to be better as well. Or at least that’s what Ceros claims.

The only downside for me is you have to wait for a demo before creating an account.

22. Google Charts

google charts infographic creation tool techjuryCore Features: Interactive Charts

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: No

Google Charts provides infographic content pieces for websites and mobile.

Practically, it isn’t an infographic tool, but rather a source for already built charts. All of those can be displayed on your site, should you find them useful. All products are free and highly customizable.

They also have a section with thousands of accessible charts, dashboards, SVG and HTML5 options, and most importantly – the needed data to set up the infographic.


Constructing the best visual product on your own is challenging. Gathering the content and then finding the right form to display it is a tall order.

Many infographic tools have the potential to aid you in your efforts and help you reach your audience with your message. A masterfully done infographic can go a long way, no matter if you’re blogging, teaching a class, presenting an idea or pitching a sale.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes more and more enjoyable.

Each of these websites has its strong sides as well as their flaws. Hopefully, this article has made it possible, if not easy, for you to find the one that will work best for you.


How to make an impactful infographic?

It is rather easy to put together an infographic nowadays. There are a lot of helpful websites, offering infographic services. You simply make an account, choose the right tools, and start working.

Some of those are paid, others aren’t. Using a free platform in the beginning is beneficial. You will get to know your way around the interface without having to pay for it.

Usually, you start any infographic with a blank page or a template. Then, customization comes – inserting forms, charts, images, video, and more. You can save it to edit later or share it instantly.

Which is the easiest infographic maker to use?

There really isn’t one that stands out as the easiest.

All modern software strives for simplicity and ease of use. Fewer distractions in the interface generally mean smoother workflow.

With that said, with most paid tools, the creation process is almost automatic. More advanced plans can even come with trainers or teams to aid you. These definitely make things easier.

If I have to choose, then Adioma and PicMonkey are definitely pretenders for the prize. Any of them is a wise choice.

On the other hand, if your skills are well-honed, even free graph makers can be a child’s play. They are also more responsive, due to the fewer number of elements they need to load.

Is it best to use an interactive infographic maker?

Depending on your goals, interactive visuals can play a huge role in your success. The infographic is so popular because it interacts with people. It takes information that is hard to digest, and turns it into an engaging story.




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