11 Best Backup Softwares UK for 2023

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So, you’re looking for backup software. I found and examined the best backup software in 2022 on the UK market. 

That enabled me to narrow down on the best 11. 

My goal?  

To assist you in searching for a good PC backup software, that won’t cost a fortune. 

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EaseUS ToDo Logo

1. EaseUS ToDo

With over 40 million users worldwide, EaseUS ToDo is bundled with useful features that enable you to backup and restore files without any hassle. It’s lightweight and fast with an easy to maneuver user interface. Above all, it’s an affordable solution for securing your Windows PC or Mac computer against data loss. Full review

  • Simple user interface
  • Multiple backup locations
  • Snapshot capabilities
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
30 days
Cloud Backup
Technical support
Free upgrades
Data encryption
Data protection
Schedule backups
Mail backups
Paragon Backup Logo

2. Paragon Backup

Paragon Backup and Recovery is a toughened file backup software found on the UK market, which comes with all the features you need to secure files. It supports AES-256bit data encryption and password protection by default. You also get to enjoy features such as incremental backups, backup splitting, multiple storage locations, and much more. Full review

  • Multiple backup locations
  • Supports incremental backups
  • Supports backup splitting
Visit Website Full review
Free trial period
30 days
Disk partitioning
Technical support
Backup compression
Bootable USB Drive
Data encryption
Schedule backups
Email notifications
Backblaze logo

3. Backblaze

When it comes to securing information in the cloud, Backlaze takes the crown. With this backup software, running out of space will become a thing from the past. The solution offers unlimited offsite storage resources, large file size support, encryption, and remote data access. Full review

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited file size
  • Multiple device support
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
15 days
Military-Grade encryption
Schedule Backup
File syncing
File history
30 days
2FA, Personal Key
Incremental backups
IDrive logo

4. IDrive

IDrive is a cloud backup that stands out with aggressive data compression. The feature is handy for creating compact backup files for easy upload and download to and from an off-site location. Additionally, you get to keep a copy of all your archives in the cloud. Full review

  • Multiple device support
  • Data compression
  • Full system backup
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Visit Website Full review
Free plan
Data encryption
256-bit AES
File sync
Incremental backups
File archive support
Customer support
AOMEI Backupper logo

5. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI stands out as the best all-in-one solution. Some of its features include intelligent backups, selective restoration of files, file integrity checks, and system clone with migration. Among companies that trust AOMEI Backupper, you’ll see names like Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch, and more. Full review

  • Intelligent backup support
  • Backup integrity checks
  • Bootable media support
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
30 days
System backup
Incremental backups
Hard drive cloning
Data compression
Comment tags
Data encryption
Email notifications
Genie Timeline logo

6. Genie Timeline

Genie Timeline PC backup software has a lot to offer. Performance optimisation, remote backup monitoring, smart options - you name it, the software has it. Some of the notable firms that use Genie Timeline include Endeavour Mining, Duracell, the Harvard Library, Steve Madden, and Open Colleges. Full review

  • Clean user interface
  • Purge backup archives
  • Quick setup wizard
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
30 days
Data compression
File encryption
Backup monitoring
User Dashboard
Performance optimization
Backup management
Email notifications
O&O AutoBackup logo

7. O&O AutoBackup

O&O AutoBackup is an efficient solution for automating all backup and restore tasks. You get features such as scheduling, resource optimization, and performance management. There’s also a disk cleaner for erasing junk files from your PC. Full review

  • Simple to use
  • Disk cleaner
  • Backup history browser
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
30 days
Automatic file sync
Automatic backups
System backup
Performance management
Backup scheduling
Technical support
Disk defragmentation
Ashampoo Backup logo

8. Ashampoo Backup

Ashampoo Backup comes from the family of Ashampoo GmbH. The utility tool strikes a perfect balance between price and functionality. You get a wide array of features such as proactive backups, multiple cloud options, and more without breaking the bank. Full review

  • Proactive backup processing
  • File integrity scanning
  • Error reporting
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
30 days
Cloud Backup
Email backup
Web Browser backup
Incremental backups
Backup synchronisation
Data encryption
Large file support
Nova Backup logo

9. Nova Backup

Nova Backup offers multiple options for protecting you against loss of data. With the software, you get the opportunity to store data locally or in the cloud. This also comes with file compression and incremental backups to help you save space. There’s also an accessibility feature for persons with visual or hearing impairments. Full review

  • Accessibility support
  • Incremental and differential backups
  • System restore support
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
Cloud storage
Automatic Backup
Data Compression
File encryption
System Restore
Email notifications
Fbackup logo

10. Fbackup

If you need multiple options to save files in the cloud, then Fbackup is the right tool for you. The software supports all the popular cloud service providers, including but not limited to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. You also get the option to use custom storage servers that provide FTP and sFTP support. Full review

  • Custom plugins support
  • Backup wizard assistant
  • Power management
Visit Website Full review
Free trial
30 days
Software updates
Cloud backup
Mirror backup
Backup filters
System recover
FTP/sFTP support
Google Backup and Sync logo

11. Google Backup and Sync

Google Backup and Sync is the best cloud backup software that’s available to UK users for free. The application allows you to connect your PC with Google Drive. In doing so, you get to enjoy up to 15GB of free cloud storage. That’s not all - Google allows you to add up to three accounts to expand the storage with 30GB extra. Full review

  • Free 15GB cloud storage
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic backup
Visit Website Full review
Automatic backup
File compression
Media only
Unlimited storage
Mirror backup
Multiple Google accounts
Track backup progress
System backup/restore

How We Ranked the Top Backup Software in the UK in 2022?

As with most things, there’s a method to this madness.

  1. I searched extensively for backup software reviews and forum discussions in the UK to obtain the list of the most sought after features. 
  2. I wrote down the ones that appeared frequently.
  3. I narrowed it down to 30 of the most popular applications based on mentions.
  4. I tested them all.
  5. This helped me to narrow down on the final 11.
  6. I got all the information available about them.
  7. Next, I outlined the pros and cons of each of the data backup software
  8. Finally, the time came to rank the software from best to worst

Let’s dive in.

Top Recommendations and Reviews

Best for: Home use by individuals.

1. EaseUS ToDo

Simple user interface

Multiple backup locations

Snapshot capabilities

If you are searching for a simple file backup software, then EaseUS ToDo Backup is your best companion.  It comes with great features, such as scheduling data backups, exporting backups to the cloud, and snapshots, which secures your PC from losing data. 

The software supports Windows 7, 8, and 10.

EaseUS ToDo is best suited for students, home use, and small businesses that require frequent data backups. 


Here are some of the features that stand out in this backup management software.


EaseUS Todo Backup lets you create a full backup copy of your Windows PC. With a single click, you can backup and retrieve all your computer’s files at ease.

You can also use the Windows backup solution to store files locally or on the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.  

The software has a one-click data restore feature. It really helps to minimize the chances of losing important files.

System Backup

EaseUS Todo backup utility software enables you to create a backup of your Windows PC. You can do this by either cloning the hard drive or creating a system backup

The system backup options let you take snapshots of your PC. In case your computer crashes or data gets corrupted, the snapshots make it possible for you to restore the PC to a previous working state

Data Encryption/Protection

EaseUS ToDo comes with both data encryption and password protection as a means of securing important files. 

With this feature, all the data you backup will require a password to decrypt before restoring. So your data is safe from malicious attacks. 

Schedule backup

EaseUS ToDo lets you schedule backups. All you have to do is create a backup task, select the preferred time, and backup frequency

The software will ensure that your files remain protected by running the tasks as scheduled. 

Mail Backup

If you rely on Outlook to manage emails, this data backup software is perfect for you. The application enables you to secure your emails and to schedule mail backups.

However, keep in mind that EaseUS ToDo supports only Outlook, so if you are using another service, you might want to check other options. 


EaseUS provides 24/7 support via chat or email. I managed to test both support channels and found out that the chat agents are not only knowledgeable but also efficient. 

However, for technical issues, it is advisable to open a support ticket for live chat only offers support for minor issues. 

I did open a general support issue, and the response time was swift – approximately 2 hours.    


EaseUS offers both subscription-based and one-time purchase plans as listed below.

  • 1 Year – £35.99/year
  • 2 Year – £37.81/2years 
  • Perpetual license – £59.99/Lifetime

Note that all plans have the same backup/restore functions. Each purchase of the data backup software also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


EaseUS Todo Backup software is a reliable solution if you look to back up Windows PC files. 

The software comes with a one-click file backup/restore feature, that offers multiple storage locations. EaseUS also provides great customer support round the clock, which is a rarity. 

This simple backup software has a free version, which is surprisingly reliable. However, be ready to close popups that persistently request you to upgrade. 

Overall, the ease of use and availability of flexible upgrade plans makes EaseUS Todo an excellent choice for your Windows PC.

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Best for: Small businesses that focus on security

2. Paragon Backup

Multiple backup locations

Supports incremental backups

Supports backup splitting

Paragon Backup and Recovery is a software backup application that focuses on security. 

It has a simple user interface, supports incremental backups, and comes with hard drive partitioning as an extra feature. 

Even though it best suits small businesses, Paragon Software offers a free Community Edition for home use. The software supports Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and later Windows versions. 

Here’s what I found out about it:


Below are some of the features that put Paragon Backup and Recovery among the best PC backup software in the UK:

Military-Grade Data Encryption

Paragon Backup and Recovery mostly emphasizes on security. The software relies on 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is also the preferred protocol for the best VPNs out there.

Compress Backups

If you’re running out of disk space, Paragon has got you covered. 

The software backup tool compresses backups to limit the amount of hard drive space occupied by the archives. 

That way, you won’t ever have to worry about running short of storage space. 

Incremental Backups 

Paragon backs up changes on your computer as opposed to creating a full backup again.

Apart from being a time-saver, the process utilizes fewer PC resources. While testing this feature, I was able to use my PC with minimal distractions. 

Backup Splitting

Paragon PC backup Software has added file splitting to the bundle. The feature allows you to split a single archive into multiple files of up to 4GB in size. Particularly useful for those using a FAT32 file system, as it offers limited space for single files.

Additionally, the fragmentation of a backed-up file into multiple ones enhances the flexibility of transferring the data to external sources of storage. 

Backup Locations

Paragon offers multiple storage options to secure your computer. You’ll be able to store files on an external hard drive or the cloud. 

However, for the average Windows PC user, setting up remote storage sounds scary. But it really isn’t:

Just mount Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive as storage devices on your computer. Use DOS commands to map the mentioned cloud storage services as virtual partitions. Alternatively, third-party solutions such as Visual Subst allows you to set your preferred online storage solution as a virtual drive on the PC.

Disk Partitioning 

Paragon file backup software allows you to transform your hard drive into multiple partitions. When partitioned, the sectors on the hard disk act as secondary storage space. The best part is you get to manage the regions separately for each location, so you get a discrete file system. 

Create Bootable Drives

You can use Paragon Backup and Recovery software to create bootable devices. By using this feature, you can create bootable CD/DVD and USB drives. 


Paragon Software only provides email and a ticket support system. Upon submitting a ticket, it took 6 hours to receive a response with a working solution for my query. 

The support team is pleasant - they went as far as making follow-ups just to ensure that I’m satisfied. Other than that, 

Paragon has a knowledge base where you can find answers to common issues faced by users.


Paragon offers both free and paid versions of their computer backup and recovery software. The pricing is as follows: 

  • Community Edition (CE) – Free. This option offers backup scheduling, disk space management, and backup/restore functions. 
  • Hard Disk Manager for Business – £98.97/Lifetime. This one-off payment for the software. It includes all features in the CE version, disk partitioning, email notifications, and support for cloning and migrating disks. 


Paragon Backup and Recovery is a great choice for individuals and businesses that focus on protecting the integrity of their data. It offers data compression, backup splitting, and incremental backups, which are ideal features for users with limited hard drive space. 

On the downside, it requires expertise to serve as a cloud backup software

Nonetheless, the free backup version of the software has adequate features that meet the day-to-day needs of Windows users.

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Best for: Demanding cloud backup tasks

3. Backblaze

Unlimited storage space

Unlimited file size

Multiple device support

Backblaze is a remote backup software that enables you to store files in the cloud securely. It offers unlimited storage for files of any type and size. It has a great user interface, that both new and expert users will appreciate.
Small businesses and individuals that are in need of an off-site backup service will surely love Backblaze. It’s available for Windows 7 and up. 


Below are some of the features that put Backblaze among the best cloud backup software in the UK.  


Backblaze offers a cloud backup service that allows you to store your files in a remote location. It also comes with a double-layer system for both on and off-site storage options. Your data will be available at all times! 

Multilayer Security 

This cloud-based service comes with 256-bit military-grade encryption

Backblaze also allows you to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) and a personal key. With these layers of security, the safety of your files is guaranteed. 

Friendly User Interface

Backblaze has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for you to backup and restore your files. For instance, scheduling backups and accessing the files is a simple task. Additionally, the support for multiple devices ensures that your backups are accessible on the go. 

Unlimited Resources

Despite being a cloud backup software, Backblaze comes with unlimited resources. 

It means that you can backup and restore files of any size. I also found the connectivity between the local machine and Backblaze servers to be fast. 

For instance, I uploaded a 2GB raw video file on the trial plan on a 10mb/s internet connection, and it took 30 minutes to complete. 

Backup Scheduling/Syncing

You can schedule file backup and sync tasks with ease using Backblaze. The software also supports incremental backups, which are ideal for users on metered internet plans - only changes to the file structure of your system will be uploaded to the cloud.

Create Permanent Archives

This remote backup software gives you the option to create permanent archives for your files. In case you change your mind about a file that you deleted days ago, the feature will allow you to restore it. Files will be stored for up to 30 days for free. 


Backblaze offers multiple support channels. You can either open a support ticket or chat with the customer support team. While on live chat, the agent was responsive and understood all my queries.

However, the live chat is only available for 7-hours a day between 5.00 pm – 1.00 am (BST). Definitely not ideal.


Even though Backblaze doesn’t have a free plan, it is quite affordable. They have favorable discounts depending on the number of months that you subscribe.

The pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly – $6/month. You get 30-day access to Backblaze cloud-backup service.  
  • Yearly – $60/year. This subscription allows you to obtain two months free per year.
  • 2-Year Plan – $110/2 years. With this plan, you save up to $34 for a biennial subscription.
  • File Archives – $2/Month. It’s free for 30 days. From there, it costs an additional $2 per month on top of a paid plan to retain archives

Backblaze has a 30-day money-back guarantee on the yearly plans only. 


Backblaze is a pretty decent cloud backup software that UK users can enjoy. The unlimited resources, advanced file protection techniques, and affordable pricing are great for both home and business use. 

On the downside, retrieving large files from the archives can be annoying if your internet connection lags. 

Also, Backblaze won’t let you backup your entire system. So if that’s what you’re looking for, it might not be the best software for you.

But if you’re on a budget and want a decent service that won’t break the bank – Backblaze file backup software is a great choice.

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Best for: File compression

4. IDrive

Get 90% Off Your First Year

Multiple device support

Data compression

Full system backup

IDrive offers free and subscription-based cloud backup services to individuals and businessеs. Essentially, it is a lightweight remote backup software with multiple device support - Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android, you name it. The tool lets you access and retrieve files from any internet browser, which is a great plus. 


Apart from the well laid out user interface, IDrive has a few more surprises up its sleeve: 

Data Compression   

This feature allows IDrive to compress backups before transferring to the cloud. You’ll be able to reduce the overall size of files for the facilitation of secure backups. The compressed archives are also ideal when it comes to accessing and restoring backup copies from remote locations. In other words, compacting data translates to faster upload and download of files. 

Incremental Backups

IDrive offers incremental backups. The backup and sync software works by scanning your hard drive for any file changes. Rather than perform a full backup, the task enables IDrive to only upload new files detected on your system. 

During my tests, the process ran continuously in the background. For my utter delight, the interference to foreground applications was minimal. I didn’t really feel the software doing its thing while working. 


Snapshots or cloning provide an effective strategy for restoring the computer to a previous working state. This feature works by duplicating the entire file system of a Windows PC.  In the event of data loss, IDrive will allow you to reinstate the computer using the last saved image of your machine. With this solution, you’ll worry less about ransomware and virus attacks capable of corrupting files. 

File Security 

IDrive has a sturdy file encryption system to assist you in preserving data securely. The system relies on a 256-bit encryption algorithm

This backup utility software also allows you to harden the integrity of your data by generating private keys. It consists of cryptography that is used to decrypt encrypted data. As such, the data that you backup will only be decoded using this mode of security. 

True Archiving

Unlike Backblaze, IDrive allows you to store your previously deleted files forever. The best part – it’s free. On the flip side, that means limited cloud storage space. 

So.. the more files you archive, the tinier your storage space gets. Doesn’t sound ideal, but you can always delete old archives to free up space.

Activity Logs 

IDrive grants you access to the activity logs of your file backup processes. You can use the information to check for successful backup/restore tasks and identify errors – if any. 

You’ll also find the audit trail for the backup and restore activities are stored in a clean interface for your convenience.

I managed to schedule several tasks, which the IDrive file backup software executed successfully based on the reporting of the activity logs.


IDrive gives you the option of live chat, email, and a ticket system to submit requests for support. The best part of it is – all these channels are available round the clock daily. 

To test their responsiveness, I managed to speak to a live agent. Despite being on a free plan, the person was polite and addressed the issues I raised.


Apart from the 5GB free plan, IDrive offers attractive pricing for its cloud-backup services. The plans and allocated resources are as follows: 

  • Personal – $52/year. The individual plan is bundled with a maximum of 5TB for one user and access from unlimited devices. 
  • Business – $74/year. This plan offers up to 250GB of space for unlimited users and user groups on unlimited devices. However, prices can reach $300/month to expand storage space by up to 12.5TB/month

The company has a 15-day refund policy from the time of upgrading your plan. Once the 15 days elapse, IDrive handles refunds on a case-by-case basis


IDrive is an ideal option if you are looking for a free and reliable Windows backup software. The premium plans aren’t that expensive at all, which is also a plus. 

While IDrive does offer limited space, it is perfect for those who prefer to have the entire backup of their Windows system stored on the cloud.

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Best for: All file backup tasks

5. AOMEI Backupper

Intelligent backup support

Backup integrity checks

Bootable media support

AOMEI Backupper ranks among the best free backup software in the UK. It is ideal for individuals and small businesses using Windows XP and up that are looking for a free solution. For power users, AOMEI has a paid version that provides advanced features to cushion computers against loss of data.


Some of the features which you’ll find useful include: 

Comment Tags

This is a feature that allows you to tag and edit notes on every backup. These comments can serve as a reminder when perusing the image files in the archive history. 

Intelligent Backup

AOMEI backup utility software has an intelligent backup feature built in the application. It works by scanning and creating backups of used partitions on your hard drive. In doing so, it reduces the image file of the backup output, which helps to save space on the local and USB drives

Restore Files Selectively

With this feature, you can restore all the files that you need. You can also use it to eliminate the lengthy process involved in restoring large files. All you need to is scroll

through the list of archives and select the data to reinstate. 

System Backup/Restore

The feature utilizes the same principle as backup/restore on PCs running on Windows operating systems. All you have to do is create an image of your computer’s file system. In case of damage, you can recover your system to a previous working state.

Data Encryption

Data protection allows you to safeguard the backups against unauthorized access. To accomplish this, you first have to set a password and then back up your data. It is also advisable to store your password in a safe place, for you’ll need it to restore files. 

Image Compression

Image compression serves the role of reducing the overall file size of the backups. This feature generates archives that occupy a small space on your preferred storage location. 

Perform Integrity Checks

You can use AOMEI Backupper to analyze the integrity of image files. Such a feature is usually useful in examining for the presence of errors in the file backups

Typically, performing integrity checks is crucial, for it allows you to avoid running into faults when restoring your data. 

Clone/System Migration

AOMEI Backupper makes it easy for you to migrate your system. I tested out the feature by creating a clone of my Windows PC. Then, I changed the traditional hard drive on the computer and replaced it with a solid-state drive (SSD). From there, this backup software helped to successfully restore the files.


One drawback of AOMEI Backupper is the dismal customer support. The company doesn’t offer live chat support. I also noted that perusing the support page on their website is tedious. Unlike EaseUS, Backblaze, and IDrive, I couldn’t locate the call to action on AOMEI’s website to request assistance. 

However, there’s a hidden ‘Contact us’ link at the bottom of the webpage, which people with visual impairment can find challenging to locate. Upon filing support requests, I received feedback after around 6 hours. 

Nonetheless, for priority support, you may want to purchase one of the premium plans as it’s unavailable in their free backup software.


The pricing for AOMEI Backupper file backup software is as follows below: 

  • Free trial – 30 days. The free trial option allows you to test the paid versions of AOMEI Backupper for an entire month.  
  • Professional – £47.99/Lifetime. It’s a one-time purchase. It allows you to clone the system, backup files faster, and merge backups. 
  • Workstation – £59.99/Lifetime. Apart from the tools available in the rest, AOMEI Backupper Workstation enables you to manage backup/restore functions for Windows PC in a local area network (LAN).

AOMEI Backupper offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. 


AOMEI Backupper ranks among the best backup software in the UK. It comes with a wide array of tools for home and business use. Customer support is quite modest on the free plan, but a paid license guarantees priority options. All things considered, the image compression feature makes it a perfect solution for individuals with limited storage space.

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Best for: Users looking for a software with enhanced performance

6. Genie Timeline

Clean user interface

Purge backup archives

Quick setup wizard

Genie Timeline positions itself among the best backup software in the UK with its simplicity and usability. It offers an intuitive dashboard, built-in search function, performance optimization, purge cache capabilities, and more. This solution is recommended for both home and business use for Windows XP and up.

Here's what I found out from testing this tool:


Here are some of the features that I found fascinating about Genie Timeline:

Quick Setup

During installation, Genie Timeline gives you the option to run through a setup wizard. Using it allows you to set a backup drive, select the data to backup, or restore from previous backups. Great feature when you’re running out of time.    

Smart Selection Dashboard

Genie Timeline’s user dashboard, or control panel – if you wish, is mesmerizing. Everything is within reach and it's extremely easy to navigate.

This PC backup software puts all the features that you need in one place. The dashboard enables you to speedily run the most common backup tasks on your computer.

Some of the options that I found useful include backups for financial data, office documents, media files, and emails.

Built-in Search Feature

Genie Timeline has a search feature that eases the process of locating archived files. I was able to create several backup copies and waited for a few days before testing the tool. Upon using it, this option provided a chronological timeline that listed several versions of the stored data. That means it prevents you from using old images to restore your Windows PC data. 

Performance Optimization

This data backup software is bundled with features for tweaking the use of resources on the computer. Some of the performance profiles include: 

  • Game/Movie Mode
  • Smart Mode
  • Power Saving Mode, and 
  • Turbo Mode 

When testing, the turbo mode ran all backup/restore tasks at full speed. However, note that this option utilizes all resources making it difficult to run task processes on PC.

On the other hand, the Game/Movie mode halted backup activities, especially when watching movies, playing games, and running PowerPoint presentations. 

Which profile sounds best for you? 

If you’re unsure, go with smart mode. That Genie Timeline will track user behaviour to optimize memory and processor usage when running tasks.   

Remote Backup Monitoring

Another feature that I found interesting is remote monitoring for backups. This option comes with a smartphone application for tracking the progress of running functions.

One drawback of this feature is device support. As of now, it supports smartphones running only on iOS.

Purge Backups

Apart from data compression and incremental backups, you can use the purge backup feature to delete old files and outdated archives to free up disk space. I found this option is useful in maximizing limited space on hard drives and removable media


Genie Timeline offers live chat, email, and ticket support 24/7. If that’s not enough for you, they do have dedicated phone support for customers within the UK. 

I tried to contact support both via phone and live chat during odd hours. To my delight, a support agent was available to handle my query. He was not only welcoming but also very helpful. 


Genie Timeline doesn’t have a free version for their backup management software. The good thing is, the pricing of the products is fair as listed below:

  • Genie Timeline Home – £29.95. This license has features such as continuous backups, timeline view, and multiple storage locations. 
  • Genie Timeline Backup Manager – £34.95. This license gives you all features on Genie Timeline Home in addition to 128-bit file encryption, run multiple backup tasks, and support for CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray storage options.

Note that the company provides a 14-day full refund policy. 


Genie Timeline is a Windows backup software with a clean user interface. It’s easy to use and has a wide array of features to fulfill your backup needs. The smart selection and performance optimization made a wonderful impression on me.

On the downside, Genie Timeline limits monitoring to iOS devices. I also noted that a free file backup version of the software is unavailable.

All-in-all, users that need straightforwardness, such as students and businesses, will find this solution a great pick.

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Best for: Scheduling file backup tasks

7. O&O AutoBackup

Simple to use

Disk cleaner

Backup history browser

Just as the name suggests, O&O is an auto backup software. What’s great about it is that it’s lightweight and easy to use. This program works by enabling you to secure files by running backup tasks automatically. 

As such, it’s ideal for users seeking to create backups without the hustle and bustle present in complex backup and restore applications. It currently supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems.


Below are some of the features that I found fascinating when testing the backup software:

Automatic File Backups

O&O AutoBackup works by synchronizing files between your computer and preferred storage location. Once you select the folder that you wish to backup, the software remains active, scanning it for any changes in terms of content.

Upon adding a few files to the folder, the application scans it and instantaneously syncs the new data to the target location. The feature also supports file syncing between the PC and removable media such as USB drives and external hard drives. 

Performance Management

O&O AutoBackup comes with performance management options that help optimize resource usage on your Windows computer. Some of the features include continuous file sync, incremental sync, and sync scheduling.

With it, I managed to tweak the automated processes of the backup software by adjusting the mode of synchronizing files. However, I did find the features shallow when compared to the robust options offered by Genie Timeline. 

PC Optimization

O&O AutoBackup offers system optimization features such as disc defragmentation and disc cleaner. 

To test the tools, I took an old Windows 7 PC with around 250GB of data and ran both features to gauge their effectiveness. This process took around 2 hours to complete. 

To my surprise, the software freed about 30GB of junk data on the hard disk. I also noticed a considerable improvement in the response time and performance of the PC.

Backup Scheduling

After playing around with performance management, I moved on to check the way backup scheduling works. The first thing that you’ll notice is the modest design. 

Once you schedule backups, O&O auto backup software will run differential/incremental backups based on changes from the source folder to the target folder.  


Even though O&O AutoBackup offers 24/7 support, you’ll need to be patient, as they don’t offer live chat support. That said, I did submit a ticket, and it took a day-and-a-half to receive a response. Despite the wait, the response to my query was precise.


The pricing for O&O automatic backup software is as follows: 

  • Professional Edition, 1 PC – £19.99. You get a single-user perpetual license for one PC. 
  • Professional Edition, 5 PCs – £37.99. You get a multi-user perpetual license with support for up to 5 PCs. 

All the payable products above come with a 30-day unconditional refund policy. 


If you’re looking for simplicity – O&O backup and sync software should be on top of your list. It has a clean user interface that allows you to set automatic file backup and sync tasks. It’s ideal for students, home use, and small businesses. You’ll also find the automated features convenient while working away from your PC.

However, the lack of a restore feature is a significant drawback of O&O AutoBackup. 

It means you have to restore files manually. Nonetheless, it’s a handy auto backup software for running automated backup/restore tasks on your Windows PC.

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Best for: Value for money

8. Ashampoo Backup

Proactive backup processing

File integrity scanning

Error reporting

Ashampoo is a backup software for Windows PCs that comes with a significant number of tools to help keep your data safe. It offers support for large files, data encryption, and active synchronization. 

It also has a low price tag, which makes it ideal for users on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

After getting hold of this computer program, I couldn’t wait to check out its features.

The question is – is Ashampoo the best backup and sync software

Let’s find out.


Apart from the usual backup/restore functions, here are the features that make Ashampoo stand out:

Proactive Backups

Ashampoo scans the computer’s resources to optimize the backup process. In situations of high CPU load, the feature signals software to pause its actions.

Multiple Cloud Backup Options

When perusing backup locations, I noticed that the Ashampoo cloud backup software integrates with quite a few of the popular names. In this case, the software supports Google Drive, Dropbox, 1&1 Cloud, and OneDrive. 

Is your favourite cloud backup provider absent from the mentioned ones above? 

Ashampoo has the option to add any web storage with support for WebDAV. The good thing is, all popular cloud storage service providers support WebDAV. 

File Integrity Check

The integrity of your backups is vital in ensuring your restore tasks compete successfully. As such, this data backup software conducts integrity checks by verifying the similarity of files in the source location with those in the target location.

Once errors are identified, the software creates error logs. Such information enables you to rerun the task for the generation of new image files


You can create duplicate copies for the entire Windows PC’s file system. In the event of failure or data loss, you can restore to a previous working state. 

File Encryption

Ashampoo backup gives you the option of using a password to protect file backups. 

I tried out the feature, and it requires you to set it first before prompting the software to embark on encrypting the data. 

By default, this file backup software uses a 256-bit file encryption process to protect your information against unauthorized access. 


Ashampoo has developed a support platform that enables you to resolve common issues faced by users. And so, I went through tens of support articles. They were informative enough, enabling users to fix some problems on their own.

In case you fail to find a solution, just open a support ticket to receive specialized support. I gave it a try, and Ashampoo courteously responded with a solution to my query within a day. 


Ashampoo’s pricing of its backup utility software is as follows below:

  • Ashampoo Backup – £13.33. This one-time license comes with features such as cloud storage via WebDAV, proactive backups, system restore, and automatic synchronization. 
  • Ashampoo Backup Pro – £16.00. This license bundles all Ashampoo Backup features alongside popular cloud backup features (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox), browser backups, email backups, and more. 

Ashampoo has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The proactive and automatic backup, which minimizes the hogging of your system’s resources makes Ashapoo a great companion. A free version of their backup software would have been a match made in heaven. 

Even so, the pricing is also right for home users and small businesses. 

Nevertheless, Ashampoo PC backup software does an incredible job of doing the heavy lifting in securing computer files.

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Best for: Visually/hearing-impaired individuals

9. Nova Backup

Accessibility support

Incremental and differential backups

System restore support

Nova Backup is a hybrid Windows backup software that gives you benefits of both local and cloud storage. It comes with 5GB free of cloud storage and a 3-2-1 backup rule to mitigate the risk of losing data.   

The application is great for both home and small business users with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

I installed the software to run several tests. Here’s what I found out:


The first thing that I noticed is the well laid out dashboard of this data backup software. But that’s far from the best thing about Nova Backup.

3-2-1 Backup Rule

The backup software implements a three-layer full backup approach to protect your Windows PC. 

It creates three different image files of your data – one is stored locally, and the other two copies are stashed in different hard drives. From here, the final step involves creating a copy of the archive to an off-site location, such as cloud storage. 

In the event of data loss from the local or external drives, the cloud backup will help to restore the files. 

Incremental/Differential Backups

Nova file backup software comes with incremental and differential archives out of the box. These modes of safeguarding data do a tremendous job of saving time during backup and restore sessions. 

I also noticed that using these features utilizes fewer CPU/RAM resources while running automatic backups in the background. 

Aggressive File Compression

Data compression is an indispensable tool that helps to save space on your hard and USB drives

To determine the extent of file compression, I performed two backup sessions. I used the file compression in the first one only.

The results were astounding. Nova Backup’s algorithm managed to reduce the backup file size by up to 25%. 

Accessibility Support 

This cloud backup software is fully compatible with the accessibility tools bundled in Windows computers. 

If you have a visual or hearing impairment, Nova Backup has your back.

Automatic Backups

You can schedule the frequency in which the tool will create backup copies of your files. It doesn't matter if you need the backups monthly, weekly, daily, or on an hourly basis - Nova Backup will handle it all.


Here’s where things get tricky. The support is beyond average.

You have the option of opening a support ticket or speaking directly to an agent via phone call or live chat.

However, live support is limited for half a day, and they only provide US and German phone numbers to call. 

Despite the limitations, the support agent handled my questions precisely by giving accurate answers. 


Nova data backup software has annually renewable license based on the following pricing plans below:

  • 1 Windows PC – £25.95/Year. This single-user license is renewable annually and supports all Nova Backup features.
  • 3 Windows PCs – £34.95/Year. This is an annual license that supports up to 3 Windows PCs.
  • 5 Windows PCs – £44.95/Year.  With this license, you get to use all Nova Backup features with support for up to 5 PCs.

Nova Backup has a 30-day full refund policy.   


Nova Backup’s hybrid capabilities make it an ideal cloud and hard drive backup software

However, the 5GB free cloud storage is quite limiting.

I also noticed that Nova Backup pushes marketing messages frequently. While not a huge problem, it sure does get annoying.

Overall, the accessibility options make the software an ideal choice for individuals with visual or hearing challenges.

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Best for: Multiple cloud support

10. Fbackup

Custom plugins support

Backup wizard assistant

Power management

FBackup is a hybrid local and remote backup software that comes with a wide array of features to protect your PC against data loss. It offers multiple cloud options, file filtering, mirroring of data, and more. 

The software is ideal for home users, small businesses, and webmasters using Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

I took the time to test the application and here’s my review: 


Once you install the backup utility software, you’ll be stunned by the design.

Fbackup embraces the native Windows 10 user interface. If you aren’t aware that it’s not a Windows 10 native app, you’ll surely mistake it for one.

But let’s discuss the features.

Multiple Cloud Backup

Apart from the usual Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, Fbackup supports other cloud alternatives such as Google Cloud, Amazon S3, HiDrive, and Hubic. 

Additionally, this backup utility software allows you to save files to a remote host using FTP and sFTP protocols.

You virtually use any online server and cloud storage service that supports FTP or sFTP, which means quite the freedom of choice.

Backup Filters

Fbackup incorporates filters so you can categorize data before creating backups. You can also select items based on file extensions. That way the time taken to preserve the information on your hard drive is shortened significantly. 

I tried out the feature by selecting the extension of image files such as JPG and PNG. Next, I prompted the Fbackup software to create a backup of the selected file extensions. After 30 minutes, I checked the target location. 

Indeed, the application works as described - the target folder only contained JPG and PNG images.

Mirror Backup

In a nutshell, a mirror is a simple backup approach in which the software creates identical copies of your files. 

However, ensure that you have adequate storage space on your server, cloud storage, hard drive, or removable media. Mirror backups don’t compress the output archives.

Custom Plugins

Fbackup has intuitive custom plugins that allow you to either add or strip the software of features. For instance, you can go from simple backup software to robust cloud backup software

Some of the plugins include backup for web browsers, cloud storage, servers, and file types. 

Most importantly, I also noticed that keeping the plugins at a minimum enables Fbackup software to run smoothly on Windows PCs with limited resources. 

Power Management 

There’s a power management feature that allows you to limit energy consumption on your Windows computer. 

The three power management options include hibernate, stand by, and shutdown. 

I tried the feature by leaving the PC to backup files overnight and selected “shut down” once backup was completed. 

The following morning the computer was turned off. 

I recommend the use of this option for people that prefer to leave processes running on the computer for lengthy durations.

Backup/Restore Wizard

Fbackup did put into consideration the need to accommodate novice users by including a backup and restore wizard. This feature provides you with a step-by-step guide for creating backups and restoring your files. 


Fbackup PC backup software offers average customer support. I did submit a support ticket and received a response in over a day. Despite the wait, the agents cordially responded to follow up issues that I faced.


The pricing for Fbackup and recovery software is as follows: 

  • Fbackup Free - This freeware version comes with basic features such as Google Drive backup, backup/restore wizard and backup to local and external drives. 
  • Fbackup4all Professional – $47.99. This one-time license comes with free upgrades, multiple cloud backup options, FTP/sFTP, file encryption, error reports, incremental/differential backups, and more. 


Fbackup offers a vast number of features for securing data on your Windows computer. It has incredible plugins that allow you to customize the software to meet your file backup needs. Additionally, the multiple cloud support and backup wizard add the oomph of using Fbackup either as a free or paid Windows backup software

On the flip side, Fbackup doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. It’s also disheartening to find crucial functions such as file protection and multiple cloud support excluded from the free version. Also, note that the software requires technical expertise to use FTP and sFTP tools. 

Overall, the software is ideal for individuals and small businesses that prefer to use multiple clouds at once as a backup solution.  

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Best for: Free cloud storage

11. Google Backup and Sync

Free 15GB cloud storage

Easy to use

Automatic backup

This is a cloud backup software that connects with your Google account to offer you up to 15GB of free cloud storage space. Using this solution also gives you the opportunity to store unlimited pictures and access the files from any device at no extra cost. 

The software is a good choice for individuals and businesses that use Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. 


Google Backup and Sync isn’t your usual file backup software for it offers limited features as outlined below.

Automatic Backups

The software supports automatic file backups. The process is simple: 

Install the software and connect it to your Google account. Then, select the files that need backed up. Google Backup and Sync will take over from there.

The best part is, anytime you add a new file to the source folder, Google Backup will automatically sync it to your cloud storage account.

Unlimited Media Storage

Google Backup and Sync gives you unlimited storage for your images and video files. 

To benefit from this feature, you have to allow the software to compress your media files.

This solution is ideal for users that rely on high-end smartphones such as Samsung and iPhone that require reliable backup software in the UK for archiving large media files.

In this case, Google’s compression algorithm will strive to maintain high-quality copies of your content to a fraction of the original size. 

Mirror Backup

Any item that you chose to backup will be copied to the cloud in its original state except for media files. It might take some time to copy large files from your hard drive to Google’s servers.

Multiple Google Accounts

Here’s a trick.

You want Google cloud storage beyond the 15GB limit. How to get it?

Easy. Connect more accounts.

By doing so, you can expand your cloud storage space by up to 45GB. This translates to more space for you to archive your files. 

Track Backup Progress

Google Backup and Sync software utilize the Windows notification area to display the file upload process to the cloud. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t support multiple file backups at once. Instead, it uploads only one file at a time.


You risk losing your data stored in Google cloud. 

How does this happen? 

Deleting a file or folder that is in sync with Google will cause the software to replicate the same action in your account. 

In other words, the PC backup software will erase any file that you delete on your computer from the cloud. 

How do you prevent this from happening?

Once you install Google Backup and Sync, head over to the preferences and change the delete files option from “Anywhere” to “Keep files on your PC”.


Google offers live chat, phone, and email support. I managed to speak to a live chat agent regarding some issues. I found them polite, patient, and responsive. However, for queries that need technical support, the agents will submit a support ticket for you. At this point, you’ll need to be a bit patient for Google’s efficient technical team to respond via email. 


Apart from the 15GB free plan with unlimited media storage, the pricing for Google cloud backup software in the UK is as follows: 

  • 100GB – £1.59/month. You get access to Google expert support and the option to share your storage with family members or colleagues. 
  • 200GB – £2.49/month. You get access to all features as described under the 100GB plan.
  • 2TB – £7.99/month. You also get all the benefits as outlined under the 100GB plan. 


Google’s backup utility software gives you plenty of cloud storage for your files. I

On the downside, this solution won’t let you create archives. Additionally, the absence of concurrent file backup support can also slow down the backup processes. 

All in all, this cloud backup and sync software offers all the essential features to back up your files adequately.

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What Types of Backups Are There?

Knowing the different types of backup is necessary before settling for a solution that works for you. 

They include:

Full backup/Mirroring

Full backups are the most common form of securing files.  You get to keep a copy of the entire file system of the computer. The software generates large image files of your backups

To avoid this, some file backup software gives you the option to compress the data.   


Cloning is a file backup process that creates duplicate copies of your file system. Note that this option preserves files in their original state by skipping data compression. 

Incremental backup

This method works by creating a full backup of files on your Windows computer progressively. 

The process usually starts by creating an original backup archive of your files. Subsequent actions are partial and only factor changes to the file system

During the restoration, both the original and subsequent partial backup archives are required to recover your data.  

Differential Backup

This means a full backup of your PC any time the file structure changes. During the restoration, only the last archived file is needed to recover your computer’s data. 

How Does Backup Software Work?

A computer backup software works by creating copies of your files for safe storage either locally on the hard disk, cloud storage, or on removable media.

These files range from simple items such as documents, images, and videos to complicated data such as program files and your whole Windows operating system. 

In the event of data loss, the software will use the archives created earlier to restore your files or computer.

What To Consider When Choosing Backup Software

Here are the things to consider before settling for a Windows backup software


Price comes first. Depending on your budget, you can choose between free backup software or a paid solution.


Your choice of location for securing your file backups is crucial. In this case, you can opt for a file backup software that stores data on your local hard drive, removable media, or settle for one that saves archives on the cloud.

A hybrid option is ideal for giving you double protection against loss of data. You get to save your backups locally, on USB drives, and in the cloud. 

File encryption

File encryption lets you protect your file backups against unauthorized access. 

This option is necessary for Windows users that handle sensitive information such as financial data, confidential documents, and copyrighted information. 


Automating backup and restore functions is crucial for ensuring the safety of your files is upheld at all times. Whenever you forget to back up your files, features such as scheduling will handle the file backup tasks for you. 

Wrap Up

In the event of any eventualities such as ransomware attacks or corrupted file systems due to viruses, a backup software might turn out to be the knight in shining armour you never knew you needed. 

However, which is the ideal solution for you depends entirely on the budget and nature of your files. 

Now that I have covered the best free and premium backup software in the UK, it’s upon you to make the ultimate decision.

Feel free to check out our other helpful reviews for UK software.


What is backup software used for?

A backup software is an application that’s used to create supplementary archives of files on a computer for safe storage. In doing so, it enables you to restore the original information in the event of data loss

What is disk defragmentation?

Disk defragmentation is a process that helps to reorganize fragmented and disorganized files to a single location on your hard drive. 

What is a disc cleaner?

A disc cleaner is a process that works by scanning your PC to highlight and remove old unused files in the hard disk.

What is a File Integrity Check?

A file integrity check is a process that involves scanning and ascertaining the validity of generated image files following the completion of a file backup task. A number of backup software use this process to highlight and eliminate errors on the data by erasing and replacing corrupt image files.


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