Jalluri Sirisha

Sirisha is a networking enthusiast with a bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering. She has developed a keen interest in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and has gone the extra mile to gain firsthand experience and knowledge.

Current position : Computer Networks Expert, VPN Expert

Talks About : VPN Networking Encryption Methods Server Locations

Jalluri Sirisha
Jalluri Sirisha
Joined April 2017
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Sirisha's dedication to understanding the user perspective and satisfaction led her to test over 15 VPNs in real-time extensively. She used each VPN for more than two months, allowing her to gain insights into their performance, features, and overall user experience. 

As a VPN enthusiast, Sirisha spends much of her time writing informative content on VPN use cases, applications, and guides on various topics, including networking, VPN protocols, server locations, encryption methods, streaming capabilities, and more. 

Her content educates readers on the technical aspects of VPNs and helps them understand how VPNs can enhance their online experiences and protect their sensitive information.

She has been a core member of the Techjury team since 2017. She joined as a research writer, and now she manages the sub-category of Internet safety and security on the Techjury Blog.


Computer Networks Expert, VPN Expert

NicheStack | June 2021-Present

Tech Writer

C-LeanRank | Jan 2019-2021

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Potential Asia | June 2016-March 2019 


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