Content Updation Guidelines

At, we understand the dynamic nature of technology and the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date content to our readers. To achieve this, we have added this additional step of updating content regularly to our already rigorous editorial process that involves continuous updates and collaboration with experts and users. Here's a breakdown of our procedures:

Our Yearly Overhaul process is designed to align our content with industry standards and trends. At the end of each year, we meticulously review all articles on our website and identify those that require updates. The process includes the following steps:

  1. Identify Articles for Revamp - Our dedicated content team manually reviews all articles yearly to determine which ones need updates. These articles are then assigned to our researchers.

  2. Research and Update - Our in-house research team is tasked with finding the most recent data and identifying significant events or shifts in trends for each topic.

  3. Editing and Publishing - Our editorial staff updates the articles with the latest information while ensuring readability and scanability. The articles are then subjected to a final round of editing to confirm they are cohesive, factual, and free from technical errors.

Expert Review Process

We aim to be a comprehensive platform for all things tech – delivering factually correct, concise content without unnecessary extras. Realizing we couldn't accomplish this alone, we established a unique first-of-its-kind process on the web. The process involves engaging relevant experts with hands-on experience who share the same passion as us to improve the web with accurate content to review our articles across all categories. Learn more about how these third-party experts review and update our content on our dedicated page.

User-Suggested Edits

We value our readers' input and consider their comments and suggestions, whether provided in our comment section or via email. The process for incorporating reader feedback into our articles is as follows:

Collection of Comments and Email Suggestions - We scrutinize the comments for every article and check our email inbox for suggestions. We classify the feedback we receive into:

  • Suggestions: New perspectives or data users share via comments or email.
  • Additions: Requests to include specific sections in the article to enhance its usefulness.

Vetting the Suggestions and Additions - If a suggestion includes data or insight, our research team verifies the information for accuracy. Once validated, we forward the data to our editors.

Editing and Publishing - Our editors incorporate the feedback into the articles, ensuring they remain cohesive and comprehensible. A final round of editing ensures smooth flow, no typos or other technical errors, and factual correctness.

Have a suggestion or addition for our articles? Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page or email us directly at [email protected]. We look forward to your valuable contributions.