12 Best Content Generators for 2024

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Need a virtual writer? 

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, you don’t have to hire someone for the role.

What you need is the best content generator. 

Keep reading and I’ll show you: 

  • Detailed and objective reviews of the best AI writing software.
  • Highlights of their top features, ease of use, and pricing.
  • A straightforward buyer’s guide for picking the right solution.

The rest is your decision to make!

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Top 12 Content Generator for 2023

Best for: Marketing and blogging

1. GrowthBar

Want content that drives growth? Use this all-in-one tool to create and optimize your text. With GrowthBar SEO, you can easily produce high-quality articles in a flash. One click is all it takes! You can automatically generate all the elements needed to write search engine-friendly content. Full review

  • AI content outlines
  • Rich optimization tools
  • Excellent Chrome extension
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Best for: All content types

2. Rytr

From short captions to long blog posts, Rytr can deliver well-written text in an instant. With 15 languages supported, anyone can use this software to produce content pieces automatically. You can choose from various tones and emotions to achieve a distinct writing style. And the best part? You can use this content generator online for free! Full review

  • High-quality content
  • Lots of use cases
  • Multiple language support
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Best for: Long-form writing assistance
Jasper logo

3. Jasper

Jasper is a top writing assistant that can produce short copies in a matter of seconds. It comes with numerous templates you can use for different types of content generation. What’s more, Jasper can also use your keywords! Full review

  • Long-form content creation
  • 50+ templates
  • 25+ global languages
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Best for: Online article writing
Article Forge

4. Article Forge

In just 60 seconds, Article Forge can produce high-quality, original, and search engine-friendly content. As one of the best AI writing software, it mimics the way a human would research and write a full article. All you have to do is provide the keywords and the program will work its magic! Full review

  • Human quality content
  • Fast processing
  • SEO integrations
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Best for: Copywriting

5. Copysmith

If you’re a small business owner who aims to generate marketing copies for your brand, Copysmith is your quick fix. It’s a powerful AI text generator for online advertisements, product descriptions, blog ideas, and more! Full review

  • Instant copies
  • Multiple formats
  • Content management
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Best for: Advertisements

6. Anyword

If you want to send messages that resonate with your target audience, Anyword can help. The AI text generator can create different types of content for all of your needs. It will take your entire campaign to the next level, thanks to its score system and ability to predict the results before you launch. Full review

  • High-quality content
  • Multiple copy types
  • Score histogram
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Best for: Users on a budget

7. Articoolo

If you need a bunch of articles written or rewritten in a heartbeat, Articoolo is the place to go. Using artificial general intelligence, the program can easily understand, research and write about any topic through automated content creation. Just by giving a few keywords, you can have a thorough piece in no time. Full review

  • Zero duplications
  • Easy to use
  • Quick turnaround
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Best for: SEO articles
SEO Content Machine

8. SEO Content Machine

Are you looking for AI blog generators that are good with search engines? Then this software is your best bet! It provides quality content within minutes. But not only that - it also automatically generates important elements for your SEO article such as pictures, videos, and more. Full review

  • Multi-language support
  • WordPress automation
  • Clean UI
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Blogging

9. WordAi

WordAi is yet another one of the best AI writing software that can spin hundreds of articles in a flash. Copy an existing article and the program will rewrite it into something you can use. With the help of smart robot journalism, you can have original content delivered to you before you know it! Full review

  • One-click settings
  • Foreign language translator
  • Human quality content
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Best for: Automated web content
AI Writer

10. AI Writer

If you’re planning to do the one-man job of publishing web articles, then it’s time to use AI assistant apps. Enter AI Writer. It has the power to execute automatic writing, rewriting, and blogging - all features just one click away. And you can be sure your content is unique, as the site has a 94% grade from top plagiarism checkers like Copyscape. Full review

  • Easy to use
  • Quick turnaround
  • Offers blogging API
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Best for: Content marketing

11. Kafkai

Do you want attractive, engaging content written in a few seconds? Kafkai can do that and more. You can trust the AI text generator to produce a tailored article or blog post for you, no matter what your niche is. And it won’t cost you a lot of bucks to do it! Full review

  • Various niche articles
  • Great templates
  • Content seeding
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Shopify stores

12. Adzis

Adzis is the tool to use if you want to break into the online shopping craze. The automated writing software can produce thousands of unique and enticing product descriptions. If you have a small business, you will love this tool. Full review

  • Classified content
  • Shopify automation
  • Promo writeups
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What Is an AI Content Generator?

Thinking robots used to be a wild concept for most of us. But now we have Artificial Intelligence applications like this automated writing software.

An AI content generator is a computer program or mobile app that simulates the process of producing human-quality content. This involves doing research about a topic, stitching the keywords provided by the user, and eventually – writing a full text. 

Stories, essays, articles, blogs, copies, and product descriptions are a few samples of what the best content generator can do. 

How Does AI Writing Software Work?

You’re probably wondering how automatic text generators write the way they do. The answer is Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Using advanced algorithms, machines can learn from available data. They use it to develop their own perception and eventually produce a unique narrative. You’d think it’s a whole new concept, but tech companies have been doing it for so long! Just look at your smartphone – data reports, automated insights, and app messages are clear products of AI writing. 

NLG is also responsible for identifying the content and shifting its writing style according to the format requirements. This way, each content type is distinguishable.

The Benefits of AI Writing Software

What good can an AI writing software do? Here are some of the perks:

Instant Content

Content creating takes time. Even professional writers take a few hours to produce a thousand-word article, research included. Meanwhile, an automated writing software will only take a few minutes to deliver a good piece.


If you don’t have enough resources to hire a freelancer, paying for an AI writing assistant is a much cheaper option. On average, experienced writers charge about 50 cents to $1 per word. That’ll cost you hundreds of bucks per month. An automation tool costs between $19 to $100 per month. You can do the math.


Robot journalism guarantees that no two content pieces are the same. The technology of these AI apps produces content that is completely original and unique – you can even run a plagiarism test to check it!

Wide scope

The best AI writing software is all-knowing. That means you won’t have to actively hunt for a writer who has expertise in a particular subject matter. These programs are powered by general intelligence too!

How to Choose the Automated Writing Software for You?

Decisions, decisions. You got great options here and there, but which one is the best content generator for you? 

Consider these factors:


None of the apps on this list are free AI writing software, but there are cheap options. These include Articoolo, SEO Content Machine, and AI Writer. A monthly subscription will only cost you between $20-$60

But if you’re willing to invest in a pricier solution, go for Article Forge, Copysmith, WordAi, Kafka, or Adzis. 


Do you want automated content you can use as it is? If yes, then Article Forge, Copysmith, and Articoolo are your best bets. 

On the other hand, SEO Content Machine and Kafkai are the AI assistant apps that give you more control. Here, the content is more scalable and editable.

Content Types

What kind of content are you trying to produce? Each automated writing software is meant for a specific material. 

For articles, blogs, stories, and essays, use Articoolo, Article Forge, AI Writer, or WordAi.

For web content marketing, SEO Content Machine and Kafkai offer the best automation tools.

And lastly, for advertising copies and product descriptions, Copysmith and Adzis are the best programs to use.


The last thing you want is another author or company suing you for plagiarism or copyright issues. Scary, right? Worry not. All Artificial Intelligence applications on this list generate 100% unique content.

Top Recommendations and Reviews

Best for: Marketing and blogging

1. GrowthBar

AI content outlines

Rich optimization tools

Excellent Chrome extension

If you want the best content generator for SEO articles, give GrowthBar SEO a shot. 

It’s a web-based software where you can write blogs and articles that search engines will love. And the best part? The tool is equipped with OpenAI GPT-3 technology. This uses machine learning models to fully simulate the writing process.

But not just any kind of writing; its forte is SEO writing. It offers a host of other features you can maximize, like keyword research and site inspection.

So, it’s not just an AI that writes stories. It also optimizes them.

Now let’s see how that works.


To use the program’s blog content generator, all you have to do is provide a general keyword for your text. If you don’t have it yet, you can head over to the Keyword Research section. There, you can pick up the appropriate keywords related to your topic.

Then, you can enter your chosen keyword to the Content Generator section. With just one click, it generates all the stuff you’ll need for your text. That includes:

  • One optimal title and URL
  • Suggested word count
  • Short introduction
  • Headers and subheaders
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Other specific instructions for writing

Additionally, it provides a list of linking suggestions to further enrich your article.

That said, it’s worth noting that the blog post generator doesn’t deliver a full, ready-to-post article. It can only produce these content outlines, so you are still in charge of writing the rest of your text.

But, content generation isn’t the only thing it can do. Since it’s an end-to-end SEO tool, you can also take advantage of its tracking tools to improve your ranking. Particularly, its Site Inspector and Rank Tracker can help you monitor your site traffic and performance.

Ease of Use

The program’s interface is easy to learn, which is what you’d expect in a fully-automatic website content generator

Despite its wide scope of features, the main dashboard and individual sections aren’t difficult to navigate. That’s because all the tools support one-click actions

Your main workspace, the Content Builder, is particularly quick to maneuver. Its Office-style workflow lets you quickly write as you go. The drag-n-drop elements also make it easy to build your post.


Unfortunately, GrowthBar SEO isn’t a free blog content generator

But on the bright side, it offers a simple payment scheme that’s relatively cheap

Here are the paid subscriptions you can consider:

  • Standard - $29/month. Includes 1 website, 25 keywords, and 15 AI-created outlines
  • Pro - $79/month. Includes 3 websites, 75 keywords, and 50 AI-created outlines
  • Agency - $79/month. Includes 10 websites, 150 keywords, and 150 AI-created outlines

On top of that, all plans provide unlimited keyword research, competitor traffic insights, and Chrome extension use. 

Sure, there are other dedicated writing apps that are much cheaper. But considering the software’s extra suite of SEO tools, you’re getting good value for your money.

Overall, it’s the best AI software for marketers and bloggers who have little experience in SEO. If you want to fast-track your progress and improve your SEO writing ability, go for this tool.

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Best for: All content types

2. Rytr

High-quality content

Lots of use cases

Multiple language support

Rytr is a free article writing and content generator that produces rich and human-quality text. We’re talking about full blog posts, captions, product descriptions, emails, and more. If you lack the resources to come up with any of these yourself, the software can write it for you – fast and cheap. 

But how? 

It uses Artificial Intelligence, particularly GPT-3 technology, developed by OpenAI. It’s equipped with deep learning and language models to automate the writing process. It is able to provide reasoning and text prediction by sourcing it from online databases.

Let’s see more of what this AI text generator can do.


To produce your material, the tool offers 23 use cases you can choose from. Each option will automatically write a fitting text. That includes the ones we’ve mentioned above, along with some industry-specific use cases such as:

  • Blog ideas
  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions
  • Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads
  • Landing page descriptions

And a lot more.

You can also try the Text Editing use cases. Those include Append, Expand, Reword, or Shorten Text. 

The Expand tool is particularly impressive. If you have a sentence or phrase you need to elaborate on, just type in the text and you get a whole paragraph. Automatic articles indeed!

The best part - this content generator is the different writing styles you can experiment with. You can set the tone for each content to make it appropriate for your chosen use case. It can be Casual, Formal, Enthusiastic, Humorous, etc. It’s the key to making your text more human-like.

The program is quite versatile, as it has the ability to write in multiple languages. It can generate content in English, Chinese, French, Dutch, etc. Currently, there are 15 languages supported.

After setting your parameters, the software gives you up to 3 content variations. Not much to choose from, but on the bright side, each is well-written and unique. We did the Grammarly plagiarism test - 100% original.

Ease of Use

This web-based AI writing software uses a document-style workflow, which keeps everything simple. You can just hit ‘Start Ryting’ to open the content generation window. All you have to do is select the language, set the tone, choose the content type, and supply the relevant words. The tools are incredibly easy to use and the content is ready within seconds.


Rytr is completely free, but it comes with a few limitations. You only get 5000 credits, which entitles you to 5000 characters per month. That’s about 700 to 1000 words approximately – just enough for one short blog post. 

If you need more credits, the content generator offers a paid plan – Rytr Premium. It costs $19/month.

You get unlimited credits on this plan, plus extra features like a dedicated account manager and a members-only community.

You can still maximize the free mode if you’re simply writing short texts like captions or descriptions. But for long-form content, the premium upgrade is totally worth it. Not all automated article writing software offers unlimited words of this caliber.

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Best for: Long-form writing assistance

3. Jasper

Long-form content creation

50+ templates

25+ global languages

Jasper is a powerful unique content generator that uses GPT-3 technology to produce relevant text. It recently emerged as an invaluable asset to bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators alike.


Jasper stands out with its ability to generate long-form texts you can then upload to your blog or website. Its AI is trained by prolific content creators and conversion experts. But its main purpose is to actually assist you and help you overcome your writers' block.

It also lets you choose between 50+ copywriting templates you can fill in to get a desirable text. This is a lot more than what other automated content creation programs offer. Some notable options include:

  • Facebook Ad Headlines
  • YouTube Video Descriptions
  • Quora Answers
  • Product Descriptions
  • Company Bios
  • Real Estate Listings

When generating content with Jasper, you can also instruct it on what tone of voice to use. You can even input the name of someone known for their communication skills (e.g. Gary Vaynerchuck, Joe Rogan)! The tool will try to match the tone.

Jasper also comes with commands for rephrasing and simplifying wording in the text. This will make the editing easier.

While we only tested it in English, there are 25+ languages you can instruct the AI to deliver output in. This allows you to generate content for other countries and demographics as well.

In addition, this AI article writer ensures you rank well. All you have to do is include keywords in your sidebar or template. It will try to include them in the output. Also, SEO surfer, a widely popular tool for internet marketers, integrates directly in the long-form assistant function.

Ease of Use

Regardless of how much experience you have with AI writing tools, you’ll have no trouble using Jasper. You start on your dashboard that tells you exactly how many words you’ve generated that day and choose from the list of your favorite templates. 

When working on a new document, you can rely on instructions next to each option. Jasper also makes it easy to check your grammar, spelling, and formatting with its Grammarly integration.


There are two plans you can choose from:

  • Starter - Starts at $29/month
  • Boss Mode - Starts at $59/month

Both are customizable in terms of how many words you need on a monthly basis.

The Starter deal is designed for those who need short copies, headlines, tweets, and product descriptions. The Boss Mode, on the other hand, suits bloggers and anyone needing long-form content the most.

In case you’re not satisfied with what this writing AI does for you, you can ask for a full refund within five days after purchasing.

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Best for: Online article writing

4. Article Forge

Human quality content

Fast processing

SEO integrations

Machines have a way with words, too. Article Forge is the best example. This popular content writing software can generate full articles on any topic. With a simple three-step process, you can have readable and unique material within a minute or less. And since it’s an SEO-inclined program, it’s the most ideal solution for budding website owners who need to fill their pages with quality content.


If you lack the time and budget to pay for an expensive content writer, this automated article writing software is a great alternative. 

The program uses a host of deep learning models to come up with unique and natural-sounding material. From business articles to healthcare blogs, you can use the tool to write literally anything - without the writing.

But of course, the heart of the text should still come from you. In order for the tool to give you a well-written article, you must set a few parameters first. 

Start with the word count. You have four options - 50, 200, 500, or 750 words only. Note that the program can’t go beyond 750.

Then, you’ll have to supply the main keyword and a few sub-keywords. The former just simply refers to the main topic of your article, and the latter will help enrich it. Once you got that covered, the content generator software will take 60 seconds to deliver the finished product to you.

It’s the top program for SEO because of its powerful integrations. You can automate the writing, publishing, and tracking processes in the same workflow. And it works seamlessly with popular tools such as SEO Pilot, RankerX, CyberSEO, and more. 

Plus, it can automatically fill your articles with images, videos, and links too!

Ease of Use

Writers and non-writers will have no trouble using this platform. It’s a web-based writing AI program that features easy-access and fluid navigation. As for the performance, the site is true to its word - it does produce an article in under a minute. All commands can also be executed with one-click controls.


Article Forge offers a single package. The only option you have is to pay for this AI article writer monthly or annually. You can try it for free within 5 days, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Monthly Plan - $57/month 
  • Yearly Plan- $27/month 

The annual subscription is clearly a much cheaper option, but all features are practically the same regardless of plan type. They include automated content writing, 60-second turnaround, and SEO automation with the integrations mentioned. Additionally, the generator supports seven different languages.

However, the 750-word limit is still there. But if you don’t need long articles, this program is more than enough. So if you simply want an article generator for your website’s blog section, the software should do the trick!

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Best for: Copywriting

5. Copysmith

Instant copies

Multiple formats

Content management

Copysmith is among the best content generator because it provides on-the-spot original copies for your brand. 

We’re talking Artificial Intelligence here, so that’s minus the manual labor. That’s why if you’re launching a new product or kickstarting your business on your own, this is a wonderful tool to help you grow your brand identity. Online marketplaces like Marshalls, Evenprime, and Profitboss use this automated writing software for drafting their copies. 


If writing isn’t your strongest suit, Copysmith offers a simple solution. Tell the software what you need, and it will make your ends meet. 

The platform contains multiple content types you can choose from. It caters more to online-targeted advertising, so you’ll find text formats for Google ads, social media ads, product descriptions, blog ideas, taglines, and even SEO meta tags. From there, you can lay out your requirements and the program will do its job. 

Let’s say you’re trying to come up with some product descriptions for your new brand. You can just pick a template and enter the particulars for your content. That includes your company name, product name, and some product characteristics you want to highlight in the description. 

This usually just takes no less than 3 phrases for the tool to produce a naturally-written copy. In addition, you can add your own brand keywords and exclude certain ones to optimize your text. 

After that, the unique content generator will present you with more than ten different descriptions. I’d say 80% of the suggestions turned out pretty good, with zero editings needed. Some options may contain a pinch of unnecessary information, but you can always weed out the bad ones. 

Finally, you can select multiple variations and export them as CSV files

Ease of Use 

Nothing’s more accessible than a web-based text generator like Copysmith. It works consistently on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any device. Just simply pop a new tab on your browser, sign in to your account, and prepare the content you want. For this, the platform offers a clean and intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate. 


It’s not a free AI writing software, but it gives you a free trial with 15 credits. This should give you about 5 to 15 pieces of original copy, depending on your chosen content type. 

Once you decide this program is right for you, there are four paid packages available: 

  • Starter - $19/month (50 credits or about 500 copies)
  • Professional - $59/month (250 credits or about 2,500 copies)
  • Early Adopter (limited time offer) - $59/month (1,000 credits or about 10,000 copies)
  • Enterprise - $499/month (2,000 credits or about 20,000 copies)

Overall, Copysmith is an impressive writing assistant that yields great results. The only issue I have is that the site doesn’t display a clear breakdown of the credit system, so I suppose a long-form copy will cost you more credits. And unfortunately, you can’t use it to generate free blog content.

But the good thing about this platform is that it adapts according to your preferences. Because it uses AI technology, it’s learning from your activity and improving over time.

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Best for: Users on a budget

6. Articoolo

Zero duplications

Easy to use

Quick turnaround

Content writing isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, and some creative and technical skills to do it. So if you find yourself a bit short on those resources, you can use an automated article writing software like Articoolo. You just indicate what kind of piece you have to produce, say a few words, and its text generator will give you what you need. 

Seriously, it’s like asking for something from a genie in a bottle. And it comes with a manageable price. Let’s unravel more with this Articoolo review


If you have a story to tell but don’t know how to, this program will do the work for you. Basically, it’s an AI that writes stories and all types of copy. With the Create Article and Rewrite Article toolsets, you can ask the software to write from scratch or come up with a new output from existing content.

All it takes is a few words and a simple copy-and-paste command. 

In the Create Article section, you are provided a field where you can enter 2-5 words that describe the gist of your article. From this, the AI story writer will analyze the context. Then it will start tapping into its numerous knowledge bases in order to extract the proper sentiment, relevant keywords, and content structure.

Once that’s done, you’ll have a complete readable text delivered to you in a minute. With the help of natural language processing (NLP), the article can pass as something that was written by a human. This technology goes above and beyond simply putting words together.

The process is pretty much the same with the Rewrite Article option. You can just paste the full text on the field and the automated writing assistant will turn that into usable content. No need to worry about getting sued for plagiarism or copyright issues. It produces unique content that can pass any plagiarism checker out there.

Aside from these two main services, there are also quick features that come in handy. The program has a Summarize Article option which you can use to shorten textual content and just get the main ideas. There’s also a Generate Title feature - a useful tool you can use for coming up with blog headlines.

There is, however, a word count limit for these features. The site can only produce 500-word content pieces, which is probably good enough for a short story, essay, or blog post.

Ease of Use

Getting automatic articles has never been easier with this web-based software. It has a simple and clean interface with toolsets and sections that are all within easy access. Right on, the website props up a spacious field for the text generator - you can start immediately. 

The one slight hiccup is that it requires a sign-up, and after it’s done generating text, it shows a blurred screen with a one-liner preview. This serves as your deciding point if you wish to purchase the article or not. 


It’s not a free writing assistant, but you have a lot of options here. You can go for a pay-per-use scheme or a monthly subscription.

The first option gives you anywhere between 10-100 articles, which costs around $19 to $99.

As for the monthly packages, here are your options: 

  • 30 articles - $29/month
  • 100 articles - $49/month
  • 250 articles - $99/month

Clearly, paying for a monthly plan is cheaper by a few bucks. However, if you won’t be using this on a regular basis, then the per-article payment option should be a better choice. 

Since it has a 500-word cap, I would recommend this software as an AI essay writer or blog post generator.

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Best for: Advertisements

7. Anyword

High-quality content

Multiple copy types

Score histogram

Some content generators’ final product is awkward and unnatural. That isn’t the case with Anyword. If you need proof - The New York Times, NBA, Red Bull, and many others trust this tool.

No matter what type of copy you want, this automatic content generator can help. It even lets you choose the tone that best fits your needs.


As soon as you verify your Anyword account, you can start your first project. When you do so, you get to choose between six different categories:

  • Ad
  • Landing Page
  • Email
  • Blog
  • SMS
  • Editorial Promotion

No matter which one you pick, you’ll get top-notch content to publish on your website.

That’s because the company has spent $250 million in paid advertisements to develop ads that convert the best. You can imagine how good its AI writing software is.

One of the best things is that it can create several different versions of the text you need, depending on which style you choose. It offers playful, confident, hard sell, and other modes based on the selected content type. Custom styles, however, are available for pro users only.

Also, you can add keywords you want the AI writer to use. All you have to do is type them in a box, and you won’t have to go back and forth to add them later.

In addition, Anyword generates texts in bulk so that you can choose the version that works the best for you. Each of them comes with predicted engagement based on age and gender in the score histogram section.

With some minor tweaks to make the content match your preferences, everything will be ready for posting.

Ease of Use

The entire platform is web-based, and setting your account up is as quick as it gets. You get your own page with all the projects you’ve run in the past. The first step of creating a new one begins with inputting the necessary info to make it easier for the AI text generator to work.


Unfortunately, Anyword doesn’t offer free website content. But there’s a seven-day trial you can make use of. It does not require your credit card info.

If you decide to buy it, there are three pricing plans to choose from:

  • Starter - $19/month (15,000 words/month)
  • Pro - Custom pricing
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing

The deal you get with the Starter plan is quite good and in line with other content generators on the market. The fact that Pro and Enterprise plans include custom pricing, however, isn’t ideal. The former is suitable for Starter users who want to use the platform extensively, while the latter works the best for medium to large-level businesses.

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Best for: SEO articles

8. SEO Content Machine

Multi-language support

WordPress automation

Clean UI

SEO Content Machine is the best content generator for getting a top place in search engines. Even if you lack the comprehensive skills of a content writer, link builder or SEO expert, you can still please the almighty Google with your rich content. This app is the answer.

In a nutshell, it’s an automatic article writer that’s loaded with cool features. It can provide instant textual content using any language, so the platform is universal. And it isn’t all text; the program also blasts your content with appropriate pictures, videos, headings, links, and other essentials.

Here’s all the good stuff:


The software contains a collection of tools for producing instant articles and blog posts. 

The easiest and most popular ones being the web scraper and spinner tool. With it, you can find and download existing articles in various online databases. Then, what the program does is “scrape” the information to come up with a unique text. This is where its powerful URL finder comes in handy. The tool can display hundreds of URLs of top-ranking pages that contain all the related content you need. 

But if you decide to build from scratch, the app’s blog post generator is your best friend. You can extract a bunch of related sentences and the program will provide auto-generated keywords - both short and long-tail - which will add value to your SEO content. 

Once you have your text ready, you can then proceed to your content inserts and it will automatically generate media for your copy. It can also pre-fill your text with subheaders and links. Great for link-building!

Have I mentioned it’s an automated blog software too? After preparing your content, you can publish and schedule it directly into WordPress. You can also integrate numerous SEO tools such as Magic Submitter, SenukeXcr, Licorne AIO, and more. 

Ease of Use

You can download SCM as a desktop app on your Mac, PC, or Linux. Whichever device you’re using, the program works consistently and smoothly. It has a little more complex interface than other AI apps on this list, but nothing scary. It just has more features. And even if that’s the case, the app is still highly-intuitive. It follows a step-by-step article creation, so you will be guided along the whole process. 


SCM is a paid website content generator. It only has one plan variant, but you can choose from three different payment schemes: 

  • Monthly - $27/month 
  • Yearly - $118/year, plus three months of free access 
  • Perpetual - $147 one-time fee, plus one year of free updates

You’ll find the same features in any of the plans you choose.

There’s enough room to test it before you purchase it since the software comes with a five-day free trial. All plans include the content generator, spinner tools, and blog automation features.

For an AI writing program that stacks a lot of features, SEO Content Machine has a decent price. I will say the program involves a bit more work, compared to other writing apps that are 100% automated. But if you don’t mind getting more hands-on, this tool should provide enough assistance.

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Best for: Blogging

9. WordAi

One-click settings

Foreign language translator

Human quality content

So, you just launched your new website. You want to drive traffic into it by publishing some blogs. Problem is, you lack the time and budget to work with a freelance writer. Is it the end of the world? 

Absolutely not. That’s where WordAi can take over. It’s a blog content generator that spins articles to give you a new-and-improved usable copy. With natural language processing, it writes words the way a human would do.


The best article generator software automatically creates content so you don’t have to. 

The process is simple - just copy an existing article, paste in the given field, and the tool will spin the text to come up with a whole new one. But, it doesn’t simply rewrite words to get you out of plagiarism jail. It’s Artificial Intelligence, so it understands each word, develops a perception, and identifies the context in order to produce content that isn’t “too robotic.”

The main tool for this is the Turing Spinner. Along this section, you will find a text box where you can place the full thing and the AI text generator will do its job. It can even provide you with a few title suggestions

The good thing is, you can calibrate the spinning quality before pressing the button. It lets you choose if you want your content to be Very Readable, Readable, Regular, Unique, or Very Unique. Try to picture these levels in a meter, from left to right. If you aim to produce an appealing article, set the pointer to the left. But if you simply want an original one regardless of quality, go for the right side.

The scaled-down tool for this is the Standard Spinner, which is a great place to start. It has a simpler calibration setting, but it lacks the title generation option. I’d say this article generator is a better fit for shorter pieces.

There’s a Foreign Language Spinner, too. It can rewrite any type of content in Spanish, French, or Italian. This section works pretty much the same as the tools above, so you can also control the input quality settings.

Ease of Use

The automated writing software features a simple and straightforward interface for rewriting content. The website is a bit dated, but the tools and sections all work well. And they are consistent. You get the same workspace for all features, so you won’t have a hard time learning the ropes. That’s why if looks don’t bother you, you won’t have a problem using the platform.


WordAi comes with a price. And let me warn you, it’s a bit steep. So if you’re looking for a free blog content generator, you’ll have to keep scrolling.

But on the bright side, the paid package is simple. You can pay every month or every year. Both options offer a 3-day free trial:

  • Monthly Turing Plan - $49.95/month 
  • Yearly Turing Plan - $347/year

The subscription comes with an automatic website content generator, all spinning tools, and multiple language support. However, there’s a limit. The program has a 250,000-word cap every month, and it’ll cost you $2 for every 10,000 words you add.

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Best for: Automated web content

10. AI Writer

Easy to use

Quick turnaround

Offers blogging API

Can you write an article without actually writing it? The answer is yes.

AI Writer is here to prove that. This web-based platform is the best AI writing software for up-and-coming digital marketers who want to make their website shine using quality content. If you’re among the bunch but you lack the resources to do so, this program is a quick and manageable solution. 

And it has a great rep! The content generator has produced articles seen on popular media sites like CBS, NBC, and Fox.


The content writing software is packed with the three essential functions of a web content producer. That is, to write, rewrite, and publish. From the get-go, it greets you with a statement that it isn’t a perfect writer, which is a very human thing to say. Makes sense, since it promises to deliver human quality content and cut the lengthy process of manually creating it.

The program’s Auto Writer can generate a variety of content from a few keywords and phrases you provide. You can just type “health and wellness” or “how to stay healthy” and the program will take a few minutes to write it. It can be a blog post, SEO article, advertising copy, or general text. The program adapts its writing style according to the content type.

Results-wise, I’d say the Reword Text feature is the better writing assistant. Using its text spinner, you can upload or copy articles and the tool will transform them into usable content. It also lists down all the source links so you can check them out and compare their uniqueness. It’s plagiarism-free - you can publish it without worries of getting yourself in legal trouble. 

The site offers blogging automation tools as well. You can use this feature to streamline your publishing process and manage your content in the same workspace. You can even design your own writing tools software

Ease of Use

The program is all about comfortable navigation and one-click controls. It’s web-based software, so no need to download and install it. It has a simple interface, but perhaps too simple compared to other AI apps in this category. All the functions work consistently - you don’t need to learn new toolsets and commands for each section.


AI Writer is among the cheapest automatic options on the market. It isn’t a free website content generator and there’s no trial period. You can still test its ability by getting one article written for free. However, you’ll need to create an account for that.

As for the paid packages, you have three options:

  • Basic - $19/month (1 user + 40 pieces of content)
  • Standard - $49/year  (1 user + 120 pieces of content)
  • Custom - Contact Sales (multiple users and content pieces)

Whichever plan you choose, you still get all the automatic writing, rewriting, and blogging features. After a few test runs, the results are good enough to make up a legit site. But I’d probably recommend it for writing informative posts, as it uses general information and follows a standard structure.

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Best for: Content marketing

11. Kafkai

Various niche articles

Great templates

Content seeding

Kafkai is one of the first automated article writing software to land on the AI market. Unlike other writing apps, this tool doesn’t spin, rewrite, or replace words with synonyms. It generates content from scratch. Using machine learning algorithms, the program can make a full article out of a few words, or a seed sentence or paragraph. Ideal for content marketers and SEO newcomers. 


If you don’t have the slightest clue how writing and publishing content for your website works, this AI writing software was designed just for you. It’s a straightforward platform - ask it to create something for you and it will. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The site has three main functions.

  • The Niche Article Writer: It’s a basic tool that contains tailored formats that fit a particular industry. In this section, you’ll find 19 different categories for creating content. It can be a topic about Business, Finance, Fashion, Travel, Health and Wellness, Home Improvement, etc. Even if you have no idea about what you want to talk about, it can generate a random article for you. This requires a bit more editing though.
  • The General Writer with Seeding: It produces textual content based on a sentence or paragraph you provide. You can write it yourself or just extract it from an existing article. Either way, the automatic article generator will analyze the text and start writing. Use this if your desired content doesn’t fall on any of the given niches. However, since it’s general information, it will involve more tweaks and edits.
  • The Advanced Niche Article Writer with Seeding: This one writes more specific and optimized content from the subject matter you give. This section yields better results and involves little to no editing.

Since it’s Artificial Intelligence, it learns as it grows. The first few attempts may require some editing work. But the more you use the platform, the better the content gets.

Ease of Use

The overall workflow is smooth and intuitive. You get a responsive workspace with controls that are a no-brainer. Just a simple niche section, text box, and a Generate button. The extra convenience here is that you can generate multiple content pieces at once. So if you’re aiming to produce content in bulk, the program can support that.


You can try its free content generator on a 3-day trial period. That gives you 25 articles free of charge. After that, you’ll have to subscribe to any of the four plans below. For this, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The plans are:

  • Writer - $29/month (100 articles)
  • Newsroom - $49/month (250 articles)
  • Printing Press - $129/month (1000 articles)
  • Industrial Printer - $199/month (5000 articles)

Obviously, it’s not a cheap solution. It also has a word count limit of up to 900 words only. But if you don’t mind that, then it’s a wise choice for kickstarting your blog or website.

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Best for: Shopify stores

12. Adzis

Classified content

Shopify automation

Promo writeups

If you’re looking for an e-commerce partner, Adzis fits the shoe perfectly. The best content generator for product descriptions can give you unique and well-written pieces - fast and easy. If your goal is to drive growth to your business, this software is a quick fix. You can take your place in online marketplaces and improve your digital presence with this automation tool!


With this AI software, you get two options - a Done-For-You or Do-It-Yourself setup. 

The first one is pretty straightforward. You get a fully-automated program that can produce as many descriptions as you need. Just email your products and the system will generate content that’s anywhere between 40 to 150 words. And it isn't just an AI writing whiz. The tool also adds short and long-tail keywords so it’s optimized for search engines.

Although it purely uses Artificial Intelligence, you have the option to have it proofread or edited by actual humans. The text is also customizable, so you can tweak the content according to your liking.

On the other hand, going for a DIY option is a more hands-on experience. In this setup, the web app displays a bunch of categories such as Apparel, Footwear, Bags, Cosmetics, Equipment, etc. You can just choose a category and the program will generate appropriate product descriptions within minutes. You can also use it to create content for social media posts, sales copies, and product pages.

If you have a Shopify store, this is a wonderful automation tool. Its unique content generator can work as a Shopify app where you can build, develop, and manage your store pieces.

Ease of Use

Using Adzis is like working with a team of writers, but completely virtual. The automatic content generator provides a clean and simple platform for crafting your product descriptions and online copy with a quick turnaround time.


Now, Adzis’ pricing is a bit tricky, because each feature has its own cost. There’s a slider that lets you choose a custom plan depending on how many descriptions you need. 

There are also multiple plans for each setup, which is a bit confusing. But to give you an idea, here’s what you can consider:

  • Done-For-You - starts at $60/month for 100 products
  • Do-It-Yourself - starts at $19/month for 50 products

Sadly, there’s no free AI content generator for this solution. But, you can ask for free samples to test the quality. The web app also comes with a 30-day free trial.

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Wrap Up

The world is evolving fast, and we can see that with the rise of the best AI writing software. 

They started out as mere checkers of spelling, grammar, or word choice. Now, they can fully speak the language of writers. Because they are the writers. 

The next time you need instant content, just use the writing apps I’ve shared on this list.

It will be done before you know it!


What is AI Writing?

Simply put, the process is all about machines simulating the writing process. That involves conceiving a topic, researching, and writing with the proper grammar, tone, and structure. AI is made up of artificial neural networks to mimic how a human would think, and in this case, write content naturally.

Can AI write a story?

Yes, the best AI writing software can create short stories and even poetry! Originally, AI was used for technical and formulaic content alone. It’s only after cutting-edge AI technologies such as Elon Musk’s OpenAI paved the way for computer algorithms to execute creative writing as well.

Can AI replace writers?

According to Forbes’ AI projection, 2021 is the year that companies will start adopting machine learning (ML) technology. With this trend, is it possible for Artificial Intelligence to wipe out the writer population?

That’s too far-fetched. Writers are still superior to AI in terms of content richness and overall quality. And besides, no one can better understand what a human reader needs than another human.

What is the best AI for content?

The overall best content generator is Article Forge. It generates human-like content within a short period of time.


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