Data Dive: A Closer Look At The Latest Divi Usage Statistics in 2023

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Of all live websites, over 2 million are built using Divi, a renowned WordPress theme and visual builder by Elegant Themes. With a market share of 1.4%, it's no surprise that it's among the most widely used WordPress themes.          

Divi is a multipurpose tool with a WordPress theme and a web page plug-in (Divi builder). This tool helps build user-friendly and responsive websites even without coding experience. 

If you want to use Divi for your website, this article will explore valuable insights and the most recent Divi usage statistics.

Editor’s Choice

  • Over 67 thousand websites adopted Divi on their websites. 
  • The largest population of Divi users is based in the US, with 1.06 million (45.38%) live websites.
  • Divi has more than 1 million user downloads.
  • It is the most widely used WordPress theme, with a 1.4% market share among the top 1 million websites. 
  • Divi currently has 3.8 million downloads and installations on WordPress Themes.
  • A tally of 22 awards cemented Divi’s reputation in the industry. 

How Many Websites Use DIVI? 

As of June 2023, Divi powers more than 2.32 million live websites worldwide. Many websites prefer DIVI for its “drag-and-drop” features, providing clients to build their websites from premade customization tools. Allowing them to test, manage visuals, and use plugins easily.

Divi also streamlines clients’ workflow, making the web-building process shorter, more accessible, and smoother. 

Helpful Article: According to WordPress statistics, Divi is the top choice of WordPress users, owing to 20 premade layouts, ready for customization.

Let’s examine how many people use Divi and the latest Divi usage and industry statistics. 

Number Of Websites That Use Divi

Divi's popularity is primarily due to its broad selection of templates and integrated advanced features, which provide more flexibility and functionality than other market competitors. 

In this section, let's look at the factors contributing to Divi's appeal and its standing in the competitive themes and web design platform market. 

1. Divi's adoption rate continues to rise, as evidenced by its active usage on over 67,000 websites across the globe. 

(BuiltWith, Webtechsurvey) 

Moreover, data on dropped usage and version upgrades indicate that the Divi framework is dynamic, reflecting the evolving preferences of its users.  

Recent statistics show that the top-ranking website, which sits at 6,654, recently started using it and is based in Romania. Reports also indicate that 56,000 (2.42%) websites dropped Divi, and approximately 734,000 (31.55%) users upgraded their Divi version. 

2. 1,058,196 active websites using Divi come from the United States.


active websites using Divi

The latest demographic stats show that its most extensive user base is in the US, with 1,058,196 sites.  Here are the top ten countries following the US in terms of Divi-powered live websites:

  1. Germany - 128,291
  2. United Kingdom - 126,693
  3. France - 113,934
  4. Netherlands - 80,440
  5. Spain - 67,370
  6. Australia - 64,692
  7. Italy - 62,799
  8. Canada - 57,242
  9. Switzerland - 40,653

Its widespread appeal in the United States is linked to its thriving virtual environment, abundant business sector, and advanced digital infrastructure that fosters website development across various industries.

3. Divi has over 1 million unique downloads from WordPress users worldwide.

(Colorlib, Hostinger) 

Divi is among the best multifunctional WordPress themes, with over one million unique user installations. This figure demonstrates how widely used Divi is, from solopreneurs to multinational conglomerates. 

Its key strength lies in its extensive customization options for web designers. With 40 flexible elements like call-to-action buttons, sliders, blogs, forms, and over 100 pre-built templates, web designers can access everything needed to produce highly interactive sites perfect for unique brand representation.

Fun Fact: Did you know that WordPress 500 new sites are created daily on WordPress? The percentage of websites that run on WordPress is 30%

4. Divi has over 3.8 million WordPress theme website installations, highlighting its adaptability and dependability.

(BuiltWith, Kinsta, Colorlib) 

Along with Genesis (7% of all sites) and Avada (4% of all sites), Divi is among the most widely used WordPress themes. Its versatility and reliability have made it the go-to theme for millions of WordPress websites. 

Divi’s features and capabilities have earned the trust of website owners and developers who require diverse solutions. Its consistent ranks alongside themes like Genesis and Avada show its widespread recognition and industry acceptance.

5. 1.4% is Divi’s market share in WordPress themes for the top 1 million sites.

(BuiltWith, Ezoic) 

One standout factor in WordPress is that Divi takes the crown as the number one theme choice for leading websites — with a substantial portion (1.4%) of market share to prove it. 

Choosing from thousands upon thousands of potential themes makes this achievement remarkable.

6. Divi garnered 22 awards, establishing its excellence in the field. 


Divi achieved remarkable success in various WordPress Themes categories, earning several awards. Here's a quick overview of its top 3 rankings and awards:

  • Divi ranks #1 in Fast Loading, Podcasts, and Cheapest WordPress Themes.
  • It holds the #2 spot in Best Consulting, App Themes, Drag-and-Drop, Medical, Parallex Scrolls, HTML5, SEO, and Artist Themes.
  • Divi also secured 3rd place in other categories: BuddyPress, Affiliate Marketing, and One-page Themes. 

This table displays the categories in which Divi has secured the top ranking.



Best Fast Loading WordPress Themes


Best Podcast WordPress Themes


Best Cheap WordPress Themes



Divi has stood its ground and maintained its popularity among users despite technological advancements and the emergence of new competitors in the market. 

The figures above demonstrate how widely it is used, from solopreneurs to multinational conglomerates. Their innovative ideas to rethink what editors and page builders can do for web design made this success possible.


Which PHP is Best for Divi?

PHP 7.4. using the latest stable PHP version is always recommended.

Is Divi SEO-friendly?

Divi is 100% SEO-friendly. Divi includes all essential WordPress SEO features and more.

What is the memory limit for Divi?

Divi's suggested memory limit is 128M. Since PHP programs might run out of memory, causing a crash, your memory limit must not drop below 128M.

How many websites can I build with Divi?

You can use your Divi account on as many sites as you want. Once subscribed to Elegant Themes, you can set up API keys for automated WordPress Dashboard updates. 


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