How Many Blogs Are There and Do They Make Money in 2024?

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Blogs have more significant influence than most people realize. It's evident since almost 9 out of 10 readers purchase after reading a blog about a product or service.

It is a crucial marketing tool for businesses to introduce their brands and services. Products and services can make a good impression on readers through blogs.

Blogging statistics provide useful data to create effective blog content. This keeps their readers informed and interested.

Read on to explore the latest trends in blogging stats that readers need to know.

Editor’s Choice

  • Every day, bloggers publish more than 7.5 million blogs online.
  • 33% of internet users read blog posts to learn.
  • 42.8% of high-traffic blogs are about food.
  • Lifestyle blogs make up 25% of all new blogs.
  • The ideal frequency for posting blogs is 2 to 4 times weekly.

General Blog Statistics

There are over 600 million blogs on the internet as of May 2023. Out of 1.9 billion websites, it is more than a third of all websites worldwide. 

This number only shows that blogging is still relevant in this age. As this continues to grow, competition on blogs will also increase. 

Here's the total number of blogs online and other blog-related statistics:

Number of Blogs Worldwide

Over the years, blog content has changed from personal diaries to marketing tools. Back then, people used blogs to share their ideas and thoughts.

However, as years pass, blogging has changed. It is no longer a past - time for bloggers. It has become a tool for bloggers to gain influence or even a source of income.

🎉 Fun Fact

Justine Hall created the first blog in 1994, which is still around today. It was his online journal,

As websites upload thousands of blogs daily, the number of blogs on the internet changes now and then.

To know more about the trends in the blogging industry, here are the latest stats about blogs:

1. Every day, bloggers publish more than 7.5 million blogs online.


Daily the total number of blog posts published each day is 7.5 million. 

It's a marketing trend as most businesses promote their services and products online. 

Blogs are more effective and affordable marketing than running campaigns and ads.

2. 33% of internet users read blog posts to learn. 

(Ahrefs, Hubspot)

Blog posts are a popular way to learn new things. When reading blogs, 33% of internet users wanted to learn something new. 

While 20% read for entertainment, 12% want to know more about trends, and 4% like to learn about products and brands.

Top Reasons Why People Read Blogs

3. Lifestyle blogs make up 25% of all new blogs.


Every day, people create new blogs for business or personal use. A lifestyle blog is a favorite topic to start. 

Unlike business blogs, companies or bloggers create them to earn money. 

📝 Note

Lifestyle blogs usually start as a creative outlet for bloggers. They become a way of sharing their passion and a way of living. 

4. 42.8% of high-traffic blogs are about food.

(RankIQ, Ahrefs)

Blogs about food get the most visits from internet users. Food is a topic that appeals to everyone. 

Food bloggers earn the most money compared to bloggers with different blog niches.

Additionally, blogs on the internet about food have the highest traffic, with 42.8%. Meanwhile, lifestyle and travel, when combined, only have 23.3%.

5. A total of 92% of marketers create blog posts.

(Blogging Wizard) 

Blogs are essential when building brand awareness. Marketers used blog content to introduce their products to the masses.

A company website has a dedicated blog page as part of its marketing. 

Blog posts published by companies generated 67% more monthly leads.

6. Business blogs increase web traffic by 55% on a company's website.


Hubspot's Survey results show that companies with business blogs have 55% more visitors.

They also get 97% more inbound links and have 434% more indexed pages. 

Pro Tip

High-quality and reliable content attracts more clients to the company's services and products.

7. 8 in 10 online consumers in the U.S. trust information from blogs. 


Bloggers who publish their content are usually experts in their field. For this reason, readers trust them to provide accurate and reliable information.

Redears also trust blogs on the internet, thinking that real people write them. Blogs provide authentic and unbiased recommendations for their readers.

8. Tumblr hosts, as of March 2023, 572 million blogs


Every day, 12.8 million blogs get posted to the platforms—Tumblr hosts, as of March 2023, 572 million blogs.

💡 Did You Know?

Tumblr is a social media platform that users use as a blogging medium. It is well-known for its simplicity and ease of use, and it gets around 1,644 new posts per second.

9. The ideal frequency for posting blogs is 2 to 4 times weekly.


Blogging frequency depends on factors like the type of website and the resources. 

However, consistency is the key to success. Bloggers should remember that publishing 2 to 4 times a week will result in the desired traffic.

Ideal Blogging Frequency

10. 41% of bloggers say influencer outreach is the most effective way to promote their blogs.


Influencer outreach persuades an influential personality to promote a specific brand or service. 

And this is the top promotional strategy for bloggers is influencer outreach. Whereas 41% of bloggers say influencer outreach is an effective promotional activity.

However, influencer outreach is underrated in terms of use, as only 10% of bloggers use it. 

Bloggers use paid services and SEO over influencer outreach in promoting their blogs. When you combine the two accounts, it makes up 55% of blogger promotion tactics.

👍 Helpful Article

Influencers now serve as an excellent marketing strategy to increase the reach of businesses. Discover how big influencer marketing is and other helpful statistics related to it.


Whether for personal use or business, a blog can be a good way to unleash creativity. It also helps businesses create brand awareness and promote their products and services.

Knowing the latest trends and blog stats is essential to creating high-quality content.


What percentage of bloggers are successful?

Bloggers can indeed earn money from blogging. However, only 5% of bloggers earn a full-time income from their blogs.

How long does it take to make $100 blogging?

Earning from blogs takes time and requires the right strategy. With the right strategy and exciting content, it will take 1-6 months to make $100.

What is the most common blog?

The most common blogs are Food blogs. Bloggers can write about recipes, reviews, and even healthy eating guides.

Does every blog make money?

Some blogs do have the potential to make money, but not every blog does. Topic, content quality, and other factors determine a blog's success. 


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