How to Find Someone on OnlyFans [6 Different Methods]

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OnlyFans has a restrictive search function to protect the privacy of its creators. This makes it hard to search and find someone very SPECIFIC on OnlyFans DIRECTLY. 

However, other third-party ways exist to find a specific person on the platform.

Here, we listed a few methods to find someone on OnlyFans by username, location, real name, email, and phone number. If you are unaware of any of those details, the reverse image search method could come to your aid.  

Now that we know what this guide covers, let's get into the details.

How to Search for Someone on OnlyFans?

About seeking pleasure online -

  • Some hit the jackpot with joy.
  • Some found love.
  • A few met their life partners.
  • But many ended up as victims of scammers and bots.

So, all you soon-to-be boyfriend and casual pleasure seekers - BE CAUTIOUS! 

You can use the following ways to find if your potential someone has a shady past.

1. How to Find Someone on OnlyFans by Username

The simplest way to perform an OnlyFans search for a specific user is to add their username to the site’s URL (provided that you have it), like this:

2. How to Find Someone on OnlyFans by Email

Use BeenVerified: Visit Site

Finding someone’s OnlyFans by email can be done with an email reverse lookup tool. is a widely-used search Based in New York. It enables users to locate OnlyFans accounts by email, gather information to contact specific individuals and verify the authenticity of their digital footprint.

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box, select Email from the top.
  3. Enter the email of the person you’re looking for on OnlyFans.
  4. Once the search is done, check if the results list an OnlyFans account that matches the email.

3. How to Find Someone on OnlyFans Using the Built-in Search Tool

The search function on OnlyFans lets users search for posts, rather than usernames or profiles.

However, you can try typing in some keywords related to the person you’re looking for and then search through the results to see if anything pops up. 

  1. Log in to your OnlyFans account.
  2. Click on the search bar in the top right corner of your screen. 
  3. Type the username and press Enter.

Since not many creators use their real names on OnlyFans, the only way to find them on the platform with that information only is to resort to a third-party app.

The most popular site for finding OnlyFans accounts is OnlyFinder.

OnlyFinder is a search engine for OnlyFans that crawl publicly available data from around the web to find OnlyFans accounts. You can search for a user based on name, location, ethnicity, and the type of content they create on the platform.

4. How to Find Someone on OnlyFans by Location

The easiest way to search for OnlyFans accounts by location is also OnlyFinder.

To perform an OnlyFans search by location on OnlyFinder.

  1. Visit the OnlyFinder website.

onlyfinder search bar options

  1. Click on Map.
  2. To open the Word Map, you’ll need to give OnlyFinder access to your location.

onlyfinder US map with circles of onlyfans active creators

  1. Click on any location on the map and OnlyFinders will show you a list of OnlyFans creators in that area.

On the results page, you can further narrow the search by applying a number of filters and look for creators in that area by popularity, age, gender, subscription price, and more.

You can also modify the perimeter of your search (the default is 500km) in the search bar and put in a specific state, country, or city, like this location: ”Los Angeles.”

5. How to Find Someone on OnlyFans by Image?

SocialCatfish: Visit Site

You can use reverse image search tools like SocialCatfish to find a specific creator on OnlyFans using their image or photo.

Here is how to use the reverse image feature on SocialCatfish

  1. Find a picture or two of the creator or person you want to find on the OnlyFans platform.
  2. Go to SocialCatfish.
  3. Upload the image to SocialCatfish reverse image search page
  4. Go to the social media section of the report generated by SocialCatfish to find the OnlyFans account of the person in the image you uploaded.

6. How to Find OnlyFans Accounts by Preference

You may be able to find people on OnlyFans based on the type of content they create, but you’ll need to comb through many accounts.

You can use OnlyFinder’s search tool or search on Reddit. There are plenty of subs on the site that can help you find your way around the site and the throne of content on it.

Note: For complete privacy, we recommend using a good VPN when accessing OnlyFans.

Bottom Line

OnlyFans doesn’t make finding their OnlyFans accounts on the site easy, mostly because they’re looking to protect content creators' privacy. But, there are ways you can search for specific people that are on the platform, including by username, location, and even their real name.


How to find people on OnlyFans?

The easiest way to find OnlyFans accounts is via OnlyFinder. The tool lets you search for people by name, username, location, and type of content they create.

How to search for people on OnlyFans?

If you know the person’s username, you can add it to OnlyFans’s URL, which should take you directly to their account. You can also try searching for them via OnlyFans’ search function.

How to find people you know on OnlyFans?

The simplest way to find people on OnlyFans is through OnlyFinder. You can also use a reverse email lookup tool, provided that you know their email.

How to find someone on OnlyFans?

That depends on the information you have on them. If you have their OnlyFans username, you can simply add it to the site’s URL. You can also head over to OnlyFinder and search for users by location, keyword, name, ethnicity, and type of content.


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