33+ Amazing TikTok Statistics You Should Know in 2020

Have you noticed that there’s an increase of people doing weird dance moves in public? Usually with someone filming them?

Have you ever wondered what – pardon my French – the hell?

Wonder no more. That’s TikTok.

Douyin and Musical.ly merged in 2018 to give birth to one of the most sought after apps. TikTok statistics, just as Shakira’s hips, don’t lie. 

Mostly populated by teenagers, the TikTok app is now used across all age brackets. Its primary function is to enable users to create short lip-syncing videos and complete viral challenges.

Below are some fascinating TikTok stats to help you understand how important this app is becoming.


Mind-Blowing TikTok Statistics

  • TikTok has 800 million monthly active users.
  • TikTok has over 1.5 billion app downloads so far.
  • TikTok users span across 155 countries worldwide.
  • More than 1 billion videos get viewed each day on TikTok.
  • TikTok is the second most downloaded app globally.
  • Over 50% of US TikTok users are aged 18 to 34.
  • 90% of TikTok users visit the app more than once each day.

The TikTok facts mentioned above are staggering! 

Еspecially considering that TikTok only came into existence in mid-2018.

But let’s dive deeper:


TikTok General Statistics and Facts

TikTok usage is on the rise and is showing no signs of slowing down!

It has introduced advertorials into its app. This update is expected to bring about an influx of brands and new users globally. 

However, it is important to note that TikTok already had a consistent growth rate since its launch – even without advertorials.

In 2017, the Chinese company ByteDance, owners of the popular short video sharing app “Douyin,” purchased another video-sharing app – Musical.ly. The merge gave birth to the TikTok app. 

It used the same software as Douyin. The goal was to accommodate the foreign market, especially the United States. The Douyin app is still very much functional, though, but can only be found in China.

Around August 2018, with all Musical.ly users and their accounts moved to the TikTok platform. This served as the benchmark of success for the TikTok brand.

1. Over 50% of US TikTok users are aged 18 to 34.

(Source: Business of Apps)


Most TikTok users are below age 18. Those aged 18 to 34 years using the TikTok app in the US make up for more than half of its users. 

However, if we factor in teenagers under 18, the number of 16-24-year-olds will make up for 60% of users.

2. Adult users make up 14 million of the total TikTok users.

(Source: Oberlo)


TikTok stats show that at the end of 2018, there were only 7.2 million adult TikTok users in the US

However, as of today, that figure has increased to more than double. This goes to show that most of TikTok audiences are of the younger generations.

3. TikTok has 800 million active users.

(Source: Hootsuite)


As of early 2019, TikTok had over 500 million active users

However, a recent survey further revealed that the number of active users had climbed to 800 million. Another leaked report in October 2019 revealed that TikTok had 800 million active monthly users worldwide.

4. TikTok is available worldwide across 155 countries and in 75 languages.

(Source: Mediakix)


One of the key strategies that contributed to the app’s popularity is providing localized content for its users and making it go viral. 

TikTok has a large number of celebrities signed up as ambassadors in their region. They already have a large following and can bring their fans to the TikTok platform, further spiking the popularity of the app.

5. Douyin has 400 million active monthly users in China alone.

(Source: Tech Node)


Even after the merge, Douyin still has a good number of followers in China. The Chinese audience is already accustomed to it. 

But many big influencers have accumulated millions of TikTok followers over time.

6. The ByteDance company is worth more than $78 billion.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)


Since 2012, ByteDance has become one of the most valuable startups in the world. It has gathered over $78 billion in the process. It is however important to note that ByteDance also owns various other products in the Chinese market.

However, factoring in the fantastic milestone achieved by TikTok in 2019 alone, the company is now worth more than the initial proposed value.


TikTok Video Statistics

The original idea of the TikTok app was to create viral and rewatchable videos that are short and entertaining. 

Without even having an account, you can still access millions of TikTok videos by merely opening the website. 

7. TikTok had over 1 million daily video views in 2018 after its launch.

(Source: DataProt)


Due to its fast-paced design and easy to navigate user interface, visitors can quickly be engulfed in a rabbit hole of entertaining 50-60 seconds videos. What’s more, these videos are carefully curated algorithmically to the interest of each user.

8. TikTok statistics show that the #Raindropchallenge accumulated nearly 1 billion views.

(Source: DataProt)


TikTok challenges play a crucial role in its growth. They serve as a way of keeping users engaged. They also help to promote localized challenges from TikTok followers that would otherwise not have gone viral on the internet.

Challenges can either be user-created or brand created to promote a product. One such challenge is the #raindropchallenge that went viral in 2018. Individuals who participated in this challenge basically had to make it appear as if they could pause the rainfall for a moment and make it continue afterwards with the move of their hand. At the point where the downpour is halted, the raindrops are visible as droplets, hence the name #raindropchallenge. All these were made possible by some special TikTok effects.

9. The most popular video on TikTok for 2019 had 17 million likes.

(Source: DataProt)


Funny and entertaining videos have a higher potential of going viral on the TikTok platform. This explains why people got hooked to the short video done by Nick Uhas and David Dobrik where they used just a bucket of toothpaste and a few other household chemicals to create their “elephant toothpaste” experiment. Such a quick and straightforward, but entertaining video generated millions of likes from TikTok users around the world, making it the most successful viral video on TikTok for 2019, according to TikTok statistics .

10. The #Tumbleweedchallenge had 9 million views and more than 8,000 videos from different users in one week.

(Source: Mediakix)


Jimmy Fallon, one of the early celebrity pioneers of the TikTok app, created the #Tumbleweedchallenge. The challenge involved making a video where one drops on the floor, and rolls around like a tumbleweed after a western song comes into play. He encouraged his fan base to participate. He also took part.

According to TikTok user stats, more than 8,000 videos featuring the #Tumbleweedchallenge tag had been submitted within a week. They generated about 9 million views in the process. 

As at this moment, the #Tumbleweedchallenge is still generating views and videos. There are almost 30 million video views of the challenge. Over 149,000 videos across different TikTok age groups have also been submitted.

11. TikTok has more than 3 million more #Inmyfeelings videos when compared to Instagram.

(Source: Mediakix)


Although the #Inmyfeelings challenge originated from Instagram and had about 1.7 million videos, it became a hit amongst TikTok users. Taking up video challenges already accustomed to its users. Users who participated in the challenge basically had to make a video of them dancing, grooving or lip-syncing to the popular In My Feelings song by Canadian rapper, Drake. 

The #Inmyfeelings challenge racked up nearly 5 million videos before it eventually died out.

12. TikTok statistics reveal Riton and Kah-Lo’s “Fake ID” song to be the most used song on TikTok clips.

(Source: DataProt)


When recording a video, TikTok users have the option of either adding a song after making the video or pre-set the song before making the video. The latter allows users to lip-sync with the beat of the song. 

After a recent survey, it was discovered that “Fake ID” recorded by DJ Riton and Kah-Lo, had been used 1.4 million times. This makes it the most commonly picked song on the TikTok platform.


TikTok User Statistics

TikTok already has up to 800 million monthly active users and about 1.5 million downloads globally. Hence, it is important to understand how these TikTokers are interacting with the app. 

It will surprise you to find out that 66% of TikTok users are below the age of 30. Read on to find out more TikTok user statistics!

13. Only 22% of American millennials and the GenZ population use TikTok.

(Source: DataProt)


According to DataProt, the majority of TikTok users are teenagers within the age bracket of 13-16 years old. Only one in five millennials use the TikTok app. 

14. About 66% of TikTok users are below 30 years of age.

(Source: Mediakix)


The TikTok market is targeted mostly towards Generation Z and Millenials. People above 40 account for a very small percentage of active users. 

TikTok user demographics statistics show that most of TikTok users are under 30 years, which makes up for all of Generation Z and some part of Millenials.

15. TikTok users in the US make use of the app at least eight times a day.

(Source: Business of Apps)


US TikTok users open their apps frequently, with each session lasting below 5 minutes (4.9 minutes). When compared to average time spent on Facebook (4.7min), Snapchat (1.6 minutes), and Instagram (3.1 min) per session, you will find that users spend more time on TikTok than on other social networks.

16. 55.6% of TikTok users are male.

(Source: DataProt)


The way people interact with the TikTok app seems to be different. Some prefer to consume other people’s videos without creating one themselves. Others take the initiative to participate in challenges and create videos. 

Although a higher percentage of TikTok users are male, females still lead the way as the top content creators on TikTok.

17. TikTok users around the globe spend an average of 52 minutes on the app each day.

(Source: Business of Apps)


Given that the TikTok app is designed to provide users with an endless stream of videos, you will often find users binging for hours. Algorithm-backed video content ensures that new videos are consistently offered to users based on their interests. As such, they get easily carried away, thus making the platform addictive.

18. Nine out of 10 TikTok users open the app multiple times a day.

(Source: Omnicore)


TikTok stats from 2020 reveal that users tend to revisit the app quite often on a daily basis, due to its addictive nature.  This stat isn’t that surprising, considering that the average smartphone owner unlocks their phone 150 times a day.

19. 49% of US teenagers have used the TikTok app at least once.

(Source: Business of Apps)


Like we mentioned before, the TikTok design appeals more to Generation Z. Most of its market is also focused on teenagers. 


Statistics About TikTok Financials

To be considered one of the most successful startups in recent times is not an easy feat. The following financial report will expose amazing financial milestones already achieved by TikTok.

20. TikTok has estimated monthly earnings of $3.5 million.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)


After its launch in August 2018, TikTok was reportedly raking in millions of dollars each month, mostly from its in-app purchases. 

However, the introduction of advertising was a complete game-changer. The monthly earnings of TikTok skyrocketed to about $14.7 million (going by the total revenue of TikTok in 2019). 

The ever increasing popularity of TikTok across all age grades makes it a reliable resource to attract new customers. This is probably the reason why introducing advertorials into the TikTok app has become a hit over the past year.

21. Total user spending accounted for $115.3 million of TikTok revenue for 2019.

(Source: Sensor Tower)


TikTok allows users to purchase coins for as low as $1, and up to $100. Every coin purchased is equivalent to the amount paid for it.

Users can use those to tip their favorite creators or celebrities on TikTok. Whatever amount of coin is accumulated by creators is shared in a ration of 80/20. 80% goes to the creator and the remaining 20% – to TikTok.

22. Americans have one of the highest spending ($23.1 million) on TikTok coins since its launch in 2018.

(Source: Apptopia)


According to TikTok statistics released in late 2019, 24% of its in-app purchases since 2018 has come from the American market. This amounts to $23.1 million. 

Although the Chinese and Indian markets might be TikTok’s largest market in terms of users and downloads, the United States TikTok users spend more on promotions and in-app purchases.

23. With a total of $176.9 million in 2019 alone, TikTok’s revenue more than doubled from the previous year.

(Source: Sensor Tower)


In 2019, TikTok generated 71% of its total revenue of $247.6 million dollars, which is $176.9 million.

24. The Chinese market had the highest contribution to the total revenue of TikTok in 2019.

(Source: Sensor Tower)


Although the US market had a significant role to play in the growth of TikTok in 2019, the Chinese market still topped the list

iOS users in the country contributing 69% of TikTok’s total revenue in 2019. The US market, in its own case, contributed 20% overall.


TikTok Influencer Statistics

TikTok influencers play a crucial role in the growth of the app around the world. A crucial part of the marketing strategy is to have celebrities from strategic places across the globe and have them promote the app. 

When Jimmy Fallon was signed up, he created a new challenge and encouraged his TikTok followers to participate. That singular act attracted thousands of new users to TikTok, as well as boosting the number of video views.

However, these celebrities signed under TikTok are not the only influencers. Many other not so ordinary folks have become quite famous in the world of TikTok.

25. TikTok statistics show that Loren Gray is the most popular TikTok celebrity, with a total of 38 million followers.

(Source: DataProt)


This spot was originally dominated by Lisa and Lena. However, the 17-year old singer, Loren Gray from Pennsylvania now has 38 million TikTok followers. This occurred after Lisa and Lena deleted their account in March 2019 due to child abuse issues from the Indian government. Before deleting their TikTok account, Lisa and Lena had a whopping 32 million TikTok followers.

26. Will Smith had the highest number of followers in 2019, 11.9 million.

(Source: DataProt)


According to TikTok stats Will Smith was the biggest celebrity on the TikTok network in 2019, amassing a total of 11.9 million followers over the year

American singer, Miley Cyrus (2.3 million) and veteran American actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson comе second and third respectively.


TikTok Download Statistics

With its ever-increasing user base, more and more people are downloading the TikTok app from across various markets.

27. Android device users make up for more than 90% of TikTok downloads.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)


Due to its popularity amongst Asian nations, TikTok gets more downloads on Android than on iOS. This is mainly due to the dominance of Android smartphones in the market, India especially.

28. India had the fastest-growing TikTok market in 2019, with a total of 466.8 million downloads since launch.

(Source: Sensor Tower)


According to 2019 TikTok statistics, India has 466.8 million downloads, which amounts to 31% of all installations. China has 173.2 million downloads, which amounts to 11.5% of all downloads. The United States has the third-largest TikTok market, with 123.8 million downloads accounting for 8.2%.

29. Ever since its launch in 2018, the TikTok app now has more than 1.5 billion downloads globally.

(Source: Sensor Tower)


Despite the temporary ban encountered by TikTok in 2019 by its fastest-growing market, India, it had no significant effect on its growth. It also wasn’t able to stop the significant milestone achieved in 2019. The app was downloaded 614 million times in the year 2019

30. As of November 2019, TikTok had amassed 277.6 million downloads in India in 2019 alone.

(Source: Sensor Tower)


Just like we mentioned earlier, India is the fastest-growing market for TikTok. Despite a temporary ban that was placed in 2019 by the Indian government, the app was still able to gather a high-reaching number of downloads in the country in 2019.


TikTok Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about TikTok to help you understand its market: 

31. TikTok has about 2 million more women than men in the US.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)


In the US, TikTok female users amount to 8.2 million. Males are around 6.1 million. This indicates that in America, TikTok is a females favorite.

32. 90.5% of Indian TikTok users are male.

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)


In India, the typical TikTok user is a male. Not only that, but India is the country with the highest percentage of male TikTok users.

33. TikTok is the only app not owned by Facebook that appears in the top 5 global downloads chart.

(Source: Oberlo)


In terms of the number of downloads, TikTok only comes behind Whatsapp and Facebook messenger,  both of which are owned by Facebook.

34. TikTok daily engagement rate in the US is 29%.

(Source: Business of Apps)


Despite being the third-largest market for the app, TikTok statistics show that the level of daily engagement for US users is surprisingly low.


Wrap Up

TikTok is here to stay. 

It’s becoming more and more popular among teenagers globally. Not only that, but it is a great source of entertainment for people of all ages for those stay-at-home days.


Are you tempted to make an account yet?


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