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I got my hands on a new professional quality quadcopter that’s simple enough for serious beginners to get started. In this Drone X Pro review, you’ll learn all about its features and specs, all which make it a product worth considering.



Flying Time

10 minutes





Collision Sensor


Mobile App




Transmission Distance


Drone X Pro


Get 50% Off
Get 50% Off

Best for: Beginners

Strengths Easy setup
Strengths Free spare propellers
Strengths Replay mode
Strengths 360 panorama view
Weaknesses Short flight time
Weaknesses Limited range
Weaknesses Not fully waterproof

With four sets of propellers, an HD camera, and a built-in collision sensor, the Drone X Pro foldable quadcopter has a lot going for it. Its footage can go up to a cool 720p and you can control your flight by combining a beginner-friendly control pad with your smartphone for even more features. All of this makes it our top pick for beginners that want enough options to make drones a serious hobby!

Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro Specs

Here are the exciting things I found:

Drone X Pro Dimensions

It is small in stature, measuring roughly 12.5 x 7.5 x 5cm with its propellers extended for flight. You can fold these and the rest of the drone down for easier storage and portability. 

The Drone X Pro weight is less than 1lb, which makes it great for carrying but does mean the strongest winds can cause some wobble. For its size it’s actually quite resilient, withstanding up to a wind level of seven but it’s still not good enough for the experts. Even a sudden change in wind direction can send it off route.

The Drone X Pro With HD Camera 

It’s one thing to have fun flying a drone, it’s another to be able to take photos and record glorious flight footage. You can do just that with the in-built camera and Drone X Pro camera app.

Drone X Pro Camera

The camera itself records in 720p, which falls short of full 1080p HD or even higher 2/4K resolutions out there However, for its price and performance it does a good job. Capturing at 60fps with a wide-angle lens is okay for high in the sky shots.

What really sells it is its preset camera modes like Boomerang and Asteroid. They give an automated professional result, even if like me you have no idea what you’re doing.  

The stills are taken at 12MP which is comparable to any good smartphone. 

In addition, you can take 360-degree panoramic shots. The only downside is these are blurrier than standard shots. However, onboard image stabilization still puts it ahead of similarly priced drones. 

To aid both control and live video recording, simply install the app and slot the phone into the control transmitter. Now you can view your flight and film it in real-time! 

Replay mode lets you rewatch your Drone X pro footage whenever you desire.

On the other hand, it’s not all excellent results. A lot of the time, especially when high up, images can appear blurry and unclear.

Drone X Pro Review - HD camera

Drone X Pro App

As we can see from the camera, the app is an important part of the Drone X Pro features. It helps you guide the drone and playback footage. It has an acceptable 3.5/5 review on Google Play but its Apple App store rating is not the best at 1.9. However, judging by Drone X Pro reviews, very few people have even tested the app on iPhone. So, I’m not holding that against it.

My own tests on Android found it to be easy to navigate. It has simple Go and Return flight buttons, a beginner’s guide, and lots of intuitive settings. For example, there’s an easy flip button if the camera viewing is upside down.

The app also supports speech recognition, though other than the novelty it’s easy to use the controls.

Icons include: 

  • percentage of battery 
  • photo gallery
  • record or snap 
  • the time

Of course, the main controls are on the control transmitter too, including: 

  • take-off and landing 
  • directional 
  • various flip buttons 
  • headless mode 

This simply means it remembers which side was the front of the drone during take-off so neither it nor you get confused by its direction. There is also a Drone X Pro GPS system so you can be sure it never flies off course.

Drone X Pro Distance Range

The Drone X Pro distance is short compared to some of the more expensive models out there. For instance, you get 12km, though that’s more than enough to have fun outside. It definitely isn’t inside an indoor or back-garden toy for smaller children

Other drone X Pro specifications include three flight modes, a 120-degree wide-angle lens, and LED lighting for nighttime use.

Collision Detection

My favorite feature is the anti-collision sensor which aids landing and stops mid-air crashes into inanimate objects and other drones. In short, it will change direction automatically to keep the drone safe. Just stay on the ball so you can regain the control yourself once danger is averted. 

Build Quality

Despite the okay performance, it has a rather flimsy build quality without high-grade materials enthusiasts might desire. Yet, for beginners, it’s not going to break on you right away thanks to a good combination of plastic and metal

The design itself is superb, with gray and black colouring and yellow accents. The makers didn’t scrimp on aerodynamics, at least. It’s also water-resistant and can withstand rain but isn’t certified waterproof, so cannot be submerged.

Drone X Pro build


Drone X Pro calibration is easy with the gyros – just hit down and right and it will produce accurate controls.

Also, during this Drone X Pro review, I tested its general flight experience and top speed. It’s a little too slow for my liking when it comes to turns but it has a good pitch.

Barrel rolls are super-fast, and the 360-degree loop is sure to impress friends. Either flip is accomplished with just the tape of a button. 

The Drone X Pro top speed is advertised at 12 metres per second with a 2km transmission, which might be possible in perfect conditions but in the real world you’ll get a slower experience. That’s not to say it isn’t fast but there are quicker alternatives if you have the budget.

It’s also not sturdy enough to withstand stronger winds or sudden gusts, throwing it off course.

Drone X Pro Accessories

Base accessories are lacking, other than replacement propellers and propeller guards, which are always wise to clip on to prevent damage and accidents.

You also get a simple QuickStart pamphlet and a bigger guidebook, but you won’t make much use out of this because of how easy it is to set up 

The 3.7600 MAh Drone X Pro battery is included and slots into place with ease. As noted, on full charge this lasts about 10 minutes with continuous still shooting and longer if you just wish to fly at a low altitude. If 10 minutes is a bit short for you, the saving grace is a very fast charge, giving you full power within an hour.

The Drone X Pro charger requires you to remove the battery and to use the included USB cable to connect to a plug socket like you would a mobile phone or similar device. A separate USB C to C cable would make it more versatile as you could steal juice from your tablet, laptop, or PC, but it’s not a big concern. 

The other main accessory is the nice, cushioned carry case to fit all parts including the folded drone and handset and guidebooks behind a strip of netting. 

Drone X Pro Price

The Drone X Pro price can throw you off a little because at first glance it seems like there are three versions. In actuality, with our discount, a single drone sets you back $99, but you can buy more to get even a better deal. So that’s:

  • $99 for 1 drone (discounted from $199)
  • $159 for 2 drones (down from $396)
  • $197 for 3 drones (regular price - $594)
  • $249 for 4 drones (instead of $792)

This makes for some good savings if you’re buying a bunch for the kids, for example.

Shipping is free and all orders come with and you can pay extra for a lifetime warranty. 


To conclude, this Drone X Pro formidable quadcopter does everything you need at a great price. It’s not something longtime enthusiasts will choose because it lacks some build quality and doesn’t have the best speed, distance, or battery life. 

However, it looks brilliant, has all the features beginners could want and is a solid entry point into the higher-tier products out there.


Is a Drone X Pro any good?

The consensus among Drone X Po reviews and my own testing is that the device is a good and affordable entry into the vibrant drone community. The HD camera, ability to avoid collisions automatically, and app features all make it worthwhile. At just £77 for the basic pack, the Drone X Pro cost is certainly competitive.

How far can Drone X Pro fly?

With its single standard battery, the Drone X Pro flight time is 10 minutes uninterrupted for 12km when shooting. In other words, you can control the device from 12km away for 10 minutes without any battery or signal trouble. Furthermore, you can obviously travel further if you walk as you fly. The Drone X Pro battery life is only about 10 minutes if you’re taking regular shots.

Is Drone X Pro legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate product that flies well. Is it the best? No, but it’s a legitimate entry into an ever-growing marketplace – an affordable one at that.

What company makes drone X Pro?

During the research for this Drone X Pro review, I discovered it’s a Chinese manufactured product headquartered in Hong Kong, which is not uncommon for such technology. It has a strong user base in the UK, US, and Brazil. It goes by PopularHitech.


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Eric Holt
1 year ago
What is the weight of the drone. Do I need a licence. TIA

1 year ago
While it is in flight, can I tell it to take a picture facing away from me? (I know some drones you have to give a visible signal to to take a pic, but I don't always want it to have to be pointing at me to shoot a pic.)

1 year ago
Piece of junk. Arrived DOA, did not work. Tech support told me to send a video - of what? Does not fly. Told me they would refund if I returned at MY COST - to CHINA. $27.75 and I sent the package to the address given to me. NINE MONTHS later, package is returned to me - they supplied the wrong address.