iSwift Pi: Paper-Thin Laptop Desk You Didn’t Think You Needed

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The iSwift PI laptop desk is a portable and adjustable desk designed specifically for laptop use. It offers a convenient solution for individuals who work or study on their laptops for extended periods, providing comfort and ergonomic support.

In the wake of covid-19, we all were subjected to remote work at one point or another. This prompted us all to seek a comfortable and efficient workplace. 

As someone who has been subjected to a remote work setup since the pandemic started, a comfortable and efficient workspace is what I need. However, staying pro ductive can be challenging even with a home office, especially when you don’t want to get out of bed. 

This prompted me to look for a sturdy laptop desk to use while in bed or traveling. This was when I came across iSwift Pi. In this review, let’s delve into iSwift Pi’s important features. 

iSwift Pi’s Key Features

When I first saw the Pi Laptop Desk offered by iSwift on their website, I was very skeptical about its potential. However, this product proved me wrong. 

This laptop desk’s different features allowed me to have different options when it comes to my workspace. 

Here are some of the key features of the iSwift Pi Laptop Desk: 

Design and Functionality

From the moment I received my iSwift Pi laptop desk, I could tell immediately that it was specifically designed for those working on the go. The desk is sleek and easily fits my backpack along with my laptop. This way, I can easily bring them with me when I travel.

The sleeve that came with the laptop desk feels very nice to touch and looks very classy. The design is minimal, and as someone who cares so much for the aesthetic, I can tell that a lot of thought came into designing this cover.

Because it has different heights, I can easily switch from working on the bed or working while standing if I perch the desk on top of my big desk. 

This desk can be switched between 2 heights: 7.5 and 8.6 inches, allowing me to adjust my posture to occasionally relax my back and neck. For someone like me who prefers to work in my bed, this table easily helps me work comfortably for hours. 

I also love that the desk has different sitting angles, allowing me to use it as a tablet stand for doodling or writing.

This laptop desk comes in three solid colors: Forest Green, Sunrise Orange, and Classic Black. 

Materials and Durability 

As for the materials, this laptop desk is made from high-quality fiberglass and PU leather. These materials make the laptop desk easy to clean and store. 

Because the materials are lightweight, this product only weighs 2.5 lbs. However, it can carry a weight of up to 44 lbs without wobbling.

It’s great that the materials make my mouse move smoothly, even without a mouse pad. It makes the job easier and more comfortable. It also helps when I’m traveling and I don’t have to bring a mousepad.

Versatility and Compatibility

This laptop desk offers a great amount of versatility. When I’m not using it as a laptop desk, it can work as my writing table or a reading area. I sometimes even use it as a breakfast table when I want to stay in bed and watch my favorite shows.

Even when I use it as a breakfast table, I never have to worry about staining it because PU leather is so easy to clean. I only have to wipe it off. 

I’m using a MacBook, which fits the table like a glove. And the best part is that I still have space to put my mouse in or even a drink if I don’t have my mouse with me.

The Pi Laptop Desk offers made my office more spacious and efficient. This desk is a great option for students and professionals working from home often.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Pi Laptop Desk by iSwift is a great choice for those looking for a laptop desk for everyday use. The desk’s efficiency and versatility sets it apart from others. If you’re looking for a more personalized workspace, this laptop desk is a great addition to your office.


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Florence Desiata

Florence is a dedicated wordsmith on a mission to make technology-related topics easy-to-understand. With her sharp editing skills and knack for crafting engaging content, she effortlessly breaks down complex tech concepts into bite-sized, relatable pieces.

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