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Having your PC crash is extremely inconvenient. Most of the time, you’ll have to repair it piece by piece. In this Restoro review, you’ll learn how to fix several PC issues with this unique, all-in-one software.

Anti-malware solution


Three affordable subscription plans


Frees up hard disk space


Unrivaled repository of Microsoft Windows components


Restores system performance to peak mode


Comprehensive PC diagnostics


Antivirus-complementing software


Protects against online threats



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Best for: Restoro is best for malware detection, Windows repair, and diagnostics.

Strengths Detects malware with unerring accuracy
Strengths Real-time updates
Strengths Full Windows scan
Strengths A comprehensive repository of Microsoft Windows components
Weaknesses Cannot repair third-party apps
Weaknesses Available only for Windows
Weaknesses Interrupts other software

What Is Restoro

Restoro is a comprehensive Windows repair tool. With a wide range of functions, it’s the perfect solution to several PC software issues. 

PC crashes are bound to happen, even if your device is brand new. With the Restoro app, you can improve long-term performance and avoid damage as much as possible. 


Restoro provides a thorough and quick diagnosis of Microsoft Windows operating systems. This leads to detecting viruses and spyware.

Subsequently, it fixes the Windows Registry and replaces any broken components of the OS. It works with a regularly updated database packed with the latest Windows features. This way, it can do quick fixes without requiring a total overhaul

Some of its most exciting features include:

Malware Elimination

Windows 10 comes with its own anti-malware system. Nevertheless, it may be incapable of ridding your PC of specific deep-set faults. In particular, it lacks maximum efficiency in eliminating online threats. 

Malware attacks your computer programs, leading to overall failure. Affected components may include the storage, interface, and certain critical file systems

After these units have been damaged, even antivirus tools may not be enough to repair them. This is where the Restoro software comes in.

It replaces each faulty element with an up-to-date equivalent from its database. 

System Diagnostics

The tool allows you to run a full diagnostics scan of your hard disk. You can also keep an eye on your PC’s temperature - if it gets too high, the performance will suffer.

However, the best part of the diagnostics feature is detecting faulty apps and system files. By doing so, you can quickly identify which apps are lagging and crashing. 

Just as well, Restoro will notify you if, for example, a system optimizer or an antivirus tool is needed. The scan takes less than five minutes, giving you detailed reports on hard disk speed, rootkits, CPU temperature, and more.

However, you should note that Restoro won’t fix your hardware. For that, you’ll need a computer engineer. Nevertheless, you can get crucial information about the status of hardware components like your device drivers and other physical units. 

The software runs three types of scans to diagnose issues.

The hardware scan detects issues like low RAM and CPU power. On the other hand, the stability scan identifies faulty and crashing apps and programs. Lastly, the security scan addresses malware infections. 

Fixing Damaged DLLs

In addition to fixing the Windows files, it also repairs registry keys and DLLs. In computing, dynamic-link libraries are a crucial component of Windows. They become corrupt as you install and uninstall different apps, especially when it’s different versions of the same thing. 

In other words, DLL issues arise when overwriting software. 

When DLLs are damaged, they cause the program to malfunction and crash. Restoro fixes this by replacing the faulty units with healthy ones from its vast repository. 

Fixing Windows Errors

Window 10 is notorious for displaying different kinds of errors. These errors stem from a wide range of sources. For instance, a virus or broken system files can cause underlying issues, leading to different errors. 

Although PCs usually have a default fix for errors, these remedies can take a very long time to complete. Often, people give up midway through in frustration. 

Enter Restoro.

The software quickly identifies the problematic files, removing, then replacing them aptly. There's never an issue with its impressive database of various up-to-date Windows components.

An infamous Windows error is the so-called Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). This error is fatal and will prevent Windows from running in any capacity. Here, the boot loader program has issues, and you’ll have to reboot your computer in Safe Mode to run diagnostics.

Interface and Ease of Use

To access the Restoro repair tool, you’ll have to download the app after purchasing a license key. Setting it up is a breeze, and once it’s installed, it scans your system automatically. 

Restoro is relatively easy to use, with a user-oriented interface that requires no expert knowledge. All you have to do is click on the self-explanatory icons and let the software do its work.

On the left side of the main dashboard is a list of icons titled Compiling Data, Your PC Profile, PC Stability, PC Security, and Summary. These icons appear when the app scans your program files, giving you a comprehensive breakdown of your PC’s status. 

The next set of icons is activated after the scan is completed. Users can choose to:

  • Clear faulty files
  • Install healthy files
  • Repair damage
  • Do a stability check or a security check. 

On the main screen, you can view the status and summary of the scan. The potential issues are broadly categorized according to:

  • Stability issues
  • Security threats
  • Junk files
  • Registry 

After the scan is completed, click on the green start repair icon in the bottom right corner of the main dashboard. 

The app’s interface is intuitive and modern, brilliantly combining functionality and UI aesthetics. 

Restoro Pricing

You may find links online claiming to offer a cracked version of Restoro PC repair tool for free download. But when it comes to cyber security, you cannot afford to go for something free.

They often come with hidden, unfavorable perks. In Restoro’s case, the chances are that it contains malware. So, I advise you to stick to the paid, legitimate version from the official source.

The app has three different subscription plans with many mixed Restoro reviews concerning them. So, take your time to carefully read what they have to offer.



One-time repair. It comes with virus detection and removal, fixes Windows damage, restores the system, and has Microsoft Windows optimizing features.



Unlimited use & support for 1 Year. Offers all of the features of the Basic Plan with the addition of unlimited use and round-the-clock support.



3 Licenses & unlimited use for 1 Year. It holds all the elements of the other two plans adding on top multiple device file repair and protection.

All of Restoro’s subscription plans come with a 60-days money-back guarantee. Not to forget that there’s also a free trial version available on their official website. However, it only comes with the scan function. 


If you’ve read just one Restoro review before, you would see that their support consistently gets praise.

Although the Basic Plan doesn’t have dedicated 24/7 support, the other two do. You can contact support directly on their website. All you need to do is fill out and submit a form, and they’ll promptly contact you. 

You can also send emails to specific departments like marketing, product, and business development. All the information you need is located on their Contact Us page. 

In addition, support has a ticket system where you can submit your complaints and wait your turn. Just in case, Restoro has a Facebook page as well.  

The Verdict

Few PC repair tools offer the comprehensive features that it does. Restore is safe, efficient, and removes malware leftover from antivirus scans.

However, you should note that Restoro isn’t an antivirus tool. Instead, it complements inbuilt Windows cybersecurity and defense systems. Then, it provides full system diagnostics, providing fixes from its repository of Windows components. 


Is Restoro a legit program?

Yes, Restoro is perfectly legit. However, you should beware of malware posing as free, cracked versions of the app. To avoid a scam, make sure you download it and acquire a license key from the official website.

Is Restoro.exe a virus?

No, it’s not. Restoro.exe is the executable file that you install on your PC.

Is Restoro a free download?

You can download a limited version for free, but it’s best to buy the software, as it gives you access to all of the major features. Hopefully, our Restoro review has informed you enough to easily make that decision.

How much does Restoro cost?

There are three subscription plans: Basic, Premium, and Extended. They cost $29.95, $39.95 and $59.95 respectively.


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Maxym Chekalov

With a master's degree in telecommunications and over 15 years of working experience in telecommunications, networking, and online security, he deeply understands cybersecurity's value and importance. Max leverages his vast experience and knowledge to research the latest cyber threats, scams, malware, and viruses in-depth.

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Robert M. Gonzales
2 years ago
I paid for this Restoro program months ago but never received the KEY to unlock the prgram!! I've tried in several occasions to contact your company with no response. It was paid with a Visa Debit Card and approved.

1 year ago
Hi Robert, You should contact Restoro's support team - Best, Deyan Georgiev

Michael Schadendorf
2 years ago
i have had restoro for several usually happy with it---got a message to renew for $41 = tax--screen gave me the number to activate the system---representative came to take me through the system--i found her very rude and condescending---tried to see me more stuff---really disappointed in the rude treatment i got---kept restoro but after this i doube i will be using it in the future.

1 year ago
Can't say anything about the technical side of the software. Maybe it is OK... BUT- Don't touch this program! They take your money, and if you are calling their support center- they just trying to lure more money from you, without solving the problem! TELEMARKETING in its worse form! I've waisted 55 minutes in international call fees just to hear how infected my PC is and how desperately I need their extended repair services. And all I needed was just a new activation code, because the one I got 3 weeks ago (for 1 year of service) wasn't working anymore, since I wiped clean my PC . The man ignored my problem and just kept frightening me with Trojan viruses ("Sir, Do you know what a trojan is?" he tested my knowledge like I was in programming course) and pushing me unneeded services. F@@k those 35$ I've lost. Hope my story will help others! Wish you peace and well being !

1 year ago
Yes, that is exactly what he said to me as well! Then quoted me exorbitant prices for their service. I was shown false online docments indicating my PC had TrojanS--plural. I'm a senior citizen so their fraud is Elder Abuse! They have stalled on my refund request and so now I am taking action against them.

1 year ago
I have been misled by Restoro. They lied to me saying I had Trojans on my PC. I have been scammed. Further, getting a refund is not easy. The company stalls and neglects their promise of a 60 day money back guarantee! I watched as the Adware processed zero malwares found! It was suppose to be a three hour tech service and ended up about one hour. I want to cancel the service and the company stalls with an email advising me I must call them as it is their policy for "security purposes." And, this is after they've verified my secure email account. I'm incensed!