Revealed: How Do You Find Someone’s Real Name on Xbox?

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Over 120 million Xbox users connect monthly through the online multiplayer network. Whether it’s Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto V, millions of users flock to the platform.

As the user population rises every year, some people can’t help but be curious about their gaming buddies in real life—or as they call it: “IRL.” Finding the name behind the avatars to establish personal connections became natural.

Continue reading to discover how to find someone on Xbox and the best tools for it.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • The key to discovering someone's real name on Xbox lies in knowing their gamertag, as users often keep their real names private.
  • Utilize tools like BeenVerified, SocialCatfish, and Google to associate a real name with a given gamertag efficiently.
  • BeenVerified offers a thorough search across multiple platforms using various parameters.
  • SocialCatfish provides a username search function that scours public records and social networks.
  • For a cost-effective approach, Google can be employed by entering the gamertag in the search bar. 

Steps in Finding Someone’s Real Name on Xbox

While Xbox allows you to share your real name with other players, not everyone openly shares their own. Some users restrict the visibility of their real names to their close friends. 

However, you don’t have to worry! There are other ways to get someone’s real name on Xbox. Follow these steps to find out:

  •  Find the Xbox Gamertag

Finding someone’s name on Xbox is impossible unless you know the player’s gamertag. It may be different with their game names, so you should double-check.

Here’s where you can find gamertags on your Windows Xbox app:

Gamertag search on Xbox

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  • Use the Gamertag to Search for the Real Name

Once you have the gamertag, you can start searching for the player’s real name. With the help of efficient people-search tools, you can use the gamertag as a “hint” to find what you’re looking for.

Some of the best tools you can use are BeenVerified, SocialCatfish, and Google. Take a look at how each one works below.


BeenVerified is a people search tool that can use parameters such as first or last name, address, phone number, username, and email. You can use the gamertag in the username search to find the real name behind it.

Here’s how to use BeenVerified:

  1. Go to the BeenVerified website.
  2. Click on the username search and enter the gamertag.
  3. Start the search and wait for the results.

BeenVerified homepage

The site will comb through 55+ social networks and other platforms that might be using gamertag as a username. Try to modify the gamertag slightly to improve accuracy, like removing spaces or number suffixes.

However, BeenVerified is a paid tool. Once it completes the search, you’ll be asked to subscribe to view the listings.

You can choose between $22.86 for a one-month membership or $14.86 for three months ($44.58). BeenVerified also offers a 7-day trial for only $1.


If you have no luck with BeenVerified, you can try SocialCatfish as an alternative. It is another paid people search site that has a username search function.

Reverse Username Lookup on Social Catfish

SocialCatfish is as straightforward as BeenVerified. Just enter the gamertag as a username and begin the search. The site will search through public records and social networks to find a match for your input.

To access the results, you must sign up for the paid 3-day trial, which costs $6.87. You should note that the subscription will charge you $28.97 monthly if you don’t cancel.

📝 Note

Social Catfish is such a comprehensive tool for online identity discovery. Besides usernames, you can also use it to find someone’s social media profiles using a phone number, email address, home address, and photos. 


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tool, the world’s largest search engine can help you. Capable of processing over 9 billion searches daily, Google is a handy tool when searching for someone.

Use Google Search for any social media account that uses your Xbox friend’s gamertag as a username. Simply type the gamertag on Google and press Enter. Scour through the search results to see which matches the person you’re looking for.

Xbox Gamertag Search on Google

Pro Tip

There are gamertags with two or more words without spaces. You can enclose the gamertag in quotation marks, so Google won’t automatically split the username word-for-word and display numerous irrelevant results.

Wrap Up

Discovering someone's real name on Xbox can be easy. As long as you have their gamertag and utilize search tools like BeenVerified or Social Catfish, you will find what you’re looking for in no time. 

However, remember that users should exercise caution when seeking personally identifiable information. Make sure that personal details (like their real name) are obtained responsibly and within legal boundaries.

Online interactions should prioritize mutual consent and respect for privacy. Always consider the potential implications of your actions in the gaming community.

Getting Someone’s Real Name on Xbox FAQs.

Can you see the Xbox name history?

No. Xbox does not have the function to search old databases for previous names or gamertags. Some third-party programs claim to have this function, but it’s unlikely to be true.

Do Xbox names expire?

No. Real names on Xbox do not expire, but gamertags do. This involves the account as a whole. If a user does not sign in to their Xbox account for 5 years, the unique gamertag will be free for others to use.

How do you hide my real name on the Xbox One dashboard?

You can turn off the real name sharing by pressing the Xbox button. Select Settings > Account > Privacy and Online Safety > Xbox Privacy. Click the Profile option under Customize to edit your name, show it to specific friends, or hide it from everyone.


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