How to Change Google Background on Desktop, iOS, and Android

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According to web browser usage stats, Google has dominated the web browser market for both desktop and mobile. Their current market share also stands at 62.55%.

It is the preferred browser of most users as it boasts the largest selection of browser add-ons, extensive features, customization tools, and sheer speed. 

Being familiar with Google search browsers, its background is plain, allowing users to style and customize it according to their tastes.

This article will teach you how to change your Google 

background on desktop computers and mobile phones. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Google Chrome is the dominant web browser for smartphone users.
  • You can use Google Chrome themes or upload pictures and images as your browser background.
  • Customizing your Google background is limited to Chrome users.
  • Chrome already has images in Google Library that you can choose from as your Google background image.

Changing Google Background On Your Device

Users spend so much time on Google Chrome when surfing the web. Thus, they can make the background page lively by choosing from numerous color themes.

Chrome gives you several ways to customize your Google background. You can change your browser's look using Google Chrome themes and even upload your images as a background. 

Fun Fact:

Google Chrome has 32 theme collections, the latest being the Asian & Pacific Islander Artists Series. Its designs paid homage to Asia and the Pacific Islands.

If you are tired of staring at a plain white homepage in your Google Chrome browser, follow these guides to change your Google background.  

In Google Chrome Desktop

The step-by-step guide of how users can change their Google background in Chrome on a computer is explained in two ways.

Using Google Themes

Follow the below steps to change your browser background using Google’s theme options.

1. Open your Chrome browser and tap the three-dot menu icon (Kebab menu) at the top-right corner.

Kebab Menu or 3-dot icon beside the Google Chrome profile

2. Click on Settings.

Dropdown menu when clicking the Kebab menu on Google Chrome

3. On your display's left side, click Appearance.

Settings of Google Chrome

4. Click on Theme.

Appearance settings of Google Chrome with Theme

5. The Chrome Web Store will appear, where you can choose from many Chrome custom background options. 

Google Chrome Webstore under the Themes tab

6. Pick your favorite, then click the Add to Chrome button.

Trái Cây (Fruit Theme) on the Google Chrome Webstore Theme

7. Your Chrome background, tabs bar color, and theme should change immediately.

Trái Cây (Fruit Theme) on Google Chrome

Using an Image as Background

You can use your pictures or images as your Chrome browser background.

To change your Google wallpaper with an image on Chrome, follow these easy steps; 

Using Custom Images

1. Click on the Customize button, in a pencil-like icon, in the bottom-right corner.

Customize Chrome button on the lower bottom-right corner 

2. Select the Background option.

Background options to customize Google Chrome background

3. Click the Upload from Device option and scroll to find your image.

Window showing options to choose Google Chrome background

4. Select your preferred image and click the Open button.

5. It will automatically change to your Google background image.

 Cartoon dog background on Google Chrome using Customize Chrome button

Using Library Images

Some default images already exist in Google Library that you can choose from as your Google background image.

If you choose to use the images in the Google library instead of uploading your own, follow these steps;

1. Click on the Customize button, in a pencil-like icon, in the bottom-right corner.

2. Select the Background option.Background options to customize Google Chrome background

3. Scroll and select your preferred background photo in the options available.

4. Click Done.

Using Custom Colors

If you don't want a patterned background but don't want to use the default option, you can change the background color instead. 

Here are the steps to change the Google Chrome color:

1. Open Chrome and click on the Customize This Page button, in a pencil-like icon, in the lower right corner.

2. Select or customize your color under the Color and Theme tab.

Background Color and Theme options to customize Google Chrome background

3. Choose from the colors provided, or click the pencil icon to customize your preferred color.

4. Click Done to apply the changes.

Quick Tip: 

Follow the steps below to revert to the default Google Chrome theme.

  1. Open Chrome browser. 
  2. Click on the three-dot icon
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Click on Appearance on the left.
  5. Click on Reset to Default.

On the Google Go App

Changing Google background wallpapers on Android mobile phones is impossible as Chrome doesn’t allow users to do so. The steps stated above only work on desktop devices.

However, you can use a third-party app called Google Go to customize your browser's appearance

On Android Devices

To change your Google background on Android, follow these steps;

1. Download and install the Google Go app from the Play Store.

Google Go on the Playstore

2. Once done, open the app and log in with your Google Account. If your device is already linked to Google, choose a language option to proceed.

3. Now click on the gear-shaped Settings icon in the top-right corner.

Google Go app gear icon for settings

4. Click the Choose Wallpaper option on the new Settings page under the Wallpaper section.

Google Go app settings

5. Select the image you want to use from your device's memory as your background.

6. Click the Set As Wallpaper button.

Google Go Set wallpaper button

7. The changes will be applied automatically.

On iOS Devices 

Like Android, iOS users can’t change or modify the background of their Google or Chrome apps. 

Instead, you can change the background of Google’s widgets. Downloading a third-party app is unnecessary as Google’s iOS app has this built-in feature. 

Follow these guidelines to change your Google background on iPhones;

1. Open the Google App on your iPhone or iPad.

Google app on iOS

2. Click on the Profile Icon in the top-right corner.

Google app on iOS pointed on the profile photo

3. A pop-up menu will appear on your screen.

4. Tap on Settings.

Google app settings on iOS

5. Look for the Widgets and tap it.


6. Turn on Dynamic Widget to allow medium-sized widgets to show more information.

Google app Widget settings on iOS

7. Tap on the Widget theme. A window will pop up showing different theme options.

Google app Widget theme options

8. Tap on your preferred theme option.

Google app Abstract Art widget theme

9. You have the option to refresh the background daily. This will randomize a background under your preferred theme.

10. Tap on Done.  

11. Go back to the Home screen and long press on it. It will show the widget option.

iOS home screen with add widget button

12. Click on Google Search and tap the Add Widget button.

Add Google Search widget on iOS home screen

13. The widget with your chosen background will appear on the home screen.

Google Search customized color/theme widget on iOS home screen

The steps outlined are straightforward, so you don’t have to be a tech expert before you can customize your Google background. 

You can navigate and play with all the available options to discover new browser functionalities. 


Note that customizing your Google background is limited to Chrome users. So, if you are not a Google Chrome user, you will have to do the usual web browser backgrounds.


Google's search engine and apps are plain and straightforward, providing users with a platform free from fancy graphics. This helps people find settings and see features effectively.

Despite this, Google Chrome provides users with many theme and color options to personalize their experiences on the app. 

Although changing backgrounds on Google Chrome and its apps doesn't change its overall functionality, it allows users to be different and show personality.


Why Is Google Background Not Changing?

There can be reasons for such occurrences, like;  Google App not being able to access your photos to select an image or an invalid image form. Updating or reinstalling the Google app may fix the issue.

How To Change Google Background To A GIF?

The GIFs must first be enabled as an option in the background settings before you can set it as background. Open the Google app settings on mobile and tap 'Your Background.' Then switch the 'GIFs' toggle to the ON position.

Can I change the background on the Google Chrome app?

You can't change the background on the Google Chrome app for iOS or Android. However, you can change it on the Google Go app for Android and via the widget feature provided on iOS.


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