How To Configure Spotify Proxy Settings?

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Spotify is the largest music streaming service, with 515 million active users worldwide. However, this platform is not available in all countries despite its huge user base.

Certain countries banned Spotify for various reasons and there are also some restrictions for certain artists in many regions.

Luckily, the use of proxies for Spotify has been integrated into its streaming app. In this article, you will learn how to set up a proxy for Spotify without changing your computer’s network settings. You will also learn how to turn off proxy service on Spotify.

Continue reading to find out.

🗒️Did You Know? 

The global music streaming industry is estimated to hit a revenue of US$25.84 billion in 2023, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 6.32%. This growth trajectory suggests a forecasted market size of US$35.10 billion by 2028.

Spotify Proxy: How To Set It Up

Millions of tracks are available on Spotify. Users can access these tracks for a fixed subscription price, or they can also stream music for free. The free plan, however, has ads and only lets the user skip up to 6 songs.

To play songs in any order, you can subscribe to the premium plan. It will also allow you to download the songs to listen offline and set it up for higher audio quality.

If your country has banned Spotify, you can always use a Spotify proxy service. Setting up Spotify proxies does not require a high level of tech savviness. These Spotify proxy settings are native to the app, so there is no need to change your device’s network settings.

The following sections will outline the requirements and the steps needed to configure a Spotify Proxy.

Requirements To Configure A Spotify Proxy

There is not much requirement in setting up a proxy for Spotify. All you need is the latest version of the Spotify app for desktop (MacOS or Windows) and your proxy information.

You also need the Spotify app’s latest version to avoid any possible errors. This will ensure that the app will work smoothly with all the current features.

Your proxy information is provided by the proxy service provider and is often found in the control panel. This includes the proxy address or hostname, the port number, and the username/password for authentication.

If you are using a free or open proxy, it will only consist of the proxy address and port number. It is recommended that you use a paid private proxy for better performance and security.

💡Good to Remember! 

Opting for a paid private proxy ensures better performance and security. You can check this list of the best proxy service providers in 2023 to see what your options are.

Setting Up A Proxy For Spotify

There are two places to change Spotify’s proxy settings in the app — one before logging in and another in the in-app settings.

Here’s how to set up a proxy on Spotify before logging in:

1. Download the Spotify app and install it.

2. Open the app.

3. In the login interface, click on Settings.

4. Choose the proxy protocol (HTTP, SOCK4, and SOCKS5). Select the Autodetect settings if a proxy setup is available in your network environment – such as in the workplace or any establishment.

5. Enter the proxy information. 

Enter the proxy information

6. Click on Restart App.

If you are already logged in, you can set up a proxy in the Spotify app by following these steps:

1. Click on the single-person icon in the top-right corner.

 Click on the single-person icon

2. Select Settings in the dropdown options.

3. Scroll down at the bottom to find the proxy settings.

4. Enter the proxy information.

Enter the proxy information

5. Click on Restart App.

To turn off the proxy service on Spotify, choose the No Proxy option under the Proxy type, then click Restart App.

Note that these settings are only available in Spotify’s desktop application. If you are using a mobile device, you will have to rely on your device’s proxy settings.

🎉Fun Fact!

Setting up a proxy for Spotify not only allows you to access the service securely in certain network environments but also serves as a sneaky way to transport your tunes across different regions. 

Why Should You Use A Proxy For Spotify

There are a lot of benefits to using a Proxy service for Spotify. Some of these benefits include:

Bypasses Country Restrictions

You can bypass geo-restrictions in Spotify by using a reliable proxy. A free proxy service may still not be able to perform this feat, so better to get your proxies from a trusted provider.

Unblock Restricted Content

Some songs and podcasts on Spotify are limited to certain regions. To access these, you can use a proxy server in the country where they are available.

Maintain Anonymous Activities

If you simply want to hide your traffic and listening activities, setting up a proxy can be your choice.

Spotify still has this information along with your payment method. However, a proxy connection can act as an additional layer of security to avoid malicious third-party monitoring.

Scrape Data

Spotify as the largest music streaming service is a great source of useful market information in the music industry.

The platform is aware of this, so anti-scraping mechanisms are in place to block Spotify scrapers. Powerful scrapers with proxy rotation capabilities are the best suited for these tasks.

proxy rotation


The use of proxies on Spotify is an effective way to enjoy the platform's millions of content wherever you are.

Spotify allows the use of proxies as evident in their in-app proxy settings. Just be mindful of the site’s TOS and read up on your country’s regulations regarding the use of proxies.


Why does Spotify have a proxy?

The proxy settings on Spotify are in place to give users freedom in setting up their proxy connection and mask their traffic.

Is it legal to use Spotify with VPN?

The use of VPN is not illegal in most countries. However, circumventing territorial access restrictions is still against Spotify’s user guidelines.

Can Spotify see my IP address?

Yes. An IP address is necessary information for Spotify’s servers to communicate with your device.

What IP address does Spotify connect to?

The Spotify app will use your default public IP unless you use a proxy or VPN.


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