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Techjury is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. provides a straightforward way to earn money through online surveys. It’s one of the highest-paying survey sites on the Internet and allows multiple methods for cashing out your rewards.

You can complete a survey with minimal effort and in a short time only. After that, the reward will be immediately reflected in your HeyPiggy account and ready for withdrawal after you reach the minimum.

While most articles out there briefly introduce, this one will let you unlock the survey site’s full potential with its in-depth instructions and descriptions.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Earn Real Cash with

HeyPiggy has a 4.5-star rating in Trustpilot, one of the Internet’s most trusted platforms for online reviews. That alone reflects how easily you can earn decent money and vouchers by answering HeyPiggy surveys. 

The site’s simple interface will let you sign up and answer surveys within a few minutes. Withdrawal is just as easy, too. Here’s an extensive guide to getting things moving with to get paid or rewarded.

How to Signup and Set Up Your HeyPiggy Account

You’d be surprised by how undemanding HeyPiggy is when it comes to signing up. Simply provide your email address and click ‘Continue.’ Then, fill out the necessary information, such as your gender and birth date, to complete your sign-up. sign-up landing page

You could also sign in using your Google or Facebook account by clicking the buttons on the sign-up landing page for a faster sign-up process.

After signing up, HeyPiggy will send you a confirmation email to the address you provided. You would also be redirected to a page of payout methods and other rewards you can choose from.

HeyPiggy payout and rewards page

You can choose PayPal as your payment method or vouchers from different brands in your country. Then, select the value, and you will be redirected to the page where the available surveys are lined up.

📝 Note: 

HeyPiggy users residing in the US, Canada, and other European countries may have the PayPal payout option, as the mobile payment platform is widely adopted in those regions. They also have better vouchers from known international brands. 

Meanwhile, HeyPiggy users in Asian countries could avail of vouchers from known international brands and local businesses.

A Guide to Answering Surveys in

It’s time to answer surveys in HeyPiggy finally and expect to be met with many choices. Of course, users are most enticed by the compensation they could get from surveys, and HeyPiggy doesn’t disappoint. 

The amount you can earn from a survey will depend solely on the company. Your area could also affect your earnings. Users in the United States could earn around $0.3 per survey, while those residing in Asian countries could get half of that amount on average.

📝 Note: 

If you’re considering using a VPN to change your IP address location and get higher rewards, know that HeyPiggy strongly discourages that. When the system detects your VPN usage, HeyPiggy will freeze your account, and you could lose all your earnings.

To navigate the survey list based on your preference, you can arrange the surveys by ratings, compensation, and completion time. account home page, including available surveys

Once you finish your first survey, you’ll be redirected to HeyPiggy, where you’ll see your selected payment method. Next to your selected payout option is a piggy bank showing you how much you must earn to initiate your withdrawal.

To start answering a survey, simply select one from the list of available surveys. After that, you’ll still be on the HeyPiggy website as you must answer the ‘qualifying questions.’

During the qualifying procedure, expect to provide information on your current residence, age, income, educational background, etc. You must supply this information as companies have target demographics for their surveys.

⚠️ Warning:

Be truthful while answering the qualifying questions. HeyPiggy has a system that detects consistency in your answers. If it spots any discrepancies, you could be disqualified, and frequent disqualifications could lead to your account’s deletion.

If you qualify for the survey you chose, you will be redirected to another web page. If not, you will notice that your profile doesn’t match the respondent the survey is looking for. This notice confirms your “disqualification.” notice for disqualified users

Once redirected to another site, you could answer the survey immediately or undergo another ‘qualifying process’ as the survey gathers your personal information.

You could still get disqualified for the survey during the secondary qualification process. If that happens, you will be redirected back to HeyPiggy. Sometimes, you could receive a small compensation for your time, costing around $0.05. Other times, you won’t get anything at all.

If everything’s clear, you just need to answer the survey completely and with all honesty. Some are extensive and could take longer, while others are brief. After completing it, you can return to, and the amount promised will be reflected in your piggy bank.

On average, HeyPiggy adds over 20,000 new surveys daily, but the number of surveys available will still depend on your location. Moreover, HeyPiggy has a smart-matching mechanism that learns your demographics the more you complete surveys.

Speaking from experience, the more surveys you answer in a day, the fewer opportunities you could get, as the system will start giving you surveys that match your profile best. 

💡 Did You Know?

The average Internet user spends around 6 hours and 37 minutes online—meanwhile, the surveys on run between five and 20 minutes. If you spend half of your average Internet screen time on HeyPiggy, you could complete around 16 surveys a day!

How to Initiate Withdrawals in

As soon as you fill up your piggy bank, you can finally withdraw your earnings or claim your reward. 

For PayPal payouts, simply follow the instruction prompts that will show on your screen. Based on various experiences, you would receive your funds between one and five days.

For those cashing out using a voucher, you could receive it right away and redeem it before the provided expiration date.

How Much Money You Can Make from

The amount of earnings you could receive in HeyPiggy will depend solely on your commitment to the site.

For instance, if you can complete an average of five surveys a day that rewards $1, you would earn $7 daily or $210 in 30 days. However, earning that much may take long since getting paid in full could be a trial and error. There’s also no guarantee you’ll earn that amount regularly.

How Long It Takes to Withdraw Earnings From

How long it takes before you can withdraw your earnings depends on the time and effort you dedicate to answering surveys. Remember that the lowest minimum to payout for some vouchers is $1, while PayPal requires a $5 minimum before withdrawal. 

Most surveys provide a $1 compensation if you reside in the US. After completing just one survey worth $1, you can immediately cash out a voucher within that threshold. 

For higher payout requirements like  $20, $50, or even $100, expect to answer many surveys, which could take a while.

In a Nutshell is a great way to generate additional income or gain vouchers from your favorite local and international brands. Its payout is higher than most of its competitors, and it’s one of the few sites that provide a small compensation for users who don’t pass the first survey screening. With HeyPiggy, your efforts would not go to waste.

For anyone thinking HeyPiggy could be a full-time hustle, prepare a lot of patience and time as you must constantly answer surveys you qualify for. Still, it’s a decent money-making option for those with enough spare time.


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