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JavaScript frameworks are used in almost every device.  In 2022, 98.7% of websites worldwide relied on JavaScript as a client-side programming language. It's incredibly popular!

Curious about JavaScript's impact on web development? Check out this article for demographics and usage statistics! Gain insights to level up your coding game!

Editor’s Choice

  • The prevalence of JavaScript among software developers is 65%.
  • JavaScript ranks 3rd place from PYPL Index. 
  • 3,491,140 websites use Vue.js worldwide.
  • There are 9.4 million developers in the Java community.
  • Node.js accumulated 2% of global web servers.
  • 15% of JavaScript developers use Svelte, surpassing React last 2020.
  • JavaScript developers have reduced from 63% in 2021 to 55% in 2023.
  • With a 12.46% rating, Python beats Javascript in the TIOBE Programming Community Index 2022.
  • JavaScript has a 95.76% market share, significantly larger than Java.
  • MATLAB has 23 developer stacks compared to 6,471 developer stacks for JavaScript.

How Many Websites Use JavaScript?

One of the primary advantages of Javascript is that it can operate everywhere. This means code compilation is not required before language execution. Javascript is also compatible with all leading browsers, including:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge

With advanced modules such as Silverlight, Flash, and DOM, JavaScript has maintained its dominance in developing 98.7% of dynamic websites and advanced web applications. As of 2022, nearly 23% of developers agreed that JavaScript is progressing correctly, with an additional 57.5% agreeing with the statement.

W3tech's recent results for 2023 indicate that 2.1% of all websites whose server-side programming language uses JavaScript. This equates to using  3.6% of all the top 1,000,000 websites whose server-side programming language we know.

Here are the latest data usage statistics to help individuals understand why Javascript is famous worldwide.

JavaScript Usage Statistics

JavaScript holds the top position in the market for Document Standards and has its primary recognition in the United States. The program also obtained 89.77% of market penetration in Document Standards. Also, more than 16.4 million developers presently use JavaScript.

SlashData's 21st State of the Developer Nation Report examined global software developer trends in 160 countries during the third quarter of 2021. The reports show that over 2.5 million developers have accessed the JavaScript community in the last six months alone. 

The next part of the article will explore the latest JavaScript usage statistics and its impact on developers.

1. The prevalence of JavaScript among software developers is 65%.


Programming languages allow software developers to create basic computer tasks - making it crucial to people’s daily lives and the rising use of electronic gadgets. In 2022, 65% of software developers used JavaScript, and 55% used HTML/CSS. 

JavaScript's popularity is due to increased interest in boot camps and programming courses. These courses and boot camps are helping more people understand these technologies, and developers are always learning new languages and resources. 

🎉 Fun Fact:

Programming languages are crucial for software development. MerixStudio, a top software development company since 1999, specializes in fintech and gambling software. They now serve businesses worldwide, creating custom web applications and cross-platform mobile apps focusing on full-stack development, primarily using JavaScript and Python.

The annual "State of JavaScript 2022" edition reported that 65.3% of professionals use Javascript. This data provides programmers with thrilling insights into JavaScript trends for 2023.  

Typescript’s popularity has grown for over four years. 78% of professionals and web developers used it in 2021, making it the most promising language.  20.7% of developers will also use TypeScript exclusively in 2023, compared to 8.2% who use JS.

JavaScript is a famous programming language by a considerable margin. Programmers who offer online tutorials on popular programming languages prefer it.

The next part of the article will provide helpful Javascript trend statistics showing its prominence in web development.

2. JavaScript ranks 3rd place from PYPL Index. 


Users of the code hosting service GitHub came up with the Popularity of Programming Language Index, or PYPL Index for short. Google used each programming language's "language tutorials" search volume to determine their relative positions. This year, JavaScript fell to third place, trailing Java and Python.

The table below shows the top 5 programs according to the PYPL index.







27.66 %

+0.2 %



16.16 %

-1.3 %



9.44 %

-0.2 %



6.79 %

-0.5 %



6.6 %

-0.1 %

top 5 programs according to the PYPL index

3. Vue.js is used by 3,491,140 websites worldwide.


Vue.js is a cutting-edge JavaScript framework renowned for its unique resources, simple learning curve, and collaborative community. There are currently 3,491,140 websites using Vue across the globe. 

 The most recent version, Vue 3.2, includes numerous enhancements, such as:

  • Improved performance in implementing ref. with 50% faster writing and 260% faster reading
  • Typescript implementation
  • Javascript consumes 17% less RAM, and dependency tracking is 40% faster
  • Support for layered modules and large-scale projects

4. There are 9.4 million developers in the Java community.


Java, which has been in development for 20 years, remains the foundation of the mobile application ecosystem and one of the essential universal languages for Android development. With over 2.5 billion Android users worldwide, one cannot overstate Java's significance in the mobile industry.

Since 2017, nearly 2.5 million developers have joined the Java community, which now boasts an impressive 9.4 million developers.

5. Node.js accumulated 2% of global web servers.

(Radix, w3tech)

Node.js helps developers create flexible and lightweight codebases. It had been enjoying steady growth in download and installation rates, with a spike in October 2021.

Moreover, historical trends of JavaScript usage in websites show that 2% of global web servers use Node. It’s the best choice for high-functioning and complicated projects like streaming, real-time, and microservices-based. The community constantly tries to improve this tool with open contributions.

💡 Did You Know?

Node.js enables JavaScript to run beyond the Chrome browser console, expanding its capabilities. You can download the latest version from their website to perform web crawling and website scraping using JavaScript.

6. 15% of JavaScript developers use Svelte surpassing React last 2020.


Since 2016, the most used JavaScript frameworks podium has circled the top three monarchs. However, the popularity of Svelte is growing by leaps and bounds, especially after it started supporting TypeScript.

15% of JavaScript developers actively use this framework. In terms of satisfaction, it has won the proud first place, surpassing React. The accelerating advancement of Svelte only means that it will draw more and more attention in the future till it joins the top front-end development frameworks clan.

7.  55% of JavaScript developers decreased from 63% last 2021.  


Jamstack is a modern platform development architecture that uses JavaScript and allows developers to create secure, fast websites and web apps with libraries and tools. According to the 2021 Jamstack Community Survey, Javascript is the primary language for most developers at 55%. However, this has been down since last year, from 63%.

The reasons behind Jamstack's capability to attract millions of audiences are the benefits it offers, such as a content delivery network, microservices architecture, fast and lightweight pages, and pre-built markup. 

JavaScript vs. Competitors Statistics

Several factors should be considered when selecting a programming language. While some languages are optimal for specific duties, others are superior for other applications.

This part of the article will delve into JavaScripts competitors and compare the platform's popularity, market share, and other valuable data.

8. With a 12.46% rating, Python beats Javascript in the TIOBE Programming Community Index 2022. 

(Stack Overflow Developer Survey, TIOBE)

As JavaScript and Python have gained popularity, the popularity criterion has changed. Python has gained popularity recently. The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022 indicates that JavaScript is the most prominent programming language for the tenth consecutive year.

On the other hand, Python app development has recently flipped the canoe upside down. According to the 2022 PYPL Index, Python is the most prevalent programming language, displacing JavaScript to third place.

According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index 2022, Python ranks first as the most popular programming language, surpassing Java, C, and JavaScript.

Jun 2023

Jun 2022




Programming Language







































Visual Basic


























Assembly language




9. JavaScript has a 95.76% market share which is significantly larger than Java.


With 12,689,330 users, JavasScript is significantly larger than that Java, which only has 492,866 customers. JavaScript's market share in the Languages category is 95.76%, while Java's only has 3.72%. These users are primarily from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

🎉 Fun Fact:

Java and JavaScript may sound alike but are fundamentally different programming languages. If you're curious about the reasons behind their similarities and differences, this video can provide valuable insights.

10.JavaScript 6471 developer stacks, while  MATLAB has 23 developer stacks. (6Sense)

JavaScript is a scripting language for web pages mentioned in 5,080 companies and 6,471 developer stacks. On the other hand, MATLAB computes, visualizes, and writes applications mentioned in 12 company stacks and 23 developer stacks. 

MATLAB competes with other products in the Project Collaboration categories. It has a market share in the languages category, and MATLAB has 31,421 customers in 156 countries, equivalent to 0.24%. Meanwhile, JavaScript has 12,689,330 customers in 247 countries, equal to 95.76% in the languages categories.

The table below shows the different companies using JavaScript and MATLAB.











JavaScript and MATLAB


JavaScript, a prevalent language for web development, is expected to continue its growth with the addition of new tools and frameworks. As the only web-functional programming language, it remains a versatile and widely used choice for creating interactive web applications. 

Despite its disadvantages, like slower performance and compatibility issues, JavaScript remains a versatile and widely used programming language.


Who primarily uses JavaScript?

Web developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers are typically the top users of JavaScript.

Which coding language is used most?

JavaScript is the most primarily used programming language in the world today. This is because most web brows use HTML, one of the easiest languages to master.

Where is JavaScript most commonly used?

JavaScript is primarily used to develop web-based applications. JavaScript can add interactive behavior to web pages, such as panning in and out and playing audio and video. Developing web and mobile applications; notable examples include Netflix and Uber.

Why is JavaScript more popular than PHP?

The most significant advantage of JavaScript over PHP is that it is a full-stack development language. Most JS vs. PHP comparisons emphasize that JavaScript is limited to the front end, but this is untrue. Developers can create an entire web or mobile application using only JavaScript.

Is JavaScript or Python used more?

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, developers prefer Javascript over Python.


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