11+ Eye-Opening Pandora Radio Statistics to Know in 2024

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Pandora Radio is part of the SiriusXM corporation – the largest ad-sponsored streaming service in the US. The brand targets a broad array of consumers. It offers personalized music and podcast listening experiences via its Genome Project and Music Genome Project technology. 

In this article, we take a look at some fascinating Pandora Radio statistics. You’ll learn more about the company’s revenues, its demographics, and some factors that explain its popularity. 

Interesting Pandora Radio Statistics

Here’s a rundown of our most interesting Pandora Radio stats:

  • Pandora now has more than 55 million monthly active listeners
  • Pandora has over 250 million registered accounts
  • Despite this, Pandora paying subscribers number just 7.4 million globally
  • The average Pandora user spends a whopping 2 hours and 15 minutes listening to music on the platform every day
  • In 2016, the ad revenue of Pandora exceeded $1 billion for the first time in its history
  • Pandora’s largest user demographic is people aged 25-34, an age group that makes up 28% of its user base

How Many Registered Users Does Pandora Internet Radio Have?

1. Pandora has over 250 million registered users.

(Expanded Ramblings)

Pandora Radio is tremendously popular, particularly in the US. Globally, more than a quarter-billion people have registered accounts with it. 

Pandora User Statistics

Now let’s check out some fascinating facts about Pandora Radio users:

2. Pandora had 48.8 million monthly active users in Q3 of 2022, compared to 50.6 million monthly users in Q1 of 2022.


The platform reached peak popularity in Q4 2014 when the number of Pandora Radio users topped 81.5 million. However, its listenership declined significantly and consistently between 2016 and 2022, with only 48.8 million active monthly listeners at the latest count. 

How Many People Use Pandora

Number of Pandora Monthly Active Users (2013-2022)

Year Number of Monthly Active Users, in millions
December 2013 76.2
December 2014 81.5
December 2015 81.1
December 2016 81
December 2017 74.7
December 2018 69.4
December 2019 63.1
December 2020 58.88
December 2021 52.28
September 2022 48.77

3. Pandora has just 6.3 million paying subscribers.


Despite Pandora boasting more than 250 million accounts, only around 6.3 million people pay for the platform’s services. According to projections, that figure is unlikely to increase significantly in the following years, topping out at around 8 million by the middle of the present decade.

Let's take a look at how the number of Pandora subscribers changed from 2014 to 2022:

Pandora Subscribers

Year Number of Pandora Self-pay Subscribers
2014 3.3
2015 3.8
2016 3.9
2017 4.8
2018 5.6
2019 6.2
2020 6.3
2021 6.3
2022 6.3

Pandora Data Usage

4. Streaming Pandora will use 15-85 MB per hour depending on sound quality.


You will use 15 MB per hour with low-quality sound settings (32Kbps) and nearly 85 MB per hour with high-quality settings (192Kbps).

Sound Quality Settings (Bitrate) Data Usage Per Minute Data Usage Per Hour
Low (32Kbps) 240KB 14.4MB
Standard (64Kbps) 480KB 22.8MB
High (128Kbps) 1.2MB 58MB
High (192Kbps) - For Premium Users 1.44MB 86.4MB

5. The average Pandora Radio user spends 2 hours and 15 minutes listening to music on the platform every day.

(Business of Apps)

Total streaming hours on the platform have risen from 0.9 billion in 2008 to more than 20 billion in 2017. However, as the number of active listeners drops, the total listening hours are also plateauing or even falling.     

Pandora Music Revenue

Now let’s take a look at some Pandora Radio stats related to revenue:

6. During the first three quarters of 2022, Pandora generated $1.539 billion in revenue compared to $1.497 billion in revenue for the first three quarters of 2021.


That's a 3% increase in one year. In the first nine months of 2022, Pandora's received $1.146 billion in advertising revenue and 393 million in subscriber revenue.

7. Pandora made 2.072 billion in revenue in 2021.


Pandora’s revenue in 2021 marked an increase from $1.698 billion in 2020. Compared to all years, this was Pandora's peak income.

See below how Pandora annual revenue has changed from 2016 to 2022:

Pandora Music Revenue

Year Pandora Revenue, in $US millions Pandora Advertising Revenue, in $US millions Pandora Subscriber revenue, in $US millions
2016 1,298 1,072 226
2017 1,391 1,075     316
2018 1,570 1,092 478    
2019 1,727 1,200  527
2020 1,698 1,183  515
2021 2,072 1,542  530
Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022 1,539 1,146  393

8. Pandora's advertising revenue was estimated at $1.5 billion in 2021, up from $1.18 billion in 2020.


In 2016, the advertising revenue of Pandora exceeded $1 billion for the first time. The majority of Pandora's revenue comes from advertising.

Pandora Advertising Revenue

Pandora Market Share

Here are some Pandora Radio figures that provide further insight into the company’s market share:

9. 30% of Pandora's music revenue comes from the US.


The United Kingdom provides the next biggest Pandora audience, accounting for 14% of the brand’s revenues, followed by Italy at 10%, and China, Australia, France, and Germany all at 5%. Denmark was responsible for just 0.16% of Pandora’s global revenues.

10. Pandora’s share of the global music streaming subscription market is less than 2%.


Pandora doesn’t feature in the top eight music streaming services globally, as measured by subscriber count. Leading the charge is Spotify with 31% of the pie, followed by Apple Music at 15%. Amazon Music and Tencent Music both come in at 13%, while YouTube Music holds 8%, and NetEase – 6%. 

Pandora Demographics

Finally, let’s take a look at the following Pandora Radio target market facts:

11. Pandora’s largest user demographic is people aged 25-34, an age group that makes up 28% of its user base. 


Pandora Radio’s demographics reveal that the platform is the most popular among adults. The age group comprises 28% of its user base, compared to Spotify’s 29%. 

12. Those aged 13 to 18 only comprise 11% of Pandora’s users.

(Business Insider)

For Spotify, the equivalent figure is 21%. Spotify is also popular among the 18 to 24 age demographic, comprising 26% of its user base, compared to Pandora’s 19%. 

13. 59% of Pandora users are female.


Even though the gender gap is quite narrow, Pandora is still a platform mostly used by women.

Wrap Up

The above Pandora radio facts reveal that the platform isn’t exactly a spent force. However, it’s feeling the pressure of competition from tech giants, such as Spotify and Apple. These Pandora Radio statistics make it clear that the music streaming service isn’t as popular as it once was. However, it’s still among the top companies as measured by active monthly users in the US., even if its subscribers lag behind.


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