17 Mind-Blowing Spotify Statistics for 2022

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Nov 26, 2022


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Leading the music streaming industry, Spotify was started by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek in Sweden in 2006. Spotify statistics demonstrate that during its 16-year reign, the platform has led a revolution, fueling the change from buying individual tracks and albums online to streaming them via the subscription model. Thereby setting the standard for many other music services and streaming businesses we know and love today. 

Spotify’s streaming service heralds a huge shift within the music industry and doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. Indeed, it looks like Spotify has much to teach others in the business, as well as those looking to echo its success. However, don’t just take our word for it; check out all the fascinating Spotify information we were able to dig out. 

Eye-Opening Spotify Statistics

Just as you may expect from a market leader like Spotify, there are some pretty impressive statistics associated with its name: 

  • Spotify collects annual revenue of more than $10 billion
  • With over 182 million paying subscribers, Spotify is the world’s largest streaming service 
  • Men make up over half of all Spotify users at 56%              
  • Spotify currently has over 420 million monthly active users 
  • As of 2022, there are 82 Million songs on the Spotify platform
  • Spotify currently operates at a $39 million net loss 

General Facts About Spotify

Below you’ll find statistics that’ll better help you understand Spotify’s operation and success. 

1. Spotify stats show it has over 420 million monthly active users. 


The number of active users on Spotify grew from 356 million at the beginning of 2021 to 422 million in the first quarter of 2022. At the same time, Spotify’s premium subscriber base has also been increasing.

2. As of 2022, Spotify hosts a massive 82 million songs.

(Demand Sage) 

This is despite the misinformation controversy over Joe Rogan’s podcast, which caused many artists, including Neil Young, to request their music be taken down from the platform. 

3. Spotify owns an additional 24 enterprises.


One thing that sets Spotify apart from other streaming platforms is that it has acquired a wealth of other businesses. Its most recent acquisition is Whooshkaa in December 2021, which makes a total of 24

4. Spotify is available across multiple platforms.


While many people choose to listen to Spotify on their iOS or Android smartphones, Spotify’s reach doesn’t end there. There are also versions for tablets, computers, and laptops running MacOS and Windows. 

Spotify Revenue Stats

While Spotify’s revenue is high, you can see from the statistics below it continues to operate at a loss. 

5. The number of Spotify subscribers totals 182 million. 


Currently, there are over 182 million paying subscribers using the Spotify platform for music, podcasts, and video. This means the company holds the top spot as the largest streaming service in the world. 

6. Spotify stats show the platform took almost $10 billion in revenue in 2021


This is a revenue increase of $7.88 billion from 2020. Most of it came from premium subscriptions. 

7. Spotify operates at a loss.


Despite this impressive increase in revenue, Spotify has yet to declare a profit. Instead, 2021’s figures showed a net loss of around $39 million, which at first glance may call its success into question. The firm cites high operating costs like marketing and content rights as the cause.

Spotify Market Share

Spotify still holds a large share of the music streaming market, but the stats below show it shrinking over time. 

8. Spotify has control of over 30% of the streaming market. 

(Demand Sage)

The entire music streaming market consists of more than 487 million paying subscribers, and Spotify users account for a massive 182 million of those

9. Spotify’s market share is falling over time.

(Demand Sage)

Despite controlling over 30% of the market share of music streamers, Spotify’s overall share has been falling since 2018, when it was 42.7%, compared to the 32% of the total market it had in 2021. 

Spotify Demographics

The platform’s number of users continues to increase, with males and those between 25 - 34 making up the majority of the Spotify user base. The company’s target market tends to be in the millennial range. 

10. Men use Spotify the most. 


Although fairly equal in terms of gender, the male demographic seems to just edge ahead with 56% of the total usage. 

11. Spotify’s number of annual subscribers continues to increase. 

(Business Of Apps) 

Overall, Spotify has seen a positive growth pattern when it comes to its overall number of annual subscribers. From 77 million in 2015 to 365 million in 2021. 

12. Spotify user statistics state people between 25-34 use the streaming service the most. 

(Business Of Apps) 

29% of all Spotify users are within the 25-34 age range, making Spotify’s target audience mainly millennials. This compares to 26% in the 18-24 age range and a mere 11% in the 45-54 age range (all within the US).

13. Statistics for Spotify clearly show that the platform is mostly used in North America. 

(Business Of Apps) 

North America has an average daily usage of 140 minutes, compared to 110 minutes in the Asia Pacific region and 99 minutes in Europe. 

Spotify Listening Statistics

While it’s available across a range of devices, people are still most likely to stream Spotify on their smartphones. 

14. Over half of users listen to Spotify on mobile devices.


52% of users are accessing the platform through their smartphones, while only 10% are listening via tablets. 

15. Spotify boats 100 songs that have been played a billion times!


Yes, that’s right – there are some tracks on Spotify that have been played a billion times or more. Statistics from 2022 list Rockstar, Havana, Shape of You, and Closer as breaching the billon-time playlist. 

16. Spotify-curated playlists make up one-third of the total listening time.

(Goodwater Capital)

Even with so many tracks on offer, Spotify helps its audience find new songs by offering curated playlists. These can be based around any theme – from genres to moods and even star signs! These playlists make up 31% of the total user listening time. At least half of that number is attributed to personalized playlists Spotify creates from the individual history of each subscriber. 

17. There are 4 million songs on Spotify that have never been played – not even once! 


A somewhat tragic fact about Spotify is that it currently hosts around 4 million tracks that have yet to be listened to. Of course, this shows that presence on the platform alone is not enough for success when it comes to recording artists. 

Wrap up

While the above Spotify facts clearly show the platform’s dominance over the music streaming industry, it’s interesting to note that not all is as it may seem. Indeed, by drilling down into the statistics, we can see the contrast between Spotify’s ever-increasing listener and revenue numbers and its profits. So, no matter how large its subscriber base and market share, one can’t help but wonder about the profitability and long-term sustainability of Spotify’s model. 


How old is Spotify?

Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek launched Spotify in Sweden in 2006. This means Spotify has been operating for 16 years as of 2022. 

Who is the most popular artist on Spotify?

Canadian rapper Drake holds the most streamed artist on Spotify crown. He currently has over 40 billion plays! 

What is the most popular song on Spotify?

Despite Drake being the most-streamed artist on Spotify, it’s not his song that’s the most streamed overall. Instead, the honor goes to Ginger Brit and everybody’s favorite boy next door – Ed Sheeran – with his smash hit Shape of You. The Shape of You track has currently been played more than 3 billion times

How many countries is Spotify available in?

Although most intensively used in North America, Spotify is available in 171 countries worldwide.

How many Spotify users access the app once a day?

Almost half of all users listen to Spotify every day.

Does Spotify offer podcasts?

Yes! Besides music and video, the Spotify platform also hosts a ton of podcasts. Currently, there are 3.2 million podcasts on offer. 

Do artists get paid when their music is streamed on Spotify?

Spotify statistics prove that artists do get paid. Yet, how much they earn depends on the artist. Typical fees range from $0.006- $0.00318 per stream. Of course, this means that for artists to make decent money, they need to both negotiate a favorable rate and ensure as many streams of their tracks as possible. 


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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