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I came across LingoDeer while looking for an online language learning tool. I’ve enjoyed using it for about three months now and counting. I’m excited to share with you my firsthand experience in this honest LingoDeer review.

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Best for: Learning proper word pronunciation.

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If you are interested in learning Korean, Japanese, or other Asian languages, you’ve probably already heard of LingoDeer. Created in 2017, LingoDeer is a relatively young language learning app compared to industry giants like Duolingo and Babble.

However, it might be worth your attention.

In 2018, the software won Google Play’s Android Excellence program for its top-notch user experience and high-quality features. 

Present-day, LingoDeer offers more options such as Italian, Portuguese, and French, amongst others.

Not only that:

It currently has over 20 million learners. In addition, there are plenty of 5-star LingoDeer reviews from 300 000 students.  

So, is it really that good?

Read on to find out.

Available Languages

First things first, let’s look at what you’ll learn with this application. 

LingoDeer- Choosing what to learn


This online course uses Hangul to spell English words (Konglish - Korean English) to make learning Korean more fun and relatable. With this method, you can learn the alphabet, numbers, or sentence structures in a matter of hours. 


This app does an excellent job introducing French phonetics, alphabets, everyday vocabulary, and numbers. You’ll also learn greetings, professions, animals, adjectives, and lots more.

Most lessons have one to two parts that take about 15 minutes to complete. The instructors do English to French translations and vice-versa. 


Another option for you - Italian. You’ll master things like Avere conjugation, alphabet, numbers, food and drink plurals, yes/no, what/who, colors, amongst other things. 


If you want to learn Latin American (LATAM) Spanish numbers, greetings, objects, colors, animals, etc., this is the app for you.


LingoDeer covers Japanese comprehensively. It dedicates entire sections to Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. 

The app has videos to show you how to draw and pronounce characters in each writing system. 

With this foreign languages software, you’ll learn the alphabet, animals, days of the week, etc. 


LingoDeer translates English from: 

  • Korean 
  • Chinese 
  • Vietnamese 
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Italian. 

Learners master things like the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, occupations, verbs, etc.


Enjoy learning pronunciation and writing using LingoDeer’s easy-to-understand Russian alphabet guide. It uses the Cyrillic script with 33 letters, 21 consonants, 2 signs, and 10 vowels. 


German is not the easiest language, but this application makes it fun and easy to understand. Examples of things you can learn here include but not limited to the alphabet, food, drinks, colors, pronouns, etc.


This solution also teaches everyday Portuguese by grouping lessons into themes. That, combined with the flashcards, make for an effective learning system.


Chinese is one of LingoDeer’s original courses. This unit has an extensive vocabulary library and sentence structure lacking in most Chinese learning apps.

It teaches basics (three levels), alphabets, numbers, relatives, and many others.   


You can also use this foreign languages software to become conversant with Vietnamese by taking advantage of its practical applications. It will teach you the alphabet, greetings, food, locations, etc.

What Does LingoDeer Offer? 

Learning a new language can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Here’s how LingoDeer helps ease the process:

Learning Tips 

LingoDeer- Learning Tips

According to LingoDeer user reviews, the pointers can be a real life-saver. That’s because they let you know what to expect in the course. They’re also extremely helpful if you get stuck while doing a test.

Click on the light bulb icon for hints, and it will display language-specific explanations and examples of things like:

  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Nouns
  • Definite and indefinite articles

And so on.

Pronunciation Teaching

LingoDeer teaches you how to speak a language by pronouncing words (exceptions, stress, how to make sounds, etc.) the same way a native would. It uses clear HD audio to show you examples of things such as basics, alphabet, numbers, plurals, greetings, amongst other things.

While testing for this LingoDeer review, I was blown away by the voice recognition technology. You can record grammar and vocabulary audios, then listen to them to see where you need to fine-tune for proper articulation

Goals, Progress, and Achievements

LingoDeer- Goals and Acheivements

The foreign languages software displays your achievements against your daily goals so that you know if you’re running behind, ahead, or at par. You’ll also see how many hours you’ve been able to put in via Day’s Streak.

Additionally, LingoDeer has motivational features such as medals for each level you complete (they range from 10 to 100). 

If you like, you can go back and review the work you’ve covered so far on items like, such as

  • Characters
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

LingoDeer Reviews 

LingoDeer- reviews

Honestly, learning a new language can be tough. It’s easy to forget older chapters as you proceed to new ones.

Fortunately, LingoDeer has a review feature that allows you to revise what you’ve covered so far. They can come in handy when preparing for a big interview or test. 


What better way to make concepts fun and memorable than to use stories?

LingoDeer has short videos with captions. After each story, you’ll get comprehension questions. 

This is where you record yourself repeating an entire story, then compare it to the original, just like the pronunciation lessons.

LingoDeer- stories


LingoDeer has inbuilt flashcards.

The best thing about this feature is that you can download the cards to practice offline if you like. Furthermore, you can either print or save the bits of digestible information on your phone.


The LingoDeer app offers lots of interactive tests to help you examine your understanding of a language. They start pretty simple at first, but become more challenging as you progress through the lessons.

Typical scenario:

The software will ask you to construct sentences or spell out words, or both. You can choose to answer from memory if you’re confident in your prowess. 

Alternatively, you can hit “Help Me” at the bottom of your question to bring forth blocks of possible words for you to choose. The speaker icon on the left comes in handy when you need to listen to pronunciations or diction before answering. 

LingoDeer- Help

Target Training

Practice makes perfect! 

The Lingo app Target Training feature unveils areas of weakness. Thanks to it, you can pay more attention to certain aspects of the lessons.


If you have a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to log in for lessons sometimes. Luckily, LingoDeer lets you set notifications on your mobile app. You can set it to nudge you either in the evening, afternoon, or morning. 


In some ways, LingoDeer resembles a game. It has cartoon-like blocks of letters and words that you can work with to complete your tests.

There are also rules to the interactive exercises. For example, users can’t proceed to the next level until they finish the current one. 

LIngoDeer- Unit test completion

Additionally, the app incorporates scoring at the end of each step to encourage participation.


Some of the best software let you personalize them. I had a lot of fun tailoring the app while writing this LingoDeer review. It was also extremely easy to do it.

For instance, I could choose the narrator’s voice, flashcard colors, or how the system displayed them. I could also select Silent Mode when practicing during commutes or lunch hours in the office cafeteria.  

Ease of Use and Apps 

The interface is clutter-free. Its signature yellow, grey, and black colors are also easy on the eyes. I had a stress-free experience navigating around the software. 

Also, LingoDeer is definitely worth it because it turns learning into a fun activity. It’s intuitive too, making the next step obvious.

Doing things like selecting the languages, moving through the different levels, completing the tests, contacting support was simply effortless. 

LingoDeer- Dashboard


LingoDeer has a 14-day free trial.

It also has a seven-day money-back guarantee. Note that this is available on Google Play or LingoDeer’s official site purchases. 

You’ll need to contact the developer via the “Report a Problem'' portal for Apple payment refunds.

So, how much does LingoDeer cost? Here are its rates:


  • $13.99/month
  • $39.99/quarter
  • $79.99/year
  • $119.99 for lifetime access (currently running a discount)

LingoDeer Review - Verdict

This LingoDeer review highlights its weak and strong areas.

LingoDeer is repetitive. That helps refresh your knowledge, however, which can be advantageous when learning a new language. 

The platform also doesn’t have desktop apps. But the good news is that you can access it via your browser for your Windows and Mac devices.

Final thoughts?

LingoDeer online is a reliable app. It’s affordable and extremely fun!


Is LingoDeer better than Duolingo?

Duolingo is definitely the more popular of the two. But is it better?

Let’s see who emerges as the winner in this Duolingo vs. LingoDeer war.

Well, for starters, Duolingo offers 19 languages, while LingoDeer has 11. But note that while LingoDeer has only been in the market since 2017, Duolingo has been there longer - since 2011. 

LingoDeer wins in a lot of vital areas, however.

Most LingoDeer user reviews praise it for the pronunciation options - apparently, they’re better than Duolingo’s.

LingoDeer also has native-speaking instructors.

Is LingoDeer better than Babbel?

While I was doing my tests for this LingoDeer review, I noticed it had a more laid-back approach. Babbel, on the other hand, takes a classroom-like strategy. 

If you’re looking to learn Asian languages like Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese, LingoDeer is your best bet. On the other hand, Babbel brings more language options on the table that LingoDeer doesn’t offer. Some include Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, and Norwegian.  

In the end, it depends on your needs.

Is buying LingoDeer worth it?

Yup, LingoDeer is worth every coin. 

It’s fun, interactive, informative, and goes deeper than most foreign languages programs. In addition, it incorporates pronunciation lessons!


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