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The new 622GW from Nextbase has earned the title of one of the best dash cam devices on the market. It brings 4K resolution, GPS, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a lot more. So, is it the right camera for your vehicle? Read this Nextbase 622GW review to find out.

Maximum resolution


Viewing angle






Wi-Fi connectivity


Night vision


Alexa integration



One year

Nextbase 622GW


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Best for: Anyone looking for a premium dash cam

Strengths Stellar video quality
Strengths Extra security features
Strengths Simple file transfer
Strengths Easy setup
Weaknesses Expensive
Weaknesses Doesn’t come with a microSD card
Weaknesses Hardwire kit not included

Choosing a good dash cam for your car isn’t easy. Opting for a renowned manufacturer is always a place to start, and that’s exactly the case with Nextbase.

It has been one of the top names in consumer technology manufacturing ever since it first appeared in 1999.

Its latest 622GW model introduces the newest video recording technology. It breaks the ground with new unparalleled features and footage quality we haven’t seen yet.

Judging from the description and user-written Nextbase 622GW reviews, it’s indeed one of the best options you can get. With that said, I had to take a look at it myself. Let’s check out how it performed during my tests.

Nextbase 622GW Specifications

Before I get to whether or not the 622GW is the best auto camera you can buy, let’s take a look at its specifications:


One of the best things about the 622GW is that it captures video in stunning 4K at 30fps. While you need a large memory card to store a decent amount of footage, the quality you get is truly amazing. It makes recovering little details such as number plates, road markings, and traffic lights a real piece of cake. If you don’t need the highest quality, you can also opt for 1440p at 60fps or 1080p at 120fps.

The camera captures video through a six-layer lens with f/1.3 aperture and a removable polarizing filter. It effectively reduces both windscreen glare and reflection, resulting in better overall footage.

Nextbase 622GW Review - image 1

Video Length

This Nextbase dash cam splits video into smaller chunks to make finding the exact file you’re looking for easier. It’s up to you to choose how long you want these clips to be. You can choose between:

  • One minute
  • Two minutes
  • Three minutes

The app on your phone can show an animated map for every video file. That way, you know exactly what is shown in each clip without having to watch it in its entirety.

Viewing Angle

Nextbase always sticks with a 140-degree viewing angle. If you look at any other top-rated dash cam, you’ll see this isn’t the most you can pick up, but there’s a reason for this.

Nextbase claims that a very wide viewing angle makes the images of cars in front of you distorted. This makes it fairly redundant as evidence.

Therefore, the company sticks to its 140-degree viewing angle and only focuses on increasing resolution and improving image quality.

Sound Quality

The Nextbase dash cam does well to both capture and play audio. It even picks up quiet voices cleanly. There’s also the option to turn off sound recording if you want to protect your and other passengers’ privacy.


The 622GW’s rear features a 3-inch HD IPS touchscreen. It has several buttons that don’t take a large chunk of the screen.

While looking at the display is the easiest way to see a live view of the camera, you can also do the same on the app on your phone. That said, the display didn’t necessarily have to be so large, but Nextbase wanted to make sure you know what you’re getting on video at all times.


The Nextbase 622GW 4K dash cam also brings a new dual 2.4 GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to pair it with the companion app on your phone without much hassle. It also speeds up the entire process of sending clips to your insurance provider.

You can connect the app to your phone via WiFi regardless of whether you have an iOS (10.3 or later) or Android device (5.1 or later).

The W in the name suggests the 522GW is a wireless dash cam.

Another way to transfer clips to one of your devices is via the Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy technology.

Built-in Memory

This dash cam doesn’t come with built-in memory. To use it, you need a microSD card the camera will save video on. The manufacturer highly recommends using special Nextbase microSD cards that are available on the company’s website. They have been designed and tested specifically for Nextbase dash cams.

There are three Nextbase brand microSD cards you can get:

  • 32GB U3 microSD card
  • 64GB U3 microSD card
  • 128GB U3 microSD card

For this specific model, the manufacturer advises opting for a 32GB U3 card. However, if you use it as a dual dash cam (in combination with the compatible Rear Cam Module), you’ll probably want some extra space.

Nextbase 622GW Features

GPS Tracking

The GPS feature is used for recording accurate speed and location data while you’re driving. The information can be vital when it comes to pinpointing where and how an accident occure.

Nextbase added G to the name to stress that the 622GW is a dash cam with GPS.

Image Stabilization

This is a brand new feature from Nextbase. It greatly reduces camera vibrations from your vehicle, thus ensuring a super-smooth and clear image.

Whether you’re recording a timelapse or need footage as evidence, this makes the video more effective.

Emergency SOS

In case the driver is unresponsive, the 622GW knows exactly what to do. It can alert the emergency services close to your location automatically. However, it doesn’t do only that. It also provides them with medical details you choose to share with the app.

But how exactly does the dash cam know what’s going on? 

Well, after it detects a crash, it’ll call your phone to check if you’re responsive. In case it gets no answer, it’ll contact emergency services.

This feature is free for the first twelve months after purchasing the camera. After that, you have the option to renew it every month, year, or three years.

what3words Connectivity

Another reason why the 622GW is among the best dash cams available is its what3words connectivity. This model can always pinpoint your exact location using only its own GPS module. It narrows down where you are to a three-meter squared location.

To activate this feature, all you have to do is tap the three red lines on the display.


The 622GW indeed is one of the best dashboard cameras in terms of security. If it detects a bump or any type of impact, the dash cam will take a chunk of footage from that moment and save it separately.

It will not be overwritten over time. So, even if you don’t notice or simply continue driving after impact, you’ll have the footage that shows what has actually happened on your microSD card.

Intelligent Parking Mode

Nextbase understands that when you’re on the road, it’s just half the time your vehicle needs surveillance. That’s why its dash cams come with an intelligent parking mode for when you leave it unattended. With this feature on, it automatically starts recording after detecting impact.

So, if someone hits or scratches your car in the parking lot, the dash cam will get it on video. In their Nextbase 622GW reviews, users mention this was among the main reasons why they got the camera.

Extreme Weather Mode

Fog and other harsh weather conditions are one of the major causes of traffic accidents. That’s why Nextbase built an extreme weather mode.

Whether you’re involved or witnessing an accident, this feature can be crucial in identifying vehicles on your footage. It ensures you can still detect registration plate numbers.

The 622GW has built-in algorithms for ensuring the clearest possible image. Combine the 4K resolution with this mode, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that many car owners view the 622GW as the most reliable dash cam in harsh weather conditions.

Super Slow Motion

Capturing video in 1080p at 120fps means the dash cam enters its Super Slow Motion mode. This feature can be essential in identifying what has happened during an accident. In most situations, you can absolutely count on it to reveal key information from each clip.

Playing video in the Super Slow Motion mode is simple with the myNextbase Player app.

Enhanced Night Vision

In the enhanced night vision mode, the 622GW can pick up finer details in extremely low-light conditions.

If you want the best quality dash cam for night conditions, opting for a Nextbase device is always a good idea.

Other Cam Modules

If you want to use the 622GW in combination with a rear or another cam module, you can pick one up from Nextbase separately. You have three options to choose from:

  • Nextbase Rear Window Camera
  • Rear View Camera
  • Cabin View Camera

When you connect one of these to the 622GW, your front-facing camera will keep recording in 4K, while the rear cam will do so in full HD.

Regardless of which module you pair the 622GW up with, you’ll get one of the best dash cam front and rear combinations available.

Alexa Integration

The 622GW also offers Alexa connectivity. As long as you have the app on your phone, you can control the dash cam with your voice. The two inbuilt microphones that pick up speech in the car.

While this functionality is fully working, it’s not something you really need, as the device turns on and off automatically. Plus, there’s the manufacturer’s own app that can also control the camera.

Phone App

For a device to challenge for the best car dash cam these days, it needs to have its own phone app. myNextbase Connect App works well with the 622GW, and it’s quite helpful.

The best thing is that you don’t have to remove the microSD card from the device. Instead, as long as you have some patience for loading, you can watch the footage using your phone. Through the app, you can also configure the dash cam’s settings without fumbling with the device.

It’s important to mention that the app connects to the camera via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It takes only a few seconds to pair the devices up.

Desktop App

Another thing Nextbase has developed is its own desktop app. Its purpose is to simplify the process of importing footage from your microSD card using the mini USB cable.

I like that it shows relevant information such as your speed and coordinates. It also offers some rudimentary editing tools that can trim and splice footage.

The only issue with the app is that importing files from the card isn’t as quick as you’d expect.

What’s in the Box?

So, what do you get in the box that arrives at your doorstep? Let’s check it out:

Nextbase 622GW Review - Image 3

Nextbase 622GW Dash cam

The camera has a similar chassis as its sister cams - the 522GW and 422GW. However, on the front, Nextbase has opted for a new battleship gray finish. It has a sturdy design showing it’s a good quality dash cam

The looks of it won’t necessarily set the world alight, but it’s what’s inside that matters. Plus, you’ll only look at the rear part anyway. 

At the rear, there’s a display that’s sizable enough. While there are some thick bezels around it, they don’t impact the device’s usability. Perhaps it’s just that modern smartphones spoiled us and we’re only used to seeing edge-to-edge devices.

Window Stick-On Mount and Extra 3M Adhesive  

To connect the dash cam to your windscreen.

Removal Tool

A tool for detaching the dashcam from the windscreen if you want to replace or remove it.

12V Power Adapter 

An adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter socket for powering the camera up.

Mini USB Cable

Used for transferring video files to your PC.

Quick Start Guide

A manual for setting the camera up.


The 622GW is among the pricier dash cams you can pick up. However, this is natural as it is among the best 4K dash cam options on the market. You can order it from the Nextbase website for $339.99.

While there are no extra costs when buying the camera, there are some other purchases you might want to make.

As mentioned above, the 622GW has no built-in memory and you need a microSD card where you’ll store the footage your dash cam captures. There are several different Nextbase branded microSD cards on the manufacturer’s website. The prices range from $19.99 for a 32GB U3 microSD card to $129.99 for the 256GB option.

If you want to hardwire the camera to your car, you also need a special hardwire kit sold on the Nextbase website. It’s available for $29.99.

Also, the SOS Emergency feature you get with the dash cam is only available without additional fees during the first twelve months. After that, you have to pay.

Dash cams manufactured by Nextabse have a warranty lasting for twelve months after the purchase. Any other accessories you pick up for your kit come with a six-month warranty.

Nextbase 622GW Review - Verdict

The 622GW offers all bells and whistles. When you take a quick look at it, it’s obvious that it offers far more features than other new dash cams. In addition, the footage quality is genuinely fantastic. Also, you can pair it up with another module!

 The biggest downside is that you might have to purchase some extra accessories.

So, the 622GW is in a league of its own when it comes to dash cams. Just be aware that you’ll pay a pretty penny for it. It performed swimmingly during the test for this Nextbase 622GW review.


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1. Very poor mount design, keep falling. It's even worse as you are required to take it down to reformat the SD card instead of working in loop; 2. Software sucks!