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If you're looking for a reliable host, count yourself lucky. This vendor offers high-performance servers with a zero-downtime guarantee. In this Webdock review, we'll unwrap more of what it has in store.

Free trial

24 hours

Free backups



DDoS protection, SSL, BotGuard

Root access

Yes, SSH




Dedicated port speeds


Instant, Zero Downtime

Customer support

24/7, Email, Chat


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MINIMUM PRICE $1.25/month

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Best for: Hosting dynamic websites and apps

Strengths Guaranteed no downtime
Strengths Free resource monitoring
Strengths Premium email apps
Strengths Green hosting infrastructure
Weaknesses No Windows hosting
Weaknesses Self-managed plans
Weaknesses No US data centers

Webdock is one of the most affordable website hosting providers globally. It provides a wide range of virtual private server (VPS) plans backed by 24/7 support. These are ideal for beginners and established businesses.

This vendor provides dedicated resources, including unlimited bandwidth and DDoS protection. Also, users receive an intuitive control panel for managing projects hassle-free. 

But that's the tip of the iceberg. 

In this review, we'll take a closer look at the following areas:

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Customer support
  • Price

Let's dive in to see if a Webdock cloud hosting service plan is worth your money.  

What Is Webdock?

Webdock is a VPS hosting provider that serves professionals and businesses. It began as a web development company in 2012 before branching out to hosting in 2017. Since then, it has gained much popularity among thousands of international customers.

The company offers robust servers with a focus on computing power. They're ideal for running dynamic apps and high-traffic websites. And, there's room to scale resources without facing any downtime. 

One thing that stands out in Webdock user reviews is its competitive prices. You can get a virtual machine (VM) for as low as $1.25 per month. And unlike most hosts, it offers a free 24-hour trial to test its services. 

Webdock has four international offices, with its headquarters sitting in Odense, Denmark. This is where all the magic relating to innovation and customer support happens. 

Webdock Network and Infrastructure

The Webdock hosting network comprises data centers in Finland, Canada, and India. They feature servers with Intel Xeon processors for unrivaled performance. Likewise, it relies on top-grade partners to provide premium bandwidth to its customers. 

The vendor uses a Linux container hypervisor (LXD) to power its hardware. It enables the creation of VMs that have dedicated resources for robust reliability. Furthermore, the technology offers easy upgrading and downgrading.

Webdock hosting servers come fitted with pure SSD storage. They also have ECC-based RAM, which has a lower failure rate than alternatives. Additionally, the host exploits IPv4/IPv6 blocks to enhance customers' trust in the web.

But that's not all. 

Webdock commits itself to saving the planet by relying on green energy sources, including hydro, wind, and solar power. Likewise, it donates 1% of its annual turnover to CO2 reduction initiatives. 

Webdock Hosting Features

Webdock offers the following features:

Ease of Use

Getting started with this host is super easy, thanks to the Webdock hosting panel. Its clutter-free interface is something worth appreciating. You'll find all the core features needed to manage your servers here. 

Deploying a VPS takes three clicks and only a few minutes before it is up and running. You can choose from a pre-configured VM based on Nginx or Apache or build one from scratch. A few of the supported operating systems (OSs) are: 

  • Ubuntu (16.04 to 22.04)
  • AlmaLinux 8
  • CentOS 8
  • Debian 11

In addition, it supports numerous versions of PHP for accelerating your projects. Everything works straight out of the box with no changes required. Still, you can find a script editor inside your Webdock panel to tweak performance. 

The company, however, doesn't offer any managed plans. You can expect practically no technical assistance. And if you prefer working with Windows, you need to choose another host, like Kamatera.

Hosting Resources

Webdock hosting servers come packed with sturdy resources to support scalable projects. You get dedicated Intel Xeon processors with up to 15 cores. You also receive as much as 20GB RAM to work with the VPS of your dreams. 

All VMs have SSD storage that ranges from 3GB to 200GB. And with its Z File System (ZFS), you can expect easy management and functionality. Best of all, you can run backups while remaining online.

Webdock hosting includes unlimited bandwidth on most plans. The servers' port speeds vary from 100mb/s to 1000mb/s. Dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses are excellent additions worth mentioning. 

It's not all bells and whistles, though. The company doesn't have any US-based data centers. In addition, the limited storage space offered across its plans may be a deal-breaker.

Third-Party Software Integrations

This vendor provides a one-click app installer to make your hosting experience blissful. Topping the list is the industry-leading content management system (CMS), WordPress. You can use it to run websites without breaking a sweat. 

Managing mail servers is one of the most complex tasks for web developers. To address this, Webdock offers email apps such as PostMark and ImprovMX to make your work easier. They offer spam and virus-free experiences to you and your subscribers. 

And that's not all. 

You can install BotGuard to protect your website against online threats. It has a web application firewall (WAF), bot shield, and web scraping prevention tool. But more about this later. 

Root Access

A secure socket shell (SSH) is available for advanced users that love to work with code. It provides root access for tweaking your server. For instance, you can install custom scripts, monitor your system, and optimize performance.

This feature is unavailable by default to protect your Webdock VPS from external threats. However, you can enable it from the dashboard by creating shell users. The ability to configure different system access levels is what I liked the most.

But there's more.

You can use popular apps for root access, such as MobaXterm. Unfortunately, most use unencrypted connections that are a threat to your security. You can, however, use a secure browser-based terminal from your Webdock hosting account.


Webdock backups prevent you from ever losing your files if worse comes to worst. The company provides five automatic server snapshots. There's also room to create up to three system images manually.

The task utilizes around 5% of your CPU and requires 200mb/s disk read/write speeds. Such an approach helps to reduce website and app interruptions. What's more, your server remains online when the process is running. 

The company stores your data in an off-site location away from Webdock hosting infrastructure. This increases the availability of your files for restoration at any time. Sadly, there are no incremental backups that are faster and use less storage.

Resource Monitoring

There are frequent mentions of resource monitoring on Webdock customer reviews. Most hosts on the market will require you to pay for this feature. Lucky for you, this host offers it across all subscriptions without any additional charge. 

The tool gives you real-time usage stats of your web server. You can track CPU, RAM, disk, and network performance. What's admirable is the way it displays information in easy-to-read charts.

Apart from that, the Webdock hosting events tracking feature is equally important. It records all activities that take place on your cloud VPS. Moreover, you'll receive timely email alerts of any changes.


Webdock web hosting offers top-grade security for your projects with its Botguard shield against malicious web activities. The protection it offers includes: 

  • Content web scraping prevention
  • Blocks malicious bots and crawlers
  • Spam traffic filter

BotGuard also integrates with a proactive cloud-based WAF. This feature actively scans the internet to provide defensive capabilities against emerging threats. These include hackers, SQL injections, XSS attacks, etc.

And it doesn't stop there. 

Webdock hosting plans offer DDoS protection at the server and network levels. You can take advantage of the free SSLs to encrypt your traffic. Two-factor authentication is also available.   

Webdock Hosting Uptime

Webdock has an uptime guarantee of 100%. As such, it comes with the promise of keeping your website and apps online 24/7. This covers all aspects of the company's products, including the network, software, and hardware.

So, what happens if services go down? 

You'll stand to receive an entire month's worth of service for free. That includes downtimes of 0.1% and more. The company, in fact, speaks volumes about this policy.

True to their word, I didn't experience any service disruptions.

Webdock Hosting Speed

Webdock hosting speeds rank among the best in the game. That's because of its fast servers with dedicated port speeds. Moreover, the non-shared network ports also work to your advantage. 

But how does it stack up? 

I started by signing up for the SSD Pro plan that offers a 10-core, 10GB RAM, and 100GB storage VPS. Using this setup, I managed to conduct a series of stress tests. 

Let's crunch the numbers. 

My Webdock Linux hosting VM passed with flying colors. First, the disk read/write speeds of around 3.05GB/s are excellent. 

disk read and write speeds

Next, the network port throughput was 150Mb/s shy of the promised 1,000Mb/s. No matter, as it's still superior to most.

network port speeds

Single-core CPU performance is average, but the multi-core output is fantastic. 

CPU performance

This means you'll need a server with at least five cores for the best experience. 

Customer Support

Webdock customer service is available around the clock via chat and email. The agents are polite and professional. However, they offer only essential support since the services are self-managed. The good news is that the company's knowledge base is rich with useful guides.


Webdock pricing plans are as follows:

SSD Nano


You receive 0.5 CPU cores, 0.5GB RAM, and 3GB storage. It includes a 100mb/s network port with traffic capped at 500GB monthly.

SSD Nano 4


This plan offers 1 CPU core, 10GB SSD, and one gigabyte of RAM. The server has internet speeds of 250mb/s limited at 1000GB/month. A free IPv4 address is available as well.



This option comes with 2.5 CPU cores, 2.5GB RAM, and 25GB of disk space. It has 1GB/s port speeds with no monthly traffic limits. An applications installer is available.

SSD Bit More


This Webdock hosting VPS offers a 5-core CPU, 5GB RAM, and 50GB SSD. It also includes features from the SSD Bit plan.

SSD Byte


Customers get 7.5 CPU cores, 7.5GB RAM, and 75GB storage with this configuration.



This setup offers 10 CPU cores, 10GB RAM, and 100GB storage.

SSD Pro Plus


With this option, you get a 12.5-core CPU server bundled with 15GB RAM and 150GB storage.

SSD Premium


This Webdock Linux hosting VPS is armed to the teeth. The setup comprises 15 CPU cores, 20GB RAM, and 200GB storage.

You'll need to submit credit card details to unlock the 24-hour free trial. From here, monthly charges apply for usage of the service.

Webdock Review – Verdict

Webdock hosting services offer incredible VPS plans for startups and enterprises. They come bundled with outstanding CPU and RAM capabilities to operate demanding apps. Furthermore, the dedicated network port speeds with uncapped bandwidth are worth appreciating. 

The host's control panel makes server management easy even for first-timers. It also has a knowledge base with hundreds of articles. Sadly, the company doesn't offer managed plans.

This vendor is an excellent choice if you need an affordable cloud VPS. Its snappiness, performance, and power are what you need to speed up your online projects. You can achieve hands-on experience by taking advantage of its 24-hour free trial today.


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Daniel Wabuge

Daniel is a curious thinker that loves everything about tech. If he spots something interesting, rest assured that he’ll reverse-engineer it. Besides being an internet addict, he loves building web servers from scratch. Well, it’s not his profession per se. But it’s a passion he picked up after a series of unfortunate events involving terrible hosts.

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William Blackmore
1 year ago
I contacted Webdock.io web host, their sales rep explained me everything and found really good hosting package for my needs. Really cool NVMe powered AMD Ryzen 9 VPS servers and the price for them. Tech support was also responsive and helped with setup. They include premium 3rd party features with most of their profiles. Great plus for their team.

Waleed Roche
1 year ago
I'm so glad I found Webdock.io Ryzen VPS server hosting provider. I looked at so many other web hosts and was let down every time by poor templates and difficult software. I would have rated Webdock.io a 5 out of 5 because it is the host with so many useful features and fast tech support. This host offers services that are very valuable at an affordable price. Recommend their hosting services - well done!