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Finding the best Youtube to MP3 converter can be difficult.

You want fast, safe, and high quality downloads – something that not every software can deliver.

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 10 programs that can seamlessly convert any YouTube video to MP3 tracks!

I tested everything, including:

  • Features
  • Audio quality
  • Conversion speed
  • Supported formats
  • Price

I also prepared a short guide below to help you decide which among these tools will suit you best.


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Best for: Short-term and casual use
VideoHunter logo

1. VideoHunter

VideoHunter is every audio junkie’s best friend. It's capable of converting YouTube to MP3 with original quality like 320kbps. Moreover, It's very easy to use, just copy and paste the URL of YouTube audio/music video, and within seconds, you'll get a high-quality MP3 audio file. YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion is also available. Full review

  • High-quality downloads
  • YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion
  • Easy to use
Visit Website Full review
Best for: High-speed downloads
VideoProc Converter logo

2. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc is one of those rare programs that use hardware acceleration for a seamless experience. With this, you’ll get to enjoy high-speed video conversions with optimal computer performance. Full review

  • Full GPU acceleration
  • Lightning-fast conversions
  • Affordable paid version
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Free conversions
4K YouTube to MP3 logo

3. 4K YouTube to MP3

If you want the best quality, this YouTube to MP3 converter has what you need. You can turn any video content to audio, and download it in up to 320kbps for superior quality. Plus, you can get your videos anywhere – be it YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or whatnot. Full review

  • Ad-free
  • In-program browser
  • Can download playlists
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Complete audio and video toolbox
Wondershare Uniconverter logo

4. Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare is a software giant, and if we’re talking online YouTube MP3 converters, Uniconverter is its top contender. It offers safe and fast video-to-audio conversions. But that’s hardly all; it has extra tools like video editing, screen recording, file merging, and more! Full review

  • High-speed downloads
  • Up to 320kbps quality
  • Audio Merger feature
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Ease of use
YTD Video Downloader Pro logo

5. YTD Video Downloader Pro

YTD Video Downloader Pro offers easy conversions and high-definition downloads. Besides YouTube, you can grab videos from many popular streaming platforms on the web. Flexible exports also let you optimize your content for playing on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Full review

  • Supports 60+ streaming sites
  • User-friendly
  • Playlist downloads
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Users on a budget
SnapDownloader logo

6. SnapDownloader

True to its name, this program downloads videos in a snap. Its batch processing allows you to convert multiple files at consistent speeds. You can also add tasks for later by adding numerous videos on queue. Full review

  • 100% safe, no ads
  • Queue downloading
  • Supports 900+ websites
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Bulk downloads
iTubeGo YouTube Downloader logo

7. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

iTubeGo offers up to 10X faster speeds in downloading videos and tracks in bulk. For quick conversions, there’s a built-in browser for searching the YouTube videos you want to convert to high-quality MP3 tracks. Full review

  • Great download speed
  • Playlist management features
  • Supports 10,000+ websites
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Usability
Any Video Converter Ultimate logo

8. Any Video Converter Ultimate

The name says it all – you can convert and download virtually anything with this program. And aside from saving files as MP3 from YouTube, you can also take advantage of extra features like video downloading, CD ripping, DVD production, and more! Full review

  • Lightning-fast conversions
  • Batch processing
  • Supports 200+ formats
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Fast and easy conversions
MP3Studio logo

9. MP3Studio

A simple and straightforward navigation makes MP3Studio a beginner’s best friend. Its minimalist desktop app lets you run multiple conversions in the background. Renaming tracks after downloading is also easy, thanks to its convenient 1D3 tag editing. Full review

  • User-friendly
  • Easy track organization
  • Affordable perpetual license
Visit Website Full review
Best for: Web-based converter
VidMate Online logo

10. VidMate Online

Need to convert a YouTube video to audio real quick? Vidmate Online is your go-to website! This online converter lets you download videos and tracks from resources other than YouTube. It works fast and free. Full review

  • Fast and convenient
  • Ad-free
  • Up to 128kbps
Visit Website Full review

How To Pick the Right Software

Converting a YouTube video to an MP3 track is easy. But with the best YouTube audio converter, you can make it even easier, safer, and quicker!

These factors will help you narrow down your many options to one.


There are certain specs that make a program of this kind stand out.

One is automatic video analysis, which you’ll see in software like 4K YouTube to MP3. As soon as you paste the link, the program immediately tracks the video and provides multiple quality options ready for downloading. Talk about effortless usage.

If it has an in-program browser to directly extract audio from YouTube, then that’s a keeper. With this, you can just search for your videos straight from the interface.

Batch processing is another feature that will allow you to convert and download multiple videos at once. 

Programs like Any Video Converter Ultimate and Wondershare Unicoverter also offer an array of extra functions which may come in handy. Those include:

  • video and audio editing
  • playlisting
  • screen recording
  • CD ripping
  • DVD burning

And so on.

Conversion Speed

With a stable internet connection, a good program should be able to convert any track within 30 seconds to a minute. Although all solutions passed my speed tests, the fastest YouTube to MP3 converter is Any Video Converter Ultimate.

Online vs Desktop

Web-based converters like Vidmate Online are good for one-time or casual users. They are more convenient since you don’t need to download and install the program on your desktop to use it. You’ll save storage space on your computer, too.

Desktop apps, on the other hand, are better for long-term or heavy-duty use. They can process multiple YouTube videos at once, so batch conversions and downloads are possible. They also work faster than online tools, since they don’t process data on a server.

Supported Formats

If you get MP3 and WAV as the standard output formats, that’s good. But if you can also get more variants to choose from, then that’s better! 

Some of the best YouTube converters on this page support many formats like ACC, OGG, FLAC, AIFF, and more!

Audio Quality

Your YouTube to MP3 converter must have high-quality options. Most tools on this list offer up to 320kbps bitrate, which is the best audio quality you can get. Ideally, the software should be able to preserve the video’s original quality without re-encoding.


Many converters, especially the free ones, are often sprinkled with harmful pop-up ads and links. These could easily lead you to illegitimate websites, or worse, directly expose you to cyberattacks.

Thankfully, the best free YouTube converters I’ve included in this list are 100% safe and secure.


As I said, there are many free options, but not all of them are legit. All solutions here have a basic version that lets you convert videos for free. Although they have a few usage limitations, it's better to be safe than sorry!

For full functionality, a good investment costs anywhere between $20 - $50. Most items here are within that range, with some even offering extra tools and features.

Top Recommendations and Reviews

Best for: Short-term and casual use

1. VideoHunter

High-quality downloads

YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion

Easy to use

VideoHunter offers an incredibly convenient way to download MP3 tracks and HD videos from online streaming sites like YouTube. Why? It retains the contents original quality as it doesn’t rely on re-encoding.

Once you paste the video link on the downloader, you’ll get a list of quality options for output as well as each one’s file size:


Clearly, the 320kbps option means you get the highest quality on this YouTube converter. Also, if you want lossless music, you’ll be happy to know it supports raw formats like FLAC.

And if you need an HD video downloader on the side, this program works too. You can save any YouTube content and watch it in:

  • 1080p 
  • 2K 
  • 4K 
  • 8K 

Have I mentioned you can get full playlists too? 

The process is the same as converting a single YouTube video to MP3

If you want to save an artist’s discography or a web series for offline playback, VideoHunter is the answer. Just copy and paste the playlist’s link to the download field. When you click Analyze, the program will parse all videos for you to download in one go.

Needless to say, this program hits the mark in terms of batch processing. You can download as many videos as you like – simultaneously. And it’s good that I saw no speed drops as I kept adding more videos on the panel. 

If you’re a Windows user, another useful feature you can use is its built-in proxy integration. You can set up a connection to bypass geo-restrictions. This way, you’ll be able to download videos that are blocked in your location. You’ll find no trouble saving an MP3 file from YouTube anywhere you are.

I must warn you, though, that the free version only allows three downloads per day. Plus you can’t choose a format other than MP3. To unlock these restrictions, you need to subscribe to the premium version, which costs $14.95 per month.

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Best for: High-speed downloads

2. VideoProc Converter

Full GPU acceleration

Lightning-fast conversions

Affordable paid version

If you prioritize optimal system performance, one of the best YouTube converters I can recommend to you is VideoProc.

It’s one of the few software that bank on full hardware acceleration to speed up video encoding and decoding. Technically, it uses both the device’s processor and graphics/video card to make conversions much faster.

Although the UI is a bit cluttered and overwhelming, the range of tools is pretty wide. It’s divided into four main functions:

  • Video (for converting native files)
  • Downloader (for ripping audio from YouTube videos)
  • Recording (for screen capture)
  • DVD production

Now, let’s tackle what you’re here for – the Downloader.

Here, you can add a video URL for instant analysis. Note that VideoProc can grab files from a bunch of streaming sites like YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, and more. 

What it lacks, though, is an in-program browser for faster searches. But since it scans automatically, it can convert full playlists and YouTube channels without the extra work.

Once you have the video preview, you can choose the format from the given options:

VideoProc Converter

It would have been nicer to have different bitrate options too, but VideoProc does indicate on the website that it downloads tracks in high-quality 320kbps.

You can download the free Youtube to MP3 converter on your Mac or Windows, but there are certain limitations, like a five-minute download cap. To unlock the advanced features and full functionality, VideoProc currently has three paid options:

  • Annual Plan - $19.95/year
  • Lifetime Plan - $37.95 (one-time fee for one device)
  • Family Plan - $57.95 (one-time fee for two to five devices)

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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Best for: Free conversions

3. 4K YouTube to MP3


In-program browser

Can download playlists

In one click, you can turn high-quality videos into high-fidelity tracks with 4K YouTube to MP3. 

All it takes is a quick download from the website to use the YouTube converter app on your Windows or Mac. Once installed, you can just copy the URL  and click the blue Paste Link button. The download starts automatically, and you’ll find the file on your computer shortly. 

To save time, you can also use its built-in media browser to look for the videos you want from web. When you click on the magnifier icon, it opens up a search bar where you can enter the video title or some related keywords.

Once you have your items, your download panel will look like this:

4K YouTube to MP3

And here’s the bonus feature – it isn’t just a YouTube to MP3 program. It can extract and convert videos hosted on various streaming platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • TikTok
  • Dailymotion
  • Flickr

And many more!

Aside from MP3, you can choose to convert videos to other formats like M4A and OGG. You’re also free to pick your bitrate if you want to control the quality. You can go all the way up to 320kbps without worrying about speed or system performance drops.

On top of that, the ability to capture full YouTube playlists is particularly impressive. You can convert your Watch Later, Liked Videos, and other custom playlists. This, however, isn’t available on the free version.

For comparison, here are its three versions:

  • Free - up to 15 downloads daily
  • Personal - $15. Unlimited and private YouTube video downloads
  • Pro - $45. All Personal features plus permitted commercial use

The free YouTube to MP3 converter is good for casual and everyday use. However, if you want the playlist feature, we suggest going for at least the Personal version.

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Best for: Complete audio and video toolbox

4. Wondershare Uniconverter

High-speed downloads

Up to 320kbps quality

Audio Merger feature

Wondershare Uniconverter is a tool you can trust for effortless video conversions. Although it lacks a free version, you get the most value for your money with its all-encompassing toolbox.

It has many great audio and video features, but its MP3 YouTube converter shines the brightest. On its Downloader section, you can simply paste the video URL by clicking the Link button up top. 

It supports more than 10,000 video and audio sites, so you can convert and download from literally anywhere!

Before hitting the Download button, you can choose the output format from the audio options provided:

Wondershare Uniconverter

As you can see, you’re allowed to choose from three different bitrates based on your preferred speed and quality. From my test run, Uniconverter delivered high-speed downloads regardless of the format and quality I’ve chosen. 

One great feature is the program’s Audio Merger. It’s a great alternative if you’re too lazy to create playlists. Just stitch all your tracks together! You can toggle on the Merge All Files button to condense all your downloads into one audio file.

Like I said earlier, it isn’t just an app that converts YouTube videos to MP3. Just like Any Video Converter Ultimate, it’s loaded with extra features like screen recording and video editing

If you need to make some video or audio adjustments, you can use:

  • trim
  • crop
  • subtitle
  • watermark
  • change speed

These editing tools are pretty basic, but having access to them in the same interface? Super convenient!

In terms of pricing, Wondershare Uniconverter offers two plans:

  • Annual - $49.99/year
  • Perpetual - $79.99 (one-time)

There is a trial version with no expiry, but you can’t really do much with it. It doesn’t allow batch processing, audio merging, and most importantly – full-length downloads.

Ultimately, the price is worth paying, as you’ll be able to enjoy its full feature suite. What’s more satisfying is that you convert YouTube content to MP3 with no ads at all.

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Best for: Ease of use

5. YTD Video Downloader Pro

Supports 60+ streaming sites


Playlist downloads

If you want the simplest app to convert YouTube content to MP3 files, YTD Video Downloader is the most obvious choice here.

On the Pro version, you can download unlimited videos and playlists from numerous streaming sites online. So aside from YouTube videos, you can also grab and convert content from Vimeo, TikTok, Bing, Yahoo!, and more.

The interface certainly doesn’t look the best. But what it lacks in aesthetics, it made up for in functionality. Here’s a preview:

YTD Video Downloader Pro

As shown above, you can choose from a handful of video and audio formats for conversion.

When it comes to the process itself, YTD Video Downloader pretty much works like any standard YouTube converter for Windows and Mac.

To start, just download the program from the website. Once installed, you can paste the video URL into the download bar. After that, select your preferred video quality, then indicate where you want to save your video.

Note that you will need to download the file as a video first before converting it to MP3.

Once downloaded, you can convert the video to another file type. The formats are listed based on the device or media player you will use.

You can monitor the video downloader and video converter through its advanced activity panel. It isn’t as fast as Uniconverter or Any Video Converter Ultimate, but it’s a good thing that batch downloads only take minutes to finish.

It’s also the best YouTube to MP3 converter app for playlists. That’s right – you can download entire video playlists and convert them to tracks individually! You can save them in formats like 3GP, MPEG, MP4, and AVI.

You can do all these things for free with the Basic version. But I won’t recommend it for frequent use, since it only allows a single download per day. For unlimited use, you can consider subscribing to the premium version.

Here are the subscription plans:

  • 1-month plan - $9.99/month
  • 2-year plan - $2.99/month
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Best for: Users on a budget

6. SnapDownloader

100% safe, no ads

Queue downloading

Supports 900+ websites

If you want practicality and functionality combined, SnapDownloader is my top YouTube converter pick for you. While it has no free version, its affordable subscription packages offer 100% safe, fast, and high-quality video-to-audio conversions.

It supports over 900 websites, so file-grabbing isn’t just limited to YouTube. You can save videos from a number of streaming platforms like: 

  • Instagram
  • Vimeo 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

The best part? 

There are absolutely no annoying ads, popups, or bundled installers that’ll do more harm than good.

To rip a YouTube audio or video to MP3, simply enter the link you want to convert and download. Its One-Click Mode is a real time-save! As soon as you paste a link, you can set your preferred output format and quality for instant downloads. 

If you have multiple videos to convert, its batch processing works like a charm. The program lets you do simultaneous downloads from various websites – all at once. You can paste up to 100 video links, but be careful not to oversaturate the panel. I found that the speed declines a bit if you add too many tasks.

Good thing you can save videos to a queue list. They will download automatically as soon as your previous downloads are finished.

Similar to 4K YouTube to MP3, there’s a built-in web browser for quick searches. Or you can just search for the public and private videos, playlists, and other content you want to grab. You can even download full YouTube channels with the program.

The YouTube to MP3 converter app also has an in-program video trimmer for quick fixes. You can cut online videos before converting them, allowing you to download only the portions that you want.

In terms of output options, the software supports 10 video and audio formats. That includes: 

  • MP4 
  • MP3 
  • MOV 
  • AVI 
  • AAC 
  • M4A 
  • WAV 
  • AIFF 
  • FLAC 
  • WMA.

You can also choose your preferred bitrate from the given quality options:


You can buy a perpetual license of SnapDownloader for $29.99. If you prefer a subscription-based payment, its monthly plans start at $7.99/month

Trial period only lasts for 48 hours, but luckily, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Best for: Bulk downloads

7. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

Great download speed

Playlist management features

Supports 10,000+ websites

If you want a well-rounded and easy YouTube to MP3 program, go for iTubeGo.

It works like any other tool of its kind – but faster. You can simply paste the video URL, then it will automatically convert and download the file in your desired format. 

What makes it even more convenient is its batch processing ability. You can download multiple videos at once – no limits. You can add as many links as you like and convert all of them with one click. 

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

And with Turbo-fast Mode enabled, you get even faster downloads. I tried to download several 20-minute videos at the same time, and I saw zero speed drops.

Supporting over 10,000 websites, you can grab your videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, TikTok, and many more websites. It can extract audio from any video and save it in as high quality as 320kbps MP3 format. 

Aside from converting a YouTube video to MP3, the software can also convert the media to other formats like: 

  • M4A 
  • WAV 
  • MKA 
  • AAC 

If you want lossless music, it can also retain the original quality by saving it in FLAC format.

Just like SnapDownloader, iTubeGo has a built-in web browser, making it way easier to grab files from video and music sites. With this, you can just look for your favorite videos directly from the interface. It’s a little more convenient than copying and pasting video URLs.

Besides videos, you can also convert YouTube playlists and channels. iTubeGo can instantly detect the playlist URL, display all the videos for conversion, then extract the audio from YouTube.

And my favorite – the splicer. It has a YouTube Cutter that lets you download only portions of a video. You can even optimize it for:

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

It also supports other platforms for quick video sharing.

Now, the price. Sadly, you won’t be able to use this YouTube to MP3 converter on your PC for free. You’ll have to purchase a license or subscribe to a plan. Here are your options:

  • Lifetime Plan - $34.95 
  • Annual Plan - $24.95/year
  • Monthly Plan - $12.95/month

There is a downloadable trial version, but it only lets you download up to three videos or tracks. 

But the good thing - the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free upgrades for life.

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Best for: Usability

8. Any Video Converter Ultimate

Lightning-fast conversions

Batch processing

Supports 200+ formats

Any Video Converter Ultimate is a fast and reliable MP3 YouTube converter for Windows and Mac. Its function extends far beyond converting, though. The program is packed with amazing tools like:

  • video downloader
  • DVD creator
  • screen recorder 
  • CD burner
  • video and audio editor

All in one program!

While its outdated UI raises a lot of eyebrows, this software is light and user-friendly

Its navigation sure isn’t as modern as that of Wondershare Uniconverter or SnapDownloader. But let’s be real – nobody really needs a fancy interface if you simply want to convert YouTube content to music tracks.

There are no ads, popups, and potentially malware-carrying links in sight. I can attest that it’s one of the safe MP3 converters available.

Here’s how it works: 

You enter the video URL, download the content, choose MP3 as the output format, then hit Convert Now

After that, you’ll have your track within seconds!

And the best thing about it is you can process multiple videos at once. You’re free to add numerous links, initiate their downloads, and leave them running while you do other tasks.

Any Video Converter

Aside from MP3, you can also export your files in other formats. It supports popular audio and video output variants like:

  • WAV 
  • WEBM 
  • MP4 
  • WMA 
  • MOV

And more.

The program will cost you $49.95 for a one-time purchase. Then it’s yours forever, plus you get free upgrades and customer support. There is a free version, but you’ll miss out on some of the features I mentioned above like CD burning and screen recording.

All in all, it truly is the best app to convert YouTube to MP3, especially if you’re for a fast one.

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Best for: Fast and easy conversions

9. MP3Studio


Easy track organization

Affordable perpetual license

MP3Studio is a simple yet high-speed tool for grabbing any video from YouTube and saving it as MP3 or MP4 file. Just copy the video's URL into the search box and hit the Convert button. You’ll have your file ready within minutes!

With its minimalist interface, it’s no surprise that its YouTube to MP3 processing is easy. Just look at the UI:


You can just minimize the program and have your downloads running as you do your other tasks!

The website claims to deliver lightning-fast downloads, and from my test runs, that turned out true. Converting and downloading a 14-minute BuzzFeed Unsolved episode took about 30 seconds to finish! And the good news is, the program has no data caps. 

On the free version, however, you are only limited to converting up to three files. Now that’s a bit stingy. For unlimited use, you need to get the Premium version. A perpetual license costs $24.99, while a monthly subscription starts at $5.99.

When it comes to safety, MP3Studio being a desktop app has a clear benefit. You don’t need to sign up to a website, accept suspicious cookie policies, or put any data at risk to continue using the program.

And most importantly, this YouTube to MP3 program has no ads that could potentially harm your system.

Another impressive feature of MP3Studio is 1D3 tag editing. You can say goodbye to manually putting in every track information. You can simply assign categories to create and maintain an organized audio library without effort.

It’s a shame it only supports three other formats, but if you only need MP3, then that’s not much of a downer. 

If we’re talking ease of use, affordability and most especially security, it’s the best safe YouTube to MP3 converter you can bet on.

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Best for: Web-based converter

10. VidMate Online

Fast and convenient


Up to 128kbps

These days, it’s hard to find a safe YouTube to MP3 program – one that’s free from malware. So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Vidmate Online.

This web-based software lets you easily convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, among other formats. No signups, downloads, or installations, whatsoever. Just visit the website and you can do your thing!

It works virtually the same as any other online YouTube to MP3 converter tool. You get the video link, paste it into the download bar, and wait for the program to extract the video.

VidMate Online

From there, you can choose your preferred quality for output. It would have been great to see a 320kbps option, but for a free and online program, I was happy to see 128kbps as its highest bitrate available

Other than YouTube, you can also get your videos from other sites. Here are its supported resources:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • SoundCloud
  • VLive

Now, this is a bit limited considering we have programs like YTD and iTubeGo that support thousands of video streaming sites. 

But, if you’re simply looking for a free YouTube to MP3 software with no data cap, VidMate Online is a great choice. 

And the icing on the cake? 

The website isn’t riddled with annoying pop-ups and ads. 

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Wrap Up

All in all, the best YouTube to MP3 converter is the one that can:

  • convert videos and playlists fast
  • preserve each content’s original quality
  • support a good range of audio formats
  • keep you safe from malware and cyberattacks
  • perform extra video and audio processing functions

Of course, most importantly, the tool should offer all these things at a reasonable cost.

When in doubt, bookmark this guide.

You’ll find the perfect choice from these 10 proven solutions!


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