Can You Get Kodi on Xbox Series X/S? [Tips & Tricks]

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As arguably the best open-source media player on the planet, Kodi takes care of all your media needs and has been adapted for most (if not all) digital platforms.

Can you get Kodi on Xbox Series X/S, then? Absolutely! And you can do it via two very straightforward methods: through your PC or directly from your Xbox.

Keep reading as we take you through the process and provide tips on getting the most out of your Kodi experience!

How to Install Kodi on Xbox Series X/S?

You can install Kodi with two simple and fast methods, either via the native Xbox store or remotely via your PC, and we explore both below.

1. Installing Kodi Through the Xbox App Store

The best way to install Kodi is through the Xbox Store app:

  1. Turn on the Xbox and open the store;
  2. Search for ‘Kodi’ and open it;
  3. Press ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ and wait a minute.

Once the process completes, you can launch the app by pressing the ‘Xbox’ button.

2. Installing Kodi Through the Microsoft App Store

You can also complete the installation procedure remotely via the Microsoft Store, as long as you are using the same credentials to sign into both devices:

  1. Ensure you are signed in on both your PC and your Xbox;
  2. Open the Microsoft Store on a Windows 10/11;
    1. You can launch the start menu and type in ‘store’.
  3. Type in ‘Kodi’ in the search bar on top;
  4. Find the app, click on it, and press ‘Install on Xbox’;

After a few moments, Kodi will be downloaded and installed on your Xbox, after which you can proceed with setting it up per your preference.

Tips on Using Kodi on Xbox Series X/S

Now that you have Kodi up and running on your Xbox machine, let’s review the best add-ons and custom Kodi builds you can use to enhance your experience.

1. Get a Premium VPN

Since virtual private networks (VPNs) conceal your online activities and protect your data with military-grade encryption protocols, they are the perfect fit for Kodi.

Why would you need to encrypt your traffic with Kodi? Its add-on library includes unofficial streaming services that offer paid content for free. Therefore, while using Kodi is not illegal, consuming such content is, so you want to hide what you are doing.

By doing so, you will avoid the detrimental consequences that may arise by violating any applicable copyright infringement laws. Moreover, you can never be found out what you were doing since quality VPN services come with zero-logs policies.

Last but not least, the best VPNs also come with antimalware features that help you avoid these digital infestations while protecting your internet identity.

2. Find the Best Add-Ons

With the help of its community, Kodi offers its users plenty of add-ons to enrich their experience across several categories: from look-and-feel to streaming platform access.

If you are unsure where to begin, here are five of the best add-ons right now:

  • Crackle—if you ever wanted free access to popular, award-winning films and shows, Sony’s Crackle is your best choice. You can peruse a vast library of new and classic hits on-demand and without a subscription;
  • XUMO.TV—get access to over 190 channels from all over the world, most of which are US-based. Best of all? You don’t pay a dime to use it! Just pick your genre and enjoy all the content your heart and mind desire;
  • Radio—it does what it says: offers you access to over 30,000 radio broadcasts, which is a treasure trove for all the radio guys and girls out there! You can listen to radio stations in a ton of languages, genres, and topics;
  • The Movie Database Python—do you want to organize your media library but don’t want to waste time doing it yourself? That’s where comes in! Kodi uses this database to retrieve all the metadata it needs to classify your files;
  • Advanced MAME Launcher— did you know you can play history’s best arcade games on Kodi? It’s true! And you only need the corresponding game launcher that allows you to browse through your library of M.A.M.E. games—like this one.

Why stop there? There are countless other add-ons that turn your Kodi system into a multimedia powerhouse that offers you every kind of entertainment you need.

3. Look into Custom Builds

If you are a beginner Kodi user, you should get a custom build that comes pre-configured with everything you need. In a way, a Kodi build is the basic app but already enhanced with custom skins, menus, and specific add-ons. Here are three of the best:

  • No Limits Magic Build—a flavorsome build that is perfect for Xbox as it comes with a console-friendly UI and access to all the entertainment you would ever need. Also, it allows you to add and organize new add-ons easily.
  • Duffman Build—this massive Kodi build (around 500 MB) has been designed for a powerful device like the Xbox. While it takes a while to install, it’s worth the wait since it greets you with everything you may want entertainment-wise;
  • Doomzday—a family of builds ranging from lightweight to heavily customized. These builds offer you the freedom to set up your interface as you wish, change the menu orientation and the wallpaper, and add all kinds of add-ons.

Bottom Line

So can you get Kodi on Xbox Series X/S? Kodi was previously called Xbox Media Player and Xbox Media Center (XBMC), which clearly answers the question. That said, gamers have been using this nifty media player since the first-generation consoles. 

Nowadays, you can install Kodi on any device and operating system you can think of, and it will take care of all your music, movies, photos, and TV shows, especially if you enrich your experience with the countless add-ons it comes with.


How do I get the latest version of Kodi on Xbox?

Navigate to the Microsoft store from the main Xbox menu. Type in Kodi, click the app once you find it, and tap on install to download it to your console.

How much does Kodi cost?

Since a huge volunteer team supports it, Kodi is 100% free and open source, despite the slew of customizations and platform support it offers.

Why can’t I watch movies on Kodi?

Kodi is a media center housing all your content and provides streaming services only if you install a streaming add-on. Therefore, to watch movies on Kodi, you must usually own the corresponding files.

What’s the best Kodi build for Xbox?

Some of the best Kodi builds for Xbox include Misfit Mods Lite, Doomzday, Breezz Lite, No Limits Magic Build, and Blue Twilight.


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