13 Insightful Statistics on How Many Videos are Uploaded to TikTok Daily

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TikTok has over 1 billion active users, making it the 7th most-used social media platform globally. Its growing popularity is mostly due to its feature that allows users to express their creativity through short videos. 

With 83% of users uploading content on the platform, you might wonder how many Tiktok videos are posted daily. In this article, you’ll get valuable insights into Tiktok's daily upload statistics. 

Editor’s Choice

  • Entertainment is the most popular content category, with 535 billion hashtag views.
  • 7 in 10 users enjoy watching fan edits, reaction videos, or fan-made sports content.
  • Fitness videos in TikTok got 77.6 million views.
  • #LearnOnTikTok has over 282.8 billion views.
  • As of April 2023, the U.S. has 117 million users of TikTok.
  • Recommended number of posting TikTok videos is 1-3 times daily.
  • Tiktok ads in Indonesia can reach 40% of the population.
  • In Spain, 14% of Tiktok users utilize the app for e-commerce.

Daily Tiktok Post Overview

The 34 million videos posted on Tiktok daily consists of different genre as users see Tiktok videos as a source of entertainment and information. Variations to its contents are essential. 

See the data below for the breakdown of the statistics of the genre of videos and daily posting per country on Tiktok.

TikTok Daily Post Statistic by Genre

Every minute, users watch 167 million videos on Tiktok. It clearly shows how viral Tiktok can be. Like any other social media platform, TikTok is the source of trends, from quirky dance to touching stories and informative videos.

However, with that number of videos competing for the top spot and breaking into TikTok’s algorithm is not easy. Viral videos mean an increase in the number of followers and viewers.

Going viral can bring recognition and fame if you are an aspiring content creator or business owner looking for the next content to post.

Here’s a detailed look at the daily Tiktok videos uploaded:

1. Videos on Tiktok are viewed 1 billion times daily.


The short video content that TikTok offers appeals to and attracts many users. As a result, they spend more time watching videos. Those videos are entertaining, making users get hooked and watch more videos.

No wonder, with its average engagement rate of 5.96%, TikTok is among the most engaging social media platforms.


Entertainment videos have consistently been the most famous content category in TikTok. Users can always find something to enjoy, from funny videos, challenges, skits, and trendy filters; the entertainment category has it.

Pro tip: Aside from ensuring your content is entertaining, video quality matters in getting engagement on this platform. This is why it’s crucial to pick the best video editor for TikTok, like Movavi, to increase the chances of getting more views. 

Movavi is an excellent short-form video editor because:

  • It is user-friendly
  • It supports multiple file format
  • It has a wide range of effects and filters

Try this full-suite video editor when making your next viral Tiktok video!

3. 7 in 10 users enjoy watching fan edits, reaction videos, or fan-made sports content.


Number of people who enjoy Tiktok fan-made content

According to the Tiktok report, 59% of its users admit that watching sports content is more enjoyable than watching sports. Based on this, 7 in 10 users said they enjoy fan edits, reaction videos, or fan-made sports content.

Fan-made sports content is making innovative format content in the sports category. Often, entertainment in sports starts and ends with the game itself. With this, users are inspired to take action and create successful sports content on the platform.

4. News and entertainment views grew by 70%.


TikTok Viewership Growth

While TikTok is known for entertaining and viral videos, it also spreads awareness through news-related content. In the survey conducted by Tiktok, views in news and entertainment content grew by over 70%, while 57% for beauty and fashion and 53% for baby and parenting, respectively. 

This shows that TikTok functions are not limited to entertainment but can also be a learning and marketing tool.

5. 97 million K-pop content videos are in TikTok as of 2021.


Over the years, K-pop content videos have become popular on the platform. The number of K-pop videos tripled since 2019, from 33.5 million to 97 million last September 2021. 

TitTok allowed fans to discover old and new K-pop songs. The platform's feature in remixing music has also made songs more popular. This makes K-pop genre content relevant and, of course, trendy.

6. Fitness videos in TikTok got 77.6 million views.


Many users use TikTok to showcase their expertise. This is true for influencers sharing pro tips for trendy fitness challenges. Fitness influencers utilize TikTok to interact with their followers.

The format of short video forms makes it easier for influencers to create content. For the users, simple routines make it easier to follow.


TikTok has now become the home of viral dance moves. Dances with choreography for 15 - 30 seconds are easy to follow—making more users recreate the dance and upload it to the platform.

This makes the second most-viewed category with 181 billion hashtag views. Following by pranks with 79 billion hashtag views and fitness or sport with 57 billion hashtag views. 

Fun Fact: TikTok dances are most popular among teenagers. They spend an average of 91 minutes daily on this social media platform

8. #LearnOnTikTok has over 282.8 billion views.


Informative videos have always been popular among TikTok users. TikTok is not just an entertainment app but also a platform for learning since it offers a wide range of topics. The short-form videos are perfect for Gen Z since with shorter attention span. 

TikTok educational content fits into the micro-learning trend. Micro-learning is easily absorbed, with its bite-sized chunks of information. This is 17% more effective than conventional, longer courses, wherein Gen Z favors it a lot.

9. Funny pet videos have a total of 138.2 billion views.


Who doesn't enjoy watching animals perform adorable and outrageous acts on camera? These are the most liked, loved, and shared short videos on TikTok.

Pets can now become an influencer. The most famous influential pet is Tiger King star Kody Antle’s Tiger, with 21.9M followers and over 297 million likes. Additionally, popular animals on TikTok can make a lot of money with their posts.


2022 was a good year for Tiktok Beauty. Users can’t get enough of beauty-related content. Wherein #Beauty got 140.3 billion views, #skincare with 138.4 billion views, and #BeautyHacks with 22.4 billion views.

When the hit Netflix series 'Wednesday' was released, people were going crazy recreating Wednesday Addams's makeup and hair looks. Makeup tutorials of Wednesday’s signature look got 26 billion views.

(Digital Marketer)

Reaching a broad audience and establishing a social media presence is a matter of consistency. Posting videos is important, and posting 1 - 3 videos daily is recommended. This increases the chance of being seen by the desired audience.

TikTok Daily Posting Per Country

TikTok App is now available in 154 countries globally. With over 672 million downloads in 2022, it became a part of users’ daily lives, as they post videos almost daily. 

Posting daily on TikTok can keep the audience interested. Knowing the TikTok posting statistics per country is important for content creators or marketers as it provides insights into users' behavior on the platform.

Fun Fact: Businesses can greatly benefit from advertising on TikTok because it is less expensive than other platforms. Its average Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) is $2.50. 

Read on as we look into the numbers on users' daily activities per country in TikTok.

12. As of April 2023, the US has 117 million users of TikTok.


TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform in the U.S. as it appeals to the younger generation. Also, the U.S. tops the list of countries with the most TikTok users, with 117 million users.

Indonesia followed with almost 113 million users; Brazil came in third with more than 84 million users.

13. TikTok influencers in Mexico upload 206 videos on average.


Like any other country, users enjoy user-generated content, giving influencers opportunities to market themselves. On average TikTok influencers in Mexico have 206 videos uploaded to their feed. 

The high demand for content explains why there is an increased number of videos influencers upload. Also, to establish their social media presence.


While many think TikTok is only for entertainment, it has expanded its reach and services. TikTok has added new features such as TikTok Live and Shop. Additionally, with the variety of content on the platform, users see TikTok for learning and marketing.

TikTok has been a source of viral and trendy challenges; with the correct content and strategy, videos created will reach a wider audience.


How many videos can you upload on TikTok?

There are no limits to the video users can upload as long as it follows the application's terms of service.

How many hours are spent on TikTok daily?

Daily TikTok users spend an average of 95 minutes.

Which country uses TikTok the most?

As of April 2023, the U.S. is the home of most TikTolk users worldwide. The total number of TikTok users in the U.S. is 116.5 million.

How fast is TikTok growing?

TikTok has grown over the years. In 2022 it had 1.4 billion monthly active users, and by the end of 2023 is expected to reach 1.8 billion.


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