How to Charge an Apple Pencil and How Long Does It Take?

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Apple's dedication to invention has introduced devices that have revolutionized how users engage with technology. With a market value of $947 billion, Apple is still the most valuable brand worldwide.

Among these remarkable creations is the Apple Pencil, which stands out as a tool for creativity and productivity.

If you have difficulty charging your new Apple Pencil, this article is for you. Read on to understand the basics of charging your Apple Pencil and how long it takes. 

🔑Key Takeaways: 

  • Apple Pencil is a tool for creativity and productivity on compatible iPads, providing precise input and enhancing various tasks.
  • Charging methods differ between the first and second-generation Apple Pencils.
  • For first-generation, Apple Pencils can be charged via a connector to the iPad’s port. 
  • For the second generation, Apple Pencils are charged magnetically through the iPad itself. 
  • Check the battery percentage of Apple Pencils by swiping down from the top-right corner of your iPad’s screen to access the Control Center.

What Is an Apple Pencil?

iPad and an Apple Pen

The Apple Pencil boasts a pencil-like design, provides a comfortable grip, and has a small replaceable plastic tip. This tip connects smoothly with the iPad's display, allowing users to sketch, take notes, and annotate documents directly on the screen.

The Apple Pencil also incorporates a convenient charging mechanism for easy power replenishment.

💻Apple Pencil Definition:

The Apple Pencil is an Apple-developed stylus explicitly designed for use with iPads. Its name derives from its resemblance to a conventional pencil, albeit with a distinct Apple aesthetic.

When using the Apple Pencil, users can place their hands directly on the iPad while writing. As a result, it offers a more natural and intuitive writing experience, mimicking the traditional pencil and paper interaction.

4 iPads with Apple Pencils

If this is your first Apple Pencil, charging it can be confusing. The good news is that it is as easy as it looks. 

Charging an Apple Pencil

Ensuring uninterrupted creativity and productivity with your Apple Pencil requires understanding its charging process, which varies depending on its generation.

Charging methods differ between the first and second-generation models of the Apple Pencil due to advancements in technology and design. 

The second-generation Apple Pencil features a magnetic attachment and wireless charging capabilities that differ from the first-generation model’s lightning connector.

Here’s the difference between the two generations of Apple Pencils:

Charging Method

First Generation

2nd Generation


Lightning connection

Magnetic Attachment

Charging Time

30 minutes

15-20 minutes


Plug into the iPad’s charging port

Attach to the iPad’s right side

First-Generation Apple Pencil

The 1st Generation Apple Pencil features a lightning connector for charging. Follow these steps to charge your Apple Pencil 1st Gen:

Step 1:  Remove the cap from your Apple Pencil's back. The cap protects the lightning connector and reveals the charging port.

Uncapped Apple Pen (1st Gen)

Step 2: Insert the lightning connector into the lightning port on your iPad.

Unplugged Apple Pen (1st Gen) and an iPad

Step 3: Ensure a secure connection to initiate the charging process.

Plugged Apple Pen (1st Gen) on iPad

Step 4: Once properly connected, a charging notification will appear on your screen, confirming it has received power.

Screenshot of Apple Pencil Battery Notification on iPad

Pro Tip:

Connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad’s power adapter to expedite charging. For quicker charging, use a lightning to USB cable.

Second-Generation Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil 2nd Generation takes the Apple Pencil experience to new heights with its advanced features and seamless design. It has magnetic attachment, automatic pairing, and wireless charging capabilities.

To charge a second-generation Apple Pencil, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Attach the magnetic flat side of the Apple Pencil to the side of your iPad.

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen and the iPad Magnetic Flat Side

Step 2: Ensure the Bluetooth is on, as it will automatically pair and initiate the charging process.

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Fully Charged Notification

Step 3: Similar to the first generation, a charging notification will appear on your iPad’s screen to confirm that it’s charging. 

Charging Notification of iPad 

💡Did You Know?

It is safe to leave your Pencil docked with your iPad for an extended time; this is recommended. Keeping your Apple Pencil docked with the iPad ensures that the tiny internal battery is optimally charged.

Apple Pencil Battery Life

When your Apple Pencil suddenly runs out of battery, it brings everything to a halt. This inconvenience is typical for Apple Pencil users, as the Pencil doesn’t display battery life. However, checking the battery is the same as charging if you have a second-generation Apple Pencil.

The method differs from the first-generation Apple Pencil. It relies on the iPad for battery information, as it does not have built-in features to check its battery status directly. 

It’s worth noting that the Apple Pencil 2 has a longer battery life than the Apple Pencil 1. On a full charge, the Apple Pencil 2 can last for 12 hours of continuous use. On the other hand, the Apple Pencil 1 can last for about 9 hours.

Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil 2 Battery Life


If you’re actively engaged in note-taking, drawing, or creating art, it may drain the Pencil’s battery life faster.

Here’s how you can check the battery life of your first-generation Apple Pen:

Step 1: Swipe down to the top bezel of your iPad to access the Notification Center.

Step 2: Swipe right to view the Widgets.

Step 3: Tap on “Batteries.”

If you don’t see the Batteries widget on your iPad, you’ll need to enable it. Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Tap the “Edit” button at the bottom of the Widgets section.

Step 2: Tap the + icon next to the Batteries. This will create an active widget.

Apple Pencil on iPad Settings

You can also use this method to check the battery level of your second-generation Apple Pencil.

Alternatively, you can use the Settings app to check the battery level. Although this method isn’t as straightforward, it is an alternative when the previously mentioned solutions aren’t working.

Here’s how you can use the Settings on your device to check your Apple Pencil’s battery level:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPad.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Apple Pencil section to see the battery level on the right side.

These detailed steps allow you to check your Apple Pencil's battery status quickly.

Apple Pencil on iPad Settings


The Apple Pencil empowers creativity and productivity as a powerful companion to your iPad.

Follow the proper charging procedures and understand the nuances between different generations. This will ensure that your Apple Pencil is always ready to unleash your artistic vision or assist you professionally.

With its remarkable battery life and convenient charging methods, the Apple Pencil helps anyone seeking to enhance their digital experience.

🎉Fun Fact:

Apple iPads have a five-year lifespan on average. While iPad hardware frequently has a five-year maximum lifespan, Apple offers software updates for up to ten years. 


What Is the Fastest Way to Charge an Apple Pencil?

The fastest way is to use the iPad’s power adapter and a lightning to USB cable.

Is It Okay to Charge Apple Pencils All the Time?

Yes, charging your Apple Pencil and keeping it docked to the iPad for an extended period is safe.

How Do I Know if My Apple Pencil Is Charging?

A charging notification will appear on the iPad’s screen once your Apple Pencil is connected or attached for charging.



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