How to Monitor Amazon Prices? (8 Top Price Tracking Software)

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E-commerce and online shopping have become a trend. One of the giants in this booming industry is Amazon, owning 90% of the global market share in five product categories alone.

Amazon has a colossal business base, with over 300 million active users and 197 million visits daily. As a result, the multinational company offers a competitive environment, giving shoppers the best deals.

Learn how to monitor prices online and why it is essential in the dynamic e-commerce industry. 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • In the competitive e-commerce landscape, monitoring Amazon prices is vital for predicting product trends and facilitating informed decision-making. 
  • Amazon's massive user base and dynamic pricing model, influenced by factors like popularity and competitor prices—create a fiercely competitive environment for vendors. 
  • Price tracker tools scan and gather product details and prices.  They offer timely alerts on changes, releases, and discounts. This empowers businesses with informed, data-driven decision-making. 
  • Other free tracking tools also monitor and graph prices and additional relevant information suitable for your business requirements. 

What is Amazon Price Tracking?

With the fast-paced e-commerce industry, Amazon price tracking has become an essential tool for every business on the platform. It is a strategy to track and monitor pricing based on other vendors' product listings. 

💡Did You Know?

Amazon dominates not just the e-commerce landscape. One of Amazon's subsidiaries is  Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers reliable and scalable cloud computing services and APIs. 

Enterprises rely on clouds, with 67% of their infrastructure being cloud-based. Over 66 million websites use AWS, making the platform a giant in the industry.

Tracking and monitoring the price helps businesses make product predictions. The data collected is essential for insights and analysis to aid in decision-making.

Amazon’s dynamic pricing model keeps the competition uptight. The following factors affect the active product price change:

  • Popularity and Demand
  • Time of Purchase
  • Competitor's Price

Keep reading to learn how Amazon Price Tracking works and the top software you can consider for your e-commerce business.

How Amazon Price Tracking Works

Amazon Price Trackers are vital tools in an e-commerce business. They work as a scanner and collate the scanned data to the database. 

Besides the prices, the tracking tool collects other relevant information. Here are some of the data types that you can manage and evaluate: 

  • Product titles
  • Availability
  • Pricing
  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • Customer reviews

💡Did You Know?

46% of online shoppers search on Google for the products they like. Google scans the websites, similar to how Amazon Price Trackers works. 

When the scanning is complete and detects new updates, the tracking tool sends an alert message or notification. These updates include product releases, price drops/increases, or promotional discounts. 

Trackers depend on what products you choose and set. The data collected over time can be presented in historical graphs that benefit data analysis. 

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Top 7 Amazon Price Trackers

There are multiple programs on the web that you can use for an Amazon price watch. Each tool offers various features that can help your Amazon business.

Here are some of the best Amazon Price Trackers that you can choose from:  

1. Keepa


Pricing: $20/month

Features & Benefits:

  • Reasonable monthly subscription
  • Tracks Amazon price changes (up to 10 different currencies)
  • Available to 13 countries
  • Exportable data
  • Browse products by category, deal type, price drop interval, pricing range, and discount
  • Has a mobile app for Android and iOS as well as a browser plugin

Keepa tracks and collects pricing information for selected Amazon products. The tracking period is customizable from 24 hours to the first product release date. It can track your wishlists and notify you in real-time via browser notifications or email. 

Tracking and accessing the product data creates a comprehensive price history graph and generates tabulated data. You can effortlessly review the product to see if it is a good deal. Also, you can acquire insight from past data that can help in your decision-making for your business. 

2. CamelCamelCamel


Pricing: Free

Features & Benefits:

  • A free tracking toll
  • User-friendly interface
  • Price monitoring extends to 10 countries
  • Has a browser extension for price monitoring
  • A mobile-responsive website

CamelCamelCamel is a user-friendly Amazon price-tracking tool. It easily monitors product prices and gets the best price quota alerts. The primary feature of the tracking site is the alerts when prices change. You can also set a price threshold and receive an email after. 

When you search for a product, CamelCamelCamel contains a Price Watch section in three categories: Amazon, 3rd Part New, and 3rd Party Used. Every product page contains price variations over time and displays the data in a graph. The graph has three price types: high, low, and average.

3. Glass It

Glass It

Pricing: $1.9/month

Features & Benefits:

  • Cheap premium price that offers web engineer support
  • One-year data access to a free subscription
  • Offers a competitor price monitoring solution
  • Creates widgets for insights and analysis

Glass It checks the daily price and provides alerts to drops or discounts. It offers real-time updates and tracks from specific sellers. Amazon is one of the websites it tracks. 

The tracking software has a browser extension, also called Quick View. By the name itself, it displays the current price when you hover and can quickly check the current price. 

4. Honey


Pricing: Free

Features & Benefits:

  • Cashback rewards every eligible purchase through PayPal
  • Sends emails when a store drops the prices
  • Automatically searches for coupons on over 30,000 sites
  • Gives suggestions when the item is cheaper from a third party instead of Amazon
  • Can also track coupons or promotional codes

Honey is a free Amazon Price tracker extension for browsers. It is a shopping tool that offers price monitoring using its Droplist feature. Just add the products you want to monitor with no limitations.

Since prices fluctuate constantly, Honey graphs the product's worth over time. You can set the price drop by at least 5% and receive email alerts.

5. PriceSpy


Pricing: Free

Features & Benefits:

  • Has a mobile app and a mobile-responsive website
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers a product comparison feature
  • Supports six countries
  • Available on Android and iOS

PriceSpy is a price tracker that covers various categories. It graphs the price history with an adjustable time, starting from 3 months.

Real-time updates are visible under the history graph. The current lowest price and the lowest in history are also available for viewing. 

Aside from price comparisons, PriceSpy compares the prices of different products in every category and product store. It guides you in purchasing a product at the right price.

6. Price Before

Price Before

Pricing: Free

Features & Benefits:

  • Has a mobile-responsive website
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers Amazon price fluctuations alert

PriceBefore provides a price tracking feature that tracks the prices of a product. Every product page contains a complete price history graph, with its current, lowest, and highest prices recorded. The feature allows you to understand the pricing trends of the product.

The platform allows you to set a target price range. It provides deals and price-drop alerts via email or browser notifications to notify you when the current price is below the set threshold. 

7. Slickdeals


Pricing: Free

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in Android and macOS
  • Offers best bargains
  • Provides a deal alert
  • Offers cashback rewards points

Slickdeals tracks the price of products in a wide range of categories. It is a community-supported platform that provides customizable and categorized Deal Alerts. There are many best bargains, coupons, and discounts. Also, you can choose what product to add to the watch list.  

In addition to the product deals, Slickdeals has a cashback reward system. You can also access the platform with its mobile app. Like the other known e-commerce websites, you can rate and comment on the product. 

8. Visualping


Pricing: $10/month

Features & Benefits:

  • Has the false alert reduction
  • Per page tracking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides a web widget for convenient monitoring
  • Contains monitoring frequency and team collaboration for premium users

Visualping keeps track of product price fluctuation. It can also monitor other product information, such as a new release and stock availability.  

The software tracker offers a freemium service, meaning the free subscription has limited features. Depending on the subscription, alert notifications can vary via email, SMS, Slack, and Teams, to name a few. 

💡 Did You Know?

Shopping has become more convenient with the booming e-commerce industry. Over 20 million e-commerce websites are online, with 2.14 billion people shopping online. 

Things to Remember When Tracking Amazon Prices

Choosing an Amazon Price Tracker that is right for your business is vital. You must carefully discern the tools' features that best suit your requirements while having the following must-haves:


Price: The price should be reasonable and within the company's budget.

History Graph

History Graph: The tool should be an Amazon price history tracker that can provide detailed price insights.  

Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications: Price tracking should not be a hassle and manual. With the notification, the software can set Amazon price alerts.

Comparison Section

Comparison Section: There's a comparison section to view the price changes easily.


User-friendly: The interface should be user-friendly for convenient navigation, whether in a mobile app or browser extension.


Amazon price tracking benefits every e-commerce business by enhancing its sales strategy. It helps you monitor and understand the competition in the market. Analyzing competitors' pricing is crucial to keeping up with the trend. 

In the competitive environment of Amazon, data is gold and a weapon in every decision-making process related to product pricing. Since the platform contains millions of products, leveraging data availability will maximize profits.

Predicting when to increase and decrease your product price will significantly impact sales and demand. Choosing an Amazon price tracking tool that fits your business needs is best to boost the company's profit.


How do you get Amazon to lower the price?

You have seven days from delivery to request a price adjustment. Keep track of a price drop and use the tracking tools. Call the Amazon customer at +1(888)280-4331 when the price is lower. 

How do you track the sales of a product on Amazon?

You can track product sales on Amazon in the Seller Central account. Go to Reports > Business Reports > Sales Dashboard

Is Amazon FBA worth it?

Yes. Selling in Amazon FBA can be profitable. The success rate ranges from 11%-25%. However, the period to achieve the success rate may vary. 


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