10 Useful Medium Statistics to Know in 2024

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First launched in 2011, Medium continues to build its reputation as one of the most popular blogs in the world. 

Recent traffic statistics ranked Medium as the 147th most visited and engaged online page globally, with its monthly traffic count skyrocketing to a whopping 199.5 million as of May 2023

According to the latest Mediumm statistics, the platform has remained a preferred channel for writers to publish their pieces. 

With the new updates prioritizing writer stability and high-quality content creation, there is a place for Medium in the blogging industry. 

Learn more about Medium's market status and value, platform usage, user demographics, and business use through the statistics below. 

Editor’s Choice

  • The raw annual revenue of Medium is $48 million.
  • The growth rate for medium writers has been 140% since 2016.
  • Medium has a market value of $600 million - making it the most competitive platform in the blogging market. 
  • 54 million people use Medium worldwide. 
  • 26.28% of all Medium users are Americans.
  • 55% of Medium users are men, and 71% of readers are Caucasians.
  • 70% of Medium writers earn through the Medium Partner Program paywall. 
  • 47,950 Medium writers make over $100 through Medium Partner Program
  • Medium garners a domain authority of 95 out of 100 – excellent compared to the average of 50-60. 
  • Medium’s readers spend 4.5 million hours on the platform monthly. 

How Many People Use Medium? 

Medium racks up about 100 million active readers monthly, cementing its spot as one of the biggest platforms among the 600 million blogs on the internet today. 

Medium started as an open platform but recently converted to a subscription-based content blog, setting it apart from the general social media scene. 

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram focus on open communication and user-generated content creation. 

On the other hand, Medium invites journalists to share unique stories and niche expertise in exchange for online exposure. 

While writers can openly communicate with followers or readers in the community, the content shared is limited to written works. 

See the statistics below for more details on Medium’s current market value, revenue, user demographics, and business usage. 

Medium Market Value Statistics

Medium’s market value has been $600 million since its last funding in 2016. 

About 20 investors are behind Medium’s growth, helping the platform prioritize developing top-quality content and writer-focused programs.

Below are more statistics about Medium’s place in the industry, growth rate, and revenue. 


1. The raw annual revenue of Medium is $48 million.

(Blogging Guide and Owler)

With its growing pool of investors making development possible, Medium’s raw annual income is estimated at $48 million. The platform’s revenue is based on the 700,000 active Medium subscribers in 2020. 

Medium’s revenue could increase when earnings from acquired companies like Knowable Universe, Inc., Projector, Matter, Superfeedr, and Glose, Inc. are included. 

As a private company, Medium doesn’t share comprehensive and up-to-date figures regarding its financial standing.

2. The growth rate for medium writers has been 140% since 2016.

(Small Business Blog and Medium)

Medium has come a long way from the writing scene. The platform started with an 85-member editorial board in 2016. 

Fast forward to today: changes in management and company direction increased Medium’s writer base to 175,000 by 2020. 

By this number, statistics estimate Medium’s growth rate at 140% for the most recent and the following years. 

3. Medium has a market value of $600 million, making it the most competitive platform in the blogging market. 

(Trust Radius, CB Insights, Crunchbase, Macrotrends, and UseSign House)

In terms of platform features, Medium is among the best. However, it also has a competitive stance in the market, business-wise. Some of the platform’s known competitors are Substack, NewsBreak, Wix, and WordPress. 

Blog-building giants like WordPress and Wix lead the scene with a $1.3 billion (WordPress) and $4.19 billion (Wix) market capacity, respectively. 

Blogging sites like Substack and NewsBreak, which are closest to Medium’s market size, are valued at $650 million (Substack) and $500 million (NewsBreak). 

This places Medium as one of the most competitive platforms in the market with its $600 million market value. 

📝 Note: If you’re interested to see how medium matches up to other blogging platforms, check out our articles on WordPress statistics and Drupal usage statistics

Medium User Demographics Statistics

In its 12-year run as a writing platform, Medium’s subscriber base has grown from the initial 400,000 mark in 2019 to a total of 700,000 in 2020. 

Considering the short period between conducting statistics, it’s evident that Medium has a growing audience. 

After hitting the mark with its user growth, here are the demographics surrounding Medium. 

4. 54 million people use Medium worldwide. 

(Blogging Guide)

Medium has a total of 54 million users worldwide, with a healthy number scattered across the continents of North and South America, Europe, and Asia. 

This puts Medium on the map as one of the few platforms to establish a worldwide user base. It also gives the platform more expansion opportunities worldwide. 

5. 26.14% of all Medium users are Americans. 


Medium users are Americans

Statistics found that 26.14% of readers are from the United States, followed by India (7.38%), the United Kingdom (3.91%), Canada (3.30%), and Brazil (2.74%). The remaining users are scattered worldwide (56.52%), with no significant geographical trends. 

Since Medium is a US-based company and platform, it’s no wonder that most users are from the country. However, its vast user base can serve as a foundation for future international users of the platform. 

6. 60% of Medium users are middle-aged professionals, and 53% earn more than $100,00 annually.

(Blogging Guide) 

Medium’s focus on quality and expert content helped them build an educated and interactive demographic. Statistics show that about 60% of all Medium users are middle-aged individuals ranging from 18 to 34 years old. 

Part of the 60% of readers confirmed to be working professionals. Meanwhile, writers enrolled in the Medium Partner Program identify as industry experts, amateur bloggers, and writing enthusiasts. 

7. 55% of Medium users are men, and 71% of readers are Caucasian.

(Blogging Guide) 

Medium users are men

On the contrary, the gender demographics surrounding Medium’s user pool are simple. There are more male users (55%) than female users (45%). 

The racial and ethnic makeup of Medium’s readers is confirmed to be 71% Caucasian or white, with sparse information on the remaining number.

However, statistics haven’t included writers in this number, so there are no established implications on reader impact, earnings, or business usage—at least regarding gender and racial demographics. 

8. 68% of Medium users use mobile phones rather than desktops.

(The Verge)

Generally, about 58% of online visits across the internet are through mobile phone use. Medium users access the website or application through mobile phones. 

Since the platform’s content and user interface are optimized for phone use, this promotes a longer browsing time for readers. 

Meanwhile, 32% of desktop users still contribute to Medium’s traffic count through different device types. 

Medium Business Usage Statistics

After switching to a freemium business model in 2017, Medium garnered the trust of 175,000 writers seeking more content exposure. 

The Medium writing platform invites the public by allowing access to three free articles monthly— a peek at the quality articles readers can access if they go premium for $5 a month or $50 yearly. 

Here are the statistics of Medium’s business usage as the platform makes more space for writers. 

9. 70% of Medium writers earn through the Medium Partner Program paywall. 

(Web Tribunal) 

Whether professional, amateur, or hobbyist, all kinds of writers are welcome on Medium. However, the platform encourages producing only top-quality content to keep its audience interested. 

Medium’s Partner Program allows writers to sign up and monetize their content to maintain healthy competition. 

Aspiring writers must consider publishing through Medium. Data shows that 70% of Medium’s active writers, or about 127,050 writers, are already earning money by putting their articles behind a paywall. 

10. 47,950 Medium writers make over $100 through Medium Partner Program.  

(Web Tribunal) 

Medium Partner Program

With the Medium Partner Program’s incentive tiers attracting more writers to the writing platform, competition for the Top 1,000 writers bonus and building an audience has become grueling. 

However, this is not a reason to be discouraged since about 47,950 writers (6.2%) already earn more than $100 monthly through the program. 

The remaining 116,200 writers make between $0.01 and $99 monthly. However, data can change as writers build a profile and an audience over time. 

11. Medium garners a domain authority of 95 out of 100 – excellent compared to the average of 50-60. 

(PC Mac)

Business owners who want to make their products known online should consider publishing their content through Medium. 

With a domain authority score of 95 out of 100, Medium is one of the selected blogging platforms likely to appear in search engine results.

For reference, the average domain authority for websites is 50–60 out of 100. Anything above 60 is considered excellent, giving Medium an exceptional advantage.  

12. Medium’s readers spend 4.5 million hours on the platform monthly. 

(Small Business Blog and Medium) 

Part of Medium’s journey towards creating higher-quality content is its focus on garnering a higher average time spent on the platform instead of more clicks. 

Based on the collective 4.5 million hours of reader time spent on the website, Medium is doing something right. 

Medium's 49.56% traffic comes from search results, with 200,000-400,000 active subscribers, offering ample business opportunities.


The blogging industry continues to be a significant player in the online scene. With Medium as one of the leading platforms in this area, it continues to stir up competition for quality and stimulating content. 

As the writing platform grows and expands its reach, Medium will bring more to the table in the following years. The platform focuses on developing a diverse writing pool, business content management options, and an improved user interface. 

If Medium continues on this path, the platform will transform the blogging industry and push for mainstream usage.


What is the Medium platform?

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams founded Medium, a US-based platform for professional and amateur writers. Medium simplifies content sharing by offering a platform for publishing and networking, allowing writers to build a successful blog without building their own.

Is Medium a content platform?

Yes. Medium is a content writing platform focusing on short and long-form articles across all areas and genres. 

Why is Medium a good platform?

Medium's $5 subscription fee offers access to 29 million new articles daily, with writers signing up for Medium's Partner Program. The Top 1,000 Writers list receives a $500 bonus monthly, while the Top 1,501-2,000 list receives a $50 bonus. 

Is Medium a popular platform?

Yes. Medium’s active users increased from 60 million in 2016 to about 85 to 100 million monthly users by 2021. As Medium dabbles across different content areas, it remains open for public campaigns like politics. The now-United States President Joe Biden used the platform as a campaign blog for the 2020 US Elections. 


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