What Does 5xx Server Error Mean on Instagram?

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Have you ever wondered: “Why does Instagram say 5xx Server Error?” when attempting to log onto the site, but you are only greeted with the above message?

The reason for the Instagram 5xx error may range from something innocuous, like a corrupted data cache, to server disruptions on Instagram’s side.

Since the cause for the issue varies, we go over several solutions below that may fix your 5xx server error on Instagram.

Let’s get to it!

What Does 5xx Server Error Mean on Instagram?

When Instagram’s servers fail to process your access request, for whatever reason, you may face the ‘5xx Server Error’ instead of visiting the site.

However, depending on the specific server problem, you may also encounter different error codes, ranging from 500 to 511:

    • Error Code 500—unspecified internal server error that prevents the client from receiving the requested output;
    • Error Code 501—indicates that a functionality requested by the user or their request method is not implemented on the server’s side;
    • Error Code 502—the so-called bad gateway error suggests that the server you accessed acts as a proxy, and it cannot contact the main server;
    • Error Code 503—a very common error that appears when the service is unavailable, or there’s server maintenance in progress;
    • Error Code 504—occurs when the upstream server is not responding to the proxy’s query on time due to latency that causes a gateway timeout;
    • Error Code 505—the web server refuses the request as it does not support the client’s HTTP protocol version;
    • Error Code 506—a less common error that indicates a problem with the internal server configuration resulting from a variant’s negotiation for content;
    • Error Code 507—the request cannot be processed because the server has insufficient storage to record and execute the user’s query;
    • Error Code 508—happens when the server detects an infinite loop;
    • Error Code 509—a very rare error that occurs when the user exceeds the bandwidth limit set by the host server;
    • Error Code 510—the requested resources cannot be provided because the client has not extended their access credentials;
    • Error Code 511—means that network authentication is required and can be satisfied once users send their credentials.

In general, you will most often see codes 501, 502, and 503, and you won’t be able to do anything about them but wait for Instagram’s technicians to resolve the issue.

Other Reasons Why Instagram 5xx Errors Happen

While the most apparent reason why you may see any 5xx error code is Instagram experiencing server issues, the problem may still be on your end due to:

  • A poor internet connection,
  • An outdated Instagram app,
  • Corrupted cache data,
  • A failed authentication request,
  • A general issue with the app.

Thankfully, if the root of the problem is one of the above or something similar, you won’t have to wait for Instagram to resolve the issue, as you can do something about it!

How to Fix a 5xx Server Error on Instagram?

If the Instagram server error you are seeing was somehow caused by a device or user error, you can resolve it by applying one or more of the solutions below.

1. Check, reset, or change your network connection

Whenever you encounter any ‘5xx’ type of error, the first thing to do is check your internet connection and, if necessary, reset your network settings.

While you can easily check your internet stability via sites like Speedtest or by visiting other domains, resetting your settings is specific to your devices.

Doing so will eliminate poor internet connectivity as one of the potential reasons for any server-related issues you may be experiencing.

Also, if you are trying to access any web domain via Wi-Fi and continue experiencing similar issues, try using mobile data instead to see if the problem persists.

2. Restart your app and your device

The next thing you can try out is to close and reopen Instagram. If the problem still occurs, restart your device as well, which ends all background processes. 

This action typically resolves minor glitches that may occur when you’ve been using Instagram and your device for a while—a period during which Instagram might have updated the app and introduced new features.

3. Log out and log back in to Instagram

You can also try to re-enter your credentials by following a few steps:

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom-right corner;
  2. Click on the hamburger (three lines) icon on the top right;
  3. Select ‘Settings’ and navigate to the bottom;
  4. Tap on ‘Log out’ and select ‘Remember’.

Note: Before logging out, you can also update your credentials.

4. Clear the app’s data and cache folders

Now and then, apps start behaving erratically if their cached data (needed to log back into apps and websites quickly) becomes corrupted.

For that reason, you should occasionally clean your apps’ cache and even the sign-in data. It takes less than a minute to do so on Android:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Apps’ section of your device;
  2. Search for and click on ‘Instagram’;
  3. Access the ‘Storage’ section;
  4. Tap on both ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear cache’.

After clearing this cached information, you may have to re-enter your login credentials.

5. Reinstall the Instagram app

If the above measures fail, you can reinstall Instagram. Doing so will inadvertently update the app to its latest version, which also helps. After all, companies constantly strive to enhance the experience by fixing bugs and implementing new features.

To reinstall Instagram, complete these steps:

  1. Hold the app icon until you see and tap the ‘Uninstall’ button;
  2. Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store;
  3. Search for Instagram and click ‘Install’;

After reinstalling the app, re-enter your login information and see if the issue is resolved.

6. Access Instagram via a browser

Sometimes the mobile and desktop apps don’t work properly, so you can try opening the platform via your web browser. You only need to type in www.instagram.com in the address bar and log in with your existing credentials.

The web Instagram experience is more or less the same as what you get with the app. You can chat with others, like their content, search for users, explore new posts, edit your profile, and access all other app functionalities.

Note: If you are using a VPN connection, try turning it on and off, as it might cause or solve the issue now and then since it essentially changes your IP location.

7. Wait for the servers to come back online

Last but not least, the Instagram servers may simply be down for the moment, аnd the only thing you can do is check whether or not other users have the same issue.

The best way to do that is by checking Instagram’s page on Downdetector—a site where users report recent outages of all popular internet services.

Bottom Line

Why does Instagram say ‘5xx Server Error’? As you can see, the reasons can be multifold, and the solution that works will depend on what caused the error in the first place. That said, as long as the issue is on your side, you won’t be wondering how long does a ‘5xx’ error last on Instagram since you can apply the necessary fix relatively quickly.


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