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GPS location spoofing isn’t so simple with iOS devices, as it is with Android. However, it is now possible without having to jailbreak your Apple product. Take a look at our Foneazy MockGo review and see why this iPhone GPS spoofing app is a game changer.

Changes Phone Location


Access Geo-restricted Content


Supports All iOS Devices


Supports AR Gaming




Free Version


Money-Back Guarantee

30 days

Ease of Use



apple mac-os windows
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Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: AR games on iOS devices

Strengths User-friendly
Strengths Simulates realistic movement
Strengths GPX file support
Strengths Multi-device interface
Weaknesses No support for Android
Weaknesses Top movement speed is slow
Weaknesses No live chat

What Is Foneazy MockGo?

With ever-increasing data creep, the MockGo spoofer app assists in hiding iOS mobile devices’ physical locations. All the while opening doors to numerous entertainment and social opportunities.  

MockGo easily allows you to set your iOS device’s geographical location to anywhere. All the while, no jailbreaking is required of your iOS mobile device - ensuring its Apple warranty remains intact.

With the MockGo app, you can breeze past geo-restriction blockers and access streaming and gaming content. Additionally, when paired with popular dating and social network apps, you can expect even more. 

That’s just a taste of its capabilities. 

Now, let’s dive deeper and see how this nifty location spoofer gets on.    

MockGo Features

MockGo iOS location changer can accomplish much more than just imitating locations. It can also simulate natural movement, allows for virtual mock movements along predetermined paths, instant location skipping, and more.

You can simultaneously change the GPS positions on up to five iOS devices. Furthermore, you can add each location to your favorites list or hop on any place in your history log. 

What’s not to like?

These features particularly appealed to our office gamers who wanted to try Foneazy MockGo with Pokemon GO.

Teleport Mode in One Click

Teleport mode is the application’s most straightforward way of changing your location. After selecting a new place, your device virtually transfers there with just a single click. 

Two-Spot Mode

With Two-Spot mode, you can specify two locations on the map, and the application will simulate back and forth movement between them at your predetermined speed.

Multi-Spot Mode

Similarly, the Multi-Spot feature creates a more elaborate route with numerous bearings. You can also customize speeds between 3.6 km/h and 36 km/h (2.2 mph and 22 mph). That way, you can simulate different movements like walking, jogging, cycling, or driving.  

GPX Files Routes

MockGo iPhone spoofer can incorporate GPX (GPS Exchange Format) files directly from your computer to the application. With a clear overview of the route, you can mimic the specified movements with just a few clicks.  

Joystick Control

Another exciting feature is the Joystick Control. Using your computer’s keyboard, you can manually control your simulated direction, allowing for 360-degree movement

Realistic Mode (Random Speed Change)

Let’s be honest, people aren’t robots and don’t constantly maintain the same pace.  That’s why MockGo has a Realistic mode that will vary your set speed by -30% and +30% at five-second intervals.

And there’s more...

Favorite Location and Route Saving

From time to time, users undoubtedly will find themselves covering the same tracks. Conveniently, the MockGo location spoofer lets you save single bearings as well as prescribed routes. 

Control Multiple Devices Simultaneously 

Apple fanboys tend to have multiple iOS products. Fortunately, with MockGo, you can simultaneously change locations on up to five devices, no matter whether it's your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Ease of Use and Interface

MockGo is intuitive by design, and even if you haven’t previously used similar applications, you’ll find yourself at ease. 

For this Foneazy MockGo review, we tested the application on a MacBook Air with an iPhone 12. You connect your iOS devices via the USB cable and then unlock the screen to start using the application.  

Foneazy MockGo ease of use and interface

Your current location is indicated on the map that automatically loads up. A search bar in the top left corner accommodates your location searches with ease. 

Foneazy MockGo current location

The app’s interface is chock full of handy icons to assist in manipulating your devices’ locations. The upper right corner has the teleport, two and multi-spot tools, and import GPX function icons. Adjacent to these is the Historical Records icon allowing you to access your past location and route logs. 

Mind you, with the MockGo for Mac looking identical to the Windows version - all users should be equally satisfied.    

As easy as one, two, three...

Setting up a movement route is straightforward. Just find the starting point from where you want to begin, then select either a two-point or multipoint tool and add the following points where you want to shift your GPS location to. 

Foneazy MockGo for Mac

While conducting this Foneazy MockGo review, it was great to learn about the cycle settings of predetermined routes, allowing even greater flexibility. Furthermore, you can adjust your virtual speed with a convenient slider and toggle on/off Realistic mode. 

Foneazy MockGo realistic mode

Additionally, you can find several helpful icons in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. These include a favorites icon and a control panel for switching between devices, location reset, and an option to center your map according to the current set location. Saving a route is as simple as clicking on a star in the pop-up menu and naming it. 

MockGo Support

MockGo reviews and impressions online are generally positive. Foneazy does a great job at explaining how the program works and includes comprehensive guides on its webpage. The FAQ section covers everything from payments to tips and tricks for more advanced users. 

Jumping onto the Mockgo app is further simplified, as Foneazy published a few instructional video clips on its YouTube page

Additionally, you can reach customer service through email. While live chat is ideal, they do their best to respond promptly. Our experience shows that it is best to describe your issue in detail, including your OS, and when possible, provide screenshots.

MockGo Pricing

The MockGo download page features free-to-download applications for both macOS and Windows. Mac users will be able to run the app on Apple devices with macOS 10.10 and up. Windows PC users can install the software on Windows 7, 8, and 10

The free version of Foneazy’s MockGo will demonstrate how to use the app and provide a limited number of location changes. Multi-stop and one-stop modes can only be used once, while the teleport and joystick functions are limited to three bearings. 

When upgrading from the Foneazy MockGo free version, user restrictions will be a thing of the past, and you will unlock unlimited access to all features

Each pricing plan allows for use on up to five iOS devices and one PC or Mac. You can choose between a wide-range of subscription periods to meet your spoofing needs. The options include:

  • Monthly - $9.95
  • Quarterly - $19.95
  • Annual - $39.95
  • Lifetime - $59.95

Providing peace of mind, all MockGo plans come with a convenient 30-day money-back guarantee.  


Throughout our testing, we’ve witnessed how MockGo is so easy to use. It’s a real shame that the software is limited only to iOS devices, and there is no Foneazy MockGo for Android

The software is simple to set up, and even novice PC and Mac users will have no trouble accessing and using even the most complicated features offered. The free version nicely demonstrates what you can do with the program, but it could be a little less limiting to help attract more users with its many fantastic features. 

Most importantly, our resident Pokemon GO players were happy to grab some of the not-so-accessible Pokemons from all corners of the world without having to leave the comfort of their room. 

While the application is loads of fun for AR games, keep in mind to close any apps that depend on location data before changing your GPS position. 

Based on our Foneazy MockGo review, we would recommend trying it out as it’s user-friendly, works without a hitch, and will help you access geo-blocked content. 

In any case, you can install the free version and check out this location spoofer for yourself.


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Deyan Georgiev

Deyan is an avid enthusiast and self-proclaimed fan of the Windows operating system. His passion for discovering new functionalities and hidden gems within Windows drives his insatiable curiosity and fuels his desire to share his findings with others. As an avid writer, Deyan frequently shares his expertise through articles that provide tips and tricks to optimize the Windows experience.

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