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If you’re looking for a fast and reliable proxy service, IPRoyal can help. With an impressive proxy catalog, authentic IPs, and some of the lowest prices in the industry, it can be one of the best choices you can make.

Find out why it’s great for private and business users and anyone else on a budget in this IPRoyal review.

Refund policy

24 hours

Anonymous proxies


IP pool

Over 8 million


Residential, datacenter, static residential, mobile, sneaker, private


Rotating, sticky


Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers

Global availability



24/7 chat, email, Discord


apple linux chrome mac-os android firefox windows
IPRoyal Review 2024 - Read This Before Trying it!

MINIMUM PRICE From $1/proxy

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Private users and small to medium-sized businesses

Strengths Ethically-sourced IPs
Strengths Low prices
Strengths Non-expiring residential traffic
Strengths Bulk discounts
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses Average-sized proxy pool
Weaknesses No phone support
Weaknesses No web scraping tools

What Is IPRoyal?

Everything you do online is done with your IP address behind, making your online activity traceable. One of the best and easiest ways to browse the web anonymously is to use a reliable proxy service.

This way, you can visit and use websites and services via another IP address, keeping your original one hidden. Even though many companies are offering free and paid proxies, not all provide the anonymity and reliability you need.

IPRoyal, however, is a proxy provider you can trust. The company hasn’t been in the market for long, but it already has a lot to offer. In about two years of its existence, IPRoyal has gained and maintained a high reputation among people and businesses worldwide.

That’s because of its exclusive proxy pool of over 8 million ethically-sourced IP addresses, fast speeds, and pocket-friendly prices. The impressive variety of proxies and global location coverage make IPRoyal a good fit for almost any use case, from sneaker copping to web scraping.

The company is known for its flexible plans and affordable prices, making it popular among individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. There’s also a 24-hour refund policy and great bulk discounts.

As we mentioned, IPRoyal offers various proxy services, including:

  • Residential
  • Datacenter
  • Static residential (ISP)
  • Mobile
  • Sneaker
  • Private

The user-friendly dashboard and easy-to-use proxies make it ideal for newbies and non-tech users. If you have any questions or dilemmas regarding the proxy service, you’ll probably find answers in the help center on the site.

There are also quick start guides that will help you get started. And if you ever get stuck, the 24/7 customer support is there to help you.

With flexible pricing starting from $7 for 1 GB, IPRoyal is a good fit for anyone looking for a reliable proxy service without digging deep into their pockets.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this provider and see whether it’s a good or bad option for you. We’ll discuss its features, tools, ease of use, customer support, and pricing so you can make a well-informed decision.

So, is it worth it? Let’s find out!


We’ll look into IPRoyal’s diverse proxy catalog and discuss each product, starting with its headliner - Royal residential proxy servers.

Royal Residential Proxies

IPRoyal has one of the best residential proxy products on the market, known as Royal residential proxies. Even though it has only 2+ million residential IPs, they are all ethically sourced from authentic users and ISPs. This makes them highly trusty and almost impossible to detect.

Its exclusive proxy pool covers over 195 locations worldwide, with the ability to target different countries down to the state and city level. The proxies are dedicated, so you won’t share your bandwidth with anyone. The fact that you’re not sharing your IPs with anyone makes them safer and more reliable as well.

IPRoyal offers both rotating and sticky sessions. The rotation options are one of the most flexible you can find, allowing you to change your IP for each request or keep the same from 1 second up to 24 hours.

This makes the proxies great for activities that require constant IP rotation, like web scraping and sneaker copping, or those that require maintaining the same IP for a specific length of time, such as social media managing and streaming.

IPRoyal’s residential proxies support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, meaning they are very secure. They also support dual authentication methods, so you can use a username and password or whitelist IPs in the dashboard.

Other great features of these proxy servers include unlimited concurrent sessions, API access, and traffic that never expires. That’s right, once you purchase residential proxy traffic from this provider, it’s yours forever, and you can use it whenever you want.

The pricing starts from $7 per GB a month, but you’ll get fantastic discounts if you order more traffic.

Datacenter Proxies

If you need faster speeds, go with IPRoyal’s datacenter proxies. They have ultra-fast speeds of up to 10 Gbps which is impressive. The proxies come with 99.9% uptime and zero bandwidth limits, making them extremely reliable and suitable even for the most bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Right now, the company has a few million datacenter IPs in 30 locations around the world, but the number of IPs and the support for new locations is constantly increasing. Each of these IP addresses is dedicated to a single user at a time, offering optimal online privacy and full control over your tasks.

Like residential proxy servers, datacenter proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 connections. But when it comes to the authentication method, these ones come with username/password authentication only.

Other features of IPRoyal’s datacenter proxy servers worth mentioning are API support, easy integration, and unlimited sessions.

The pricing starts from $1.56 per proxy a month and goes down to $1.39 per proxy if you subscribe to the 90-day plan.

On the downside, these proxies don’t provide state and city-level targeting, so you can only target countries.

Static Residential (ISP) Proxies

If you need the security and reliability of IPRoyal’s residential proxies and the speed of their datacenter proxy servers, we recommend going with its static residential or ISP proxies. You get access to a few million IP addresses in 24 countries around the world.

You also get 100% residential IPs from a premium local internet service provider, no matter which country you choose. Besides, they are not shared with multiple users simultaneously, so you’ll be the sole owner of your IPs.

All this makes IPRoyal’s static residential proxies ideal for tasks that require using the same IP address for a long time without worrying about detections and bans.

With speeds of up to 10 Gbps, 99.9% uptime, and unlimited bandwidth, these proxy servers ensure a fast and uninterrupted connection which is always helpful. Depending on your specific use case, you can choose between the HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols.

Like datacenter proxies, these also come with username and password authentication only. The lack of IP authentication and city/state-level targeting can disappoint some users.

The pricing starts from $2.70 per IP a month, but a daily plan lets you order one static residential IP for only $1.80.

Mobile Proxies

IPRoyal’s mobile proxies are extremely trustworthy and secure as they are sourced from authentic mobile phone users. All mobile IPs from this provider come from a 5G/4G/3G residential cellular network pool that expands daily.

Right now, IPRoyal has over 1.5 million mobile IPs from three locations – the US, the UK, and Lithuania. Even though the location support is a bit limiting, the provider says they are working on improving it.

Once you subscribe to a daily or monthly plan, you can change your IP address via the IPRoyal dashboard or its API. You can also switch between all available IP addresses in your chosen location.

These proxies are reserved only for you, as you’re practically renting a mobile phone with a SIM card. They come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited threads or connections. You can use them for any site, including all social media platforms.

Besides the limiting location support, another disadvantage we should mention is the lack of IP authentication support.

The pricing starts from $90 per month or $7 per day, making them one of the most affordable mobile proxies on the market.

Sneaker Proxies

IPRoyal is popular among sneakerheads around the world, offering sneaker datacenter proxies that are compatible with most online retail stores. The provider has a private sneaker proxy pool of a few million IP addresses from 30 countries around the world.

Even though the company doesn’t offer city and state-level targeting for these proxies, it does allow you to request a new location. You just need to contact the support team, and they will let you know if that’s possible.

All sneaker proxy servers are private, so you’ll have all bandwidth for yourself. They have blazing-fast speeds of up to 10 Gbps and 99.9% uptime, ensuring a fast and seamless connection which is crucial when copping limited-edition sneakers.

These proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, allowing you to use them with most sneaker bots without worrying about bans.

The best part is the ability to order as many sneaker IP addresses as you want and the daily plan, which is great if you need sneaker proxy servers for a particular release.

On the downside, they only support username/password authentication, so there’s no IP whitelisting.

The pricing starts from $1 per IP a day or $1.80 per IP a month.

Private Proxies

If you want to ensure you stay anonymous on the web and your data is not linked to your online activity, you can go with IPRoyal’s private proxies. This provider has millions of private residential and private datacenter proxies in 30 locations worldwide.

Basically, they are IP addresses allocated to a single user at a time, providing optimal privacy and security online. All of these IP addresses are HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 supported, further increasing the security and versatility they provide.

IPRoyal’s private proxy service boasts high speeds, 99.9% uptime, and zero session limits.


IPRoyal offers a few useful tools for its customers, including:

  • Google Chrome and Firefox Proxy Managers –simple extensions that allow you to create multiple profiles with different proxies for each protocol and switch between them with a simple tap or click of a button.
  • Proxy Tester – an easy-to-use tool that allows you to test the speed and status of your proxies, including the type of proxy and the response speed for a specific target URL.

Ease of Use and Interface

IPRoyal has a user-friendly dashboard divided into self-contained sections for each of its products. The navigation menu is on the left side of your display, and you can use it to find the desired product. Here, you can buy new proxies, manage your subscriptions, and find helpful information about the proxies you’re interested in.

The dashboard has separate order histories, so if you want to change the account settings or deposit money, you just need to leave your tab.

The minimalistic dashboard includes a separate part for IPRoyal’s affiliates. They can track everything here, from daily, weekly, and monthly commissions to registered users and withdrawals.

If you want to update general settings, you can do it in the “Settings” area. The “Deposit” tool makes adding funds to your account very simple.

Overall, it’s a well-organized, intuitive dashboard that takes only five minutes to get familiar with.

Documentation and Support

IPRoyal’s website has a great help center where you can find answers to almost any question regarding their products. There’s also a blog section, including hundreds of valuable resources written in simple language so that anyone can understand the importance and usage of each type of proxy.

Another great thing is the “Integration” section, which gives detailed instructions on integrating IPRoyal proxies with different tools. The “Quick Start Guides'' section on the site is another plus, providing you with the information you need to start using IPRoyal’s proxies.

For those that can’t find what they are looking for, there’s around-the-clock email, Discord, and live chat support with friendly and knowledgeable support agents. Overall, users praise IPRoyal’s support agents for their quick and helpful responses. The lack of phone support is the only downside we could find, but it shouldn’t be a problem considering the great alternatives.


IPRoyal has daily, monthly, and pay-as-you-go plans, depending on the product you choose. Here’s more about the pricing structure of each product:

Residential proxies

From $7/GB

IPRoyal has a zero monthly minimum for its residential proxies, so you can pay as you go and stop whenever you want. Pricing starts from $7 for 1 GB of traffic, but purchasing in bulk introduces great discounts that lower the price to only $1.75 per GB. Ordering traffic in bulk is more cost-effective, as the traffic never expires. You can buy it today and use it in a year or two if you wish.

Datacenter proxies

From $1.8/proxy

IPRoyal has datacenter proxy plans for 30, 60, and 90 days, with pricing starting from $1.8 per proxy. Generally, the higher the plan, the lower the price of proxies. No matter which plan you choose, you get unlimited traffic.

Static residential proxies

From $1.80/proxy

Besides monthly plans, IPRoyal offers a daily plan for its static residential proxies, which is very convenient for users. The daily plan starts from $1.80 per proxy, whereas the monthly plan starts from $2.70 per proxy. All plans come with unlimited traffic.

Sneaker proxies

From $1/proxy

If you’re interested in sneaker proxies, IPRoyal has 1-day and 30-day plans with zero bandwidth and session limits. The pricing starts from $1 per proxy a day or $1.80 per proxy a month, going down to $1.60 per proxy if you subscribe to the 90-day plan.

Mobile proxies

From $7/day and $90/month

IPRoyal allows you to buy its mobile proxies for one day, 30 days, and 90 days. The pricing starts from $7 per day and $90 per month, including unlimited bandwidth and zero session limits.

Private proxies

From $1.56/month

If you’re interested in IPRoyal’s private proxies, you can choose between 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day plans. The pricing starts from $1.56 per proxy a month, going down to $1.39 per proxy if you pick the 90-day plan. All private proxy plans provide unlimited traffic and zero session limits.

IPRoyal has a 24-hour refund policy, so if something is wrong with the proxies and you can’t make them work with your tools, bots, or whatever, you can get your money back. However, there’s no free trial, which is a flop. The daily plans can be seen as an alternative to the free plan, allowing you to test the proxies at a minimal cost.

How to Use IPRoyal

Creating an account on the IPRoyal website is pretty straightforward. Once you do that and verify your email, you can start using the dashboard. As mentioned, the dashboard is clean and intuitive, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

The main menu is on the left side of the screen, while the “Settings” and “Deposit” areas are in the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

You can see your remaining traffic and choose to get traffic reminders by email. And if you’re unsure how to use them, the “Quick-start guide” button will take you to the appropriate article on the site.

Setting Up a Proxy

The setup procedure depends on the IPRoyal plan you’ve subscribed to. Let’s say you pick Royal residential proxies. In that case, you’ll get a widget with various options.

Here, you can choose a country, sticky session duration, and rotation type. Additional options include choosing between different proxy formats, IP, or DNS hostname.

If you get stuck with the setup process, you can look for a solution in the help center on the website or contact support.

IPRoyal Alternatives

It’s obvious that IPRoyal is one of the best proxy providers on the market. However, it’s always good to have options, so here are two other providers to consider. We’ve compared IPRoyal with each of them so you can better understand the pros and cons of each.

IPRoyal vs. Bright Data

Bright Data is a serious competition with a robust infrastructure and over 72 million IP addresses worldwide. It offers premium solutions for data scraping businesses, targeting well-off business users. Hence the higher prices.

IPRoyal, on the other hand, offers quality service at very affordable pricing, targeting everyone from individuals to business users. With little over 8 million IPs, it has a significantly smaller proxy pool than Bright Data. However, the location coverage is the same, with both providers having IPs in over 195 locations worldwide.

Regarding the product catalog, Bright Data offers multiple scraping solutions, such as Web Scraper IDE, Web Unlocker, SERP API, and Scraping Browser. IPRoyal has no scraping tools, which is a downside if you’re into web scraping.

However, IPRoyal does have a more diverse proxy catalog, offering specialized sneaker and private proxies besides the residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxy servers offered by both providers.

The companies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, though Bright Data’s SOCKS5 support is limited. Also, both have pay-as-you-go options, allowing you to order as much residential traffic as you need. The pricing makes the difference, with Bright Data’s residential proxies starting from $15 per GB while IPRoyal’s go for $7 per GB.

To sum up, both providers offer quality proxy services, but Bright Data has better solutions for scraping, while IPRoyal has significantly lower prices.

IPRoyal vs. Oxylabs

With over 100 million IP addresses, Oxylabs owns the largest proxy pool in the industry, leaving IPRoyal and everyone else behind. Surprisingly, the location support is equal as both providers offer IPs from over 195 locations around the world with the ability to target countries, cities, and states.

Regarding the proxy catalog, both companies offer residential, static residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. The only difference is that IPRoyal has sneaker proxies while Oxylabs has shared datacenter proxies. Since shared datacenter proxy servers are not an optimal solution for sneaker shopping in most cases, we give IPRoyal a point for its high-quality custom sneaker proxies.

Both providers offer browser extensions, but only Oxylabs has a Proxy Rotator add-on and several scraper APIs. On the other hand, IPRoyal has a Proxy Tester and no specialized scraping solution, so the point here goes to Oxylabs.

Finally, both IPRoyal and Oxylabs have pay-as-you-go plans for their residential proxy services, but with a big difference in pricing. Oxylabs’ residential proxy servers start from $15 per GB, whereas IPRoyal’s start from $7 per GB. Oxylabs’ pricing for all other proxies is considerably higher than that of IPRoyal.

In a nutshell, Oxylabs seems like a better option for data scraping agencies and companies, while IPRoyal is a better pick for everyone on a budget, especially sneakerheads.

IPRoyal Review – Verdict

IPRoyal is a reliable provider of high-quality proxy services at affordable prices. It has an impressive product catalog including residential, datacenter, ISP, mobile, and sneaker proxies, along with browser extensions, API, and a proxy tester.

Thanks to the easy-to-use dashboard and responsive support agents, everyone can use the proxies without any hurdles. The pay-as-you-go and daily plans are very convenient, and so are the great bulk discounts.

We hope our detailed IPRoyal review will help you decide if this is the right proxy provider for your needs and budget. Remember, you can always buy proxies for just one day or even buy 1 GB or 1 proxy to test the service at a minimal cost.


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